tagNonHumanWolf at Heart Ch. 01

Wolf at Heart Ch. 01


(Please not all characters are over 18 years old. This will not be a quick story line but a character building love story. If you want a quick Fuck, look else where. Thank you. Please be gentle, this my first time story. )

It has been nine long years since that storming night that my mother and I were attacked. I only remember the sound my mother made when her life was taken from her. A crashing sound as if a car hit her, but in reality it was a long dark hairy figure with jowls of gigantic size. The wolf was 3 times the size of a normal wolf. My mother was dead in seconds, the wolf turned on me and before I could even blink, the wolf was on me, ripping at me. I felt so much pain I thought it alone would kill me. I felt the wolf penetrate his teeth deeply into my shoulder and back. The pain was so intense I must have passed out.

Here I am 9 years later, sitting at a 20 year old desk listening to a math professor discuss equations. Well mostly listening, senior prom is coming up and I still do not have a date.

It's not that I am not attractive, I am brown haired, Green eyed, with a 5 ' 8 slender frame and semi busty 36 C breast. I just have never associated with women much, other than my best friend Ashley, men are much easier for me to relate to and no drama. I have just always been a tomboy and a geek.

The boy I have my eye on for prom was a new guy in our school. Named Ellis, he is 6' 2 probably 190 and damn near all muscle brown short cut hair . I got caught up so much thinking about him, I almost didn't hear the class bell ring.

All of the students got up and moved into the hall way. Ashley at my side.

"Can I by chance borrow your notes from the last fifteen minutes of class." she asked, smirking at me.

"umm what was there to take notes on. I kind of drifted."

"I noticed, you were practically drooling. We're you thinking about Ellis and how beautiful your kids would be? Or how big his package is. I could find out for you" she called.

I was slightly taken a back, "not at all Ash. I don't need your slutty help" I replied laughing.

She was always known to be a little loose around the boys, prided herself upon her skills.

"OHH well suite yourself. I am going home with Tyler this evening. His friend Shawn could come to if you want? My parents won't be home."

I started thinking but knew I could not.

"I am sorry I can't. I need to do homework."

"Well suite yourself, see you tomorrow" and she was gone.

When I arrived to my apartment the first thing I did was was get into more comfortable clothing. My mother had been smart and left me with a small trust fund after her death. I bounced around the orphanages and foster care but never found anyone who could accept me.

I have always been temperamental and my teenage years made it worse. I had gained adult rights at 17 and had been living here a year. Earlier this month I turned 18 and since then I have been feeling much more angry, almost as if I want to come out of my skin. I wish I could figure it out I thought to myself.

My mind then for some reason turned to Ellis. I felt myself drawn to him in every way. It may sound crazy but like I have known him my entire life. I haven't really spoken to him, and but I would marry him. I feel it as real as I know the sun is bigger than the earth. He has the most amazing blue eyes and hair. His strong hands would look so good around me.

I felt the heat and wetness in my pussy. It had never been like this before it was uncontrollable I pushed my hand into my panties and got down on my knees, I began fingerings myself with reckless abandon, my left hand grabbing at my breast as hard as it can, massaging hard.

All I can do is ride the feeling. Like something has taken control of my body I am thinking about impaling my hard young body on Ellis' cock until he cums inside me. I finger myself so hard until I cum screaming and collapse upon the ground. I think to myself, what is happening to me, and before I pass out.

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