Wives on Vacation: Pat Meets Destiny


"Damn, you got one strong smelling pussy!!!" Destiny taunted my wife as she looked at both of us. "Your wife's cunt smells horny!!!"

Then, Destiny quickly stood up and moved to the side of my wife, and they both faced toward me. This beautiful black escort smiled at me as my white wife was standing there completely displayed as if Destiny was presenting her to the audience.

"Show your husband how wet your pussy is, baby. Take my black hand and put in your little white pussy." Destiny ordered.

Without hesitation, my wife grabbed Destiny's hand and slowly brought it down to her sex. I watched as my wife guided the black fingers down between her legs and into her sex. My wife groaned as Destiny touched and fingered her sex while still holding her small white hand over the black one playing with her sex.

Destiny looked at me and said, "Your wife's pussy is so soaking wet!!!! I can feel it running down my fingers!! Your little wife's cunt is just flooded!!!"

Then Destiny turned to my wife and commanded, "Take my hand out now and show your husband how wet you are!"

My wife slowly pulled Destiny's black hand from between her legs and displayed it before my eyes. The black fingers were lathered in the wetness of her sex!!!

"Oh honey, look at what Destiny has done to me!!" My wife moaned looking at me in lust. "I have never been this wet!!!"

Destiny brought her hand up to my wife's mouth, and gently rubbed the wet finger across and under my wife's nose. I saw Pat's nostrils flare wildly as she smelled her own sex odor.

"Oh my pussy smells so nasty!!" My wife moaned. "I cannot believe how I smell. I am so turned on."

Destiny then took her fingers to my wife's delicate lips and ran them across Pat's mouth.

"Taste your naughty, married pussy, Pat." Destiny ordered. "Taste your own sex, baby!! Have you ever tasted your own pussy, Pat??"

"No! But you are making me want to!!" My wife moaned.

"Do it!!" Destiny ordered.

My wife began licking and sucking the wet fingers while looking across the room at me in lust. Her face was red with lust and shame.

I was coming in my pants!!!

My wife was totally under Destiny's spell. Her white face was in a trance as she orally serviced the long black fingers.

After a several minutes, Destiny removed her fingers from my wife's mouth and knelt down behind my wife's back. With her exotic black face level with my wife's well-rounded bottom, Destiny began to run her nose across and around my wife's butt.

Pat has a voluptuous soft bottom and it was jutted out over the top of pulled down white panties. My wife thrust her butt back to contact Destiny's nose as it traveled around her white buns.

"You got a pretty white ass, baby. I can smell your sex from back here, baby. Open your butt and show it to Destiny." She ordered. "Spread those white buns for me."

My wife moaned and reached down to her soft buns and pulled them apart in front of Destiny's eyes. Pat had never allowed me this pleasure. She wantonly displaying her most private parts to a complete stranger. Right in front of my eyes, my wife was displaying herself with no modesty.

Destiny reached up and ran her finger softly up and down my wife's dank spread butt crack.

"Can you see my butt??" My wife whispered to Destiny, as her eyes looked at me. "No one has ever looked at me back there."

"I can see your wet pussy, baby, and I can also your pretty white butt hole, girlfriend. I can see your pussy hair, and it runs up your ass crack, girl." Destiny observed. "I just love to make little white wives show me their most private hole!! I can see you pretty pink anus just winking at me while it hides nestled in your butt hair."

My wife turned beet red at Destiny's dirty talk. Destiny's then leaned forward and ran her tongue into the crevice of my wife's open buns. Pat began to moan loudly as Destiny's pink tongue bathed her open crack. Destiny began to gently spank my wife's white buns as she licked up and down . "Oh Destiny eat me!" My wife begged. "Please lick my white ass!!!!"

"Tell your husband what I am doing to his wife, baby." Destiny whispered. "Do you want your husband to watch his wife having her ass licked?"

" Oh honey! She is licking my butt hole, darling. It feels so good. She is pushing her tongue in my butt hole!!!" My wife hissed. "She is tongue fucking my ass!!"

Destiny looked at me and said, "Your wife sure has a smelly butt. Her buns smell like perfume, but her ass smells hot and nasty!! When your wife is turned on, her smell gives her away!!"

"Oh darling I have needed this for so long. I just can't help the way I smell. I am sorry." My wife apologized. "My pussy is so hot!! I have never been this wet in my life!!"

Destiny tongued my wife's soft butt crack for several minutes. Her munching sounds burned my ears as she slaved up and down my wife's crevice.

Then Destiny took huge black index finger and brought it to my wife's anus. She slowly inserted the tip of her finger, as Pat rocked her hips backward to ask for more moaning in intense pleasure. Destiny's finger was almost as large as my dick!!

"Honey, she's putting her finger in my butt hole!!" My wife moaned. "Oh my God, I have never had anyone do that!! God her finger is big!!!"

"You want more?" Destiny whispered. "Can your little secret hole take my big black finger???"

"YES!!! YESS!!" Pat begged. "I want more!! Please give me more!!"

"Push back and get it, baby." Destiny said. "Push your pretty white ass back on my finger!! Man you are a tight ass!!"

My wife jutted her white round buns back to push herself back on to the huge black finger. Destiny was making her fuck herself and provide all the humiliating effort. Her hips flared and rocked as she fucked herself.

"You naughty little lady!! Look at you!! You like my black finger in your butt don't you??" Destiny taunted her.

"Oh God, yes!!!!" My wife moaned. "Fuck my butt with your finger!!"

Destiny looked at me taunting, "Look at your wife, man!! Her ass is gobbling up my finger. Look!! Your prim little wife is getting butt fucked by my finger!!!"

"Her sphincter is just sucking and clenching on my hand!!" Destiny whispered. "Her pink little butt hole is winking at me and opening up to me!!"

The black mysterious escort continued to finger-fuck my wife's butt hole for several more minutes. Pat was in total pleasure, and her dazed look resembled a dream state.

Finally, Destiny rose from her knees and led my wife to the bed and slowly pushed her to sit on the edge of the bed. Her black frame seemed to tower over my dainty white wife. She bent down and whispered something in to my wife's ear, which I could not hear. I saw my wife's eyes light up, and she smiled lewdly as she listened.

Destiny then stood up straight in front of my hot wife and jerked the dress up to her hips.

Blasting into view was the biggest dick I had ever seen!!!! My wife screamed, and her small white hands flew to her face!!

She was a transvestite!!!!!!! Oh my god!!!!!!!

"It's time to meet your Destiny, girlfriend!!" He hissed with a lewd, dirty smile.

His dick was huge and jutted up 10 thick inches from his shaved loins as it bobbed in front of my sweet wife's face. The look in my wife's eyes was that of pure awe!!! He thrust his rock hard black dick into my upturned face slapping against her forehead as it bobbed before her.

His dick was twice the size of mine and was capped with a huge black head the size of a lemon!!! Below the massive appendage were two large black balls the size of baseballs!!! My God, what a sight, my mind screamed.

Would my wife run screaming from the room, I wondered?

She stared in lust at the bobbing black dick in front of her. Her eyes were open wide in amazement.

Destiny reached down and brought my wife's small white hands up to touch his huge black dick running her open hands up and down the massive shaft. Her hands would not fit halfway around its thickness. My wife absolutely loves a hard dick. I could see her expression turn from awe to an expression of lewd, dirty lust as a smiled creased her lips. She was feeling the rock hard texture of the huge black cock.

Destiny removed his hands and my sweet wife stroked the heavy shaft on her own as she glared lewdly at its size. Here was my sweet wife with panties pulled down to her thighs stroking a huge black dick!!! I doubt if she remembered that I was in the room!!!

"Have you ever seen a big black dick??" Destiny asked in a menacing tone.

"OH GOD. No. Never!" My wife rasped. "Yours is the first one." She added as her eyes looked at me and back toward her prize. God she looked hot, I thought!!!

"God you are huge!!!" She said as she palmed the black meat in her hands. "You have the biggest dick that I have ever seen!!!"

"Your husband is watching his wife touch a big black dick isn't he?" he said, as my wife nodded yes. "He is watching his wife touch a complete stranger's dick!! His little prim and proper wife is stroking black meat!!"

Her eyes were darting from my face to her prize.

"Do you want to kiss my big dick, baby? Do you want your first taste of black cock?" His dirty talk had my wife yearning for sex. She was wildly staring in lust at his prick.

"Ask his permission to kiss my big dick, baby. Tell him what you want!!" He demanded.

My wife turned to me and began to talk dirty. "Honey I want to suck on Destiny's big black dick. It's so huge, honey, look at this thing!!"

She did not wait for my answer.

I went crazy as my sweet innocent wife began to lick and suck on the huge black head. She could only fit about one third of his dick in her small mouth.

Then she looked at me and hissed, " God, look at this look at this big, black, donkey dick would you!! I am licking Destiny's huge black meat!! Do you like watching your wife suck a big black dick, honey???"

God she was hot!!! Her pink tongue looked like it would blister, as she licked the hot black shaft.

"My pussy is so wet that I am wetting the bedspread!!" My wife confessed. I was coming again, as I watched my innocent white wife go nuts over this big black dick!!!

Destiny continued to verbally confront my formerly prim and proper with his words. "Baby, if you ask real nice I might let you fuck me."

My wife continued to suck on Destiny's huge black dick.

"I might let you have this big, black, donkey dick, baby." Destiny teased.

"Would you like me to stretch your little white pussy, baby?? Beg me!" He hissed.

"God yes, yes, please yes, please fuck me with your big black dick!!!" My wife cried. "I want you to fuck me all night long"

With that request, Destiny laid down on the bed with his huge dick bobbing in the air. My wife quickly jerked her panties off and climbed aboard Destiny's body. She reached her hands between them, greedily grabbing the massive black shaft and brought it to small delicate pussy lips. She began to slowly push her small pussy back and onto the huge black head of his cock.

From my position, I watched as her buns widened to accept the huge size of this cock as she rotated her hips downward. God it was hot!!! Her smooth white buns flared open as the black head entered her dense brown bush. Her wet pussy lathered his black shaft as she slowly eased his cock into her white womanhood. Her wetness was running down the shaft making it shine in the bedroom light.

"Baby, do you want me to fuck you while your husband watches? Do you want him to see my big black dick sticking in your pretty white pussy?" Destiny asked.

My wife moaned, "Oh God yes!! I want him to see his wife taking a big black dick!!!! He needs to see me fucked proper!! He needs to see a black dick take "his" pussy!! He needs to his wife get her brains fucked out!! He needs to know that the next time he eats my pussy, that he will remember a big black dick has been in there!! "

She reached back with both her hands and spread her buns as she worked her body down on the huge dick. I could see her wedding ring sparkling in the soft light!! She began to orgasm as she took his girth. Her thick brown pussy hair was foaming and the luxuriant hair running up her butt crack was also full of juice.

She looked over her shoulder at me with a devilish look. "Honey do you see this big black dick fucking my pussy???"

" Can you see him stretching your wife with his big, black, donkey dick??" My wife asked lewdly. "Look at Destiny's big dick sticking in my pussy!!!"

"Oh it is touching me in places that I have never felt, baby." My wife said as she stared at me over her shoulder. "It feels so good! Do you see it baby?"

My sweet wife was grunting like a pig!! She had taken only 2/3 of this huge dick, but that was all she could fit into her delicate white pussy. But she was still trying for more!!!

"I will never be the same honey!!" My wife moaned. "I love his big black dick!!!"

I could see her pink anus opening and closing as she thrust her sex down on Destiny. The starfish of her winking anus was encased in a brown nest of butt hair locked between her soft white buns.

My modest wife continued her dirty, hot talk:

"Oh God I am letting a black dick fuck me, can you believe it!!!"

"God your wife is stretched, honey."

I watched as Destiny reached back and slid a finger into her delicate butt hole sending her into orbit.

My wife lost all control:

"Oh God look will you!!"

"He is putting his finger in my butt!"

"I am your wife, and I am letting a black man finger my white ass!!!"

"Do you see it?"

"O god, he has his finger in your wife's dirty butt hole, while I fuck him!!!"

"God I am coming"

My wife's pussy was creaming like never before. Her pussy juice was turning this big black dick onto Destiny's shining, cream-coated shaft.

Destiny began to spank my wife's buns with his other hand sending her further over the edge. Her soft pale buns danced wildly, as each smack was absorbed on her round white cheeks.

Destiny taunted my wife repeatedly. "I love spanking naughty little soccer moms!! You are all the same—you act all prim and proper at home—but you love black dick!!! You all go nuts over a big black donkey dick!!! Don't You??"

"Oh God, YES! YES! YES!" My wife wailed. "Oh Honey, your wife is getting spanked. I deserve it!! I am letting a black man stretch my pussy!! I'm sorry honey, but I love Destiny's big dick!! It is so damn good!!"

My wife's hairy pussy lips were stretched as tight as a rubber band around Destiny's thick dick. Her soft white buns danced and jiggled as she fucked herself up and down.

Over the next hour Destiny fucked my sweet wife all over our bedroom. He fucked, drilled, spanked, and shot his come in my wife's unprotected cunt repeatedly over the next hour. Finally, they stopped and collapsed in a heap of flesh and sweat.

I was stunned!!!!

My wife was passed out and lying on her stomach as Destiny started to gather his dress. He passed by me, and commented to me about my wife.

"Sir, your little white wife is one hot lady! I stretched her good, man." He said. "She is a nasty girl! I bet you never thought you would see your little soccer mom fuck and suck a big black dick, did you?"

"Man, this whole room smells like you wife's pussy." Destiny said to me lewdly.

" She told me she loved me and wanted to fuck again, sometime! As a mater of fact, she said I could have her white butt hole next time!!! You take it easy now, bye-bye!!!" He said.

I stood there stunned as he left our room.

Viva Las Vegas!!

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