tagLesbian SexWomen's Health Issues 101 Ch. 04

Women's Health Issues 101 Ch. 04


Lisa cast a worried look at the clock on her desk, then went back to her reading. It didn't feel like she'd made much progress, but when she looked up, a whole hour had passed. The fact made her groan ... she'd never finish before Christine arrived. There was no getting around that, so she started plotting contingencies. Maybe if she went light on the drinking, Christine would fall asleep fast when they got back from the bar hopping, and she could sneak a little more work in. She looked at the piles of textbooks and notes on her desk. There were still hundreds of pages to read, then lab notes to organize, and papers to write. She'd never get it all done. But she couldn't let Christine down, either. There was a knock on her door.

"Who is it?"

"Tiffany and Elina."

Two people Lisa didn't want to see. She didn't think much of her floor mates. Too flighty, more concerned about partying than working. Lisa knew the type; only in school to get their MRS degrees. They'd probably work in "sales" or "marketing" after college, just long enough to meet and marry a doctor. Well, Lisa was actually going to be a doctor, so she didn't have the time for these two. She didn't bother looking up from her text, "Not right now, I am really busy!"

The door swung open and the two girls entered. Lisa had to actually bite her tongue to keep from screaming at them. She was a bitch. She knew it and she embraced it; her "bitchiness" drove her ambition. It helped her separate the people who could help her from the people who couldn't. Tiffany and Elina definitely fell into the latter category. Then again, she had made a New Year's Resolution to work on her people skills.

"We're so sorry," Tiffany began, and she really did sound apologetic. "But I had a question, and it couldn't wait."

Lisa decided to treat this as an early lesson in "bedside manner", "Okay, let's just make it quick. What's up?"

"Didn't you say that friend of yours from high school was coming up this weekend?"

"Christine, yeah?" Lisa vaguely remembered saying something about it to Elina in the bathroom the week before. "She'll be here tonight."

"When," Tiffany asked.

"What's it to you?" Lisa thought. Out loud she said, "I dunno, 2 or 3 hours or so."

"And isn't her Dad the CEO of some really big company?"

Lisa didn't remember mentioning that, "Yeah."

"Which one?"

The Hell? "Mericon."

Elina reached into her pack and pulled out a magazine. Lisa recognized it. It was Forbes, the one with the top 500 list. She whipped it open, "Number 8."

"Perfect," Tiffany purred. The slightly vacant, party girls were gone. The two gave Lisa looks that were harder, colder, sharper. Something had just happened. Lisa had no idea what.

Elina closed the dorm room door, and strode to Lisa's closet. She opened it and rifled through the contents.

"Hey ... HEY!" Lisa yelled. "What are you doing?"

"Picking out something pretty for you to wear for Christine," Elina said. She held up matching, lacy light pink panties and bra that were sheer to the point of being transparent. "Ohhhhh, I bet you look really hot in this!"

Lisa turned to Tiffany, "You two need to leave ... now!"

Tiffany dropped a bag onto the desk, which landed whit a solid thud. She opened the bag, pulled out a grey metallic orb and placed it on top of a book. She pressed a button on the top, and suddenly Lisa was very dizzy.

"Don't worry," Tiffany said sweetly. "In a few minutes everything will be alright."

Christine struggled up the last of the stairs, grateful she'd decided at the last minute not to enroll at this college. Apparently they didn't believe in elevators. She took a moment to catch her breath before stepping into the hall and counting off the doors to Lisa's room.

"Who is it?" she heard Lisa yell in reply to the knock.

"It's me, open up!"

"One sec!"

Christine could hear bussle,like there was more than one person in there, and that they were moving around. It took Lisa forever to answer the door. And when she finally did ...

Lisa was sweaty and disheveled, like she'd been working out. She wore frilly, flowery light pink panties and matching bra that were practically see though. The pink looked awesome on her ebony skin, but t looked like something she'd wear to surprise her man. Lisa squealed with joy and wrapped her friend up in a hug. Lisa's nipples felt like bullets.

"C'mon in," Lisa escorted Christine into the room. "These are my friends Tiffany and Elina."

The smell of incense was overpowering, and there was a strange, soft buzzing noise, like broken stereo speakers. The two girls looked as rumpled as Lisa, but seemed friendly enough. Tiffany was tall and leggy with thick black hair that flowed past her shoulders. And she had really big tits, Christine couldn't help but notice; not even the baggy sweatshirt she wore could hide that. Elina was a "big" girl up there also, but more exotic looking then the "girl next door with big boobs" Tiffany. Elina features were chisled: High cheekbones, almond shaped blue eyes, thin, arched eyebrows. Her brown hair had red highlights and was so perfectly messy Chritine figured she must have spent a fortune to get it styled just so. Elina was, apparently, less shy about her breasts. The t-shirt she wore left little to the imagination. Christine could see her nipples outlined perfectly in the thin material, as well as the stud that pierced Elina's left nip. Christine suddenly realize d she'd been staring. She pulled her eyes away and sat on the nearest bed.

The three other girls began talking at once. How are youDid you have a good tripWhere do you go to schoolHow are things back homeWe're going to have such a great weekendWhat time do you have to head back? It was overwhelming. The drive, the girls, the smell, the buzzing in her ears were starting to get to her. She suddenly felt strange.

Then Lisa was rubbing her knee, "Are you okay? You still want to go out tonight?"

Christine took a deep breath, and noticed the incense again, along with something else, "I'm fine. I just need a minute to rest."

"Okay," Lisa smiled and went back to her banter.

Christine paid no attention. She took another sniff. Normally she loved the smell of pine, but this was completely overpowering. The incense tray was on Lisa's desk, next to some weird looking grey ball. Five sticks were burning. The room was actually becoming a little hazy from the smoke. And there was that something else in the air. It was as if they were burning the incense to cover that something else up. Christine took another sniff. It smelled familiar, it was on the tip of her tongue. Another sniff. She was close now, she was sure she'd figure it out. A long, deep sniff. It smelled like ... kind of like ...

It smelled like pussy!

It all fell into place for Christine. Lisa had been fucking Tiffany and Elina when she'd arrived. It explained everything: why it took so long to answer the door (they'd been getting dressed), why they all looked so flustered (duh!), Lisa's tittie hard on (double duh!), the incense (to cover the smell). Christine did a double take at Lisa.

"Are you sure you're okay?" her friend asked.

"Positive," Christine said a little too loudly. She took a deep breath and forced herself to calm down. There was nothing wrong with any of this, of course, and Lisa was a grown up, even if she'd always seemed so hetro! Sure, the evidence was all circumstantial, but it was compelling. Christine never would have believed it if she hadn't figured it out for herself.

As she calmed down, as she came to grips with it, Christine realized she was okay with it. In a way, she was kind of glad for it. Lisa was always so focused on getting ahead, being the best, securing her future that she never seemed to have fun in the here and now. She never seemed to relax, or take time to be happy. If this made Lisa happy, then Christine was all for it.

But she had limits, and once she realized she started to define them, she also realized Lisa was starting to push them. First was the annoying division of her attention. Lisa was normally so focused, but as she talked, she kept stealing glances at Elina who sat ... lounged actually ... on the bed against the opposite wall. Christine understood, up to a point. Elina was really beautiful, so was Tiffany. Christine didn't go in for all of that, but if she ever changed her mind, Elina and Tiffany were precisely the kind of girls she would have wanted to be with. And to be fair, she could see why those two went for Lisa. She looked really hot in pink. While she wasn't as curvy as her two friends, Lisa had curves enough, and in all the right places. And she had the most adorable little outie belly button. So Christine well understood the attraction all the way around, she just wished Lisa wouldn't be so blatant about it. It made her feel like the proverbial third wheel, even if there were 4 in the room.

Then there were the little things, any one of which was nothing but when put together were annoying. There was the way Lisa kept touching her when she made a point, the way her hand would linger just a little too long, and the way Lisa's hand seemed to land higher up Christine's thigh each time she made a point. And when she wasn't touching Christine, there was the way Lisa was touching herself. She was constantly twirling hair through her fingers, gently raking her nails over her breasts, caressing the inside of her thighs. At one point, while stealing yet another glance at Elina, Lisa's index and middle finger drifted over the little flower sitched into the panties right where the clit would be. Christine couldn't believe such beautiful little ... panties ... could get that wet. Lisa gave herself a little rub, flinched and stifled a moan. Christine looked on in slack jawed amazement.

She looked around the room, hoping for inspiration. Lisa getting flirty with her girlfriend was one thing, but frigging herself right out in the open was totally unacceptable. And if this was how she was going to behave the rest of the weekend, it probably would be best to cut the weekend short, Christine resolved. All that was left was to decide how much slack she'd give Lisa from here on out. Granted, it was all kind of hot, having this much sexuality thrown in your face couldn't help but get a girl a little wet down there, as she was now. But that was the point ... it was all being thrown in her face. And it was so none of her business.

As it was, Lisa decided how much slack she'd be getting. Christine didn't see what Elina did, she was looking at a poster on the far wall, but whatever it was, Lisa saw it.

"Oh baby!" Lisa groaned. Christine turned just in time to see Lisa cross the room, pull Elina's shirt up and wrap her mouth around a turgid nipple. The spike in Elina's other nipple gleamed brightly, once again capturing Christine's attention. She stared at it for a long moment, her attention broken only when Lisa's dark fingers drifted into view and began pulling at the nub.

"I'll let myself out," Christine said as she stood up. The whole scene was beyond weird now, it was scary. She had no idea what had gotten into Lisa, but it had to be something. The girl she knew would never act like this. And whatever it was, it was starting to get to her. Christine could feel the squishiness in her panties as she stood. Her own nipples felt hard and tight. Elina's nipple stud glinted in the light. In her mind she saw herself sucking on that nipple. She could almost taste the metal on her tongue. The vision made Christine's knees buckle. She reached for her bag.

Tiffany came up behind her, grabbed at her arms and locked them behind her back. Cristine struggled, but Tiffany held tight. She pushed backwards and felt Tiffany's breasts flatten against her shoulder blades. They felt soft and warm, like wonderful, beautiful pillows. He twat felt like it was weeping. In front of her, Lisa was kissing down Elina's belly, going lower, going down.

Tiffany smiled as Christine's thrashing grew more and more feeble. It turned her on when they resisted, and it turned her on even more when they gave in. She brushed aside a strand of Christine's auburn hair with her chin and planted a gentle kiss on the exposed neck. Christine shuddered, and kept her eyes on what Elina and Lisa were doing.

Elina's shorts lay on the floor, her legs spread wide, back arched, head thrown back. Lisa's bent at the waist, her legs locked straight, as she took slow, deliberate licks at Elina's twat.

"What did you do to her," Christine's voice cracked.

"Very good," Tiffany chuckled. "Lisa never figured out we were doing this. She still thinks this is all perfectly natural."

"I'll ... tell her," Christine threatened. "I'll make her st ... stop."

"You could tell her," Tiffany conceded. "But by now, she doesn't care anymore."

Christine's throat and tongue felt thick. She could barely get her voice above a jagged rasp, "Leeehhh .... Lissss...."

She closed her eyes and concentrated. After a deep breath, she tried to scream, "Lisa stop! They're making you do this!"

It didn't come out as a scream, but it did come out louder than her previous efforts. There was no way Lisa couldn't have heard. Her only response was to slip a hand into her panties and finger herself.

"Told you so," Tiffany said. Christine groan with frustration and slumped forward. The two watched silently as Lisa, with exquisite patience, kept up the maddeningly slow pace. It seemed as if Lisa was teasing Christine as much as Elina. After a while, Tiffany noticed Chritine's breathing had synchronized with Lisa's oral work.

"I think you like that," Tiffany said.

Christine whined softly, "No!"

"Don't lie to me." Christine refused to answer. "You do like it, don't you."

Finally, Christine nodded. There didn't seem to be much point in denying it.

"Say it."

"I like it," Christine admitted it.

"You want me to do that to you?"

"Yes," Christine ground her ass into Tiffany's crotch.

"And you'll do that me?"


"You'll fuck my pussy until I cum?"

"Yessssss!' Christine hissed. She tried to move her arms. Tiffany let go. Christine's hands flew to her crotch, she rubbed herself through her jeans. Tiffany reached around to unsnap the jeans, then slid up Christine's body to fondle her breasts. One of Christine's hands disappeared into her panties. Tiffany waited until she was sure Christine's fingers was good and wet, then pulled at Christine's elbow. The hand emerged from the jeans, and Tiffany slipped two of the digits into her mouth.

With a sigh, Christine spun away until the two were facing. She replaced her fingers with her tongue. The kissed as they tore at each other's clothes off, breaking contact only as their tops came away. Tiffany dropped to her knees and tugged Christine's already loosened jeans all the way off. Finally, gratefully nude, Christine also dropped to her knees. Their mouths met again, wide open, tongues thrusting. Tiffany's hands slid down the small of Christine's back, then across the lobes of her ass, pulling her close. Christine's trembling hands struggled with the buttonfly on Tiffany's pants. The clasp finally popped free, and Tiffany fell back, legs raised. Christine pulled the garment off, then pounced.

They rolled, with Tiffany now on top. Christine's legs locked around the brunette's hips, pulling the two closer together. Tiffany propped her self up, elbows locked, letting her breasts brush lightly together as she bent her head forward, her hair cascaded around Christine's. For a moment it felt like they were the only two people in the world. The two rolled their hips and Christine yelped everytime their clits touched. She couldn't believe she'd ever tried to stop this.

Tiffany came first, with a shudder and a grunt. She collapsed on to Christine, licking the sweat off of her tits. Then Tiffany went lower, kissing her way down Christine's stomach, rimming her bellybutton, then lower still.

Christine's slid her hands under her knees, spread herself as wide as she could. She felt Tiffany peel her gooey lips apart, then the soft, warm tongue lapping her tender pink. Christine was delirious from the feeling. Like a feather caught in a breeze she went where the sensations carried her: Thrashing from side to side, hands clutching her breasts, head flailing. What had been done to Lisa had worked on her ... and she didn't care at all as long as she could feel like this.

"Oh yeah, eat me baby, eat me! Ooohhh, I'm gonna ... gonna ... Ooohhh!"

When Christine regained her senses, she was lying on her stomach. She had no idea how she got there. Like waking up late, she jerked to her knees and spun around. Tiffany sat on the floor, propped against the wall. Her legs were straight out and spread wide. Two fingers slid in and out from between her swollen pussy lips. Christine moved to all fours and crawled forward. Positioned between Tiffany's knees, she bent forward. Her tongue snaked out from between her lips. Tiffany's hand grabbed her hair, held her in place, stopped her.

"Not me," Tiffany pointed across the room. "Her."

Christine looked. Elina still lay on the bed, sighing happily as she kneaded her breasts. From between her fingers, the nipple stud still gleamed. But Tiffany pointed at Lisa, who was still bent forward, knees locked straight, licking Elina's quim with excruciating slowness.

Christine crawled across the room. Hooking her thumbs into the waistband of the panties, she slowly rolled the flimsy nothing down the long, black legs as Lisa shimmied her hips. Lisa spread her legs a little wider, lowering herself slightly. Christine's placed her left hand on the small of Lisa's back, the she dipped her body forward. Her head came up between Lisa's legs, her mouth against her friend's cunt. Christine began to lick. She loved how Lisa tasted.

A cellphone rang. It sounded very far away. Christine opened her eyes. Daylight filled the room, she and Lisa were tangled up against each other. On the other side of the room, a still naked Tiffany was picking the phone up from off the desk.

After greeting whoever was on the other end of the line, Tiffany held out the phone, "It's for you."

Christine had no idea who could be calling her. Slowly, she extracted herself from Lisa's grasp. Taking the phone, she asked, "Where's Elina?"

"Taking a shower."

"Who is it?"

Tiffany smiled, "You'll see."

Cautiously, Christine held the phone to her ear, "Hello?"

"Good morning, Christine," a cheery voice replied. "This is Professor Karen Sawyer. How are you today?"

Christine's pussy flinched, "Fine, thank you."

"So your conditioning went well last night?"

"Oh ... yes!"

"Wonderful!" Prof. Sawyer enthused. "I've been wanting to meet you for a long time now."

Christine couldn't believe someone like Professor Sawyer even knew who she was, "Really?"

"Absolutely. We need your father's company's help with some things I have planned, and I need your help to set all that up. You'll help me, won't you?"

"Of course!"

"Outstanding," Prof. Sawyer said. "You and Tiffany should head over to my lab, she'll explain everything on the way. In the meantime, put Lisa on the line. I'd like to get to know my latest slut better."

Christine handed the phone to the now awake Lisa. She watched as her friend realized who was on the line. The expression on her face was bliss.

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