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Womankind According To One Man


Whatever life holds in store for me, one thing I know for sure. People who don't keep their word aren't worth keeping. Doesn't matter if your relationship with them is work-related, school-related or romance of some sort. Trust me on that one. My name is Stevens, and I'm a young Black man of Haitian descent living in the Province of Ontario, Canada. I moved there from the City of Brockton, Massachusetts to attend Carleton University in the City of Ottawa, the Capital of Canada. Next year I will graduate with a Bachelor's degree in Criminology, then I intend to attend Law School. My parents, Franklin and Ellen, have been bugging me about introducing them to a nice young lady for quite some time. They visit me in Ottawa sometimes but they still in Brockton. Um, sorry mom and dad. I don't know any nice young ladies. It's my life.

I've had some bad experiences of the romantic kind this year. For real. First, let me introduce you to Evelyn. A tall, lovely young Black woman from Nigeria. I met her at the African Heritage Club at Carleton University. The club was founded by this Afro-Caribbean chick named Antonia, and she and Evelyn were tight. I liked Evelyn, who was both beautiful and aloof, and Antonia was into me but I wasn't into her. I set out to get to know the lovely Evelyn, not knowing that Antonia was working to sabotage me from behind the scenes. In the end, I didn't get either of them. Evelyn was hot but she also had a hot temper and unresolved issues when it came to her ex, who apparently left her for some white chick. She painted all Black men with the same brush of negativity, thinking we were all cheaters and heartbreakers. Whatever I sought to have with her didn't stand a chance in hell of existing. Yay for me.

Okay, that's it for Evelyn of Nigeria and Antonia of Guyana. I was dealing with them during the first semester, from September 2011 to December 2011. Now let's hear it for Parvati Kumar and Janice Chang. I met a tall, lovely young Indian woman from the Punjab region of India whose family moved to Montreal, Quebec, a few years back. Parvati was all that and the proverbial bag of chips. I was feeling her, big-time, and she appeared to be feeling me. Given how badly my relations with Black women had gone lately, I felt that maybe I needed a breath of fresh air. I had always been a fan of Black Love and Black Unity, and it seemed that such a belief blinded me to the very real faults lying within many of today's young Black women. Their arrogance, selfishness and meanness for example, I was unable to see that because I put them on a pedestal. Black women in Ottawa, Ontario, seemed to hate the Black male and they only noticed that we existed when they saw us with non-Black women. Sad but true.

Yeah, I felt that maybe I needed a break from the sisters and maybe Parvati Kumar would be just what the doctor ordered. The tall Indian chick with lovely, full hair that was all hers, a curvy figure and a really nice ass. She was studying architecture at our school and was close friends with this Chinese chick named Janice Chang. They were both in the same program actually. Somehow, we all ended up in the same psychology class during the second semester. The professor, this French Canadian dude, assigned us a group assignment. As it turns out, Antonia, the Afro-Guyanese chick who ruined things between me and Evelyn before they had a snowball's chance in hell of getting off the ground, was also in that class. Antonia wanted me to work with her and some friend of hers for the psychology class group project, even after all that went down between us. The nerve on that chick! I declined, and was left scrambling to find another group.

Well, as it turns out, Parvati Kumar and Janice Chang were also looking for a third person to join them. I happily joined them, and was happy to be working with such dynamic, interesting people. I found myself attracted to Parvati Kumar but didn't think she'd reciprocate because I had never seen an Indian woman with a Black man. Well, only once and that was on the Tyra Banks Show. Not in real life. As I got to know Parvati Kumar, I realized how unfounded my fears were. This tall, funny and absolutely lovely young Punjab woman from India was actually into dark-skinned guys. She told me she mainly dated Tamil guys from India and Black guys from sub-Saharan Africa. How cool was that? I asked her out and we soon began hanging out together, both on and off campus.

Parvati Kumar was wonderful, and I was smitten with her. We talked on the phone a lot, texted each other constantly and hung out in restaurants, movie theaters and other fun spots. I was into her and she seemed to be into me. What ruined things between us? None other than her friend, this skinny, short-haired and flat-chested Asian bitch named Janice Chang. Her friend from the architecture program. Yeah, it seems that Janice had a thing for me and she told Parvati Kumar that I made advances toward her. I was stunned. What the fuck? I was always polite and friendly to Janice Chang since she was Parvati Kumar's friend and all, but that was it. I had no sexual or romantic interest in her. The crazy bitch mistook my friendliness for something else and used it to derail what was a promising thing between Parvati Kumar and me. Parvati gave me my walking papers in the library. How awesome was that?

Yeah, I didn't have much luck with the ladies, man. After the misadventure with Parvati and Janice, a misadventure which had me scrambling to save my grade for the psychology class as I found myself without a group ( Parvati didn't want to work together after ditching me ), I decided that foreign chicks whose cultures and ways I didn't understand weren't the way to go. I met this afro-centric young Black woman named Jessica at school and we seemed to click. Jessica hails from Nova Scotia, though I thought she was African-American when I first met her. I used to live in the States, so I'm fairly Americanized. And I've got eight years in the City of Brockton, Massachusetts, to thank for it. Jessica seemed cool and we had a lot of the same interests. Black literature. Black culture. All Black everything. Including Black Love. I thought we were a good match because we liked the same things.

I asked Jessica out and we went to see the movie Think Like A Man in theaters. I had a nice time with her, but it was indeed the first and last time we went out together. I really don't know why. To this day I can't figure it out. I was attentive, funny and real cool with her. I did everything I could to make sure she had a nice time. When I asked her out for other outings, she said she had other stuff to do. When I suggested later dates, she always seemed busy. Damn. It's like that? I finally got the hint, I stopped asking her. I didn't need that kind of shit, for real. I decided to stay single. I tried dating all kinds of women, and you can see the results. Maybe I was just unlucky. I decided to keep my Black ass solo. If the right one comes along, cool. If not, fuck you, women of the world. Or not. Whatever.

Anyhow, I went to the movies solo about a month ago and something...different, sort of happened. I was going to see the movie The Dictator and since my buddies were away at work, I went to see it by myself. While I stood in line to get my ticket, I saw this fine-looking young Black woman with a tall, curvy figure and long hair looking at me. Ever the gentleman, I offered her to get in line in front of me. She declined, but asked me what money I was seeing. I told her I was seeing The Dictator, grabbed my ticket, wished her a good day, then went in. Guess who I saw inside the theater? None other than the pretty Black chick from before. She approached me, introduced herself as Marianna, and asked me if I wanted to sit with her. So we could watch the movie together. What do you think I said?

I had fun watching The Dictator with Marianna, and we had a nice time. After the movie, we left the theater together. We caught the bus and I so wanted to get her number but she declined, taking mine instead. I wished her a good day, then went on my way. I wasn't expecting to ever see her again...until I got a call the next day. She left me a nice long message, told me she was glad to meet me, and I called her right back. Since that day, we never spend a day without calling each other. We have been hanging out a lot, and we've seen a lot of movies together. Piranha 3, Men In Black III, Ted, Prometheus, those are just some of the flicks we've seen together. Half the time I treat her and the rest of the time she treats me. Marianna likes to go Dutch. I like that. She's lovely, friendly and easygoing. We get along just fine. Marianna told me that she's not eager to get into a relationship but she considers me pretty special. I'm okay with that. We're just getting to know each other and having fun. Pressure free and label free. Wish us luck, eh?

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