tagIncest/TabooWoman Of His Dreams

Woman Of His Dreams

byBig Gunz©

He had fantasized about those tits for as long as he could remember. Ever since he was old enough to know what a hard-on was, Gabe got one whenever he saw his Aunt Marlena. It was not as if his father's sister was the image that most adolescent fantasies were made of, but there was definitely something about the woman the enthralled her nephew completely. She was not what most might consider gorgeous, though she was in no way unattractive. Any hint of grey was hidden with frequent colouring and highlights to her brown hair, which she usually kept permed and trimmed fairly short, with her curls hanging just down to her collar. She was on the short side, and like most women her age, had a few extra pounds hanging around. But it was her amazing bosom that really defined her appearance. Her eye catching breasts measured an impressive 36DD, and could not help but be noticed, regardless of how conservative her attire might be. Luckily for Gabe, and any other man who came across his aunt, Marlena did not tend to be too concerned with covering up her ample chest, and often showcased it with her clothing choices.

Growing up, Gabe would not be able to take his eyes off of his aunt whenever he saw her, whether it be at weddings, holidays, family gatherings, or just a pop-in visit. He would watch her as she danced or drank or laughed, all the while playing out lustful scenarios in his mind. Mesmerized by not only her magnificent tits, but also by her other features that he had built into his fantasies, he would stare at her curly hair, her face, her lips and drive himself further into lust for her. Everything about Marlena was a turn-on for him, from the way she spoke to the way she smoked a cigarette. But, as time went by, Gabe saw less and less of his Aunt Marlena, and as he grew up into a young man, she became a less frequent star of his sexual fantasies. That was of course, until the day of his cousin's wedding.

The family had gathered for the wedding of his cousin Sarah, the only daughter of Marlena and Gabe's father's sister. The festivities were being held out-of-town at a nice hotel, and everyone had rooms for the night. Gabe had come solo to the event, hoping to pick up a bridesmaid or have his way with some drunk wedding guest. Another guest who was flying solo also appeared to be a certain favourite aunt of his. He had heard through the family rumour mill that Marlena and her husband had been going through a bit of a rough patch as of late, but still, he had not expected that she would leave him behind for the wedding. Not that Gabe could care, for as soon as he laid his eyes on his dear aunt, all thoughts were washed from his mind and replaced by a wave of lustful memories of fantasies past.

Marlena looked unbelievable. She was wearing a little black dress that came to just above her knees, a spaghetti strap number, low cut, which allowed her incredible cleavage to pour out the top and stretch the fabric thin. The strapless bra underneath almost looked too small, barely containing her overflowing breasts, but doing a fine job of pushing them up and together. Her beautiful brown curls were fresh from the salon, highlighted with a hint of blonde and piled up on top of her head in a sexy up-do with dangling stands of ringlets tumbling down her neck. Just looking at his aunt, Gabe was instantly reminded of just why she was literally the woman of his dreams for so many years.

Throughout the ceremony and into the reception, Gabe could not keep his eyes off of his aunt. She seemed a little distraught, most likely due to the rumoured tension in her marriage, but to the uninformed viewer (or at least to someone who was not staring at her all night) she managed to hide any distress quite well. Mostly, she appeared to be drowning any of her secret sorrows in wine, and getting quite buzzed by the looks of it. Marlena sat and drank and smoked her way through half the reception as her adoring nephew watched attentively from afar, getting harder and hornier by the minute.

The young man's arousal was increased tenfold when, at the insistence of his father, he asked his "lonely" aunt to dance. As he slow danced with a fairly tipsy Marlena, it was all Gabe could do to not stab her with his raging hard-on, and she was not making it any easier for him. Unsteady in her inebriated state, she held her body tight against his for balance. Her pelvis gently brushed back and forth against his stiff manhood as they moved to the music, and her mammoth tits pressed into his chest as she wrapped her arms around her nephew. She rested her head on his shoulder, her warm breath and sexy curls tickling his neck, almost driving him over the edge. Mercifully, the song ended before he exploded right on the dance floor, and he parted ways with his aunt, hotter and hornier than he could ever remember being.

After his up close and personal time with his fantasy woman, Gabe had to step out for some fresh air and a cool down, so he decided to take a little walk outside to recharge. Following a brief stroll, he returned to the reception, but to his dismay he could not see Marlena anywhere in the hall. A futile search followed, and he soon came to the conclusion that his evening of arousal from the sight of his sexy aunt was apparently at an end. A few glasses of champagne and a couple of turn-downs from not-quite-drunk-enough bridesmaids later, he decided that he would have to head up to his room for the night and 'take matters into his own hands' in relieving his pent-up sexual frustrations from the evening's events.

He got off the elevator on the sixth floor and headed down the hallway, arriving at his room at end of the corridor and fumbling through his suit to find his key card. Just as he located the card in his inside jacket pocket, Gabe heard a sudden noise behind him. As he turned to the stairwell door opposite his room, again he heard the noise, a sort of muffled thud, seemingly against a wall. Somewhat annoyed by the disturbance, but not really interested, he turned back to his room, but before he could even put his card in the door, a third thud sounded, this time followed by some stifled giggling and voices. Already in a randy mood, Gabe immediately came to the horny conclusion that some couple was probably getting it on in the stairwell. Almost as quickly, he decided that if that was the case, he definitely was going to get a look at it.

Easing the door open, Gabe squeezed into the stairwell and could now clearly hear the lustful sounds of moaning accompanied by the smacking of lips on flesh. He could tell from the volume that the perpetrators of the soundtrack were just below him on the landing in between the fifth and sixth floors. Intent on seeing the show, but not wanting to interrupt the stars and cut the performance short, he slowly eased himself down the stairs and crouched into a position that would give him viewing access while hopefully not exposing his presence to his new friends. What he saw instantly blew his mind.

Marlena moaned as the man took her left nipple into his mouth, while he squeezed and pulled on her right tit. The straps of her dress were down on her arms, her bra shoved down below her breasts, her head tilted back, eyes shut and a wild expression of passion painted across her face. She ran her hands through his hair as he ravaged her bosom, "Oh yes, suck my tits," she groaned in ecstasy.

Gabe could not believe what he was seeing. His Aunt Marlena, woman of his fantasies, was letting some guy he vaguely recognized as a guest from the wedding attack her fantastic rack. Unable to contain his amazement, he nearly fell down the stairs, "Holy shit!"

Jolted from her erotic state of euphoria, Marlene's eyes popped open and immediately focused on her nephew. "Gabe!" she exclaimed, quickly clamouring to push her playmate off her heaving chest, "Oh my God." Unsure of what do to, and in an odd state of shock coupled with extreme arousal, Gabe hurriedly turned and headed back up the stairs, out into the hallway and towards his room. Now free from her companion, his aunt quickly straightened herself up, shoving her epic tits back into her bra and pulling her dress back over her slobber-covered rack, and rushed after him.

As he was going through the doorway to his hotel room, a short of breath Marlena was just a few steps behind him and rapidly trying to talk herself out of the compromising position her nephew had just caught her in. "Gabe honey, let me explain," she started as she followed him through the door and into his room, "It's not what you think".

Still caught between his incredibly aroused condition and utter astonishment, Gabe was in wonderment that his aunt was actually trying to talk her way around this situation. "Not what I think?" he exclaimed as the two entered the room, "I think what it is - is pretty fucking obvious!"

"Gabe, please listen," she pleaded, "I can explain."

"Explain what?" he countered, "What's to explain? I think what I saw was pretty fucking self-explanatory!"

Realizing her denials and excuses were likely to get her nowhere, Marlena decided to switch gears and go on the offensive. "Fine, I don't give a shit what you think. What are you gonna do now, go and tell your daddy on me?" she asked, hoping her confrontational tone would dissuade her nephew from telling anyone about the incident.

"What?" Gabe was confused at his aunt's sudden aggression, "No, I…" he started, shaking his head in disbelief, "What the fuck?"

Sensing her tactics were working, Marlena decided to step it up a bit, hoping to leave her nephew so confused about the evening's happenings, that he would not know what to think about it, let alone tell anyone about it. "You're probably just jealous."

Stunned, not so much by what his aunt just said, but more so by the fact that it was pretty much the truth, Gabe was at a loss, "Jealous? Wh… what do you mean?" he stammered.

"Oh come on," Marlena declared as she rolled her eyes in disbelief, "Jealous, you know, like of what you saw on the stairs? Jealous of what he was doing to me?"

"I… I don't know what you're talking about…" Gabe was on the defensive now, worried where this conversation may lead, not wanting her to get into what a pervert she thought he was for lusting after his own aunt.

"Oh yes you do," she continued, unrelenting, "I know you've had your eye on these for awhile." she said, cupping her breasts as she spoke. "You think I don't notice the way you stare at me?" Gabe was now sweating profusely, hearing his aunt speak the unspoken truths he though he was only privy to. "Fuck, you probably think about my tits while you're jerking off, don't you?" Again, another reality she nailed. "And shit, I thought you were going blow your load right on the fucking dance floor earlier." All true.

Gabe stood there slack-jawed and in amazement of how she had turned things around and now had him on the defensive. His aunt was gutsy, that was for sure, trying to get out of the situation by turning the spotlight on his perverse thoughts of her, hoping he would keep his mouth shut about what he saw for fear she would divulge his secret fantasies about her in retaliation. He stared in awe at Marlena, confidence now returning to her face, a haughty smirk starting to appear on her lips. "Well?" she asked, smugly staring at him, positive that her victory was at hand.

Realizing the outcome that she was hoping to achieve, Gabe figured that he would have to match her fearlessness if he were to take back the advantage of the situation. Taking a deep breath, he took a step closer to his aunt, "You're right." he admitted. "I am jealous."

Now it was Marlena's turn to be shocked at what she was hearing. "Pardon me?" she countered in amazement, as she took a step back.

"You're right," he said again, moving closer to her. "Your absolutely fucking right. I do want those tits."

"Gabe, I don't think…" she trailed off, lost for a response and searching for words as she took another step from her advancing nephew.

The smirk was now on his face. "And I do think of you while I masturbate, all the time." he told her, moving closer still to his aunt. She moved to take another step away from him, but was stopped in her tracks, her back hitting the wall. He was now mere inches away from Marlena. "Are you wet" he asked her, staring right into her eyes.

"God yes." she said softly.

With those words, Gabe moved in and pressed his body up against his aunt's, forcing her against the wall. His lips zeroing in on hers immediately, and he kissed her hard, forcing his tongue deep into her mouth. Marlena did not resist whatsoever, and willingly reciprocated, pushing her tongue into his mouth with great vigour. As they passionately kissed, his right hand moved down her body, stopping to caress her ass, then slid under her left thigh. He pulled her leg up, wrapping it around his hip and began grinding his pelvis into her at the same time. They continued their amorous lip-lock as her hands found their way to either side of his face, pulling him in harder, then sliding her hands down onto his chest as he began moving his lips off of hers and down onto her neck. His hands moved back up her body and made their way to her chest, followed by the movement of his lips from her neck back up to her mouth. Marlena let out a sigh of ecstasy, then quickly, Gabe pulled away from her.

The two stared into each other's eyes, just briefly, but long enough to see the lust overflowing in both pairs. Abruptly, his hands reefed down on the front of her dress, tearing the thin straps, exposing her bra covered breasts as the garment slid down to her hips. Both nephew and aunt looked down at her ample bosom pouring out of her black bra and aching to be attended to. With quick hands, Gabe grabbed the bra and ripped it from her body, the clasp no match for his licentious might. Exhilarated, the couple quickly returned to their impassioned tongue wrestling, but only momentarily, as he swiftly moved his lips away from hers and down onto her exposed chest. He hungrily took one of Marlena's nipples into his mouth and began sucking and biting ferociously, alternating between her magnificent tits.

In an impulsive movement, Gabe swiftly moved from his attack on her breasts, and spun behind his aunt, his back now against the wall. Her back to him now, he reached up and tilted her head back towards his, turning her face so their lips could once again connect. Marlena moaned as his kisses moved from her mouth, across her cheek and down to her neck, while his hands moved back down to explore her heaving breasts. Her hands quickly moved to cover his, guiding them over her gigantic jugs, directing them to squeeze, his fingers to pinch. Now grinding her ass into her nephew's groin and his ever hardening cock, she moved her hands up over her head and wrapped them around his neck, her face turning back to his. Again, their mouths met fervently, and she once more let out a sensual moan as Gabe's kisses traveled from her lips, over her cheek and back to her neck. His tongue surveyed her throat and soon attacked her earlobe and rear of her neck. His cheek brushed against her soft curls and he pressed his nose into them, delighting in their smell and feel. "Oh, Aunt Marlena," he whispered hungrily into her ear.

"Oh yes baby," she replied lustily.

"Suck my dick." he commanded.

With that invitation, she pulled him over to the bed and quickly dropped to her knees and undid his belt and zipper. Gabe looked down in wonder as she reached into his pants, wrapped her hands around his throbbing dick and slowly pulled it out. Marlena's eyes widened as she held her nephew's rock-hard manhood inches from her face. Without hesitation, she leaned in and took him into her mouth, eliciting a low moan from him in the process. Immediately he began to pump his hips, gliding his cock between her lips as she hungrily suck him in. He reached down and grabbed a double handful of his aunt's sexy curls, guiding her head in rhythm with his thrusting pelvis as she bobbed her head back and forth eagerly, his dick slamming in and out of her mouth, as she sucked and stroked him relentlessly.

"Okay, that's enough," Gabe suddenly announced, hauling back on her hair and pulling her lips off of his throbbing penis. "I want those tits wrapped around my cock right now." he ordered.

Marlena smiled devilishly and squeezed her tits together, showing her horny nephew what he was about to enjoy. Her chest was already quite moist with sweat, and looked primed and ready for the forthcoming tit-fucking session. She let her tits fall free, and grabbed Gabe's dick and moved it into in her cleavage. Pushing her tits together, a tight tunnel formed around his cock, and he immediately started to pump his manhood in between his aunt's huge tits. Once again, he reached down and intertwined his fingers into her tangled web of curls on top of her head, controlling her motion, tugging and pulling her hair as he pumped up and down. The head of his dick popped out the top of her cleavage with each thrust and she licked and spit on it with each appearance. Occasionally, his prick would slip out from between her tits and she would swiftly take him into her mouth, give him a quick sucking, then sandwich him back between her sweaty jugs.

"You like getting your tits fucked, don't you, Aunt Marlena?" he asked her in between his gasps for air. "You like wrapping those big tits around my cock and letting me pound them."

"Oh yes baby! Fuck my tits and spray your hot cum all over them!" she replied as she squeezed her breasts even tighter together. "Do you like fucking your aunt's big tits Gabe? Show me how much you love fucking my big slutty tits.

Her filthy words were quickly sending him over the edge and he could not even begin to muster a reply to her. At this rate he knew he would not be able to last long. Once again grabbing a handful of her curly locks, he pulled her away from his throbbing dick and guided his aunt to her feet. Gabe sat down on the end of the bed and took hold of her by the hips. Looking into her eyes with a smirk, he steered her cunt, now dripping with anticipation, above his penis. "Fuck me." he ordered.

Without hesitation, Marlena straddled him and positioned her wet, aching pussy above his rock hard cock. She closed her eyes and slid down onto his manhood, her hungry fuck-hole eagerly sucking him in as she bottomed out. She let out an impassioned moan and instantly began bucking up and down on her new lover. Gabe leaned forward and began assaulting her giant tits with his mouth, sucking and biting madly. Nearing orgasm quickly, she began thrusting harder and faster on her young nephew's dick, desperate for release.

Feeling his own orgasm rising swiftly, he flopped down onto the bed and watched his aunt's fabulous tits bounce as she rode his cock for all she was worth. "Fuck Aunt Marlena," he managed to gasp, "you really are a whore!"

Now completely engulfed in her quest to cum, she began feverishly bouncing on his cock, moaning and gasping for air, grabbing at her own tits, "Oh yes!" she cried out. "Fuck me Gabe, fuck your aunt!"

In one sharp movement, he promptly rolled to his side, taking her with him and slamming her onto the bed and into the missionary position. Without delay he began furiously bucking his hips at an incredible pace, pile-driving his cock into her so hard that the sound of the headboard hitting the wall almost matched the volume of Marlena's moans. "Is this what you want slut?" he asked in between thrusts. "You want to be fucked like a little slut? You want your nephew to fuck the shit out of you?"

She knew they were both on the verge of climax, "Yes Gabe! Oh yes!" she screamed. "Fuck me like the whore I am! Fuck your slutty aunt!"

"Oh shit! I'm gonna cum baby." he announced. "Tell me where you want it whore. Tell me!"

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