tagErotic HorrorWolf Ch. 05

Wolf Ch. 05


She lay on her stomach unable to move, her muscles quivered and clenched, a cool breeze bathed her skin. He covered her with the sleeping bag, and walked over to start the camp fire, stirring the coals, and adding shavings until it smoked then blazed, He cooked sausage, onions, and peppers then added a can of drained potatoes, stirring in some eggs he wrapped the mixture in tortilla's.

"Breakfast's ready, are you gonna get up, or do you want breakfast in bed." He teased her.

"I'm coming, what did you make, it smells good, my head was trying to go back to sleep, but my stomach said get your ass out of bed." She took the plate he offered.

"Just some breakfast burritos, one of my specialties, easy to make, and spicy."

"Do you like spicy foods? I make some wicked chicken enchiladas, maybe I'll cook them for you sometime." She took a few bites. "Mmmmm, this is good."

"Thanks, maybe you can come out to my house some day after first quarter starts, and play Susie Homemaker, I'll even buy you one of those short little maid outfit to wear around the house."

"Your just a bit kinky, aren't you?"

"Nope I just want you to come by, cook, and clean the house, no sex with the Maid, that's the Plummer's job, they clean the pipes." He laughed.

"Well maybe I'm more mechanically inclined, and I need that little cotton bib overall's like a Plummer would wear, and some more thongs, you keep ripping them up."

"Yeah, I'm a panty raider, kept every pair."

"You kept my underwear?" Weirdo, she thought.

"Souvenirs of great sex, and willing conquests." He leaned forward and kissed her. "So what shall we do today, hike around the lake?"

After agreeing to his suggestion, she pack a few things to eat and some water in a duffle, and they set out. They walked along the shore, hopping from rock to rock, he occasionally held out a hand to steady her, and when they couldn't trace along the shore any more they walked a little further into the pines, deep dark pockets of rush with dank musky smells, vegetation rotting and something more. He stopped and grasp her arm, drew in a long breath.

"Jen go back, follow the path back, get in the truck and lock it."

"Abner, what is it?"

"Do as your told." He commanded.

She turned, and headed back the way they came, when she heard a howl break the air. She turned to search for Abner, and she could not see him, the she saw a large silver wolf loping through the trees toward her, it got within two hundred yards, when it was struck from the side by a large black wolf. Both wolves fought, teeth bared, hair bristled, rolling on the ground, raising dust and digging each other with their claws. Jen backed up the trail then ran across the boulder covered shore to the campsite. Climbing up the truck running board she got in and shut the doors, locking them with the button, she listened to the sounds of the forest, and observe a strange quiet, no birds, not even the camp robbers that plagued them the day before. No sounds of squirrels or chipmunks, chattering as they foraged and played, dead silence. She waited hours for him to return, but he did not.

In the afternoon, when the sounds of birds returned, Jen felt brave enough to leave the truck, she got behind the seat and took the twenty two rifle out loaded and removed the safety. She gathered the knife he used to cut up breakfast and pocketed it. Starting down the shoreline she stopped every hundred yards to listen, then crept on. It was close to the lake outlet, that she heard the voices of men, though she still didn't understand what they were saying, for they spoke in a foreign language. She cast a look around and saw the large black wolf tied to a tree, desperately trying to get away, pulling and jerking back on his hind legs, squirming to release himself. The wolf chewed the rope, but ended up gagging, and sick. The rope must have been treated with something to cause that reaction. She did not see the silver wolf, and wondered if one of those men could be a Werewolf. She would wait until dark, before making her move.

Just past dusk, the men had settled into camp chairs, around a table and began to play cards. The black wolf lay on his side, exhausted from the attempts at freedom, neck raw from the rope. She crept down between the trees, keeping to the shadows, god she hoped he was okay. Jen eased the knife from her pocket and slid it open, and began to saw at the rope. It felt oily and smelled bad, but she managed to cut though it. Giving it a tug she signaled him that she was there, he looked back over at her and growled. She backed up and lifted the rifle from the ground, and backed into the trees hoping he would follow, slowly he got up and walked up behind the tree, he took the rope in his teeth and shook it. She went forward with the knife and cut the knot at his neck, when she had it off of him he still remained I spirit wolf form, but began walking back to their camp. When they reached the Tee Pee Rock, he lay down and morphed back to human, Jen gasped because he was cut and bitten in many places. The rope burn around his neck looked the worst of all, almost like an acid burn, it had bubbled up and was oozing. Jen went to him and knelt down taking him in her arms.

"Jen, get the stuff from the cave, while I dress, we gotta get out of here."

Jen moved to do as asked, without question, she pulled everything out dragging it all on the tarp to the truck in one trip, she tossed it in the truck, and got the food box and cooler down loading them. Abner wore a pair of cut off shorts, when he walked back to the truck.

"Had to wash some of that crap off my skin, it itched and burned, come on."

"Abner, what were those men?" she said as she got in the truck. "They spoke in some foreign dialect."

"I think there my close cousins, werewolves, and I gotta alert the counsel as soon as we get out of this pocket."

He started the truck and put it in gear, spraying dirt and gravel behind them as he sped away, bouncing and swaying up the rock filled road. Traversing dangerous roads in almost pitch black, that were scary in the daytime, she kept wondering about how far down the ravine went, if they were to slide off the road. Abner quickly pulled off the road into some trees.

"Jen, where's your cell-phone, I need to make that call."

She dug into her jacket and gave it to him, he checked for service bars, and surprisingly called Bill, from the ShoRap Center. He told him about getting attacked by the other Lupine, and how they had held him in form, with some kind of magic, he urged him to call the counsel group and get some of the warriors to roust them out, they were after all encroaching on their territory. After he hung up the phone, her reached for her, hugging her close and rubbing a cheek across her hair.

"Have I told you, lately that I love you? Such a brave girl, but too brave for her own good sometimes. Jen, baby thanks for coming to save me, but if those animals would have gotten a hold of you they very well could have killed you. I don't think I could have lived with that."

"Abner, you couldn't get away, what was I supposed to do?"

"Go for help, never put yourself in danger, that's an order."

"So you think you have the right to order me around, do you?"

He grabbed her hard enough to bruise her, and pulled her in for a punishing kiss, pulling her hair back and holding her head, he bit at her lips tugging them and making them sore, he pinched her nipples and squeezed her breasts, then he grasped her pussy and squeezed hard making her cry out.

"Mine, my mate, and when I give you an order it's for your own good, never play games with me, I am the alpha, always the boss, and I won't hesitate to punish you for refusing to obey me, do you understand?" He glared at her with wild yellow eyes, fangs bared.

"Yes, Abner." She said meekly.

"Stay here in the truck, the others are coming, I feel their presence growing, stay down out of sight, stay in the truck."

He got out locking the door behind him, and morphed into the wolf, quickly loping back into the forest, back the way they had come. She lay there and tried to sleep, rocking herself for comfort, touching her swollen lips remembering their last angry kiss.
Just then the side window crashed in, she screamed, and hands where pulling her from the truck. She screamed again and someone cuffed her on the side of her head. Rough hands swung her upon broad shoulders gripping the backs of her legs in a bruising grip. He said something to the other man in a foreign dialect, and they began running through the trees with her, her blood chilled, where was Abner, had they killed him.

After they ran back over the ridge to the lake, they stopped, putting her down on a tree stump, the one who had carried her, said something to the other man and laughed softly. He pulled her to stand in front of him, running his hands over her breasts and down to grab both her ass cheeks, he pulled her tight to him, and dipped his head down to kiss her, she turned her face away from him, and he kissed her ear then nipped it, he tongued down her neck, grazing her flesh with sharp pointed teeth, this light haired man must be the silver wolf she saw yesterday, the one who attacked Abner. He shoved a knee between her legs, and pushed her against the nearest pine, lowering his head he licked her lips and forced his tongue deep into her mouth, one hand holding her neck, the other roaming her curves, he slid a hand down her waist band sliding a finger into her sex, rubbing her clit and despite herself her body reacted and clenched, he pulled his hand back and licked the finger he had used on her.

"You naughty girl," he said in English. "Someone else has been up inside you, where's the boyfriend sweet, close by." When she didn't answer him, he said. "I hope for his sake, that he knows what he's loosing tonight."

Claws came out and shredded her clothes, leaving her naked to his gazed, he pinched her nipples rolling them until they hurt, the bark on the tree scratched her back, she whimpered in pain, and he smiled evilly down at her, relishing hurting her, he flipped her around and placed her hands on the tree pushing her head down exposing her sex to him. "Nice pussy, soft and tight, ready and wet." He smacked her ass. "Gustove, you should feel this little pussy." He leaned over her back and whispered in her ear. "I'm going to tear it up."

He pulled her back flush against his hips, to let her feel what he had for her, the tent in his jeans was huge, and she began to tremble, shaking from anticipation or fear. She felt him unfasten his denims and push them down, his cock dropped down bobbing against her ass, he rubbed himself against her sex lips to gain lubrication, then without preamble pushed himself inside, she squealed, and tried to get away from him, he laughed and pushed harder, mashing her face into the tree, he whipped his hips into her until she cried, he was brutally forceful, grasping her breast in one hand, cupping her mound with the other, he pushed his hand against her slit two fingers pinched her clit making her tingle despite herself, she cried out wailing an orgasm. Still hard, and inside her, he lowered them both to the ground, he sat back on his heals and pulled her back to impale her on his cock, he pushed her on and off, watch the pink skin of her pussy as it clung to his big meat. He motioned to his buddy who was only to happy to join them, whipping his dick out he pushed it into her face, rubbing it across her lips, when she would not take him into her mouth, her pinched her cheeks and jerked here hair back forcing her to suck him.

"Uhrie, you wouldn't believe this honey mouth," Gustove muttered.

"Yes I would, you should feel how tight this young cunt is, she's pulling it right out of my balls"

They began to both slam her at the same time, hitting her cervix and tonsils, she began to cum again skewered on both poles, she screamed with a mouth full of cock shaking and tightening, both men followed her spilling seed into her mouth and cunt.

They both dressed, leaving her on the ground naked, and talked among themselves. Returning to where she lay, Uhrie scooped her up in his arms and carried her down through the forest to their camp. Several of the other men showed interest in her naked state, some appraising, some touching, it was cold and she shivered. One of the older men came over with a big flannel shirt, that hung to her knees after putting it on, one of the men protested about covering her up, he wanted to look at her some more, Uhrie took her arm and led her to the man shoving her into his lap. This man caressed her bare legs, and tried to kiss her, she decided she had, had enough and hit him hard enough to make his nose bleed. When he pursued her and would have hit her, the man who had dressed her stopped him, pushing him back.

"We need to ready ourselves, they will come for us, we should be packed and out of here." The older man complained. "You should not have taken his woman, and that will only cause him to be more diligent in his pursuit of us."

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