tagNonHumanWolf's Pet Ch. 34

Wolf's Pet Ch. 34


The male stood in the compound, staring towards the female Omega quarters where the group had entered. "I need to find her." He spoke softly to himself. Jószef didn't notice the appreciative looks from the many passing females.

A blond wolf shifted in front of him and leaned over to whisper in his ear. "I'd love to meet with you after the hunt tomorrow night. Come find me after the feast." She walked slowly to her friends, glancing back at him over her shoulder. The females looked at him and giggled as she rejoined the group on their way to the Beta quarters.

Guillame had shifted and watched his young friend. "She's very beautiful, in both her forms."

"Who?" Jószef looked confused. His eyes never left the building in front of him.

Guillame laughed heartily. "No one my boy, no one. So you have found your mate?"

"Yes, now I just have to figure out which she is. I don't suppose I can just enter the building and go room by room?" He couldn't take his eyes off the front door as females entered one after the other. She was in there. He had to find her. "Do you think the Alpha would allow that?"

"He's busy right now with the families of the dead. You'll have to wait until tomorrow Jószef. Be patient, she will still be here. You just have to find her before the feast, because if you find her with a male afterwards I would fear for his safety." He put a hand on the boy's shoulder. He'd have to keep on eye on him. It wouldn't do to have him prowling around the compound. He'd need to let Carr know the first chance he got.

"My father didn't expect me to find a mate in America." He suddenly had a thought and looked pointedly at his mentor. "Very few are finding mates in the pack anymore Guillame." He looked at his elder from the corner of his eye. "Is it the same with the other packs?"

"Yes, more and more are not able to find mates. And many that do, find them late in life, when they don't have enough time to raise more than one or two cubs. Our race is dwindling Jószef. That is one of the reasons we came." Guillame smiled at his protege. "Come, we should go back to our rooms."

Guillame could see the females doing their best to get Jószef's attention. He smiled to himself as they pouted when he didn't look their way. Some of them then gave him an appraising glance and a welcoming smile. He returned the looks and hoped to find a partner himself for tomorrow's festivities.

"Have you ever seen such a gorgeous male?" Cassie was practically jumping up and down she was so excited. "But he only had eyes for you." She grabbed Becky and tackled her to the bed, giggling like a cub. "Are you going to go find him? Did you see him ignore the Betas that were trying to get his attention? Did you?"

Becky tried to act like she hadn't noticed, but her wolf had. She was so excited, she tried to get Becky to go find him now. He was their mate! It was about time. "I didn't notice. I think you're wrong Cassie. He was probably looking at you. You're much prettier than I am." She tried to go about cleaning the room. They'd left it a mess earlier today and it really needed to be cleaned.

"Oh stop that. You act like you don't even want a mate. He looks like a Beta. Do you think he is? I wonder where he's from. I mean I know he's from Europe, but you know what I mean." Cassie was excited and couldn't stop bouncing around the room. "And he's the Archivist's assistant. That's perfect! You're an Archivist. You'll fit like two peas in a pod."

"Cassie, would you just quit? I'm sure he isn't my mate. Would you let it go?" Becky tried to look serious but her wolf was ecstatic. They'd found their mate and would begin a new life. Becky felt sick to her stomach. She didn't want to leave home, her pack, her family. "I'm going to bed, it's a big day tomorrow." She slammed the door and plopped down on the bed. Was he really her mate? If he was, would he expect her to leave her home? And what if he was a Beta? She was just an Omega. Her wolf insisted that didn't matter. A wolf knew who their mate was. Rank didn't matter to them.

Jószef stared out the window towards the Omega quarters. He saw the light go out in the window that faced his. It was her, he was sure of it. Did she feel it? Did she feel him? Would she come to him tomorrow? Or would he have to hunt her down? He heard the rustle of paper and looked behind him at Guillame sitting at the desk. "What are you doing?"

Guillame had papers spread all over the table top. "Looking at my notes of Orsolya's dreams. Seeing if I've missed anything important. I think I have. I think there's more here that I'm meant to see. I just don't know what it is." Orsolya's dreams were never straightforward. They were always full of symbolism and had to be interpreted. It had taken him years before he'd pieced together the clues of when to come to America and who he was to bring with him. He'd never allowed anyone else to see his notes. Maybe it was time to ask for assistance from Rhys.

"I think I need to run. Do you mind?" Jószef was ready to walk out the door.

"Great idea my boy. I'll come with you." He saw the flash of disappointment on Jószef's face. Guillame thought he knew what was on his mind. He wanted to sniff around for his mate. He couldn't allow that to happen here. If he was home at his own pack it would be different. But Guillame wasn't sure what Carr would think about a male from another pack looking through the females. "A long run is just what we need to relax and get some sleep tonight. We'll need it for tomorrow night, yes?" He winked at the younger Were.

They made their way out to the woods and shifted to take a run. Guillame hoped Jószef wouldn't bolt and go looking for his mate. They had been running for a few miles when Guillame stopped. He thought he'd heard something. Jószef halted and turned to join him. Both wolves heard it then. They walked slowly towards the sounds of sobbing. Guillame pushed his nose through a bush until he could see the lone figure sitting on a rock weeping. It was the female who had lost her mate.

The two brown wolves approached slowly. Jószef laid down far from the distraught female. Guillame continued to walk forward tentatively.

The female looked up startled. "I didn't see you there. I'm sorry." She wiped the tears from her cheeks. "Do I know you?" She leapt to her feet, with a frightened look on her face. She didn't know who they were. Were there still rogues loose? Were they part of the group that killed her mate? She looked around for the best route of escape.

Guillame shifted and immediately sat down several feet from her. "I'm sorry my dear. We shouldn't have startled you. We are visitors from the European Council. My young friend there is Jószef." Guillame pointed to the brown wolf waiting yards away. "And my name is Guillame. And you are?"

She was barely able to get her name out. "Andrea. I saw you, earlier tonight." She tried to hold back the sobs but she was so devastated by her loss she couldn't stop.

Guillame stood up and moved quickly to her, wrapping her in his arms and stroking her hair. "Shhh, shhh, I know it's hard to say good-bye Andrea. And it will take a very long time to remember that you are still alive. But someday you will. I promise."

She looked up with tear filled eyes. "Did you lose your mate too?"

He nodded slowly, then pulled her close again. "It's alright to cry my dear. I cried as well, for years." Guillame had a sad look on his face, remembering back to those many years he cried to himself. At the time he couldn't even tell anyone he had a mate.

"I don't know what to do now. I came to this pack after Taylor and I met at a gathering. I know I'm welcome here but I don't see how I can stay." Andrea clung to Guillame. She didn't want to let go. "Everywhere I look I see him."

Guillame continued to stroke her hair, hoping it was helping her to calm. "Could you return to your family?"

"The whole pack will know. I'll be the one who lost her mate. I'll be the one they look at and hope it never happens to them. I don't want their pity." She had a sudden thought. "Could I go with you back to Europe? Maybe I could find a place with one of the packs there. No one would know about Taylor." She had a hopeful look on her face as she looked up at him.

Guillame hated to see her cry. He knew her pain and didn't wish it on anyone. Maybe it would be better for her to be far away from memories. "I will think about it my dear. We can speak about it again tomorrow. How's that? For right now don't you think you should go back to your room?"

She slowly nodded. But she didn't want to let go of him. He knew how she felt. The Alphas had been helpful, and the Doctor, but they didn't understand. He did.

Guillame wrapped an arm around Andrea and walked her towards the compound. The brown wolf followed from a distance. When they reached Andrea's quarters Guillame promised her he would speak with her the following day. He turned to speak to Jószef but he was gone.

"Jószef, Jószef where are you?" He called out. This was all they needed, for him to go off on his own. He didn't see him anywhere nearby.

The female Beta that had spoken to Jószef earlier that night walked by Guillame giving him long looks up and down. She had a flirtatious smile on her face. "I'm right here, will I do?" She moved close to the male. He had a beautiful body. She trailed her fingernails along his muscular shoulders. "My name is Julia. It looks like you went out for exercise before bed. If you need more, I'd love to exercise with you." She licked her lips seductively. "A run, or, whatever."

Guillame smiled broadly at the lovely female. "My dear, if I had the time I would take you up on your kind offer. However, my young friend is bound to get himself into trouble if I don't find him. I do beg your pardon. If you would like to continue this tomorrow night at the full moon, I would be honored." He slowly grasped her hand and brought it to his lips, kissing it lightly and giving it a lick. He gave her a look that made her blush. And now he had her taste so he'd be able to find her tomorrow night even in her wolf form.

Julia watched him walking away and spoke to herself. "Oh we will continue this, I have no doubts. If anyone else comes near you I'll rip her heart out." Julia had a wicked smile on her face as she sauntered back into the building. She'd leave the younger one for the inexperienced.

He saw the wolf laying underneath the window that faced the main house, the same one that faced their rooms. "Jószef, there you are. You had me worried my boy. Please don't cause an incident. She'll be yours. She's your mate, she can't deny you. But this is not your father's pack. You will have to wait."

The brown wolf put his head on his paws and whined his frustration. He didn't want to leave. He could smell her. He wanted to be sure she was safe.

"Jószef, she's at home, with friends and family. She is as safe as she could ever be. Now come before I find the Alpha and tell him how childish you're being." Guillame tried to look stern even as he wanted to laugh and tell the boy to take his mate. But things were different in America. In some ways they were more rigid in their rules than in the European packs.

The man and wolf walked back into the house and up the stairs to their rooms.

The next morning a soft knock on the door interrupted Guillame's thoughts. By the time he opened it there was no one there, but there was a pile of clothing neatly laid in front of the door. Jeans and work shirts. He laughed. Maybe someone had noticed their late night run and his arrival back at the house without the clothing. Well, at least they would blend in a little better now.

Guillame and Jószef joined the pack for breakfast, and all eyes were on them as they entered the dining hall. They found their way to Carr and Lee's table and sat down. Jószef was scanning the room, but mainly scenting the air. She wasn't here. He thought the whole pack came to eat meals. Guillame began a conversation with Carr, but Jószef wasn't paying any attention. He watched the door.

Julia watched Guillame intently for any sign of recognition. He never looked up. He'd remember her later tonight. She smiled to herself as she thought of the hunt tonight. This would be a whole lot of fun. She chatted with her friends, watching the Alpha's table and his guest intently.

Andrea was sitting quietly with the Omegas, barely eating her food. She glanced up for a second when the visitors arrived and hoped they would join her but of course they sat with the Alphas. How silly of her. Of course he would have forgotten about their conversation. He was just being kind last night. But when she saw them leave with the Alpha she was hopeful they were leaving to talk about her.

As soon as the office door closed Carr turned to face the two visitors. "OK Guillame, what did you need to talk about?"

"There are two things. First..."

He was cut short by a knock at the door.

"Come in." Carr plopped down behind his desk. He couldn't wait for the full moon to be over and to go back to some kind of normalcy.

Cole stuck his head in. "The European Council is on the way from the Airport. Two hours, tops."

"Swell, and I thought my headaches were gone." He turned back to Guillame. "Is that one of the things you wanted to talk about?"

"Um, no, that would make three things I guess." Guillame gave Carr a weak smile.

Jószef paled. The Council wouldn't be happy about him finding a mate in America. They expected him to find a mate within the packs of Europe. They had already told him he should be visiting the different packs to meet the daughters of the various Alphas. The Council looked upon the American packs as unsophisticated and like children in comparison to their own.

"Then what are numbers one and two?"

Guillame cleared his throat. "The female, Andrea, who lost her mate. She would like to come with us back to Europe, to start fresh." He stood in the middle of the room, waiting for Carr's reaction.

"And what gave her that idea? She'll have no family, no friends. Are you going to dump her with some pack and leave her? She doesn't know the languages there. If she goes to any pack in Europe then it should be the Baxter pack in Scotland!" Carr was furious. What made Guillame think he could meddle in pack affairs? The new scar on his forehead was a thin red line but it seemed to be a deeper red the angrier he got.

Guillame had not been ready for the anger. If he could only explain it well he was sure Carr would calm down. "She was upset, she said she wanted to come back with us. But I think it could work out well for all involved. There will be another leaving your pack and she could be a companion." He looked at Jószef quickly.

"What other leaving my pack?" Carr caught the look between Guillame and Jószef and rose to his feet. "What the hell is going on? Are you trying to lure the females from my pack? Did I misjudge you Guillame? Should I gut you right here and now?" Carr was enraged. How dare they come here and try to take members of his pack.

Lee and Cole ran into the office. Lee went to Carr's side, trying to calm him. The last thing he needed was to be this upset. She stared at Guillame until the older Were sat next to his apprentice and waited for the Alpha to control himself.

Cole was pissed. He didn't know what had Carr so upset but it took a lot to rattle his brother so it must be something worth getting upset about. He stayed at the ready in case his wolf needed to protect Carr or Lee.

"Carr, I think when you hear you'll understand." Guillame had a plaintive tone, hoping he could get Carr to listen.

The Alpha was fuming. His mate was doing her best to calm him but his rage was boiling. His wolf had promised not to come forward for one more day but these outsiders were trying to steal females from his pack and he wouldn't stand for it.

"Jószef has found his mate, among your females. She would obviously have to leave with him. If Andrea went with her then they would both have a friend." There, he got it out. Now maybe Carr would come back to his senses.

"Who is it? No one has come to me and told me they found their mate." He would hope one of his females would tell him if she was going to be leaving.

"Well, that is a problem, isn't it? He doesn't know who she is. He scented her when she was with a group of wolves returning to the Omega quarters last night. So he doesn't know. I wouldn't let him pursue her further until speaking with you." Guillame watched Carr's features soften.

Carr felt himself relaxing. "I'm sorry, I guess I jumped the gun." He saw the perplexed looks on the faces of their visitors. "It means I got ahead of myself. I didn't think before I reacted. Please forgive me Guillame." He smiled to his guests who looked relieved. "So, Jószef, we need to figure out who the lucky little she-wolf is huh? OK, that's easy. She wasn't at breakfast?"

Jószef shook his head sadly. "She wasn't there Sir."

"Lee, what Omegas were missing?" He looked at his mate, absent-mindedly putting a hand around her waist and on her belly.

She smiled at him and leaned into his body. He was calm now, that relaxed her as well. "The only ones I can think of are Gina and Becky. But Gina already found a mate so it must be Becky. Cole, would you ask Becky to come to the office please."

Cole quickly ducked out. This was going to be interesting. If he noticed her didn't she notice him? It's not like she was a human and wouldn't have felt the pull of her mate nearby.

Cole made his way to the Omega quarters and slipped in quietly. Almost everyone was still at breakfast. He stopped in front of Becky's door and listened for a moment. Nothing.

Cole rapped his knuckles on the door. Knock knock knock.

"Becky, the Alpha Bitch requests your presence in the Alpha's office please." Cole was trying not to laugh at his own formal speech. He was going to make her as uncomfortable as possible. She was like a little sister, and he wasn't going to let her forget she hadn't mentioned this to him.

"I don't feel well today Cole. Could you tell Lee I don't feel up to it?" Becky was in bed under the covers. She purposely hadn't gone to breakfast and she was planning on not going anywhere near the main house until the visitors were long gone. Her wolf was arguing with her, and she wanted her to knock it off. It was giving her a headache. She needed to go back to sleep. Like she'd had any sleep at all last night.

Cole laughed and opened the door. "Yeah, that's gonna go over well. Try again. You know darn well what this is about, and you can't deny your mate you know. Just think, you're going to be moving off to Europe, and some day you'll be the Alpha Bitch of your own pack."

"WHAT?" Becky shot up in the bed. Oh no, what had she done to deserve this? It was impossible. She was an Omega, not a Beta. She couldn't possibly be an Alpha Bitch. She came from a long line of Omegas. Now she really did feel sick.

Cole hadn't expected quite that reaction. She was white as a ghost. "Becks, your wolf won't let you do this. She'll go crazy if you keep her from her mate. You know that." He was on his knee at the side of her bed. "You won't be able to function. You can't do that to her, to you." He held her hand and whispered. "What are you afraid of?"

"I'm not ready to mate Cole." She started to cry. "I'm too young. No one mates this young."

Cole chuckled and put a finger under her chin to make her look at him instead of the blankets. "Becky, anyone over the age of eighteen is old enough. The only reason most don't mate young is that we don't find our mates until later. Do you realize how lucky you are? You and Jószef will have a chance to spend most of your lives together." He smiled and wiped the tears off her face. "You won't have to wait and wonder if you'll ever find your mate. Look at how many just in our pack have never had a mate. This is a good thing."

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