tagIncest/TabooWonderland Ch. 05

Wonderland Ch. 05


Down the hole like Rabbits

It had been at least a half hour and Steve decided it was time.

"So what's the story with Uncle Bob and how did you meet Dad?" asked Steve.

He was trapped in the back seat of his parents' car as the traveled to his grandparents' house. He had been a voyeur and watched his parents have sex for several months. While his father was away on a business trip he had fucked his mother and found that they both like it. When his father got home instead of the fucking stopping his father and mother had invited him to join them in a threesome that had ended with Steve's hard teenage cock up his mother's ass while his father fucked her. Steve also learned that his mother had lost her cherry to her dad and had fucked her brother as well. She had just told the story about how she lost her cherry to Grandpa Dan which included her having lesbian sex with Grandma Clare. After that she had been so aroused she had fucked Steve so hard it was almost brutal. Steve's mom then licked his big prick clean, and then sucked off Steve's dad while he was driving. She had said she need a rest after all that before answering the rest of Steve's questions.

Steve's mom said, "I didn't know when Dad popped my cherry at the age of eighteen and a half that that my brother Bob had been fucking my mom for about a year. He didn't go to college and after graduation had become an apprentice electrician. He been working at getting his master electrician's license for three years by then."

Steve's Uncle Bob ran the largest electrical subcontractor business in the area with three locations and a bunch of people working for him. Steve always thought it was his wealth that had attracted Aunt Ashley who was a sophisticated busty redhead. Now he was having second thoughts.

"Since he didn't have much money he lived at home. While I was away at camp that summer Dad had to go to pick up some livestock he had bought at auction. His truck transmission blew and stranded him a county away for a week. Mom was getting randy, remember nymphomania is a family trait."

Steve thought to himself, "If that's true why doesn't my sister Suzanne seem to be a nympho? And what about my cousin Shari that is obviously a dyke?"

His mother continued, "Bob came home from work one night that week tired and horny. He had done a tough job right next door to a busty redhead in a string bikini that had teased him like crazy. She was in Bob's words a rich bitch."

"Busty redhead?" thought Steve, "Is she talking about Aunt Ashley?"

"Bob collapsed in the family room drinking a beer and watching TV. He saw one of those beer commercials with the chicks in bikinis and had started to think about the redhead. He thought he was alone since mom wasn't supposed to get home from work for an hour or so. So Bob pulled off his pants and shorts and started to masturbate right there in the family room. He had closed his eyes and was dreaming of the redhead. Suddenly he realized there was someone there. He opened his eyes to find my mom watching him intently. Bob tried to grab his clothes and cover himself but they were too far away."

"I know what you need!" said Clare.

"She sunk to her knees in front of him and started to suck him off. She carefully and lovingly licked the full length of Bob's nine inch prick. Then she took it into her mouth and started sucking in earnest. Bob loved the sight of his own busty mom sucking his big tool so much he just sat back and let her suck until he blew a load right into her mouth. Clare swallowed the whole thing like a cat lapping up milk. He was so horny that even after shooting his wad like that Bob's big cock was still hard.

Clare got off her knees and pulled her sun dress off over her head. Mom has a bad habit of not wearing any underwear in the summer so she was now naked in front of Bob. Her large proud tits capped with large brown aureole and big nipples, slim waist, and curvy hips all capped her blonde furred cunt. Before he could say or do anything She straddled him, took his full cock all the way into her cunt, and fucked him by pounding up and down hard and fast. Bob nicknamed that kind of fuck the fast and furious."

"Just like the kind I just got from you here in the backseat?" said Steve.

"Just like that!" said Steve's mother, "So that's when Bob and Mom started fucking each other like rabbits. They did it every day that week as soon as the two of them got home from work. Their hot fuck sessions would last for hours and Mom even taught Bob a thing or two like how to fuck a woman up the ass. Then Dad got home. Instead of being crazy about it Bob and Dad shared Mom. They would fuck her anytime they wanted and sometimes together."

"Wow!" said Steve, "Its pretty much just like you, Dad and I. History repeats itself!"

"That's right!" said Steve's mother, "But Bob and I were different. Dad had popped my cherry and I would fuck Mom or him whenever I started to get horny which is to say quite often. One day Dad was in my room and had just started giving it to me when Bob walked by and saw us. Because he and Dad had been sharing Mom he figured this was the same. He came into the room and undressed. Dad was fucking me doggie so I was on all fours on the bed facing away from the door. Then next thing either of us knew there was Bob in front of me, naked, with a huge boner waving in front of my face."

"I have what you need!" said Bob.

"Bob then pushed his throbbing prick in contact with my lips. I just opened up and before I knew it his cock was in my mouth. I was being fucked at both ends!"

"She can deep throat anyone." Dad told Bob.

"So Bob moved closer and shoved his entire prick down my throat. I was really in heaven! Bob reached forward and grabbed the nipples on my tits pulling them in a way that hurt and excited the hell out of me at the same time. The two beautiful cocks plunged in and out of my body until I came, shaking and shuddering like mad. All of this movement pulled on my nipples still held firmly in Bob's grasp and made me cum even harder. Both Dad and my brother Bob shot huge loads into me."

"Have you ass fucked her yet?" Bob asked my father.

"Sure have!" said Dad, "She's got a great tight ass!"

"Then want to do her back to front?" said Bob, "I'd like to try her cunt!"

"I wasn't totally sure what I was in for but I trusted Dad. Bob pulled over a chair I had there in my room and sat on it his big prick sticking up still hard."

"Go on over and sit on it!" said Dad.

"I went over and holding onto my brother's shoulders I lowered my wet pussy down onto his cock taking it all inside of me. I started to slid up and down enjoying the feel of Bob's fucker in my cunt. Suddenly Dad pushed down on my shoulders stopping my riding motion. I felt his hands pull my ass cheeks apart. I had had Dad's prick in my ass before by then but not with another rod up my twat. Dad was slow and gentle and before I knew I had two huge cocks filling me up."

"Its your show!" said Dad.

"I quickly found that I could slid up and down on both big fuckers at the same time. I was in heaven again. Bob grabbed my nipples again and the motion of my riding up and down pulled on those sensitive nubs like crazy. I rode them both like stallions until they flooded both my holes with sweet cum. It was so intense I thought I would lose my mind. And so I started fucking Bob too. Sometimes all four of us would spend the weekend naked and just fucking whenever, wherever and whomever in various positions and combinations. That's when we set the rules."

"Rules, what rules?" questioned Steve.

"Oh you will learn the rules soon enough." said Steve's mother.

Steve said, "How did Dad get involved with all this?"

"Well Steve this part I know." said Steve's father.

While Steve's father started to talk, his mother climbed over the seat again. She unsnapped his Levis again and started to gently and lovingly lick and suck his cock.

"Don't mind if I have a snack while your Dad tells this part?" said Steve's mom.

"Remember rule number one!" said Steve who was quite happy to have his cock sucked by his wanton minx of a mother.

"It was my second year in college and your mom's first" said Steve's dad, "I was walking from my late chem lab one night and I saw two guys attacking your mom. One of them held her arms behind her back and the other was tearing off her shirt. The two morons were yelling "Show us those tits!" while your mom was screaming "No No No, let go of me!" at the top of her lungs. I shouted, "Stop right there!". The one guy came at me and luckily he wasn't much of a fighter and a little drunk. I was able to knock him out cold. The other guy released your mother and came at me too. He was a little tougher but I ended up knocking him out too. I went to your mom who was sobbing and put my coat around her to cover her up. She was hysterical and saying "Take me home!" I took her to my car and she was able to sob out her home address which was a forty minute drive from campus. It was a silent drive punctuated occasionally by your mom's soft sobs. I took her home and walked her up the steps to the door where Dan and Clare met us. They invited me in. Your mother started to take off my coat and asked if I wanted a feel as a reward. Your mother didn't know but in my senior year of high school I had been pranked by a busty cheerleader and hated big tit women believing them to be stupid and scheming. I screamed at her that I hadn't helped her just to be able to cop a cheap feel of some airhead's udders. I went right out the door slamming it behind me."

"You called mom an airhead?" said Steve, "And called those great titties udders?"

"I was really mad and my prior experience had convinced me that the stereotype of big boobed women being stupid was correct." said Steve's dad.

"Lucky for me it was a good coat and the tailor had sewn a tag into the lining with my name. Your mother used that to find me on campus. She told me the incident had convinced her to move back home and commute to college. She also asked me out on a date to apologize for her unthinking comments. She explained she had been really upset and was pretty convinced that I had only helped to get a chance to help myself. She said that kind of stuff happened to her a lot."

"Un huh" hummed Steve's mom around Steve's cock which was down her throat right then.

"So I went out with her to give her a chance to show me she wasn't an air headed, arrogant, pair of big tits. I quickly found out that your mom is a smart, loving woman. We dated for only a month but it was after only the fourth date we first fucked. Lovemaking with your mom is fabulous as you well know but our orgasms were legendary. We did everything two people could do in that one month. In the orchard on the hill behind your grandparents' house while the cherry blossoms fell I got down on one knee with a ring in my hand and asked your mom to marry me."

"Yes" said Steve partially because he liked the story and partially because he was shooting a load of cum down his mother's throat right then.

"But your mother said no! She ran from me right back to your grandparents' house like the devil himself was chasing her. I ran back too and found her laying across her bed crying like mad. She managed to sob out that we could never marry that I would never understand. I was really confused and tried to talk to her but got nowhere. Clare came in right then and told me that I should go to my room. A little while later she came in and said that everything would be explained in just a little while. First I should undress and put on the robe she was handing me, a blue silk robe. She said she would be back in a few minutes. I was surprised when Clare came back in wearing nothing but a lavender silk robe herself. She lead me downstairs to the family room. As we entered the doorway a tremendous sight met my eyes."

At this point Steve's mother had released his still hard prick and got on all fours on the backseat. Her dress was pulled up to her waist revealing her shapely ass and her cunt which was already starting to drip juice. Steve didn't even speak he just positioned himself behind her and shoved his fuck rod up her hot waiting quim. The two lovers started a slow loving fuck while Steve's dad continued the story.

"There was your mother naked on the floor on all fours over Dan's body. Crouching behind her was Bob. Dan was obviously fucking his daughter's juicy cunt and Bob was up his sister's ripe ass. Ashley sat on the leather couch dressed in black silk robe watching and fingering her coppery cunt."

"Well" said Clare, "What do you think?"

"As I watched your mom being double fucked by her father and brother her body jumping and twisting with passion I came to two conclusions. First that your mom was a tremendous nympho that couldn't get enough as long as the man treated her with love and respect and secondly that I wanted to be one of those men for the rest of my life! "I think she has another hole" I told Clare, "that needs to be filled with a hard cock!" Clare sighed a sigh of relief and reached forward pulling on the knot in the belt holding my robe together. My robe came open and I quickly shed it. I straddled Dan's prone body and placed my cock-head at your mother's lips. "I have what you need!" I said. She opened her mouth and fixed me with a stare of pure lust. I drove my prick all the way down her talented throat. Dan, Bob, and I plunged into her until we all creamed in her hot holes, all three of them!"

The car suddenly decelerated causing Steve's big pecker to push into his mom up to the hilt. Steve's mother moaned with pleasure at the sudden deep intrusion into her hot twat. He and his mom swayed as the car made the turn into his grandparents' driveway.

"We're here!" said his father, "I will let them know while you two finish up. Come on in when you're ready."

Steve's father slipped the car into park and exited the driver's door closing it behind him. Steve wondered what was waiting for them inside and how Aunt Ashley ended up going from a cock-teasing rich bitch to a willing orgy participant. And where did his sister and cousin fit into all this? His mother pushed back against him trying to force more of his hard fuck rod up her hot pussy.

"Oh don't tease me." she moaned, "Give me what I need!"

"Wow! You really can't get enough!" thought Steve to himself.

Steve decided to follow his mom's urging and fuck her good before going into his grandparents' house to find the answers to these many new mysteries. He started to pound his hard cock into his mom's body harder and faster.

"Oh Stevie!" his mom squealed with delight, "You know what I need!"

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