tagBDSMWood Walk With A Wood Ruler

Wood Walk With A Wood Ruler


Lisa picked me up at work at 1:30 pm sharp as instructed. It was chilly and I was glad to have dressed warm with hiking boots and fleece jacket. Glad too, that I had instructed Lisa to wear only a sweater, short skirt and hiking boots. The cold would definitely play a role in what I had in mind for this afternoon's activities.

Lisa had just come from the dentist – a great reason for her to get out of work early. As we pulled away from my office building, she was rubbing her jaw, sharing that it was numb and a bit sore from being held open while the dentist did his work. She said it wasn't too bad because during all the drilling she was fantasizing about what I may have in store for her. I told her I had a cure for her jaw and she tittered at the thought. Little did she know I had my pockets full of surprises today.

We drove out into the country a bit. I instructed her when and where to turn and instantly regretted not following through with my original plan of blindfolding her and driving her car to our destination. Oh well, save that one for another rendezvous. From our one previous session, I knew Lisa liked the spankings I delivered liberally. Solid scratches across her back and a good handful of hair pulled soundly were also met with moans of appreciation.

I had Lisa pull off the road down a dirt trail that dead-ended after 20 yards. A country cemetery on one side and a farmhouse a hundred yards to the other bordered the small lot of trees we were in. The possibility of being discovered was minimal however I was prepared should we encounter anyone in the wood. Confidence and an acceptance of risk with any venture had me primed to handle any possible scenario… except, maybe, if the cops showed up.

Once outside the car we followed an old path long overgrown with blackberry brambles. Again, I was glad to be properly attired with jeans and to have Lisa with bare legs… in her next shower, the sting of her scratches would be a little reminder of this afternoons tryst. Sufficiently concealed in the wood, I instructed Lisa to take off her skirt. Which she did rather reluctantly… revealing she had in fact been wearing a pair of panties contrary to her instructions. This was met with a bout of smarting spanks on her bare ass, quickly setting the expectation of unquestioning obedience. As sexy and dainty as they were, I ripped them from her body.

I order Lisa to shut her eyes and open her mouth as wide as she could. Other than directions, little had been spoken in the car. I told her I wanted to enjoy the piece of the being outdoors. And that what I was about to do was as much for her benefit as my pleasure… if she couldn't say anything, she would be able to say anything wrong. I asked her if she understood and she wisely answered with a nod rather than utter a word. With that, I placed the rubber ball gag in her mouth and wrapped the leather straps behind her head. Seeing Lisa's skirt on the path I realized I now had my blindfold and placed it over her head, tucking the remainder into the neck of her sweater... resulting in more of a hood than blindfold.

Now I was beginning to have fun. Next time, not only would I remember a proper blindfold… but, to bring a camera as well. Lisa did have lovely legs. Firm and strong from running 5 miles a day and with only her boots and sweater on, would have made a wonderful photo to remember the occasion by. I did have a little surprise up my sleeve, however. Just prior to leaving my office, I slipped a twelve-inch wooden ruler up the sleeve of my black fleece jacket. I wanted to bring a yardstick, but opted for more of a surprise attack.

I admonished Lisa for one thing or another accompanied by some severe whacks to her ass. Using the ruler on her inner thighs, I had her legs spread about two feet apart. I administered some lighter spankings with my other hand to her pussy and could feel it becoming damp. I stopped everything and appraised the situation… letting the tension build a bit. Standing in front of Lisa so she could hear the audible sound of me slowly unzipping my jeans, I pulled out my stiffening cock. I walked in a circle around her, the leaves crunching with every step.

Standing behind her now, I instructed her to place her arms up in the air, then behind her head. Wrists together, I pulled out a length of nylon rope and bound her hands snuggly. I left about five feet to act as leash and found it amusing to pull it between her ass's crack, her legs, and again up through the lips of her pussy. Her hips swaying as she wanted to grind and get more friction while her hands tugged her torso back made me even harder but I stemmed the urge to dive in quite yet.

Ah what the heck I thought and I dropped the rope an rather forcefully pushed my cock into her now moist pussy. Digging my fingers into her hips, using them as handles, I slammed away as hard as possible and still remain in control. This burst only last a half-minute or so when I pulled out. Punishing her with some more whacks of the ruler for her wantonness. This was only the third time we had ever met and we were virtually strangers to one another. I told her so. I told her she meant absolutely nothing to me and I was tempted to take the rope's lead and tie it to a branch… leaving her for some farmer or hunter to find and do as they please with. I let this set in a bit, grinning to myself.

I lifted Lisa's sweater to expose her breasts. The wool keeping them warm and her nipples soft, I would have to undo the knots and skirt to get her naked and didn't want to do this as it would seem sloppy to me… unorganized. Rather, I slapped each breast firmly to perk up Lisa's nipples. After sucking and biting them a bit I took out two large office paper clips and placed one on each. She squirmed with delight. Thinking back to our one and only other encounter I did remember how much she enjoyed the wooden clothespins and subsequent tugging on both her nipples and her labia. But again, this day was for my pleasure and nipple torture would have to wait for our next meeting… I made a mental note of more rope, definitely some candle wax, and proper nipple clamps (with weights?).

On one knee, from behind, I slipped a finger into Lisa's pussy. Then two as far as they would go. Naturally, three was next, leaving out my thumb and pinky finger. I had never been with a woman loose enough to take more and was intrigued to see how far I could go with this. Putting all five finger tips together I was able to get all up to my second knuckles into Lisa's pussy. Pushing more and more each time she spread her legs a bit more to allow me to go farther. I told her I was going to fist fuck her. A first for me and as it turns out for her as well. Her pussy was sopping wet now, as was my left hand. I enjoyed the fist fucking but realized she was going to be far to wet and loose for me to enjoy fucking her with my cock. I so much prefer petite women with tight pussies.

And fuck is something I wanted to do. Removing my hand I gave her a swift poke up the ass with a wet finger. That was all the lube she was going to get. I wiped my juice-laden hand on her sweater and brought out a condom from my shirt pocket. After donning it (tight over my swollen cock) I instructed Lisa to bend over at the waist, leaving her hands behind her head. Her legs flexed and strained to keep balance with the few quick spankings I gave directly on her ass hole. I wanted to get a bit violent in my fucking her ass. Normally, I am a tender lover and dote on women… but this slut made me want to act in this way. And for that I felt she deserved it.

With my left hand on Lisa's hip and my right bracing… guiding my rock hard cock, I literally slammed it into her puckered ass all the way to it's hilt. She let out a high-pitched squeal as I fucked as fast and furious as I ever had. Taking turns to slap each side of her ass and the occasional reach around to slap her pussy, too. Jolting, almost jumping, Lisa was about lifted off her heals with each thrust. Only restrained by falling forward by my grip pulling her back for another. After some time I became winded and looked down to notice Lisa's hands had turned blue with white splotches. I pulled out and told her to stand straight. And took off the soiled condom.

As I untied her hands I looked down at her ass to see the effects of the days spankings. Her bottom was red with some lines of blood where I realized the metal straight edge of the rule must have cut her a bit. There were several raised welts in the shape of my hand or fingers and looking further down I could also see the bramble scrapes and the rising of a few soon to be itchy mosquito bites. I removed the skirt from her head, which made a better hood that blindfold and undid the ball-gag. She still hadn't moved her feet and her knees had started to shake.

We started back towards the car, wordlessly, with Lisa leading the way. Half way there I remembered my cock was still hanging out of my unzipped jeans. I reached out and touched her arm. She stopped, turned and followed my line of sight towards my cock. She understood exactly what I wanted and fell to both knees. With two fistfuls of hair, I just about fucked her mouth as hard as her ass. At each thrust slowing at the end to allow my swollen head to slide down her throat. I knew she had just about no gag reflexes and pushed further. Repeating this many times, the roof or Lisa's mouth providing just the right friction to make me want to cum. I pulled out of her mouth with a controlling jerk of her hair backwards. I wrapped my right hand around my cock and with a few stokes blew my load. First shot splattered her face, second and third into her mouth and the last of it falling on her stretched out tongue. She lapped it up with closed eyes like a connoisseur tasting a fine wine.

I told her she could get dressed and we started again for the car. She rubbed her jaw a bit and made a few sounds like someone smacking their gum. She said with a great smile that my cure had worked and her jaw didn't ache one bit.

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