Wonder Woman's Most Fulfilling Adventure


Wonder Woman blinked in confusion. The Queen was right again. There was nothing more important. The mere mention of the mysterious Presentation had stirred anew the feeling of excitement, sexual excitement. "As you say, Queen Althea," she replied with a strangely calm voice.

"But you cannot attend dressed as you are, my dear," said the Queen with a mysterious smile. "You are not properly attired. Your strange clothes reek of power, almost defiance. They are not fitting garments for a woman who is to be presented to the god. You are to become the god's vessel, waiting to be filled. Your raiment must show meekness and docility."

Had Wonder Woman heard correctly? *She* was not being presented to the god. "Well," grinned Wonder Woman, "I'm really NOT a very meek and docile ..."

The Queen ignored her silly prattle and clapped her hands. Two lovely nymphs appeared. The same ones...? "Prepare the Beautiful One for the Presentation," she ordered

Then she turned back to the confused Amazon, "You will relax and let your attendants take charge of everything."

Wonder Woman suddenly felt an almost erotic tranquillity come over her, so much like earlier tonight after the Queen had first gotten her off. She hardly knew what the two girls were doing as they led her thither and yon, petted her and bathed her, toweled and perfumed her. Their hands were never far from her nipples and playfully teased her moist crack. She felt wonderful and more ... more *femenine* than ever in her life. "Now we will apply the unguents to prepare you for the Presentation," said the taller of the two. "Rest there."

The powerful woman warrior allowed the two lithe young women to lead her back the bed where the Queen had made love to her. Gently they lay her down and begin to massage her. First they poured warm oils on her back and shoulders. She sighed as she inhaled the pungent vapors that sent her mind drifting elsewhere. Surprisingly strong fingers flew up and down her back and especially her large round ass. Wonder Woman felt the reawakening of arousal as soft hands kneaded her buttocks and inner thighs, Then she found herself face up, gazing into the excited faces of her two attendants.

"Your body must glow for the God," one said and more oil was pored over her shapely naked figure. The pretense of massage had long since disappeared, but this did not register with Wonder Woman's lust-befuddled brain. The two women fell to work bringing the dreamy superheroine to full arousal. One caressed her large sensitive breasts while the other began a stealthy but inexorable invasion of her womanhood. Slowly they stoked the Amazon to a fever of arousal, but following their Mistress's orders, were careful not to allow her the release of orgasm.

Wonder Woman's eyes were closed and she was moaning softly when the Queen appeared once again. "Well done, my sweets. She appears to be in total readiness," she whispered to the two women, dismissing them. "Come, now, Beautiful One. Your sisters await you."

Taking Wonder Woman by the hand the Queen bid the somnambulistic superheroine rise. She opened her eyes to gaze into the Queen's but saw little else so strong was her almost trance-like arousal. Gently the Queen slipped a simple and very short shift over her sculpted shoulders. In front it hung from her jutting tits, distended by arousal. In back it caressed her full rounded ass. Nothing covered her sex. She felt wonderfully, deliciously open and vulnerable.

Wonder Woman was taken to join a dozen similarly dressed young women with dumb, happy expressions on their faces that matched her own. If she could have taken notice, Wonder Woman would have seen they were the same girls that had been served from the special pitcher at the banquet. Were not her super senses dulled by the spell of lust, she would also have smelled the surrounding musk of females ready for sex. Like Wonder Woman's, her young companions' pussies were slowly leaking from intense sexual excitement. Wonder Woman appeared almost twice the age of these maidens and her stature and breast size made her stand out from the rest, a mature, fully ripe woman among mere nymphs. Hidden, masculine eyes admired the sight of the sex-transfixed Amazon.

The beautiful piping led them outside the village to the mysterious pillar. They walked around the great phallus three times, gazing upward at it reverently. Each chosen woman was then placed before one of the smaller phalluses that encircled the powerful symbol towering above them. Most of the phalluses were eight to twelve inches long. The smaller women were placed before the smaller objects. Wonder Woman's bliss-numb mind did not take in that she was positioned before the largest, a fourteen inch monster that had been laved and glistened with oil.

"This is the hour, Little Sisters. Your yearnings are fulfilled. This is the hour of your Presentation! Give yourselves freely, and may you be found worthy." the Queen intoned. Then each woman was led to her phallus. Gentle hands helped her to lower herself onto the object so it slid smoothly into her moist cunt. Wonder Woman felt a momentary discomfort as the hands helped her impale herself, but she was well lubricated, her cunt loose from uncounted orgasms, and the massive cock slipped inside her effortlessly. Immediately any discomfort was replaced by unbearable pleasure. Slowly at first she began to ride up and down on the stone prick.

As Wonder Woman began to writhe in growing excitement, her orgasm beginning to build, unseen hands grasped her breasts kneading them and pinching her nipples to increase the sensation. Others stroked and teased her clit. Ecstasy such as she had never known rushed up at Wonder Woman from her loins. Heavenly fire seem to spread from her crotch to her breasts and throughout her body. An orgasm that made those of earlier that night pale, erupted within her, racing from fingers to toes and back, again and again. She split the night air with her brays of lustful pleasure, but her cries of defeat were drowned by the wails, sobs, moans, and shrieks of a dozen other simultaneously orgasming women. She continued to thrash helplessly as she came again and again. As at last she tired and slowed. As her orgasmic high, gradually faded she slumped toward unconsciousness. Strong masculine hands were waiting to lift her from the stone.


An hour later the God Pan, satisfied in more ways than one, smiled down at the still sleeping Amazon. How he had longed for and plotted for this night. He had established this colony of brainwashed women here years ago, populating it with his daughters. Vulcan had helped by releasing the volcano's power. His beautiful witch wife Althea had cast a spell to give the phallus its erotic power. Pan's scheme was proceeding well. Wonder Woman would cease to pollute the world as a role model for a generation of women, women who were too smart, too independent. "No more, Amazon," he smirked. "No more!"


In the bright sunlight of the next morning, everything of last night seemed like a dream. The grateful women of the tribe gathered around the airplane waving good bye to the happy superheroine. Only the Queen seemed more subdued. "Remember us, Beautiful One. You can always come back here. No matter what happens out there in the World of Men, we will always love you."

Glowing with fond if hazy memories of the magical night she had spent in the village, Wonder Woman flew sleepily away, back to her world of crime fighting and, as Diana Prince, high powered legal battles. But she could not put aside the memories of the village of happy women, especially the image of those gorgeous pregnant girls she had seen and their eagerness to have a baby. Sadly, it was something her calling could never allow her to experience in either personae.

Within a few days everything seemed back to normal, except that the horniness Wonder Woman first felt before the pillar would not leave her. For the first time in her life she found herself spending a lot of time with her legs open and her hands in her pussy. She just had to get off constantly! And with every orgasm, which seemed to get more intense as the days went by, came unbidden thoughts of motherhood. How glorious it would be, she fantasized, to see her own belly swell, her own big boobs grow larger still as she made a baby. She found herself staring at pregnant women and young couples with children and thought how wonderful it must be to be a mother. Was there a biological clock even for Amazons, she wondered?

The fascination with pregnancy even invaded her dreams in which she saw her cute silky-smooth tummy expending and growing larger. She awoke from these dreams about pregnancy hornier than ever, but she tried to dismiss them. She could never allow herself to become pregnant. She was a modern girl, holding down two very important jobs. If she became pregnant, how she could possibly continue in her crime fighting efforts. In her case pregnancy was even more impossible since if she ever willingly gave herself to a man, her super powers would fade. With growing efforts, she tried to keep these fantasies in the


Disturbing as these fantasies were, Wonder Woman did not became concerned until she discovered that they seemed to be having a psychosomatic effect. Was it just her imagination, or were her breasts actually larger and fuller, making her lycra top cling to her Amazonian tits like seran wrap. No, it wasn't her imagination. Diana measured and found her bra size had gone from a size 36D to 39E. Moreover, having her now swollen breasts cramped into that tight lycra top with her nipples being as sensitive as they were, made her extremely horny. Her pants became wet within minutes whenever she was in her Wonder Woman costume which she found herself avoiding.

At her apartment one day as she walked past a shiny metal cabinet, she noticed her reflection. She marveled at how large her breasts had grown and how they looked as if at any moment they would rip through the lycra top. Her nipples were standing straight out and she could see clearly the definition of where her breast ended and her nipples began. Although her nipples had stood out before there seemed to be something different about the way they protruded now, as if they were preparing themselves to be suckled.

Moreover, she noticed that her whole body seemed to be growing rounder and softer. She took a closer look at her reflection and felt a little shock. Did she see a small definable bulge where a few days before had been only the hard flat stomach of a superheroine? Now that she thought of it, her already tight fighting shorts had been getting more difficult to wiggle into with each passing week since she had visited the village.

Her shorts now came up just past her belly button leaving half of her tummy exposed, and she could see that her belly button was being forced slowly but surely outward. Her blue shorts seemed to cup and cradle that little bulge like a mother cradling an infant in her arms. She placed her hands on her stomach and marveled at how sexy that little curve seemed to make her look. Especially since the tight fitting blue shorts seemed only to accentuate that curvature of her rounded tummy. It made her hot!

She hurried to her bedroom to change out of her outfit and to get herself off. She put on a sheer satin white nightgown which only accentuated the changes in her body. The gown made her jetting breast look like two missiles that were getting ready to blast off into the stars. It clung to her little stomach showing a clearly definable round little sphere. She walked to her bed and climbed in covering up with the soft silk sheets. The combination of the sheets clinging to her body and the shadows of the room only made that cute little bulge of her stomach seem larger. She was rubbing herself vigorously, near dozing off after a third orgasm when she became fully aware of the implication of the changes which had occurred in her body could mean.

Could she actually be...? Of course not! She had never slept with a man. She just hadn't been getting enough exercise and she had been eating like a pig recently -- ice cream, pickles, the weirdest things. "Get a grip, girl," she told herself. "Tomorrow you start back exercising," as another orgasm put her to sleep for the night.

Wonder Woman might not have liked her new look, but Steve sure did and pestered her for dates more than ever. Horny as she was, it was getting harder to turn him down. At last one night she let the delighted officer come in for a nightcap, as Diana was "out." Just one glass of wine seemed to hit her like a bombshell. Steve saw what was happening and before she knew it, he had his hands in her pants. Only by the most extreme force of willpower did she force herself to push him away and send him off confused and seething. As soon as the door closed her own hand flew to the site Steve's had just vacated and she brought herself to a screaming crashing orgasm. That was too close! It was time for her to go on the pill.

A few days later she showed up for the appointment with the OBGYN Batgirl recommended. She hated the sly look of triumph on her younger rival's slutty lips. The self-righteous Amazon certainly had no intention of sleeping around like the promiscuous Bat-slut who seldom spent a night with her pussy unfilled, but precautions were precautions.

The doctor asked Diana to undress. With some embarrassment she did so, never having let a man see her naked before. Why was he just smiling at her? "You can get dressed and come into my office Miss Prince"

"What's wrong?" she asked a few minutes later as she sat across from the smiling doctor. "I thought you needed to examine me completely before giving me a prescription for contraceptives."

"You should have thought about contraceptives a long time ago, young lady." he lectured. "You're three and a half months pregnant!"

Back home, once the initial shock of being pregnant wore off, Wonder Woman tried to understand how this could have happened. Then she recalled the tremendous orgasm that she had as she rode that strange stone in the village. She also realized that the dreams and fantasies about pregnancy had started as soon as she returned from there So the beliefs of the village women were true! In some mysterious way that phallic-shaped pillar did have the power to impregnate a woman, even a Wonder Woman!

Strangely, she was not really upset because of the joy that she now felt over having a baby. In fact she started growing horny with the anticipation of what it would feel like as her belly grew with each passing day. Her hormones were raging so strongly at the thought of being pregnant that she could no longer control herself. She lay in bed and began to masturbate over and over bringing on one orgasm after the other until she was struck by a wonderful thought. She was already pregnant; she didn't have to masturbate at all!

Steve was surprised when a leering Wonder Woman showed up unannounced at his apartment. He was shocked and delighted when he heard why she had come. As Wonder Woman tried to fuck him for the fifth time that night, however, he was no longer so delighted. Wonder Woman, too, was disappointed to find out that men had so little stamina. How did mortal women make do with only one of them? Nor did Steve's cock compare to the phallus in the village, she thought.


At first Wonder Woman tried to continue her career, but pregnancy made it increasingly difficult. For example, one morning her crime alert went off sending her whisking off in her jet to stop a bank robbery. On the way, however, she found herself suddenly feeling ill. She felt so sick that she had to land the plane so that she could get out and vomit. This was strange she thought because she had never been sick before. Still, she felt so bad, she decided the only thing to do was to return home. It was only a bank robbery, she thought; the police could handle that themselves.

Shortly afterwards, Wonder Woman had a terrible row with Steve. His pride at having knocked up Wonder woman turned to fury when he figured out she had been well pregnant before they started sleeping together. He assumed she was going to name him as the father and ask for child support. That made Wonder woman livid. Steve said some terrible things about her and demanded to know who she had been sleeping around with, insinuating that the little bastard that was on its way might have little pointy bat ears. That made Wonder Woman so mad she refused to fuck him for almost a day.

The police soon stopped calling as Wonder Woman became more and more unreliable, between morning sickness and just feeling sleepy all the time. Diana Prince was fired from her job at the law firm because as her belly expanded, her IQ seemed to shrink. She was just too horny all the time to think logically anymore.

The last straw was when the media got wind or her condition. Photos in the tabloid Gotham Gazette of an obviously pregnant Wonder Woman waddling ineffectually after a bank robber held her up to ridicule. Rush Limbach pontificated that "Little girls who want to play superheroine should learn to keep their knees together."

Wonder Woman knew she had to escape the humiliation, but the though of going home to Paradise Isle was worse that staying in the Gotham. Her mother and the other Amazons would never believe her story, thinking she was just another oversexed Amazon who had been corrupted by the world of men. No there was only one place to go ...


A throng of cheering women greeted Wonder Woman as she set her plane down by the little native village. She maneuvered her now swollen belly out of the cockpit and sent the invisible aircraft away, back to Paradise Isle never to return. No one could possible find her now. Here there would be no shame, no regrets, only love and acceptance.

Queen Althea was there to greet her. "Welcome back, Beautiful One. I knew you would return."

"You did, but how?"

"This," she smiled and patted Wonder Woman's tight belly. "Of all women at the Presentation, how could the god `not' have found you worthy? Let's get you set up in the maternity house."

The women escorted her to a large, airy lodge on the outskirts of the village. Wonder Woman looked around and noticed that all the other girls that had been Presented that moonlit nights months ago were there and all were in the same marvelous condition as she. They pointed their fingers at her big tummy and giggled. She wanted to giggle back. They welcomed her like one of their own, as she was, just another horny, knocked-up young woman. Wonder Woman found that the maternity house was a big playground where the little mommies-to-be were just as horny as she was. They could eat and make love to their heart's content. She immediately became like an older sister to all of them and they *loved* her for it. Nights and siestas Wonder Woman usually found a girl sucking her bloated tits while another snuggled between her now quite plump legs, lapping her to a relaxing, sleepy orgasm.

Wonder Woman was neither the first nor the last whose time came. When her contractions set in, the older women gently led her to the birthing lodge where they examined her. On determining that she was indeed in labor, the beautiful attendant gave her a soothing tea that made her very drowsy and put her in bed. Speaking in a sing-song voice and putting her fingers in Wonder woman's cunt, the midwife brought her to a series of powerful orgasms that put her into a deep sleep.

When Wonder Woman woke up she was horny again and she knew why. She smiled through closed eyes as she felt one of her sisters sucking her tit. But, the sucking didn't feel quite like what she was used to. It seemed both more delicate and more persistent. As she finally opened her eyes, she let out a squeak of joy to see a beautiful little girl nursing vigorously at her large exposed breast.

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