Women Prisoners Have Needs Too


The young girl just stared at his cock. Rena continued. " I think he might like to fuck you as a reward. Wouldn't you like that?"

Kylie hesitated and stared at his erect cock but said nothing.

Rena again began to tease her. "Now wouldn't you like to feel a thick cock like that in your hot little cunt. I know girls may be your favorite, but wouldn't you like it if we made Brad fuck you? It might even change your er...... Preferences so to speak."

Kylie looked frightened.. "Well answer me honey! Wouldn't you like to have that big cock filling you up? You liked my fist inside that hot little cunt of yours so what's your problem?"

Kylie paused, then whispered. "I never let a man do that to me. I tried once but froze up. He's so big and, and I....I liked watching him fuck you and all, but I don't think I can do it."

Rena looked sternly at her before continuing. "Tell me yes or no! Do you want to try to let him fuck you?" Finally she nodded, yes.

Rena went on. "Oh yes my little lezzy, your going to get fucked by a real man tonight. You're going to do as I say and if you don't do it right, your going to do it over and over until you do get it right."

She left the room and returned a minute later with her pistol. Looking at Terry she nodded, then spoke. "Set him free. He's going to fuck this little bitch or someone's going to be sorry." Then turning to Brad, she smiled. "Do her like you did me, Brad. If you fuck her good, we won't hurt her, but if you give me any trouble, she's going to suffer. Understand me?"

Brad crawled off the bed and stood facing the three women. Looking down first at one than the other and finally at Kylie, he spoke to Kylie.

"I'll go slow. Don't worry. I know it's your first time but I'll make it good for you. Just don't struggle. It'll be ok."

Terry led Kylie to the bed. Making her sit on the very edge, she gently pushed her back so she lay on her back with her legs on the floor. Brad was told to move and stand between her parted legs and wait.

Terry put her hand over Kylie's pussy and began to rapidly stroke her clit while her mouth captured the young girl's nipple and gently sucked.

Rena squatted down and took Brads hard shaft in her mouth and began sucking him. Not as before, for now she took deep gulps of air before forcing his entire cock down her throat. Deep enough to make her nose press against his pubes before backing off. She did it repeatedly while Terry continued to excite Kylie.

When Terry whispered: "she's close Rena. I think she's wet enough and ready for him now. Want to begin?"

Rena let Brad's cock slip from between her lips and nodded.

While Terry had been masturbating Kylie, her legs had been moving even wider apart, and now Brad moved between them. Rena stood and grasping Kylie's ankles, lifted them high, she placed the young girl's calves atop Brad's shoulders. Now Kylie's swollen pussy was invitingly positioned before his swaying cock.

Rena and Terry positioned themselves on either side of Kylie and while Terry placed her lips to Kylie's, she began tonguing her as Rena began to massage and caress Kylie's breasts.

Brad, holding his cock, began rubbing it just between the folds of Kylie's pussy, then began to slowly spread the oily wetness up and down. Not entering yet, the head of his shaft was brushing her very swollen clit with each swipe before moving downward.

While the two women continued to seduce Kylie, Brad gently worked the head of his cock until it was just within her tight vaginal opening. Kylie moaned softly into Terry's mouth.

True to his promise Brad moved slowly. Perhaps an inch or so at a time moved into the hot wet portal before being drawn back out. Soon he was moving a bit deeper before withdrawing. Repeatedly he moved in then out until half his shaft was gliding in and out.

Kylie began to moan and gasp more urgently into Terry's mouth. Her arm moved around Terry's neck and held her tightly. Her other hand captured one of Rena's breasts and began clawing at her nipple.

Looking down Brad watched his cock, it's web of veins pulsing around it's surface as it plunged in and out. By now Kylie's pussy was exuding a slippery secretion that coated Brad's cock but it couldn't prevent the hot lining of her pussy from clinging to his pistoning shaft.

Soon he was deep. Almost entirely within her contracting vagina, he began to sway his hips more rapidly. In and out, in and out, faster and faster until suddenly the young woman broke Terry's kiss and screeched out.

"No, No, it's too much. Oh yeah it feels good, but it's so big. But... Yeah it's better, Oh, Oh yesss, It's good. Oh god it IS good. Damn but it feels like it's alive inside me. Oh Terry, .... Hold me. Do something. Pull on my nipples, do something. I think I'm going to....... I'm being fucked and, oh shit it feels so good I want to die. Yeah fuck me. I'm a whore. I love it. Gimmee that cock deep. Hurt me more. More I WANT MORE!"

Brad was now rocking his hips rapidly as he drove in and out. Trying to stir his shaft around deep inside the girl's cunt, it seemed to be driving her crazy. Suddenly he realized his balls were slapping against her ass. She had taken it all.

Kylie was now flailing around, her arms grabbing at Terry and Rena, trying to clutch anything or anyone within reach. When suddenly she went rigid, arched her back and began to buck up and down.

"Cumming," She panted. "Oh shit it's so fucking good. Don't let him stop. Keep him fucking me! I want it! Don't stop, don't cum yet. For gods sake keep on fucking my slippery cunt. I need it. I don't want it to end. Fuck oh fuck, FUCK, FUCK...FUCK Meeeeeee."

Brad wasn't ready to finish yet, and just stared down at the girl as he continued to drive in and out. Suddenly she gasped aloud, "Yeaaaaaaaahhhh" before going limp. Slowly her ankles slid from his shoulders. Pulling his cock out with a salacious slurping sound, he stood there.

Quickly Rena and Terry rolled Kylie over and helped her kneel. Brad moved up behind her and drove his cock deep into her pussy again and resumed fucking the frantic young woman.

With Kylie clutching a pillow to her face and Brad continuing to plunge his cock in and out, Rena and Terry again began to ravish her. While Terry reached between the girls legs and began to rub her clit, Rena began to tug and roll her nipples between her fingers.

Several minutes passed before Kylie lifted her head and groaned. "Another one. Gonna have another one. My god what's he doing to me? I'm gonna cum again. Oh crap, I want it more! In me! Make...him...cum...with...me! I want it more. Oh shit, I'm cumming again."

This time, Kylie couldn't wait. She came all over Brads cock and by the time he was ready, she lay panting on the bed. Brad's cock had slipped out and he stood stroking his glistening shaft, as Terry rolled Kylie onto her back and holding her head up, forced her mouth open.

Brad moved closer. Continuing to jerk his cock more rapidly he felt himself begin. "Here it comes! Gonna shoot! Take it will you?" He began to erupt.

The first jet of thick cum splattered against the girls chin. It was followed by a second and a third that sent a ribbon of sperm splashing against Kylie's breasts. Finally finding her waiting mouth he thrust forward, filling it to overflowing.

Swallowing some, she let the remainder drool down onto her heaving bosoms. Terry and Rena quickly began licking the white globules up, smearing Brads cum over the girl's nipples before sucking it off.

Perhaps a minute later they looked at Brad and asked. "You upset with us? I mean she really wanted it you know. Will you behave if we put the cuffs away?" He nodded and they all went to the living room.

Kylie sat on the leather bar stool, her creamy pussy still oozing and looking between her thighs she giggled. "I guess I am bi. That was fantastic. I can't believe what it felt like. Brad, you're fantastic. What do we do next?"

Terry spoke almost immediately. "I'm next. I can't just watch this anymore. I need to feel that hard cock up inside me too."

Brad was sitting on the couch watching the three girls when Terry sauntered over and sat next to him. Leaning over she put her mouth to his ear and began nibbling and breathing heavy.

He didn't seem to respond so she took his hand and put it on her breast. "Like them? Come on baby help me out here a little. Suck me. Do it." Then turning to Rena she asked. "Will you tell him Rena? I want him to do something. Anything, but make him do something."

Rena nodded to Brad. His game was over and as Terry's hand crept down to his flagging cock she began to run the palm of her hand over its head.

Impatient for a response, Terry bowed her head to his lap and took his cock, bringing it to her lips.

Moments later she was bobbing her head up and down drawing his alabaster shaft deep into her mouth. Gagging once or twice she became accustomed to the sensation of having in her mouth and its probing the back of her throat.

Still unresponsive, Brad watched. He had an amused smile on his face and was enjoying teasing her. Her hand slowly left the base of his shaft and crept lower to cup his balls in the palm of her hand.

More than he could stand, Brad began to respond. Reaching out to her he began rolling her erect nipples between his fingers. Within a minute, she couldn't stand his stimulating touch. She let his hard shaft go and moaned aloud.

"Oh fuck Brad. I can't take much more of this. I want cock. I want your cock. I want it more than I can tell you. Damn you, stop teasing me. My cunt's twitching and wiggling like crazy. Please give it to me."

Still he tormented her. "Give you what Terry? What do you need? Come on honey tell me what you want. If you don't, you won't get it."

"I want what I'm holding in my hand right now. Now give it to me!"

Turning away from him, she stood with her ass swaying over his knees and she began to sit down on his lap. Reaching between her thighs, she grasped his cock and slid it's head into her pulsating vagina.

Already excited and very wet, she took him all the way in with little trouble. Now coupled, she slowly rose and fell. Brad reached around her and with his warm hands clutched her firm breasts and began to lick at the nape of her neck.

As crazy as it may be, just the feeling of his strong hands cupping her breasts, and his warm lips on the back of her neck was sending erotic thrills thru her entire body.

Within minutes she felt the first twinges of an orgasm begin. Frantic to finish, she tossed her head back and panted. "It's close. Oh god it feels good. Yeah, Unh, Unh, Like that. Yeah I'm close. More! Fuck me more! Oh shit, I'm doing it. I'm Cumming. It's gonna be strong Brad. Yeah fuckkkk Meeeeee Babeeee, I'm fuckin cumming nowwwww!"

Brad was still thrusting when she squirted. His legs were bathed in the musky fluid as she continued to fling her head back and forth, tossing her hair from side to side. Then she suddenly went calm and leaned back against his chest, gasping for air and panting.

Brad wasn't ready to stop yet. He hadn't finished and was damn well going to use her until he had. Pushing her forward she pulled off his cock and knelt on the floor. She had though he wanted to be sucked but instead he made her kneel on all fours.

Moving behind her he thrust his shaft back into her wet pussy, mounting her and holding her hips, He pulled her onto his turgid shaft.

Terry was spent. She looked up, pleadingly at Kylie and Rena. They were of no help. She was being ravished beyond what she had expected and his hard shaft was driving so hard and deep that she was helpless.

After several minutes Kylie came to her side and knelt beside her. Taking the same kneeling position as Terry, she looked over her shoulder at Brad and whispered. "Me..., Do Me. Finish in me!"

Swiveling his ass back, he pulled his cock out with a sucking sound and quickly thrust it into Kylie's waiting pussy. No longer being gentle, and after no more than two or three thrusts, he was completely buried within the young woman's vagina.

Perhaps he wanted revenge, or perhaps he was at the point where he needed only to be satisfied, which ever it was didn't matter. He was determined to finish no matter how.

Kylie was quiet for long moments before she looked over her shoulder at Brad and gasped. "Hurt me! Go deeper! Fuck me harder! I want to cum again. Gimmee that cock deep. Come on, give me cock!"

Brad reached forward and grabbed her hair, pulled her head up, and with his other hand began slapping her ass. Again and again the room resounded with the Smack, smacking sound of his hand whipped against buttocks.

Kylie responded. "Yeah, Oh yeah. That's it. Fuck my slimy cunt and make me cum. I like it! I need it! Gimmee your cock Brad. Fuck me until I cum for you." She was quick to respond. Moments later she groaned..... "I'm Cumming. Yeah, Oh god it feels good. I want it more. Yeah like that. Cum with me! Mix inside me Brad. Gimmee your cum and mix inside me. Do it now, I'm cummin now! GIVE IT TO ME NOW!"

Brad thrust several more times before gasping......TAKE IT. I'M CUMMING YOU LITTLE WHORE. HERE COMES WHAT YOU WANT. NOW TAKE IT YOU LITTLE BITCH!"

He stopped thrusting and leaned over her back. His arms slid up and wrapped around her, cupping her breasts in his palms. Spasming several more times he spew his warm cum deep in her throbbing pussy before they both fell forward.

They lay panting, trying to catch their breath as he began to draw out. "No! Keep it in. Don't take it out. Just lay with me a minute. I like it this way. Just stay in me for a moment. I don't want to lose it."

Rena sauntered over to the three bodies lying on the living room floor and looked down. Putting her hands on her hips she spoke. "When you three are ready, I have a warm soft pussy that needs Brads hot lips sucking on it while you two tend to a couple of erotic places that need attention.."

And so the four week vacation began.

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