Women Prisoners Have Needs Too


She claimed to have been fucked by her brother but apparently he was the worst lover imaginable and ejaculating prematurely, had taken it out on his sister.

Finally they slept. After breakfast the next morning they heard a launch arrive at the dock and the girls took their positions. Kylie, still nude, was bound to a chair directly across from the doorway. Terry stood to her left watching the doorway while Rena stood just to the side of the door, pistol in hand. They waited.

Brad fumbled with a key before the door swung open. Not even looking in, he bent to pick up his two bags. Walking in, Rena quietly closed the door behind him and pressed the pistol to his neck. Slowly Brad realized what was happening and slowly lowered his bags to the floor.

Rena swung slightly around to face him and displaying the weapon, announced: "Welcome home darling. I've been waiting almost three years for this moment, now turn around and put your hands behind you and hold perfectly still."

In the dim light of the cabin, Brad's eyes adjusted and he began to survey the room. His hands were now manacled and he seemed confused. If they were going to rob him, why was there a strange girl, nude and bound to a chair in the center of the room?

His next thought was that they had broken in and were just using his place to have some sort of sex party. But then he wondered, what's with this young woman holding the gun? What's she intending to do, and why had she welcomed him in by telling him she had been waiting for him? Could she have mistaken him for someone else?

Pushing him forward, Rena began. "Brad it's been so long. We have a lot of catching up to do. Now sit over there on the sofa."

Rena sat beside him and let her warm hand wander up and down the top of his thigh. Each caress becoming a bit more intimate and ultimately her hand began to stroke his cock thru the fabric of his jeans.

His response was obvious and Rena leaned to him and spoke lowly: "Like that baby? Like what your Rena is doing? Mmmmm yes you do don't you? You're getting hard for me aren't you? Here let me set your cock free."

Using both hands she leaned forward and tugged at his belt, releasing it before unzipping his fly. Her hands snaked in and wrapped around a thick shaft that was straining for release.

"Nice baby. And my boy has no underpants on. I like that. God you're big. Do you like what I'm doing? Do you like the way my fingers are wrapped around your hard cock Brad? Feel them sliding up and down, making you swell up harder and harder? Oh look, my fingers are all wet from your pre-cum. So slippery and I bet it tastes sooo good too."

Pausing she lifted her fingers to her lips and began sucking on each before again reaching down and clutching his cock.

"Is my boy getting hot for his Rena? Don't try to stop it. If you want to cum let yourself. We have days to spend doing this and it's going to be verrrry enjoyable. Does my sweeties cock want to be sucked? Wanna feel my hot mouth working it your cock Brad? I'll make you feel good and Rena needs to be fed so don't stop it. Just cum for me, OK?"

With that she pulled his jeans down so he was completely exposed. Slipping to the floor in front of him she wiggled between his legs, forcing them apart and holding his shaft up, bowed her head and took his cock in deep. As if trying to entice him further, she forced the huge shaft as far as she could down her throat before gagging.

Letting it slip from between her lips she smiled up at him. "God, she panted, you're really big. Does Brad like having his cock sucked like that? Tell me you like it Brad. I want to hear you tell me you like it! Tell me!"

All he could do was gasp and lowly whisper: "Yeah I like it. Yes you're good, I like it a lot."

"Good boy, now I'm gonna make this big cock feed me. Wanna cum for me honey? Want me to suck your thick cock until you can't stop yourself and you spurt for me? Tell me you want to cum for me baby, tell me you want to cum for me! Go ahead and tell me."

Brad was staring at the two girls across the room. They were watching intently as Rena continued to badger him into cumming. Finally he looked down into Rena's face and whispered.

"Yeah I want to cum for you. Sure I can do that but I'm not ready yet."

Smiling she let out a sigh and slowly massaged his balls before again taking his cock in her mouth.

Becoming more aggressive, she held his cock up and began licking his balls, sometimes sucking one than the other. Moving up she stuck her tongue out and slowly dragged it around the rim of its head. Now a small spurt of warm cum formed atop the head before she spread it with her tongue.

frantically resuming her sucking she continued, but now, harder and faster. Her head bobbed up and down as she tried to finish what she so desperately needed to happen.

Mere seconds later Brad gasped. "Close....... Getting closer.... It's gonna cum. OH GOD HERE IT COMES! I'm shooting. Oh god I am, I am."

He began to rapidly jerk up and down. Fucking her mouth as he contracted over and over, spewing his thick cum into her waiting mouth.

Rena swallowed. Over and over she was forced to drain her mouth, gulping his sperm down. Finally she slid her thumb from the very base of his shaft up to her lower lip, milking the last few droplets from his spent cock.

"Mmmmmmmmm, your good to me baby. Did that feel good Brad? Did you like what your Rena made you do?"

Brad leaned back and drew a deep breath before answering..."Yes, I liked it. But why? Who are you and why me? I don't get it. Any guy would love to have you do that to them, so why me?"

Standing Rena turned to Terry and spoke. "Make us all a drink will you darling. I suppose it's time to tell my Brad what I need and why."

Drinks were made and placed on the end table next to the sofa. Terry held one glass to Kylie's lips and tilted it up. Rena did the same with Brad, and setting it down, stood in front of him.

Her explanation took only a few minutes and Brad actually seemed sympathetic towards Rena. He nodded that he understood but still seemed confused as to why Terry and Kylie were involved.

Rena explained her resentment about Kylie. Her motives and why she was needed. As far as Terry was concerned, she was a friend and cohort. A necessary part of her plan.

Rena turned to the girls and spoke. "Terry, keep an eye on him while I go down to the dock and do a little work on his boat. It's just a little precaution but I need to do a few things. I have to find his cell phone and fix his boat. Just keep him still while I'm gone."

As soon as she had closed the door, Brad turned to Terry and began: Look all this is a bit crazy. I can understand what she did to me just now but it's got to stop. You can't keep me a prisoner for ever here. Sure I'll cooperate up to a point but to sit here with handcuffs on isn't making it any easier to feel sympathetic.

Terry smiled at him before answering. "She just wants a little affection Brad and everything will be fine if she gets it. I might suggest that you do whatever it is she wants or asks and... well, if I were you, I'd be cool and play up to her. You know, tell her what she wants to hear and do what she wants you to do."

Brad stared incredulously at her. Then asked: "you mean she just wants to act out her fantasies with me? Why? She's damn attractive and it just doesn't make sense. What if I don't want to...you know, fuck her and all?"

Terry pondered his questions for a moment then answered. "Don't you think women want sex? Can't you believe that a female can force a guy to submit? Sometimes it's more exciting to be the one in charge and... well hell, we'll get a rush out of being a part of it. You know, forcing you to do it against your will."

When Rena returned she held his phone and several packages of supplies she'd found on the boat. She also tossed an ignition wire on the table. "Your not going anywhere for a while Brad, and later, if you're a good boy, I'll take the cuffs off, but right now I think it might be a good idea if we had something to eat and a couple of stiff drinks wouldn't hurt either."

They helped Brad to the table and move his handcuffs to his ankles and fastened him to the chair. Kylie and Terry sat down and they ate.

After finishing, the girls cleaned up and then Rena told Terry to put the manacles back on Brad but Kylie was put on her honor not to do anything foolish was allowed to remain free. The four of them walked down the hall and into the master bedroom.

There, Brad was forced to lie on his back while Rena and Terry took the hand cuffs off and manacled him, spread eagle, to the bed. This was the moment all three women had been waiting for.

Although Rena had sucked Brad off, she was positioned so she shielded them from watching so they never actually saw him hard. Now, even flaccid, they gasped in unison.

Oh yes, Brad was well endowed. Even relaxed that was apparent, and each woman stared, wondering just how large he would get when he was excited.

His body was muscular and his chest, bare. His abs looked like a washboard, and when you add to that, his blue eyes and rakish blonde hair, you have one hell of a hunk.

Rena was the first to speak. "Oh god....he's perfect. I'm going to enjoy you more than I had ever dreamed."

Brad avoided looking at the women and instead directed his gaze to the ceiling, seeming to be ignoring her. Rena moved to sit on the bed next to him and reaching out, wrapped her warm hand around his cock.

"Does my Brad want a repeat? Sure you do. You want to get big and hard for me again, but this time we're going to both enjoy it." Moments went by as she gently rolled the flaccid shaft in her palm while she massaged his heavy balls with her other hand.

Now squeezing, now gently tugging and kneading his cock, she felt him begin to swell and thicken. Moments later, she held a monstrously large cock and proudly displayed it to the other two girls.

Though Kylie said nothing, she stared and ran her tongue around her lips. Terry moved closer and gasped. "You're gonna have a problem with that Rena. God it looks delicious but so big. He's built like a fucking bull. You gonna try to suck him off again?"

Rena passed his cock to Terry and whispered. Just keep stroking him slowly. I don't want him to cum, just give me a minute to get out of these clothes. I want to be ready for this."

Brad listened but said nothing. Actually he seemed intrigued by what they were doing and not totally uncomfortable with it.

Quickly returning, Rena again sat down next to him and as she slid her left hand under his balls, bowed her head. Her mouth opened and she again slid his cock between her waiting lips.

As Terry watched, she too began to take her jeans and blouse off, then went to the foot of the bed and watched what was happening. She had expected some response from Brad, but there was none. The only indication that he was losing control was his obvious erection.

Oh he may have seemed a bit uncomfortable but he refused to say anything. A glance at his shaft moving in and out of Rena's mouth told another story.

He was responding to her warm lips and swirling tongue again as she continued to suck while bobbing her head up and down.

Terry moved around the side of the bed and kneeling near his head, she whispered to him.

"Do something. Let her know it feels good. Moan or say something. Don't let her think you're not excited. Let her know she's doing it right."

Brad nodded and let his breath out. Adding a soft moan to his quickening breath he whispered to Rena.

"God..... Oh god you're getting me hot. Yeah do it just like that. You're making me want to cum for you. Damn your mouth feels hot."

Terry stood back and nodded her approval, then asked Rena, "you gonna make him cum in your mouth again? Are you going to make him do that?"

"Mmmmmmmmfffff," Came a muffled response. Releasing his cock for a moment, Rena looked up at Terry and while gasping for air, managed to groan, "He's big. My god he's big, my jaw's aching again. I want him really hard and ready when I put it in. Just watch him. He's beginning to fuck my mouth now. I just need a little more of this before he's ready."

Again, Terry nodded to Brad and he began to lift his ass as he tried to shove his cock down Rena's throat. She released his turgid shaft and began massaging his balls while panting and gasping. "Like what I'm doing honey? Like the way I suck your cock baby? Want to fuck my tight little cunt or would you like to cum for me this way again? We're going to do it all, but which do you want first?"

Blake lifted his head for the first time and looking Rena, moaned.

"You're good! Oh yeah your good but your not going to make me give in that easy. I'm still my own boss and this is your show, not mine. I've had just as good from some others."

Rena hadn't expected that. She had expected him to tell her she was the best and stop fighting and just give in just do as she wanted and yet she liked the defiance, the challenge, and she was determined to make him cum again for her.

She was going to milk him and make him beg for more. She again began to suck his dick and sliding her fingers lower under his balls she began to stroke her fingers up and down.

Five or six minutes later he began to lift his ass and started to thrust into her mouth. He drew his knees up and press his feet against the mattress as he moaned...."gonna cum.... Stop or I'm gonna shoot."

She felt his balls pull up, seeming to draw closer to his body, and she clamped her fingers tightly around the base of his cock stopping him just as a small spurt of thick cum bubbled from its slit. Just enough to wet her lips and cause him to groan.

She paused and waited. When she thought it safe, she eased up the pressure and whispered, "Not yet baby, not until I'm ready. I'll tell you when."

Terry was leaning against the far wall now, one hand on her erect nipple, the other with fingers held tightly together were moving in and out of her pussy.

Kylie was gawking at the scene unfolding on the bed. Although she was terrified at the sight of his huge cock, she was excited by what was happening and she too was fondling her pussy, massaging it rapidly with three fingers inserted and her thumb wobbling atop her clit.

Releasing his cock, Rena knelt on the bed and threw her leg across his hips, moving her knees up until they were almost under his spread arms before reaching between her thighs. Then holding his cock up she slowly began to drag it across her ass and up to her cunt.

Now pausing, she leaned slightly back so the head of his cock nestled just inside her vagina and began to slowly sit down.

As her pussy began to swallow his cock, she wiggled her ass slightly, working it in, inch by inch. Kylie gasped as she saw his turgid shaft stretching Rena open. Watching her distended pussy's lips, clinging tightly around his cock.

Terry had just finger fucked her self and cum, ejaculating in her hand. She stood on trembling legs as the creamy fluid ran between her fingers and slumped to the floor in syrupy stings. Her mouth slack, she watched Rena.

Still Brad stared at the ceiling and realizing that Rena wasn't quite ready to take him deep, decided to put on a little show of defiance. When she lowered herself as far as she could, he thrust up, forcing his thick cock in deep.

She opened her mouth in shock and squealed. "OH GOD NO! Don't do that again Brad. Give me a minute honey. That hurt!"

He held still and waited. Perhaps a minute passed as Rena continued to work his cock slowly in and out. Finally her ass rested on the top of his thighs. Leaning forward, she put her palms on his chest and began to lift and drop back down.

"Ok baby, help me now. Fuck my pussy good. I want it! I want you to fuck me. I want to feel your cock moving up inside me. Give it to me! Bury it in me deep and hard. Come on now, fuck me good! I'm ready for it. Now move!"

She swiveled on her knees, lifting up slightly, hovering over him, giving him room to lift his hips and thrust in and out. Moments later she began panting and soon was clawing at his shoulders. She was on the brink of her first real orgasm in years.

"Fuck,... that's good. Yeah, just like that. Babeeeeee put it in me deep. Bury it in me. Hurt me! Fuck my cunt, yeah, twist it around. Yeah, yes, oh yes, yesss, just like that. I'm getting close Brad. Do it faster honey. Fuck my cunt good and make me cum. Now, Yeah! I'm cummin now. Yeahhhhhhhh I am! Oh shit I'm cumming hard!"

Brad dug his heels in and was moving in and out of her creamy slit. His balls bouncing against her ass as he continued to drive his hard cock cruelly in and out of her tight little opening.

His shaft began to glisten as Rena's pussy coated it with her wetness. Between the thumping of the mattress and the slurping sort of sounds they were making, the room was filled with a soft patting sound intermixed with panting gasps.

"Oh god. Shit yeah, I want more. Don't stop! Keep fucking me. Fuck... oh damn,... fuck my slimy cunt. I want more. I,... I,... I,... I'm gonna cum again. Gimmee cock. Fuck your Rena, honey. Babeeee, tell me you love me! Tell me you want me! Oh shit I need to hear you tell me you want to fuck me and gimmee your cum. SAY IT!"

Brad had been warned. He knew what she needed to hear and what she wanted, so he began heaving up even harder and gasped.

"Yeah I need you! I wanna fuck your cunt and shoot for you! I want you! Oh shit I love it too Rena. I want to give you all I have baby. Fuck my cock and make me cum deep in your hot pussy!"

That was all it took to push Rena over the edge. She suddenly held perfectly still, hovering above his body, swaying, allowing him room to frantically drive his pistoning shaft in and out. Suddenly he groaned.... "Here it comes! Gonna shoot! Oh baby take it! TAKE IT ALL!"

Rena had wanted to get off him and have him finish in her mouth or on her face, but she was still cumming when he began and couldn't stop herself. She had dreamt of this and it was happening.

She lowered her pussy, holding him deep and grinding her clit against his pubes. She could feel him pulsate and contract as he continued to spew his sperm deep inside.

He filled her until his cum began to ooze from around his cock. Again and again, the contractions rocked her senses, and with each jet, she sobbed, "Yeah, oh yeah, give it to me. That's it Brad, gimmee it all! Tell me you like it! Tell me you love to fuck me. TELL MEEEE!"

He lifted his head and tucked his chin down on his chest and gasped...... I love fucking you Rena! Yeah I really do."

Looking down at him she whispered...."You make me crazy do you know that? I wonder if I'll ever get enough of you. I mean the way you just made me cum. Just feeling your cock moving deep inside me like that was more than just fucking, it was indescribable. I'm going to want a lot more Brad and I want you to need it just as much."

Lifting off his cock, Rena then turned to Kylie and told her to bring a razor and a pan of warm water. Making Brad watch, Rena had Kylie shave both her and Terry. Now turning to Brad she smiled and directed.

"Kylie, Shave our friend Brad too. I want to see his cock and balls clean shaven just like we are. And Brad if you're smart, I wouldn't struggle. We wouldn't want to nick that beautiful dick of yours. So just hold still."

Kylie looked at Rena. "Do I have to? I don't really want to touch him there." Rena nodded, "Do as I tell you!"

Almost gingerly she held his flaccid cock in one hand as she worked the razor around his groin. Soon her hand was clasping an erection and she seemed alarmed by what she'd done. After wiping the shaving cream off, he seemed even harder and larger than before, and Rena smiled at Kylie before announcing. "Honey he seems to like your touch. Doesn't that make you proud?"

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