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First off, I want to thank and say I appreciate the e-mails from several ladies who have loved my stories from a woman's point of view and can relate to my adventures. I love having both a female audience as well as the all the men that get-off reading about my encounters or staring at my photo. And yes, they are natural 36DD's guys! Everyone seems to inquire if my stories are true. Well, why they are stories, most are based on real experiences over the past ten years with Scott. A few are based from experiences with my first husband, who was abusive. Others are fantasy or created at the request of several admirers. In the last fifteen years, I have experienced threesomes, foursomes, swaps, and a couple of gangbangs. Sorry guys, I am not seeking any more partners at this time, and I will not reply to your e-mails for privacy purposes.


Okay, some of you guys still aren't getting it, and others think my husband is a wimp or a cuckold. Nothing is farther from the truth. Scott allows me to be me! Whereas some men have a hard time getting their women to lust after them on a constant basis, other guys have an even harder time trying to fend their insatiable women off their cocks. That's right, there are plenty of women in the world who love sex even more than the next guy, and no, we're not really men disguised as women either. Some women become so engrossed with sex that they're sometimes unable to concentrate on anything else. Believe it or not, the theory that men think about sex much more often than women is not always the case. I want some of you men to understand women, and you gals to be comfortable with your sexual feelings.

When you and your man go out on the town together, are your eyes constantly checking out all the men in the given establishment? Now don't get me wrong, there are those women who just love to have every penis standing at attention when they walk into a room, and not necessarily because they want to wrap their mouth around them all. But there are we gals that devour men with our eyes because we are sizing up what those given gentlemen might be like in bed. Ladies if you constantly keep "eye flirting" with other guys, it may not simply be harmless attention seeking. It may be because your sexual appetite is probably not sated. This is not necessarily a bad thing, but your partner needs to understand this, without jealousies, insecurities, or damaged male libido.

Guys, if you have sex with a woman, not once, not twice, but thrice or more on a given night, and she's still trying to hump you like a bunny rabbit in mating season while you're trying to wander off into dreamland, then it's possible that she really can't get enough sex, or you for that matter. Now it must be a blow to a man's ego if he's given it his all and yet she's still raring to go for more. So whereas most guys think that having a woman that always wants to have sex would be the equivalent of owning a house full of diamonds, guys whose libidos are not quite overloaded with testosterone would disagree. The men that are still living with or married to these women have learned to accept them as they are without trying to change them and allow them to fulfill these sex drives with the companionship of others.

Why are we like this? Some women are under the mistaken impression that sex equals love, and use sex compulsively as a means of gaining power and love. They lack emotional intimacy and bounce from one partner to the next or engage in sex with multiple partners simultaneously. Some women use sex as a means for masking pain. These women likely suffered childhood abandonment, abuse or some sort of family dysfunction (this does not insinuate that every woman from a broken home is promiscuous). Some women feel they are unworthy and unable to be loved by anyone, and as I mentioned before, they feel that sex somehow furnishes them with that emotional intimacy, at least momentarily. Sex can become addictive for some women and even becomes a means of reducing stress.

If these gals don't have a steady lover, they'll go out on the town hunting for their prey in order to attain their instant gratification. Or as I have, when away from your steady lover, you find temporary replacements to fill in for him. Sometimes a woman just needs sex. You'd be hard pressed to find anything that compares to the feeling of an orgasm (even your own) and many women simply enjoy the feeling of that blissful moment. Yup, we just like sex; it's that simple! Promiscuity is not necessarily indicative with this prospect, but if you land a woman in constant heat, you better be fit and up for the challenge. What do you do if you happen to end up with a woman who loves sex more than shopping? How can you ensure that she won't spread her legs for the pool-man if you take a business trip for more than two days?

Well, perhaps bedroom toys could keep her company for a while, but as all women know, there's really nothing that measures up to the touch of a man's hand. Keep the foreplay going, even when you're not around. Call her up and enjoy some late night fun heating up the phone lines with your kinky talk about what you plan to do to her when you get back, or your sex fantasies. Let her know how much you enjoyed penetrating her the night before, and how you enjoyed hearing her reach orgasm, over and over again. Sexual compatibility is just as important as communication and trust, and just like you wouldn't want to be with a woman that never wants to spread her love for you, some guys also don't want a girl who always wants it. If there were no challenge, would it still be fun? Okay, for some men it would, but for how long?

People from all walks of life indulge in fantasy from time to time, and it's no surprise that some fantasies are uniquely stranger than others. So much so, that these fantasies are quite simply too kinky to speak of, until today that is. After chatting up a storm with an endless amount of women online who kept giving me the typical "threesome with another woman" or "sex with a stranger" fantasies, I managed to converse with some incredibly creative women, who decided there would be no harm in revealing some of their nastiest, craziest fantasies. Now guys, keep in mind that every woman is autonomous and might not think of these fantasies as the "Oh my God! That's what I've always dreamed of!" way that you might imagine (or hope). After all, your best guy friend might enjoy a threesome with your wife or girlfriend and you, while you are dead set against seeing another man's penis in that kind of venue.

Sexual fantasies are a normal part of our imagination and can serve to decrease sexual inhibition and increase drive significantly. Erotic imagination can definitely heighten one's actual sexual experience. Problems may surface, however, when individuals view their fantasies as shameful and disgusting. Fantasies should never make anyone feel harshly about what turns them on mentally. For the most part, fantasies don't even reflect one's true sexual desires, and sometimes have nothing to do with sex. Therefore, so long as neither you nor she fixates on certain unusual fantasies and becomes compulsively engulfed in them, indulging in them can definitely be used as a sexual enhancer. And although honesty is the best policy, sometimes revealing fantasies that involve multiple partners or are somewhat freaky might not be received well by your significant other.

That's why these women would likely never dare mention these fantasies to a soul. And remember, those who say that they never have sexual fantasies are either too ashamed to discuss them, or have zero sex drive. Some women have sexual auras that ooze out of their every pore. They have no shame in being sexy and don't attempt to conceal it. There are other women who aren't very sexual or sensual, aren't big on the idea of getting sweaty between the sheets and would rather read a book than lie in the pretzel position for 15 minutes. Finally, there are women that are quiet and shy when they're sober, but animalistic and insatiable when they're not. Why, you may wonder, do some women feel that the only way they can enjoy sex is by getting drunk?

Some women still believe that sex is a sin and their frame of mind does not permit their inhibitions to come to life. Therefore, in order to let go of those ancient beliefs, they must alter their state of consciousness by gulping down a couple of alcoholic beverages. This allows them to forget their mindset regarding sexual dexterity, and allows them to enjoy the moment for the night and wallow in self-denial the next morning. I was raised a strict catholic girl and sex was not discussed. I married young to an abusive man who pumped me with alcohol and drugs to "loosen my inhibitions". The he forced me to "entertain him and his friends" at parties. This "sexual transgression" pattern is learned in childhood and is really difficult to unleash. Although difficult, it is possible for them to learn that sex is not simply for reproduction and that women are not labeled "sluts" just because they happen to be fond of sex.

Some women fear that if they have sex liberally while sober, they will be deemed tramps. Their fear stems from hearing bad things about sexually active girls in high school and college. You know the ones that made out with lots of guys and had the reputation of a rock-band groupie. Well, because they don't want to be labeled negatively, alcohol is used as the scapegoat to cover up all the devilish things they have done during the course of an erotic night. Alcohol becomes the vortex between the animal and the docile virgin. The most serene woman can transform into a sex maniac within 3 tall beers and a shot of Whiskey. These women want to be lively in bed but feel that they cannot unchain their innermost sexual desires without having first downed a keg of beer.

Some women like to rub it, smack it and attack it but ultimately have a fear of letting these outbursts shine through in their customary personality. They want to be spanked, they want to scream, they even want to feel pleasure through pain, but since the only women they know who do these freely are adult film stars, they cannot unleash the demon within. Instead, they use alcohol as the means by which they can behave the way they really want. By acting as though this animal only comes out during intoxicative moments, they can get away with the notion that this isn't really who they are and what they like. They live under the delusion that alcohol has some sort of "Jekyll and Hyde" effect on them when, in fact, this is who they really are. They love sex; and aggressive sex at that, but they don't want to believe that they could become the next up-and-coming porn stars.

Guys I hate to tell you this, but if you are having a strictly sexual relationship with a woman and the only time you have sex is when she's drunk, chances are she doesn't really like you very much. The reason she's having sex with you is because it's a steady thing and she doesn't care for you, and can therefore do whatever she wants without a care in the world. Being drunk is the only way she can allow herself to get off with someone she's not totally turned on by. You have basically become a blow-up doll with a pulsing cock for this woman because she's using you. If the only time she calls is when she reeks of "Jack Daniels", then you have become what is popularly known as a "booty call". Welcome to the wonderful world of exploitation gentlemen, you have arrived.

So while some women need alcohol to rid them of inhibitions, others believe that sex, in and of itself, is sinful and they therefore have to get liquored up in order to enjoy the ride. Whatever the case may be, alcohol and sex have been interrelated from the beginning of time and will remain this way forever. What you wives and girlfriends need to realize is that sex is not a sin. It is a wonderful experience shared by two consenting adults. Pleasures vary according to individual preferences, but some women need to realize that sex is not simply a method of procreation. Enjoying sex is not a religious violation, no matter what our mothers said. Thus the next time you're with your lady, whether she is drunk or sober, look her in the eyes and make sure her senses enjoy what's happening around her and within her.

Other women who feel that it is undeniably wrong to be in love with sex are simply mistaken. Sex is a marvelous experience, and when partners are sober and truly conscious of every breath, kiss and touch, the sexual experience becomes so much more intensified and meaningful. Love and sex may not go hand in hand as often as they used to, but like the famous song says, "If you can't be with the one you love, love the one you're with". Many couples, such as my husband and I, claim that acting out their sexual fantasies has brought them closer together and provided fond memories; while other couples will tell a different a story. It's unfortunate, but there are times when realized fantasies can become a thorn in a couple's side, forcing them to go their separate ways. So, while certain fantasies should happily be acted out, others should be lived out only in the mind, or merely verbalized and not realized.

The most regrettable fantasies among now-defunct couples were ones in which other parties became involved in the mix. Fantasies like threesomes, orgies and partner swapping are the most dangerous. Of course, there are couples who are open and understanding enough to go live out such fantasies without a hitch, but, for the most part, couples ended up on the outs because of such scenarios. Scott and I are open and understanding, and allow ourselves to live these fantasies. Make your own home movie. Making a movie, one that involves no clothes and plenty of lube, will make you and your woman feel like practiced porn stars. Of course, there doesn't have to be any facials or anal action involved; this is a private scene for two, and you'll be the directors, producers and stars. Set up your camera so that it's angled to capture your sexual antics and make sure that you leave the mic on so that every moan and groan can be captured as well.

Soon you'll have yourself a movie you can watch to get in the mood, and this will help open up the lines of communication between you and your woman even more. Remember; only play the movie when the both of you are getting in the mood. Women tend to be very critical of themselves, and seeing an ounce of cellulite or hearing themselves yell like banshees may not be welcome if they aren't feeling sexually inclined. Head to a sex bar and get her to strip for you. Sometimes having one person leading and giving orders and the other following and obeying their "master" can definitely ignite sparks within that you may not have known existed. It is in this sexual mode that you can reveal your fetishes, within reason, and give in to your secret desires. Although most women opt to submit because they're not sure what to do in the dominate role.

Visit a swinger's club or a sex club. I know what you're thinking; this involves other people. Well, yes, but that doesn't mean any of them are going to touch, lick, suck, or screw you or your partner unless you allow it. But if you have voyeuristic or exhibitionistic tendencies, then here's your opportunity to set your fetishes free. Ladies, dress in easy-access clothing, head out to a nightclub that's exclusively open to horny couples and single men and women, and dance, grind and gyrate the night away. Some clubs allow couples to get nasty; others don't, so you'll have to figure out how far you and your man can go. The point is that you're both realizing a fantasy in which you can make love, so to speak, and watch others while they watch you.

Go to a strip joint with your partner. When Scott took me to a strip club for the first time, little did I know that it would end up becoming one of our fondest memories. We still head out to them every now and then, and every time we go, something different always happens. Ladies, when he suggests the idea of heading out to a nudie bar, chances are you may be somewhat hesitant, thinking that all he wants to do is look at other nude women. But once he makes it clear that what he really wants to see is you looking at other naked women, you may suddenly have a different point of view. When you first get there, let take it all in and get used to the atmosphere. If she starts getting extremely excited by what's going on, get her a lap dance. Guys, watch as she studies this naked woman dancing in front of her.

Ladies, if you are cool with the action, opt to get your man a dance in return. Believe it or not, many women get turned on at the thought of watching their man with another woman (in theory at least). Glance over at him every now and then to gauge his reaction. For the guys with wives or girlfriends who are more liberated like me, take her out to an "amateur night" at a club and let her do her thing, one item of clothing at a time. Now if you've never done any of these things with your woman before, discussion is not an option; it's mandatory. You can't simply drag her to a strip club or press "record" without her consent. And if you take the time to talk about such things, you'll soon discover that your woman has probably been aching to do something different and wild as well.

So until next time, give at least one of the aforementioned fantasies a try, and if it's a success, then experiment with others until you come to the point where sex in the bedroom becomes an oddity. You fantasize about doing crazy things in bed with your girl or wife, but she's a little timid when it comes to the more daring aspects of sex. Well, if you want her to let loose and start riding you like a nympho, here's what you should do to make her more comfortable with herself and, more importantly, you. Hang out with her wild friends or crazy sister. Just about every woman has a bunch of wild friends who know how to let loose. Plan a night out with your woman and her friends (and their boyfriends, if applicable) and head to a nightclub, where booze and loud music abound.

Encourage the ladies to dance together or with other men and have fun, and then invite the crowd over to your house for some more drinks and dancing. Keep the music pumping, the alcohol flowing and encourage the ladies to get wild. After they all leave, keep the vibe going with your girl or wife, and she might just show you how crazy she can be in private. Now I'm not encouraging you to get your wife or girl wasted, but it's a fact that alcohol tends to lower people's inhibitions. So pop open a bottle of whatever it is she likes to drink, and drink and talk over it. As the evening progresses, you'll notice that the both of you will begin to lower your guards. It's at this point that the conversation should take a sexual turn. Begin discussing sex and her fantasies (let her do all the talking). If she starts getting shy, ask pointed questions about what she's fantasized about.

For example: Have you ever fantasized about two men seducing you? Where would you have sex in public? Have you ever imagined how it would feel to kiss another woman? This should get the game started. If you ever answer any of her "Have you ever..." questions, make sure that all your fantasies include her. Every once in a while, my husband and I rent a sex flick, pop open a bottle of wine, talk for a while, then watch the movie and go crazy on each other. There's something about hearing others make sexual noises that has a penetrating effect on us. Of course, the sex that's featuring in the movie can't be all-out raunchy; it should involve two or three people, and these people should engage in sex that the two of you could, say, mimic.

Guys, leave home and take her somewhere she's never been with you, like a motel, hotel, bed and breakfast, or even a simple limo ride around town. The fact that there's nothing for her to do but enjoy herself allows her to become more sexually aware of herself and the situation. Treat her to an evening of subtle romance and kinky sex by setting up the scene with blindfolds, tethers and whatever else you think she might go for. Buy her a sexy outfit, even if she's not used to dressing that way. I always tell my husband that when I'm dressed sexy, I feel sexy. Keep in mind, however, that there's a fine line between sexy and raunchy. A short black dress and lacy lingerie will do (ask for her best friend's help, if necessary). Show her off to the world, and tell her how sexy she is, all the while letting her know that you can't wait to get her out of those clothes. Keep the verbal foreplay going in public, and then take her to wherever it is you want to end off the evening and get busy.

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