tagNonHumanWolf's Pet Ch. 28

Wolf's Pet Ch. 28


Just a quick note to my readers. If you aren't familiar with the Sable color in dogs and wolves: Black-tipped hairs; the background color can be gold to yellow, silver, grey, or tan. The darkness of the coat depends on how much of each hair is black versus the lighter color.


Brett watched as the remainder of the Baxter Pack carefully gathered the wounded to be transported back to the compound. They did quick triage and had the most seriously hurt on their way. But there were those like Owen McDonald who refused to leave until Paul had been taken care of.

The Alphas walked among the wounded, speaking to each, commending their bravery, and promising to contact family members. Once the wounded were enroute to the compound they turned their attention to the dead. The Alphas found their pack members, identified each, and gently closed their eyes before contacting their loved ones to tell them of the loss they already felt. They had died with honor and would be treated as heroes by all the packs.

Bryant had a list of the wounded, their names, pack affiliation, and type of injury. He did the same with each of the dead. The deceased's Alpha told him whether or not the family wanted the body returned to them for cremation, or preferred he remain with his comrades. They wanted to make sure each family's wishes were adhered to.

Gary's bloody corpse lay where Alistair had dropped it, in the dirt. Those who had to walk near the area kept a wide berth, like they were worried he might come back from the dead.

The wounded and dead were on their way back to the Baxter lands. Now all that was left were those in the cave. The Baxter Betas still present were here only to take the Betas when they came out. They didn't know what was going on inside there anymore. Paul had found the cameras and destroyed them just as he had the explosives. All they could do was wait.

The eighty plus Werewolves were scattered around the clearing, some in wolf form, some human. They shifted their positions, impatient to end this and return to the compound. They could hear Paul now. He was screaming unintelligibly. If they hadn't thought he was insane before, they did now.

Crane gathered his Betas, explaining what he wanted to do. He would take on Paul himself. He owed that to his pack and the others. He should have killed him years ago but had thought he could channel Paul's strength and anger. He had failed but he couldn't now. If he fell he expected his Betas to rush Paul. If they couldn't finish him off, then the others were free to step in. They all nodded in agreement. This was their pack's fight.

The sound of falling rocks startled several of the wolves. One was hit by a rock that suddenly came flying at him from the mouth of the cave. There was a yelp of pain when it hit him in the leg. They all moved as far from the cave as they thought wise and stared, ready to fight. Snarls and growls were heard from all sides as they saw the human Paul emerge.

"How dare you defile our camp and steal our women!" Paul was enraged. His eyes practically bulged from his head and the veins in his neck stood out in relief. But he had lost some of the stature he'd had when the Dire Wolf gene was activated. Now he was the size of a normal Were Beta. "Wait until Gary finds you!" And with that statement, those that were blocking his view of the body moved aside so he could have a clear view.

Paul was striding forward towards Crane when he saw Gary laying bloody in the dirt, his throat fileted open. He stopped in his tracks, stared, and cried out. "NO! You killed him, you killed the Alpha." He shifted into a large grey wolf, but no larger than the Betas. He turned, baring his teeth, ready to avenge his Alpha.

We was met by Crane, a huge black sable colored wolf. They faced off, circling. The Crane Betas encircled them, ready to keep Paul in the battle area if he tried to escape.

With Paul occupied, the others turned their attention to the cave and it's last occupants. Three of the former Dire Wolves walked out and immediately laid on their backs, submitting to the waiting Alphas. They were quickly jacketed and put in a vehicle for transport.

But where were the other three? The cave was dark and no one really wanted to enter blind. But they heard moaning and calls for help. Torrance walked forward and called quietly to one of his own who had left the pack to join with Gary. "Asa, come out, we won't kill you." He stood outside the opening and strained to see inside the darkened hole.

Asa limped out of the cave, his face torn open, flesh hanging from his right leg. He fell to the ground in front of his Alpha. "Please Sir, please, I want to come home." He had tears in his eyes as he looked up at his father who he had disowned and left.

Torrance bent down and looked his son in the eyes for the first time in almost a year. He felt the bond between them that they had lost so long ago. He tried to hold back his own tears but couldn't. "Son what happened to you?" He gently stroked his son's face.

"When the Dire Wolf Gene was reversed, we all realized what had happened to us, what we'd become. Paul knew we were horrified. He turned on us." Asa turned to the opening. "Will, come out, they won't hurt you."

Another of the rogues walked outside, trying to ignore the fight in the clearing and Gary's mangled body in the dirt. He walked to Asa and Torrance, holding the wound in his side, hoping to keep the organs inside before the tissues healed around them. He collapsed at Asa's side. "I want to go home Alpha, please." He had been Asa's best friend since they were cubs, and another of the Torrance Pack.

Torrance turned to speak to Brett who was watching close by. "I will vouch for them. They will not hurt anyone in the packs. Please, take them to the hospital."

"We still have to restrain them Alpha. I hope you understand, for their own safety as well as ours." Brett tried to sound apologetic although he didn't trust them as far as he could throw them. But he didn't want to disagree outright with an Alpha.

"I understand." He turned to his son. "They will take care of you, but cooperate, both of you. Or I will kill you myself." He looked sternly at them even though he wanted to cry.

"Where is the last one?" Trey was still looking towards the cave. He didn't hear a sound from inside. One of the Betas was still missing.

Asa's voice was so low he could barely be heard. "Paul killed Trent." He put a hand on Will's shoulder as they both glanced fearfully at Paul.

Brett signaled for his men to take Asa and Will into custody while he and the twins slowly approached the cave. They waited at the entrance for a moment for their eyes to adjust. The only light was from the moon, not quite full yet but still bright. After a moment they continue into the cave and stopped.

"What is it? What do you see?" Alistair stepped up behind them. He looked into the cave and then back at Paul. He hoped Crane disemboweled him and let him die slowly. He turned and walked away disgusted. "Brett, take your men and leave. We'll take care of the rest of this."

Brett nodded, barely able to tear himself away from the scene. He pulled Trey and Troy with him and the left the bloody mess to the others.

The last of the Baxter Pack had gone. Rhys and Alistair watched them drive out and prayed Carr would be alright. The snarls and growls behind them drew their attention and they watched as Crane took out his frustration and anger on Paul.

The Alpha was an experienced fighter, almost as much so as Alistair. It showed as he bit Paul over and over. He wanted to make him suffer. Gary was evil, but Paul was a sadist. He had harmed so many while still in the Crane pack and more now. Grey fur hung from his bloody mouth.

Paul was fueled by rage and hatred. He didn't feel the pain the Alpha was inflicting on him. Even without the Dire Wolf Gene he was strong and he continued to strike back even as he felt his front leg broken by Crane's teeth. He was reduced to three legs but continued to fight back.

The Crane Betas were proud of their Alpha's skills. They watched the fight from their circle, ready to jump in if needed.

Paul's injuries were becoming more and more of a hindrance, but he wouldn't yield. No one had expected him to. But there came a point when the killing blow must come. He was dragging himself along the ground, still trying to bite at the sable, but he missed his mark by far over and over.

Crane stopped for a moment and backed away. He looked questioningly at the Head of the Council.

"It's your choice Crane. Do as you will." Alistair turned and walked away. He didn't care anymore if Paul died quickly or slowly. He would leave it to the Alpha. Rhys walked with his friend towards the vehicles. "I need to see Jenna." They did not turn around to look when they heard the ferocious snarls and howls coming from the pack and the final pained screams from Paul.


The sun could just barely be seen over the horizon. Dusk was usually a quiet time at the compound but today all were awake and busy. The wounded had arrived and Jeff and the team of visiting Doctors and nurses worked tirelessly to care for them.

Every chance Jeff got he slipped into Sheila's room, even if it was just to stroke her face and inhale her scent to calm his wolf. She was heavily sedated and wouldn't be allowed to wake up for days. It would save her the pain. He wondered if she would dream about him the way Karen had dreamt of Cole while she was in the drug induced coma.

Logan looked into Sheila's room. "There you are, been looking for you."

Jeff looked up and started to growl at the invader. He immediately saw it was Logan and quieted his wolf. "Carr?"

Logan nodded and walked away from the room. He didn't want to discuss the Alpha's condition with a protective new mate. He waited for Jeff to join him.

Jeff reminded his wolf that Logan was taking care of the Alpha and that he had his own mate and didn't want theirs. "Sorry about that. So? What's his condition?"

Logan sighed and leaned against the wall. "Jeff, it's not good. He has a depressed skull fracture and it's causing his brain to swell. I need to do surgery, immediately."

"Then we better talk to Lee and get moving." Jeff was matter of fact. If that was Carr's only chance then they had to do it. The Doctors walked the short distance to the room they had appropriated for Lee and Cole. They walked in and saw Lee's expectant face. She was clinging to Cole.

Logan remained an appropriate distance from the Alpha Bitch. It wouldn't be proper for him to approach her as Jeff might. He wasn't from her pack, her mate was gravely injured, and she was pregnant. All of those factors were making Cole extremely protective. He sat close to her, his arm around her shoulders. Karen sat on her other side, holding her hand.

"The Alpha needs immediate surgery. I can't make any guarantees Madam. I can only do my best. We need to relieve the pressure on his brain." He waited quietly.

"What if you didn't do surgery? He'd die?" Lee's voice was shaking. She squeezed Karen's hand. "Would there be any chance of him recovering fully without it?"

"Death would be a possibility, or brain damage." He didn't want to push her to allow the surgery. It could kill him as well. "But I don't think there would be any hope to him being normal without it."

"Then do it." Lee had made up her mind. Carr would want it that way. He would want a chance at a normal life. Besides, Katy had seen his future.

Logan gave a deferential bow and left the room to get started. He knew the surgery would take hours and he wanted to begin as soon as possible.

Lee's eyes bored into Jeff. "He's the best right?"

"No better Neurosurgeon in the Were Medical Field Lee. I promise." Jeff didn't know what had led the fates to send Logan here, but he was grateful. He was sure he couldn't have saved Carr on his own.

Trina popped her head into the room. "Jeff, we have more casualties coming in."

Jeff nodded to Trina and gave Lee a reassuring smile before leaving to get back to work.

"Jenna, do you feel up to a walk?" Katy looked hopefully at her. She really looked better after getting cleaned up. Her wounds were bandaged and she'd taken a shower. Her hair was the most amazing shiny black. The light just seemed to bounce off it like a bright new car.

"Sure, I'd love to do something besides sit in a small room." She managed a laugh. She was so happy to be out of that cage. She couldn't wait for Alistair's return. She felt this need to be with him, to touch him.

The two women walked across the compound, trying to stay away from the activity. There were SUV's driving in and leaving off patients at the hospital, captives at the security building, and delivering the deceased to their final resting ground. The Omegas were doing their best to relieve the Betas who had fought hard and deserved to rest as soon as possible.

The woman walked past the security building just as the last three of the rogues were being brought in. They saw Jenna and hung their heads in shame. They regretted every single thing they could remember of what they'd done. They didn't know if they'd ever be welcomed back into their packs. If not, they would take whatever punishment they had coming.

Jenna stopped and gazed at Gary's former followers. "I forgive you." She took Katy's hand and they continued on their walk.

They looked up in shock and stared at her as she walked away and looked at each other and smiled. If she forgave them, it didn't really matter what anyone else thought.

Katy smiled. She and Jenna were going to become great friends. She knew it.

"Katy where are we going?"

"You'll see." Katy had a huge smile on her face as she practically skipped along the road towards the entrance. "C'mon slow poke." She pulled on Jenna's hand to make her move just a little bit faster.

They reached the tree at the entrance gate and Katy scaled it expertly. She looked down at Jenna. "Coming?"

Jenna grinned and did a fairly good job of climbing into the branches. She sat next to Katy on a big limb and the two of them giggled and swung their legs as they watched the approaching headlights.

Jason was glad to be home. He'd hated being the last of the pack at the caves. He accepted that he'd been assigned to bring the Head of the Council and the Archivist back to the compound but he wanted to be with his pack while they waited to hear about the Alpha's condition. The movement from the tree branches startled him out of his thoughts and he slammed on the brakes. "What the....what is that?" He was turning his head, trying to look above the visor.

Alistair and Rhys braced themselves. Rhys smiled. "I think I know. Alistair and I will get out here. Thank you Jason. We appreciate your patience in waiting for us." He opened the door and got out, motioning to Alistair to get out too.

Alistair looked confused but got out. Rhys had never been wrong before, at least that he could remember this century. They stood by while the SUV drove off.

Rhys looked up into the tree with a silly grin on his face. "How long have you been waiting little one?"

"Not long." Katy practically leaped down from the tree. She landed next to Rhys and hugged him tightly around the waist.

Alistair was dumbfounded. How did she get way up there? He was doubly surprised when Jenna climbed down from the same tree branch. She smiled and walked slowly to him and tentatively slipped her arms around his waist.

"How did you get up there?" He looked from Jenna to the branch some ten feet above their heads.

"I climbed. How else would I get up there? Don't you ever climb a tree? It isn't that hard." She signed in contentment with his arms around her. She'd never felt so much at home as she did now in his arms.

Alistair exchanged amused looks with Rhys. They climbed trees. What other surprises would they get in the future. "Well wolves don't climb trees."

"Well maybe you should learn." She smiled up into his face.

"Katy, Katy, where are you?" Gina's voice rang out clear in the quiet morning air.

"Over here Gina, what's wrong?" Katy waved her arms as she called out.

"Oh, the Archivist is here. I was coming to give you a message for him but I guess I can give it to him." Gina was shedding her shyness somewhat since meeting Ben. But still, in the presence of the Archivist and Council Head she was reserved. "Excuse me Sir, the European Chief Archivist called and wanted you to return his call when you got back. He said it was urgent."

Rhys looked down at his Katy and stroked her hair. He'd called a week ago. Now he called back, two days before the Wolf Moon. Nothing would interfere with their mating, even the European Council.

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