tagNonConsent/ReluctanceWomen Prisoners Have Needs Too

Women Prisoners Have Needs Too


A Womans Seduction of A Man

As might be expected, it was a fantastic day. Rena had picked up her personal belongings at the custody station and signed the receipt. Now she stood just outside the gate and saw her sister in law, Terry, waving to her. She carried the small bag, clutching it to her bosom as she hurried to the car. It had been an agonizing five and a half years. Prison time isn't ever easy, and especially not when each day was as boring as the one before.

Sliding into the passenger side seat, she looked over at the back seat. Yes it was there. The small bag that held all the things she had asked for. She smiled to herself and leaned back, reminiscing.

At nineteen it was a foolish thing to do, but the profits were probably worth the time she spent in prison, and now at twenty five she could be considered wealthy. That is if she could recover her money without the insurance company getting their hands on it.

Rena had scammed her company out of close to two million dollars and because she never ratted on her cohort or told where she had moved the cash, she wouldn't accept a plea bargain, and so had served her full sentence. She also avoided probation restrictions. She was as free as she could be after serving her full sentence.

Oh she knew they would keep trying. The last month in prison she was put in with a young woman named Kylie whom she suspected was a plant by the insurance company. Wary of the young woman's prying questions, she never really got close to her even though the young woman tried desperately to start a lesbian relationship. Being wary, Rena had been avoiding those kinds of involvements ever since she had been there.

If she had let herself get involved it would have been impossible. Lesbians want lovers, and Rena was bi and could never do without a man. To keep herself solo and keep her sanity, she created a fantasy love affair.

Rena was highly sexed. "Horny as hell," as one of her cell mates had confided to her friends. In the beginning she was shy about masturbating with people so near by but as time went on she realized that it was actually encouraged by the prison staff. But still it was difficult to get off with another woman in the cell. But after a while any pretense of modesty was abandoned, and she would just roll over, face the wall and using her fingers, get her twice daily release.

It was during her third year when she was in the lounge that she saw this good looking guy on television. He was on one of those televised sport fishing shows and was discussing fishing gear. Apparently he owned some big company that manufactured that sort of stuff. She began fantasizing about him and soon Brad Hunter became her imagined lover.

She searched the sports magazines and found out all she could about him. An avid fresh water fisherman and being involved in that sort of thing, he was often featured in those publications. A bit of research in the library and with the help of her sister in law she finally was able to learn everything there was to know about him. Where he lived, who he socialized with and the fact that he liked his women, lots of them.

So Bradley Hunter and Rena became lovers, if only in her mind. Now her spray powder can, a rather long canister with a rounded cap became her night time lover. She could orgasm in a matter of minutes by slipping it deep inside her vagina and working it in and out as she massaged her clit while imagining that it was her, "Brad," taking her.

About once a month she would bribe one of the guards to put her in solitary for a night. There she could do things to her body that would have certainly invited the all the dykes to pounce her if word ever got out. Things that she dreamed that she and Brad would do. By the time she was returned to her regular cell, she was completely exhausted and satisfied.

Her sister in law broke the silence. "Where to honey? Where are we headed?" Rena turned her head slowly and answered. "Head for Lake Gwenevere, Terry. And make sure no one's following us."

Terry stared into the rear view mirror. "I don't see anyone yet. Can I ask you something Rena? What the hell are you going to do with the stuff you had me get? I can understand the gun, but what's with all the bondage things and sex toys."

Rena smiled to herself before answering. "Well honey, I kept quiet about your helping me rip off the firm, and I never let them know how we did it. That kept you out of jail, but now it's payback time and I need you to help me do something I really need to do. Something I've been planning for about three years now. I'll let you know later, just keep driving and watch out for a tail."

A half hour later Terry turned to her friend and spoke. "A car's been behind us ever since we turned off onto the main highway. It's pretty far back but I think someone's following us."

Rena smiled to herself and thought, "Perfect, just what I wanted. Now if it's who I think it is, this will work out just fine."

The sun was beginning to set when they pulled into the motel and after checking in, they went for dinner. On the way back to their room Rena caught sight of Kylie, the lesbian they had put in her cell during that last month. She was crouching down in the white Chevy that had been following them. Smiling to herself Rena took a deep breath and thought, "perfect, just perfect."

Getting up around three, the two women crept to the white car and thrusting her pistol thru the open window Rena told Kylie to get out. The young woman sheepishly slid out and started to give some excuse that she just happened to have stopped there because she was tired of driving.

Rena said nothing but cuffed the girl's hands behind her while Terry put a blindfold on her. Leading the girl to their car, they made her lie down on the back seat. Soon they pulled out onto the highway and were again on their way to the lake.

Six hours later they reached their destination. A rather large rustic cabin on Lake Gwenevere. Getting out, Rena stood there surveying the area. No he wasn't there yet, but that was the way she had hoped it would be. It gave her another day to prepare. She knew from her research that Brad would be arriving on his annual vacation.

Rousing Kylie, they pulled her out of the car and led her to the cabin. Jimmying the door, they walked inside. Kylie's mask was removed and she was bound to a straight back chair. The cabin was huge but the outside gave no indication as to how luxurious the interior was.

Searching the rooms Terry found the key to the liquor cabinet and opened the bar. Finally curiosity got the better of her and she again began asking what they were here for, and why was it important to bring Kylie with them.

The plan unfolded. "I'm going to seduce, maybe even physically force a guy named Brad Hunter to fuck me. I even have some very special things I want to do with him and that's why the things I had you get for me are so important.

He owns this place. And as far as Kylie is concerned, well I figured it would make it easier to get him to cooperate if I had a bargaining chip. That's Kylie. If he balks I'll threaten to take it out on her. That should make him think twice about resisting."

Terry looked puzzled, but Rena went on. "In prison I kept my sanity by fucking myself and cumming every chance I got. All the girls did it and it's the only pleasure women in prison get. And to make it seem more real, I sort of fantasized about this guy I saw on TV.

That's where Brad comes in. I saw him on a sports show a couple of times and sort of developed a crush on him. So I researched him in the prison library and learned a lot about him." Taking a sip from her drink she went on.

"It got so that I couldn't cum unless I thought about him fucking me, or eating me out, or me sucking his cock, you know, things like that. All the things you had on the outside for real, I only had in my mind. Now my fantasies are going to come alive. When he gets here we're going to threaten to harm Kylie if he doesn't do exactly what I want."

To say Terry was surprised would be an understatement. She stared at Rena before asking, "Do you mean that all you want is to get laid by this guy? Shit Rena all you have to do is just wiggle your ass at him and offer him your pussy and he's yours. You're a sexy, well built bitch, why this thing about using force? You know that's sort of sick."

"It wouldn't be the same. I want to control him. I want to tell him what to do. I want to watch his face when I tell him what I want. I may even order him to fuck Kylie over there, or even you, if I feel like it. I just want to be in control of him. Make him do whatever I feel like telling him to do. I want him to tell me I'm the best. You wouldn't believe the things we did to each other when I was alone and fantasizing in solitary. And I want to live those moments again but with the real Brad. Understand?"

She nodded before turning and going to the bar. Then looking back she asked. "Why is Kylie so special? You could have picked anyone up to use as a pawn."

Rena paused before answering. "I don't really know. She really came on to me in prison and although she's a plant for the insurance company or something, I have to admit, she did sort of turn me on. Oh I know she's strictly into women just like the guards were, there's something sort of intriguing about her. She's damn cute and different than the guards were. You know all the guards were... that way... and a couple of them made me do things to them to get favors. I don't like being forced to do anything. I want to be in control. And anyway I figured I'd sort of enjoy working her over."

By eight that evening they had Kylie so loaded she was having difficulty sitting up in the chair and both Rena and Terry were feeling no pain either. That was when Rena began to get a bit bored and began pacing around. Looking at Kylie, she turned back to her sister in law and asked. "You ever make it with a girl honey? Kylie over there told me she was good and loves sex with women. Why don't you and I enjoy her until Brad gets here tomorrow?"

Terry pondered it a moment before nodding. "Sure! I'd like that. I never did it with a woman and I think I'd like to try it. Are we going to use some of the stuff you had me get? I mean..... Well, you know some of the toys?"

"Why not. I'd love to see just how far we can go with her. I bet we'll have her begging within an hour or so and I'm getting wetter and wetter just thinking about it. Come on, let's get her into the bedroom and take the cuffs off."

Kylie didn't fight. She had listened to the conversation but it didn't seem to have registered. At least she showed no sign that she was afraid of what might happen. She staggered down the hallway, supported between the two women.

Once in the bedroom she actually helped the two undress her before being pushed back down on the bed. Rena and Terry quickly took their clothes off while Kylie watched and stared hungrily up at the two women.

She didn't struggle at all when Terry started to massage her breasts. Being more daring now, Terry began pinching her nipples, and finally put her mouth over the erect points and began sucking. The girl trembled but held perfectly still. Terry was becoming excited and becoming more brazen, started raking her teeth up and down the rigid nipples, sometimes biting rather harshly on first one than the other.

Kylie was moaning by this time, and becoming more engrossed in the erotic torment, her pussy began to twitch and contract. Rena had moved down, intending to force Kylie's legs apart, but instinctively the girl spread her legs wide, offering herself to Rena.

Rena though: "she's too willing. I don't need a damn lesbian lover I just need to find out what she doesn't like. Something I can threaten her with. Obviously she does love the touch of a woman's lips on her breasts though."

Wanting to be a bit more adventurous Rena held her fingers tightly together and put her thumb in her palm, forming a "silent duck." Oiling her entire hand she slowly began to work her fingers in and out of Kylie's slippery opening. With each thrust her fingers went in deeper and the young woman began to moan louder.

Within moments the sounds that filled the room were the sounds of lust. The soft sucking sounds of Rena's fingers working in and out of Kylie's cunt were mingled with the salacious slurping sound of Terry nursing her breasts.

Her pliable labia spread wider and wider and with more determined thrusts, Rena's whole hand crept into the warm slippery confines of Kylie's pussy.

She gasped. A low moan followed by another gasp was the only response she could muster. Holding her breath as long as possible, she finally exhaled and sobbed, "yes, oh yes that way, it feels so good."

Rena held her fingers together within Kylie's pussy and began searching for the telltale lump that was her "G" spot. Finding it, she began twisting her knuckles back and forth over it. The girl sobbed and lifted her ass as she gasped.

"Oh god that's good. More, do it more. I love it. My god it's so fucking good. Make me cum! I want it! Oh god it's soo good. I'm..., I'm close. I'm gonna cum. Oh shit yes, I am, I'm cumming. Do it more!"

Rena hadn't expected it. She hadn't wanted a willing slut to torment. She had hoped for some shy innocent to play with but everything they did to Kylie seemed to be just what she wanted.

Allowing the girl to finish her orgasm, Rena drew her hand out and on impulse began to lick her fingers as both Kylie and Terry watched.

"My god," Terry whispered. "You're really getting off on this aren't you? I don't think we can do anything this little whore doesn't want. Try the strap-on thing, it's big enough to scare the hell out of anyone."

Rena rummaged thru the small case and taking the harness and a large thick dildo out, assembled it. Putting it on she slid one end into her own pussy while the other end extended out perhaps seven inches. It looked frighteningly rigid.

Staring at the wavering dildo, Kylie showed the first signs of fear. She struggled slightly as the two women forced her to kneel at the edge of the bed, but that was all.

Questioningly Terry asked, "Do we do this dry or with oil? I don't think you can get it in without some lube Rena."

With a nod, Rena had Terry drizzle oil over the young woman's ass and pussy before returning to grab Kylie by the hair. The dildo was placed at the tan portal of her ass and exerting pressure, began to be forced in. As Kylie struggled slightly, Rena kept pressing forward. Soon it began to move in deeper and deeper. Finally it completely vanished. The struggling stopped, and the girl held very still. Almost as if waiting.

A normal dildo would have been enough, but this device had rows of protruding groves and ridges covering its entire length and as it was being forced in and drawn out, Kylie began to moan deeply.

Still clutching the girl's hair, Terry reached under the young woman parted thighs and began to tenderly pinch either side of her clit. The small pink pearl peeked out and Terry began sliding its tight sheath back and forth. Almost as if jerking off a miniature cock.

In and out in, and out, the gelatinous rod moved while Terry continued to stroke her engorged clit. Finally the young girl began to sway forward and back urging it in deeper. She had become accustomed to the thick serrated monster and was now rocking back on her knees forcing it in harder, causing it to violently twist and turn as she wiggled her ass from side to side.

Terry looked at Rena. "My god. Oh my god, I think she's gonna cum again. Look at her! She loves it. Let her have it honey. Make her cum again. I want to watch her face. Give it to her!"

With a low guttural sound the girl threw her head back and gasped.

"Yeah, oh yeah, bury it deep in me! Oooooooooh shit I'm fucking cumming again!"

Seconds later Rena drew the glistening black dildo out and thrust it back in, slapping the front of her thighs against the cheeks of the girls ass. Kylie was panting hard as Rena continued to pummel her writhing body. She screeched and her arms gave way. She slumped forward, her ass in the air and her face buried in a pillow. Rena never paused. She continued to fuck the young girls ass.

Almost immediately the girl began clawing at the bedding and with a flushed face she turned her head sideways and moaned. "Gimmee it more. It's good. I like it there. Fuck my ass good. Ohmygod, Ohmygod, it feels so good. "

She was cumming again and between panted breaths, she began to drool on the pillow.

Terry's head swiveled back and forth. First looking at the panting girl and then at Rena. Finally she spoke.

"I think she likes everything but a mans hard cock inside her. Maybe that's her weakness. And you've got me so fucking hot watching this that I need to get off too. Can you make her eat me? I can cum that way and I bet she's good at it."

Rena stepped back, pulling the long shaft slowly out. And turned to Terry. "Sure, why not? She's primed and ready. But first I have to take a pee. I wonder if our little slut's clit is still sensitive."

With that Rena turned Kylie's limp body over and forced her thighs apart.

"Hold yourself open for me, I want to see that hard little clit of yours."

Kylie did as she was told. Parting the puffy lips using both hands, she exposed the hot pink inner folds of her pussy and pressing slightly inward, forced her clit to protrude outward.

"Hold it just like that for a minute; I want to put that fire out. I want to watch your face when I pee all over that little button."

As the golden fluid formed a stream and started to splatter over the girl's clit, there was a muted gasp as she stared up at Rena, but she said nothing.

Now Terry crawled over Kylie and lowered her pussy to the girl's mouth. Leaning forward she supported herself on her knees and her outstretched hands by placing them against the wall. She held her slightly parted pussy's lips just over the girls face and hunching forward, beginning to sway slightly, as she lowered herself.

The young woman knew instinctively what was expected and her tongue snaked upward and wiggled between the flaccid folds of Terry's cunt. As if to steady Terry's swaying body, Kylie placed her hands on Terry's ass and clasped her buttocks firmly.

Moments later her fingers wander deep within the warm cleft between the peach colored mounds and began to gently caressing the small opening hidden between. Letting her index finger probe and stroke in and out.

Terry responded, and not wanting to cry out, choked back a gasp as she felt herself giving in to the erotic sensations. Suddenly she let out a little squeal and orgasmed, ejaculating into the girls hot mouth and coating her face with the creamy fluid.

Terry's legs began trembling and she lost her grip on the wall. Pushing back she fell to the side. During the whole ten minutes or so, Rena had been tormenting Kylie's breasts, sucking and kneading the small but firm mounds. Sometimes licking them and at other moments raking her teeth up along the sensitive teats. Lifting her face she gazed down at them. Now they seemed swollen and puffy.

Terry lay next to Kylie panting, trying to catch her breath and staring up at Rena. Finally she asked: "Aren't you going to let us fuck you? You're the one who needs it most."

Rena smiled before answering. "I'm going to fuck my brains out just as soon as my Brad arrives. Don't worry about me. I've got a lot of catching up to do and I need a man to service me. But thanks for the offer."

Kylie had become more cooperative and it was decided that if they kept her nude she wouldn't try to run and was now permitted to walk freely around the house.

That night they chatted and Rena learned that Kylie was a bounty hunter. If she could locate the stolen money she would collect twenty percent of anything that was recovered. They also learned her weakness. Kylie was terrified of the thought of having a mans cock in her.

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