tagErotic HorrorWolfSilver Ch. 01

WolfSilver Ch. 01


Li Antonius smiled up at the dark moon above him. Its feeble light barely lit the clearing he was in, but that didn't matter. He could see just fine. He laughed humorlessly up at its inky surface, how long had it been since the humans turned the moon black? He could barely remember; and even though the lack of its silvery light no longer hurt him, it still filled him with a bitter longing for a half-remembered warmth.

He pulled his long mane of blonde hair back and tied it with a bit of old leather. His simple peasant shirt hung off of his muscled torso and tight leather breeches accentuated his perfect ass. Li adjusted himself and stretched his legs. He had a long way yet to go this night to get to Sumentia and he was looking forward to the run.


A man stood in the center of the road and sniffed the air uneasily. He did not like the cities. They were dirty places that were filled with people. He finished buttoning his vest of brocade silk and tied his matching breeches. These clothes are so binding. He hated it, but didn't have any choice.

This particular man's name was Eron Dominus- not that he was technically a man, mind you, but that is unimportant. He tied back his wavy brown hair with a bit of silk and adjusted himself. He ran his hands down his lithe form to straighten his clothes and then headed for the city gates that lay ahead of him. What he needed was in this city- he could smell it. Any wolf would be able to smell that particular flower within 5 miles of it- the WolfSilver.

"Whass yurr bisness in Sumentia?"

Eron glared at the man who had addressed him. He was dirty, old, and his back-water accent grated on Eron's nerves. "My business is just that, my business, peasant!"

The old guard looked up in shock and blinked several times in confusion. His eyes were filmy with cataracts but even they could see the gleam of silver on Eron's shoes and cane, and the fabulous dyed feather in his top hat. "I'm soree, meant no dissrespec'. Jus' wusn't expectin' no lords to arrive on they foots, sir. No 'arm dun. Eh sir?"

Eron felt a horrible urge to lash out and kill the old fool but something inside of him resisted. This old fool isn't worth it, and besides, he's already submitted. The coward. He growled in response to the man's question, he was in a foul mood and he had a feeling his night was only going to get worse.


Li walked around the circular wall of the city, laughing at it. He laughed because they thought that some silly wall with a gate could keep him out. As he circled the wall he came around to the main gate and froze on the edge of the road, out of sight, because all of his hair had just gone on end. There was a wolf.

He stared at the man (wolf) that was only a few feet from him. The wolf (man) tied back its hair and adjusted himself. Li watched his exchange with the guard intently and only moved several minutes after the man had gone safely inside the city walls. I wonder if he smells it too, or more importantly- I wonder if he needs it.

Li walked up to the old guard and sighed heavily. "I'm going in the city, old man. I advise that you don't cause me any trouble."

The watch-man stiffened but tried not to make any sudden movements. That tone of voice meant trouble for a lot of people- this man should not be let into the city. The old guard began to nod in agreement as he nonchalantly reached for the cord to sound the alarm.

However, Li was no ordinary man and certainly not a fool; he saw immediately what the old man was doing. "You made the wrong choice, gramps." and with that, Li snapped his neck. Li sighed in a dejected sort of way as he looked at the corpse. He got no joy from killing invalids and it really irritated him when they made him do it, but no matter.

It was time to head into town and find that femme little wolf and get to know him a little better. Hey, maybe a lot better.


Eron wanted to tear out the fat inn-keeper's throat. He was being disagreeable and making things very difficult. "Listen to me carefully- I want a room. I don't know how long I'll be staying but I have money, why is this a problem?"

"Sir, I need to know how long you're staying because I have word that a traveling lord will soon have need of my rooms."

Eron's mind made a fast connection and he laughed, "I am that lord you dullard."

The inn-keeper did not seem to be phased. "Where then, sir, is your entourage?"

Dead in a ditch. "I didn't bring them. I wanted a quiet trip." Eron gritted his teeth as the inn-keeper continued to just look at him, completely unimpressed. This was obviously not working; it was time for a new tactic. He untied his hair and shook it free, the soft waves falling below his shoulders. He stretched slowly, running a hand down his neck, purposefully showing off how slender and long it was. "Listen; can't we make some kind of... arrangement?"

The inn-keeper's eyes slowly raked over the man in front of him involuntarily. He was slender and sleek with hips and luscious lips that would make a woman proud. He seemed so different from before- he was a man then, full of aggression but now, he seemed so.. feminine. The inn-keeper suddenly found it hard to think. He smiled and crudely grabbed his crotch. "I suppose we could think of something."

Eron wanted to recoil in disgust, but by now he was very good at controlling his reactions. Instead he stepped forward and slid his hand over the other man's swelling bulge. "So, can we move to my rooms?"

The inn-keeper grunted and guided Eron's hand into his trousers and around his cock. "Yes.. Mmm.. Yes, we can move to your rooms after I receive a small.. down payment." He pushed Eron down onto his knees and waited to be taken into that oh-so-pretty mouth.


Li carefully followed the scent of the wolf he had seen earlier. It was slow going, the unnatural and toxic smells of the city were hard for him to make sense of and wolf pheromones had grown considerably weaker since the darkening of the moon.

He eventually tracked the scent to a nice old inn on the edge of town, and then to the inn-keeper himself. The wolf's scent was all over him and suddenly Li was very angry.

The inn-keeper took one look at Li and sighed; "I have no job for you."

Li gritted his teeth to keep from killing the insufferable man that second. "I was looking for a room, not employment."

"I don't have any rooms for the likes of you either."

"I think my money spends as good as the next man's."

"Now listen here you uppity-"

"Or does everyone who wants a room here have to suck your dick?"

The inn-keeper's face turned scarlet with rage and embarrassment. "I'm sure I have no idea as to what you are referring to."

Li was tiring of this little game and glared daggers at the inn-keep. "Now think very carefully before you answer, May I rent a room?"

The inn-keeper didn't even pause; "No." and he was dead before could form another thought. Li lunged at the man, knocking him to the floor, and then ripped out his throat with bare teeth. The glorious coppery taste of blood filled his mouth and Li growled in pleasure as he gnawed on the wound in the man's neck. His violent urge satisfied, Li stood and pissed on the corpse. Mine.

He dragged the body into a near by closet and decided it was high time to find the pretty little wolf he had followed here. He sauntered casually down the hall and stopped at the third door. Then, he knocked.


Eron sat on the lumpy bed in a self-satisfied sort of way. I always get what I want- one way or another. He took off his heeled shoes and vest, then tossed aside his jacket. He still felt so bound. He quickly undid his hair and unbuttoned his shirt, leaving it hanging open.

He finally felt he could breathe again just to seize up as two powerful smells hit his sensitive nose. Blood. Wolf. Gooseflesh raced up his arms and he found himself looking desperately around the room for an exit but he didn't even have a window. He could almost feel the figure approaching his door.

When the knock came he was standing ready to open the door. He took a deep breath and yanked open the door in near-panic, only to want to slam it shut immediately. A tall, glorious, Nordic man stood there. His front was drenched in blood, the inn-keeper's blood. "You killed the inn-keep." It wasn't a question.


Li's brain stopped responding the second the plain wood door swung open. There was that gorgeous little wolf with his hair wild and shirt open, revealing a gloriously toned and smooth torso. He heard what those full lips said, and heard the implications behind the words. That he was stupid to do it, that it would bring trouble for the both of them for sure, but that didn't matter.

Li grabbed Eron and kissed him, hard. Part of his brain knew that he was just under the powerful influence of the other wolf's pheromones, but he really didn't care. He just wanted to fuck the pretty little thing into submission.

Eron let himself be kissed, deciding to kiss back too. The masculine wolf's pheromones were like wine to his senses, he felt lightheaded and he wanted to be ridden so hard that he couldn't move anymore. He loved the feeling of that blood soaked shirt scratching up against his bare skin and he loved the copper taste of blood in the kiss- but now was not the time. He pushed Li back and licked his lips; "That's the second time today I've had that insufferable man's fluids in my mouth... although this time was considerably more pleasurable."

Li scowled at the thought of his pretty little wolf touching that stupid human and stepped closer, so that their bodies were almost touching again. He looked at Eron with eyes smoldering with desire; "My name's Li." And you are all mine.

"Eron. Let's not play games, we both know why we're here. I want you to... help me." Eron pressed his body up against Li's and rubbed his face in the crook of the other man's neck. "Can you do it?"

Li's hand twitched and fisted, he had to strain to resist the urge to throw Eron on the bed fuck him senseless. "You need it don't you? You can smell it."

Eron grabbed Li's crotch and began to grip and stroke it. He was using his best gift to his advantage- "Oh yes, I do need it. The smell drives me insane... will you get it for me? Will you give me what I need?"

Li growled, unable to control himself any longer, he pushed Eron over to and then down on the bed. His eyes flashed as he straddled Eron, keeping him from escaping. "Fine, I'll give it to you. I don't need it anyway, but first- you are going to give me something."

Eron writhed beneath Li and tried to buck and push him off, but that only caused him to grab both of Eron's small wrists in one hand and hold them down over his head. "No. I want the silver first!"

Li laughed coldly. "After all that teasing? I don't think so. I'm going to ride you harder than you've ever been ridden in your life. You're mine, submit!" The last words were almost a growl and Li bared his teeth.

Eron looked up defiantly, "No."

Li smiled sadistically in response and slid his hand down inside Eron's breeches and gripped his cock. He gripped the shaft and began to stroke roughly. "You like being dominated don't you?" Eron was biting his lip and breathing heavy, but when he refused to respond Li squeezed his member, hard. "Don't you?"

Eron gasped and threw back his head, exposing his long and slender throat. "Yes, oh god, yes..."

"Good boy." Li ripped off a long strip of his shirt and used it to tie Eron's wrist together and then to one of the wood bars in the headboard. "Don't worry, I'll be gentle.. at first."

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