With the Boys


Steph began to moan constantly as Brock fucked her ass with his fingersand finally she was ready and she felt his fingers leave her with a sucking sound and she mourned their loss.

She didn't have to wait long though and then she felt his cock at her ass as it began to push forward. "Oh fuck," Steph had no words to describe the feeling of fullness as she felt Brock's cock pushing forward slowly. She panted helplessly and her hand which was still stroking Kyle's cock faltered in it's rhythm as her whole being seemed to close in on the feeling of being filled impossibly full.

After a relatively short period of time Sean and Brock had found an alternating rhythm which worked and the friction of the two of their cocks rubbing through the thin barrier between Steph's ass and pussy felt so good that Steph was moaning nearly constantly. She pushed her hand through Kyle's legs and pulled him closer with a hand to his ass so that she could suck his cock while Sean and Brock worked their magic. Steph felt like she was drowning in the sensations assaulting her body from all fronts. The friction of the two cocks inside her body was similar to how she felt when Sean used a toy to fill one hole while fucking the other but it was like comparing a spring shower to a tropical storm. Both got you wet but the intensity wasn't even comparable. Of course there were benefits to the intimacy of just she and Sean in their bed and she wouldn't give that up for a foursome every night but as an experience for the bucket list this one was unbelievably amazing!

Steph felt Kyle's hand grip her head on both sides and begin a slow glide into her mouth. She moaned again because she adored the feeling of having her face fucked. Sean kept leaning up and giving her breasts nips between plunges of his cock deep into her pussy and Brock had set up a pounding rhythm in her ass. Steph could feel the absolute sensory overload and then Sean reached between their bodies and put his thumb over her clitoris and that was all it took to have her screaming around the cock in her mouth as her whole body shook with sensation. The feel of her clenching around their cocks had first Sean and then Brock following her over the edge in short order. The feel of their cocks pulsing inside of her at nearly the same moment was incredible and Steph moaned loudly and sucked hard on Kyle's cock in answer. Kyle picked up the pace of his strokes into Steph's mouth and then came with a shout of his own as he jetted his cum into Steph's eager mouth. His knees buckled as he came and he fell onto the rug with a thump and stretched out next to the pile of bodies that were Sean, Brock and Steph.

Brock pulled out carefully and tied off and disposed of the condom. Luckily there was a wastebasket close by because he wasn't entirely convinced that he could walk under his own power at the moment. He stretched out on the opposite side of Steph and Sean and tried to catch his breath.

Steph and Sean didn't move from their position curled into each other. Steph kept rubbing her hair back and forth on Sean's chest and felt Sean's cock soften and fall out of her body. Still they lay on the rug with their arms wrapped around each other. Sean reached for Steph's chin and kissed her slow and long and deep and Steph sighed contentedly. She did enjoy their sexual adventures but knowing that when the adventures were done there were always Sean's arms to curl up into was the ultimate pleasure and one she doubted she would ever tire of.

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