tagNonHumanWolf's Bane Ch. 04

Wolf's Bane Ch. 04

byMr. Marvel©

I woke up as the sun rose in the early sky, my angel spooned up against my side, her hand wrapped against my hard member. I pulled her closer to me and nuzzled my face into her hair, breathing deeply the scent of her hair products mingled with her scent. A sigh of contentment came from my Tessa as she awoke from her slumber. Her eyes cracked open and looked around her room.

"'Morning, big boy. I see we didn't make it to the bed last night." Tessa said with an amused grin on her face.

"It appears so my lovely angel." I said, stroking the side of her arm.

"What time is it?" she asked.

I braced myself on my elbow and looked for her clock, one of those 'electric' ones, finding it on her nightstand. "It's close to seven." I said.

Tessa bolted upright and ran from the room, still naked. I heard the water running and was wondering what that was all about. I laid there and waited for her to come back, the floor was oddly comfortable. Fifteen minutes passed before she walked back in wearing nothing but a towel.

"Why are you running like that?" I asked watching her as she got dressed.

"I have school today and if I want to be on time then I need to be there in the next fifteen minutes." Tessa said, pulling on her undergarments and hastily rummage through her drawers.

"Didn't your mother say you could have some time off?" I remembered Sandra saying that.

"Yeah, except that was for yesterday, not today. I am going to have to run all the way to school since mom left already. That means I going to be late for my first period class." She said desperately.

"How far is your school from here?"

"Um, three miles at least. Why?" Tessa asked while she pulled a long sleeved shirt over her head.

I got up and walked out of the room without answering and took a quick shower, not as fun without company. When I got out I pulled on a pair of jeans and a red shirt featuring a burning skull. When I was ready I found Tessa putting on her shoes and picking up a small blue rucksack.

"Where are you going?" she asked.

"I'm taking you to school." I replied simply.

"How? I know you can't drive yet and besides, there isn't even a car here for you to drive." Tessa stressed, pouting a she said it.

"Trust me love, I have my ways." I wiggled my eyebrows and received a giggle from Tessa.

We locked up when we left and Tessa looks at me, trying to figure out what I was up to. I turn my back towards her and gesture for her to get on. She hesitated at first, but then climbed on.

"Which direction is your school?" I asked.

"West, northwest. Three miles." Tessa says as she firmly holds on to me.

"Any wooded area near it?" I ask.

"Yes, there's a patch of woods behind the school with a creek running through it." She said.

"Ok, love. Hold on tightly, this is going to be fast." I said to her and hooked my hands under her knees getting a good grip.

I started out slow, walking the first five steps. Then started jogging for ten feet before going full speed after that. I ran like the wind, running down the street, faster than any person could have. Tessa buried her head in the crook of my neck and tightened her grip on me. My vision narrowed and everything outside the corners of my eyes became a blur. I bobbed and weaved my way through the light traffic, passing cars going faster than any horse from my time. I had to cut through a few backyards moving steadily towards the school. Soon the houses fell back and a large wooded area sprung up. Slowing down to a more manageable speed, I worked my way to the other side of the woods and came to the back of the school. I slowed to a stop and tried to catch my breath as Tessa climbed off my back onto her wobbly legs.

"Damn, that was fast William! I had no idea that you could do that." Tessa exclaimed as she was coming down from her adrenaline high.

"Yeah, it's been a while since I've run like that. That wasn't even full speed." I said.

"So thanks for the ride, you are indeed a life saver. What are you doing today?" She asked.

"I need to find a library with a good assortment of books. I pretty much depleted the Internet of all the information I could find. What I need is a text book, which I learned, are used in modern school systems. I figured if can start with the high school texts then I could work my way up to college level and beyond."

"Well, the school library was a storage room full of text books plus whatever is on those shelves that you find interesting. I don't know what the librarian will say when you start going through the library like a speed demon." Tessa said, arching her eyebrow at me.

I smiled and said, "I'll just make up a lie, make them believe I'm a new student. They can't remember every students name or face."

"That might work." She said and looked at her timepiece. "Let's go before I'm late. I'll pick you for lunch, 'kay?" Tessa grabbed my hand and we walked towards her school.


"Holy shit! Did you see that Beth?" said Chloe still watching from their vantage point across the grounds.

"Yeah, it's that guy from the mall alright, with Tessa Martinez. He can't be human. I mean, he saw us as something different too, but he just isn't human to move that fast. Not even a spell could give a human that amount of speed." Said Beth.

"Well, he can't be a vampire, it's still daylight out. A wendigo maybe?" Stacy said.

"Maybe. But I doubt it; wendigos are rare for these parts. Also, they hunt down their prey in the woods, sometime driving them insane, and they don't carry them around piggyback style. Plus they are deformed and tend to look like Bigfoot with frostbite." Beth said.

"Hmm, that leaves only a few options as to what he could be." Chloe said as she watched the two disappear into the school.

"We'd better go or else we'll be late. We'll talk at lunch and try to figure out what this guy is." Stacy said a she walked out of the clump of trees towards the school.


After a parting kiss with Tessa, which earned us few wolf whistles, I managed to find the library all by myself. The librarian, on the other hand, eyed me like a hawk the moment I walked in and was suspicious to boot. Though fairly attractive, she acted as if I was going to rob her the moment her back was turn and didn't stop when she asked me what I wanted. I told her I was doing some research for a project of mine and need a few books on several different subjects.

"What do you need?" she asked abruptly.

"Text books on; calculus, life science, chemistry, biology, world history, computer operations, computer programming, website design, and a few others, that will fill my needs." I replied.

If nothing else, that made her even more leery of me. Her attitude was starting to get on my nerves or grate on my nerves. She briskly led me to the back of the library, to a solitary table, which reminded me of an island in the middle of nowhere.

"Sit. I'll be right back with a few of your requests." I could swear that a look of disgust past her face as she said 'requests'.

I waited patently, looking at my surroundings, a few rows of book shelves to my left, the shelves facing me. While a few book cases to my right had there decimal system clearly displayed to me. Then I looked down at the floor and was revolted at my discovery. I saw what had to be the ugliest faded neon orange carpeting ever creative, which bordered close to crimes against humanities. About that time a rather large stack of thick books landed near my hand, if it had been any closer I'd be sporting a nasty looking bruise later. I did a full on glare with this spinster woman and she gave as well as she got. This lasted for two minutes, neither one of us giving in, until some unfortunate boy interrupted us with a question for the librarian. That led for a three minute 'ass-chewing' and I thought the boy would pee himself if she didn't stop soon.

"Thank you for your help, I'll let You know when I need further assistance." I said with as much contempt as I could muster. That earned me a withering look, after which she stormed off, red faced, daring anyone with her eyes say something.

The boy looked at me then back at the retreating form of the spinster woman and let out a sigh of relief. "Jesus, what the fuck was that about? I've never seen her get like that before."

"And I thought she had a switch shoved up her arse." I said dryly.

"You're new, aren't ya?" he asked.

"Something like that." I replied, with a slight smirk on my face.

"Welcome to Pemberton Twp. High School, also known as the third circle of hell. I'd watch your back, if I were you."

"Why is that?" I asked.

"I need to explain the social dynamics in order to answer your question. In this school alone there are three social classes; The Rich, The Popular, and The Dreds or Outcasts, if you prefer. The two upper classes rule this place without question, while a large percentage of these two groups have a vicious and nasty streak running through them. The Dreds are basically shunned by the other groups and are the focal point of the cruelty dished out by The Rich and Popular. Otherwise they're pretty mellow and fun to hangout with, plus an overabundance of sharp wit and boundless sense of humor. That's the gist of it."

"That's a very colorful hierarchy, you've got here abouts." I said with a small smile.

"I'm Jan by the way. Your accent sounds a little odd, where are you from?" asked Jan, cocking his eyebrow up as he finished his question.

To be honest I said the first thing that came to mind.

"I'm from Canada. Alberta to be more specific." I was really shoveling the bullshit thick on this one.

"That's cool. I went to Canada a few times, lovely country. Little pollution from what I've heard."

"Yeah, it's very clean." I said and was becoming desperate trying to remember as many facts about Canada that I had read.

"Look, I gotta go before the book Nazi comes back. It's been nice talking to you." and he turn to go, but hesitated for a few moments. I was going to ask him what was wrong when he turned back to me, "And by the way, if you happen to see anything strange, anything at all, come track me down and we'll talk about it." He turned yet again and rushed from the library.

What he said got to me and I wondered if he knew more about what was going on in this town than he let on. After that I turned back to my 'light' bit of reading and began with World History. Close to a thousand pages long but I was able to finished it in thirty-six minutes. I was amazed and appalled by a few of the things in the text but was even more confused by the concept of 'Reaganomics' and how President Bush could screw up so much without really trying. I moved on to both Chemistry and Biology, which took the better part of an hour but I had a better understanding of the ecology of our planet and how delicate it really is. Plus I simply breezed my way through the Calculus and Life Science books as if they were nothing. It seemed that the more that I read, the speed at which I was reading would increase at an alarming rate.

Now the computer books were indeed a challenge because I was working from the book without any practical experience, except browsing the Internet. After I was done with those I went to the computer section of the library, where all of the manuals and/or in dept computer textbooks were sorted by relevance. Before I realized it I was quickly flipping the pages of a book and remembered everything discussed in it or any detailed picture, without really stopping to look at the pages.

'If I keep going at this rate I'll have read every book within the library by the end of the day.' I thought to myself.

I surprised myself yet again when I realized I finished the last book on the subject of computers and was being watched closely by the librarian. I moved over to a computer terminal and logged on to the Internet and was happy to find out the school system sported a T3 line. I called up the local DMV website and searched for what I wanted. I closed out the window and pulled up the basic computer modem program on the computer and dialed the DMV's computer system line. The sound of the line making a connection filled my ears as a DOS window popped up. Now the hard part, I began typing furiously, entering commands accessing the DMV mainframe, avoiding security features and found what I wanted. I made an order for a new driver's license to be issued for one William H. Smythe and was to be mail free of charge to the Fox Hollow post office for pickup. When I was finished I backed out of the system carefully covering my tracks making sure no one would know I had been there. I then found access to the INS database, which was a devil to get past their security programs, and created a history file for myself, creating a green card and so on and so forth. I managed to close out the file and send it to processing before I got caught, but managed to get out before they could track me.

I sat their thinking on what to do next, which didn't take long to think of something that needed to be done soon. My passport could be done without risking going through a computer, I'd simple apply for a new one saying the old was lost when I was mugged arriving in the country. I could also use that excuse for my birth certificate and social security card. I could think of nothing else that needed to be done so I logged off and went back to reading. Two and half hour later, and some eighteen thick books on various subjects, my sweet angel came into check up on me.

"Hey baby, time for lunch!" Tessa exclaimed, a huge smile on her face.

I looked at the clock and was surprised to see that I have been cooped up for over four hours. I smiled sheepishly and took hold of her hand as we walked out of the library; the librarian, meanwhile, gave me a sour look that could have curdled milk. Tessa noticed the look right away and was amazed at the expression that the older woman had given me. When we were out in the hall she asked what that was all about.

"To be honest my angel, I have no idea why she acted like that. It started the moment I walked in there and hasn't stopped till we just left." I responded to the question.

"That's really freaky. Ms. Hoover has never acted like that with anyone, not even the people who are real assholes get that treatment. She's always bright and chipper."

"Maybe it's just me then. I might just rub her that wrong way." I said, sounding a little sour myself.

"Well, maybe if you're good I'll let you rub me the right way later." She said, with a lecherous grin that told me everything I needed to know.

"Oh, that's always something to look forward to!" I said with a small smile on my lips while I waggled my eyebrows at her.

"Stop that or I won't abuse your body anymore." She said with a mischievous gleam in her eyes.

With that one comment I stopped almost immediately, which earn me a laugh from Tessa as we headed towards lunch. I wrinkled my nose as I got the first sniff, at what I presumed was, 'lunch' and we were nowhere near the cafeteria.

"What in the name of god is that retched smell?!!" I exclaimed with shock as my nostrils were assaulted.

"That would be lunch, trust me it doesn't look any better." She said and then looked at me and realized that I wasn't joking. Sudden realization at what was wrong was almost instantaneous.

"Oh, your werewolf senses are more sensitive than a mere human's nose. It really must bother you if you acting like this." Tessa said with as much compassion in her voice as I have ever heard in anyone person before.

"Don't worry I can shut off my sense of smell, if need be, but I'll miss your scent even more if I do it." I said, being truthful with her. She really smelled divinely.

"Ok, now you're going to get really lucky. Just you wait." She said as we enter the cafeteria.


Lunch was more or less edible, if you tried not to look at it that is. Otherwise it was pretty good; of course the company wasn't that bad either. When we first entered their was nothing but silence, which from Tessa expression was not normal, and continued to make our way to get some food. Most of the people just gawked at Tessa, while others showed nothing but contempt for me. A few were eyeing me like a piece of roast though in a butcher shop window, some looked like a hungry expression. Some looks were unreadable. Otherwise no one person had bothered us while we ate, which ended when we had finished.

My ears perked up when I heard a whispered conversation from across the room.

"Jesus, was that Tessa Martinez? I thought I never see the day when she would hook up with someone. I thought she was a lesbian anyway." Someone said, male from the sound of his voice.

"Well obviously she's not. And you only said she was a lesbian after she turned you down for a date, repeatedly." Another male voice said sounding very amused at his friends' discomfort.

"Shut the fuck up you little asshole! She's just like that other bitches around here that don't put out. I thought Ricky, Mike, and Dan would take care of her at the party the other night." The first one said, sounding very arrogant for the moment.

"Dude, what hell are you saying? You paid those three idiots to rape Tessa?" The other said sounding genuinely shocked.

"Well, I'd thought that would bring her down a peg or two. But unfortunately both Ricky and Mike are dead. Someone killed their ass in the woods the other night, the night that they were suppose to take care of her." The first one said.

"Fuck, what the hell is wrong with you? How could you try to do that to someone? She's never done anything wrong. She only turned you down for a date. Nobody deserves that, especially her. You're lucky I don't go to the cops and tell 'em what you did!" The other voice said sounding very indignant at the moment.

"Go ahead, try me. But before you do you'd better think about your family first. You wouldn't want anything bad to happen to them would you? You're their only protector now Steve, now that your Dad's dead. So I would watch what you say to me or else." The threat was very clear, even to my ears.

"Ok, ok just don't hurt my family. Please." Steve sounded very cowed at the moment.

"Good." The first said with a huge amount of amusement I his voice.

"You only told me what happened to Ricky and Mike. What happened to Dan?" Steve asked.

"Well, from what the paper said he's in critical condition. Someone fucked him up good and proper, left him in the middle of the woods like a broken rag doll. Looks like whatever happened drove him insane. Cause the paper report that when he was taken to the hospital, he kept going on and on about a werewolf attacking him and his friends. Police think it was a wild animal attack and his mind couldn't handle the shock of it." The first one informed Steve.

"Still, you've heard about all the weird shit that goes on around, couldn't it be possible that what he was saying was true?" Steve said.

"Christ, are you fucking retarded? Werewolves? You still believe in the Easter Bunny and Santa, don't ya?" The first one retorted.

"Shut up Craig. But you have to admit that strange things happen around here?" Steve said.

"Yeah, yeah, so what? It's not like it really matters to anyone in this room right now, now would it? They'd rather bury their heads' in the sand and pretend they don't see anything. Even if it came straight up to them and bit them right on the ass." Craig said sarcastically.

"Yeah, I guess your right...


"Baby? Are you okay?" Tessa asked, with a look of concern on her face.

I realized that my breaths were becoming very ragged and that a light sheen of sweat had broken out on my forehead. When I looked down at the table I noticed that my fingers had craved long grooves across the tabletop while I had been listening to Steve and Craig. Tessa's question finally sank in and I jerked with a start that I wasn't ok; in fact I was far from ok. For the first time in my life I wanted to intentionally cause someone a great deal of harm, no matter what the cost might be. When I looked up into Tessa's eyes I knew that I was going to kill this Craig and that he was going to suffer for as long as I could make it last.

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