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Wonder Woman Becoming Pregnant


The day began as any other day would for Wonder Woman with the usually capture of common criminals and petty thieves While that in the hot and steamy jungles of South America in a small nomadic village just outside of Peru a volcano erupted with a ferocity like none before it shooting ash and lava as far as the eye could see. The lava's ferocious torrent ate away at the landscape as it journeyed toward the tiny isolated village.

The village had been there for a thousands of years thus, its inhabitants had thought the giant monster to the North was, but a distant memory to a time that had long since passed. There was one peculiar thing about the village and that was that there were no men, yet there were elderly women and infant girls. Also, there were two very gorgeous women with long silky black hair and tan skin. These two women also were pregnant yet neither had ever been with a man. The one women had just started showing with the little bulge that now hung slightly over her loin clothe. The other women was at least 8 months pregnant and looking ever so lovely with her gorgeous round belly and full firm breast all of which she some how managed to cover.

The clothe covering her pregnant body looked like it was ready to explode because of how tightly it had been stretched to cover the women's ever expanding body. The clothe was light blue in color and through it you could see the women's nipples which stood out as pointed and as stiff as two ice. The clothe was so tight that it seemed to cup each breast and made them seem even fuller which only accentuated every sensual curve of this pregnant beauties body. Not to go unnoticed was the women's magnificent belly. You could just about make out the stretch marks through the clothe and then of course there was her belly button which was being forced out by the ever growing child within.

This was odd though how could these women have become pregnant if they had never experienced the pleasure of being with a man. No one ever questioned this strange curiosity; nor could any of them have since they didn't even know what a man was. The only thing they knew outside of themselves was a strange and curious statue which stood in outside the village in the woods. The women prayed to the statue and worshiped it as their god. The statue which they prayed to was a long phallic shaped object which stood 20 feet in the air and it was in an isolated place. There was also an inscription on the statue which they were never were able to decipher.

Wonder women received the call just after she had helped in the apprehension of a couple of bank robbers. Upon receiving the call she was off at once because she knew that she was the villages only hope. Within minutes Wonder Women arrived in the remote village. Once she saw the lava she realized that there was no time to spare. From in her plane she lassoed a large bolder and with all the power the plane could muster lifted the bolder and placed it on top of the volcano's crater. Thus, she was able to seize the lava's forward progress. Once she was sure that the volcano was not going to erupt again she landed her plane in a clearing next to the village.

There she was greeted by the women who bowed down before her and worshiped as if she were a goddess. Wonder women tried to explain that she was not a god, and said she only did what any super heroine would have done. The women did not except her explanation and invited her into the village for a feast. Wonder Women graciously accepted the invitation. She was struck by the absence of men in the village and she wondered how those two women had become pregnant. She thought it best not to ask the women because she felt it might offend them. But she did find her self strangely drawing to the statue, although she could not figure out why.

The sensations that she was having were ones she had never felt before. She had suddenly become aware of her sexuality and try as she might she could not get the sexual images of her with other men out of her head. The closure she got to the statue the more aroused she found herself. If the other women hadn't been looking she probably would have masturbated right there, instead she controlled her impulse.

One of the women then called to her and asked her to come to the center of the village for the feast. She was able to momentarily forget about how horny the statue had made her and took her place at the head of the table. During the feast her mind kept wondering back to the sensations she had experienced in the presence of the statue. She remembered thinking about how bad she had wanted a man inside her and the tingling sensation that thought had brought to her nipples and how moist and damp her panties had become, never before had she experienced such thoughts. Soon the feast was over and it was time for Wonder Women to leave.

Wonder woman jumped into her plane and flew away after flying little far from the village she landed on an area among trees all she could think off was the statue. She wanted to see it from a close distance but she could not do that when she was in the village because she was little embarrassed to ask.

So after landing away from the village where no one can see she now could freely examine the statue from a close distance. Wonder Women walked among the trees watching carefully for anyone that might be around after walking a distance Wonder woman stopped feeling another urge inside her. She needed to pee very badly and she remembered that she didn’t go to the bathroom since she woke up several hours ago in the morning.

Wonder woman looked around carefully she was in the middle of the jungle with only wild life around her still she wanted to be sure that no one is around she put her fingers on the waistband of her starry blue tights and pushed it down to her knees exposing her tight butt and a trimmed vagina. Wonder woman squatted down, suddenly a golden stream surged from between the lips of her vagina, she watched as her pee ran on the ground in front of her after she finished emptying her bladder she stood up and pulled up her tights then she continued walking toward the statue and with each step she took the more aroused she became. Her panties were soaking wet now and her nipples stood straight out and looked as if at any minute they would pierce right through her lycra top.

Now on the verge of an orgasm she could no longer control herself placing her had inside her tights and vibrating her clitoris at a furious rate all that while moving even closer to the statue until she was right up next to it. She did not know why she needed to place her hand upon the statue, but she could not resist as she placed her hand on the statue she experienced an orgasm like no never have before.

She let out a scream that could be heard clearly from a distance and with that orgasm came thoughts of motherhood and how glorious it would be to feel her belly swell. Although she dismissed these maternal thoughts, she would not be able to dismiss what had just happened to her. Once she composed herself she boarded her plane.

The days and weeks passed with nothing out of the ordinary happening although she kept having dreams in which imagined her silky smooth tummy expending and growing larger. These dreams about pregnancy made her hot because she really liked the thought of being pregnant, but she dismissed these dreams because how could she ever become pregnant since she had never been with a man. Besides if she ever did get pregnant she wondered how she could possible continue in her crime fighting efforts.

Imagine she thought, "A women who is eight months pregnant fighting crime." Although, she dismissed these dreams she could not dismiss the maternal instincts which were growing within her. She found herself staring at other people’s children and thought how wonderful it must be to be a mother. That thought of motherhood was soon interrupted when her crime alert went off.

She soon found herself whisking off in her jet to stop a bank robbery. On the way she found herself suddenly feeling ill. She ended up getting so sick that she had to land the plane so that she could get out and vomit. This was strange she thought because she had never been sick before. Now she also became aware of the fact her breast seemed larger and fuller as if they had grown because her lycra top now clung to her heaving breast.

She also realized that her nipples were now extremely sensitive to the touch. And having her now swollen breast cramped into that tight lycra top with her nipples being as sensitive as they were was making her extremely horny. She could not explain the sudden change in her breasts, but dismissed the change any ways. But she still wasn't feeling well, so she decided the only thing that she could do was to return home. Besides it was only a bank robbery and the police could handle it themselves so she did return home.

When she got there she was walking past a shiny metal cabinet when she noticed her reflection on the cabinet. She marveled at how large her breasts had grown and how they looked as if at any moment they would rip through the lycra top. Her nipples were standing straight out and she could see clearly the definition of where her breasts ended and her nipples began. Although her nipples had stood out before there seemed to be something different about the way they were standing out now. Also her nipples where so sensitive that they were making her panties moist.

Just then thoughts of having sex entered her mind and that is when she noticed something strange inside her little tummy. She felt a strange tingling sensation as if something was moving inside it. She once again glanced at her reflection on the cabinet and was giving the shock of her life. Her reflection showed a small definable bulge in what had been a few days prior the flat firm stomach of a super heroine. Now that she thought of it her already tight fighting shorts had been seeming to fit a little tighter with each passing week since she had visited that village. Her shorts came up just past her belly button leaving half of her stomach exposed, even so she could see that her belly button was being forced slowly but surely outward. Her blue shorts seemed to cup and cradle that little bulge like a mother cradling an infant in her arms. She placed her hands on her stomach and marveled at how sexy that little curve seemed to make her look. Especially seeing as the tight fitting blue shorts seemed to only accentuate that curvature of her rounded tummy.

She was perplexed by the changes in her body, but since she was still feeling ill she didn't give it much thought. Instead she just decided to go to her bedroom to lie down. Once in her bedroom Wonder Woman sat on her bed she removed her boots and her top after that she stood up pulled down her blue tights and put on a shinny satin white nightgown which only accentuated the changes in her body. The gown made her jetting breast look like two missiles that were getting ready to blast off into the stars. The gown also clung to her little stomach showing a clearly definable round little sphere. She was too tired and sick so the changes which were occurring in her body still did not make an indelible impression upon her.

She than walked to her bed and climbed into it making sure she covered up with the silk sheets which were on her bed. The combination of the sheets clinging to her body and the shadows of the room only made that cute little bulge of her stomach seem larger. It was then that she looked down towards her stomach and almost fainted. It was almost instantaneously that she became fully aware of the implication of the changes which had occurred in her body.

She thought to herself, "These changes couldn't possible be! No it just wasn't possible! How could I possible be pregnant, I have never been with a man." She was definitely pregnant because little did she realize that by having placed her hands upon that statue in the village she had become impregnated by its mystical powers. That little bugle which had been her flat stomach was now the smooth, round, firm belly of a cock stiffening, gorgeous pregnant women.

Once the initial shock of being pregnant wore off, she still wondered how this could have happened. Then she recalled the orgasm that she had after having placed her hand upon that strange stone statue. She also remembered the dreams she began having about bring pregnant after that incident had occurred. Somehow she new that her mysterious pregnancy was in some way linked to that phallic shaped statue, but she did not even care because of the joy that she was now feeling over the fact that she was pregnant. In fact she started growing horny with the thoughts of anticipation over what it will feel like as her belly grows and expands with each ensuing day to come.

Her hormones were ragging, so much so, at the thought of being pregnant that she could no longer control herself. She pulled up her nightgown to her waist and start rubbing her clit slowly while she lay down on her back.

Wonder Woman was now naked from the waist down with her legs pulled back and bent at knee her toes pointing straight to the ceiling and her hand between her legs which are now wide open exposing her whole vagina and anus. Her pussy became a little bushier than before, she was rubbing her clit which by now was out of its hood and fingering her pussy all she could think about was a man inside her. She masturbated at a furious rate bringing on one orgasm after another until she was so tired that she fell a sleep.

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