"Now remember pet, no speaking. Only yips, barks and panting."

Unless he called me Krista. I finished in my head. I woofed softly to let Master know I understood him. I wished for the millionth time that I hadn't asked for the blindfold but then decided it was a good thing. I couldn't see what was going on around me and my master couldn't see how I truly felt.

All was silent around me as I waited fully naked on my hands and knees on the plush ebony colored throw rug Master sometimes had me sleep on near the fireplace in his living room, but I could feel a stirring in the air. Something was about to happen. Something new. Something exciting.

I heard the front door open and the sound of voices. Master was talking to someone. A woman, I could tell. A woman with a deep voice full of confidence. The voices grew closer and I began to squirm with fear and worry, certain that that woman was here for me. Had I been a bad girl again? I tried so hard to be good but sometimes it was just so hard!

I tensed even more as I heard the door to the room I was in open and felt Master enter the room. I always knew when he entered the room. "Nice. Very nice," the woman I had heard speak moments ago murmured. I felt a touch on my head and could smell expensive perfume.

A whimper escaped my throat at those words. Was this woman here to buy me? Master had once or twice threatened to sell me if I didn't behave...but I never thought he meant it!

"Relax Krissie," Master said soothingly.

I smiled inwardly as his words wishing I could go to him and nudge his leg with my head for a head rub. But I had been ordered earlier to stay still and I knew better than to disobey an order from Master.

The air stirred around me as I felt the woman Master had let in walk around me. She didn't touch me again, though, nor did she say anything else.

"What do you think?" I heard Master ask somewhat impatiently.

"I think you should be asking Jakie that, not me. Jakie, darling, what do you think? Do you like Krissie?" the woman crooned in a voice that was borderline babyish.

Jakie? Who was Jakie?

I heard a male "woof" and realized that Jakie must be a pet like me. Was this why I was naked with a dog tail butt plug in and my hair in pig tails that resembled bushy dog ears? Was I about to have true "doggy style" sex with another pet?

As feelings of glee and want and anticipation ran through me I found myself unable to remain still. Wagging my butt so that the tail swung from side to side I let out a mild "yip" and contemplated using a "paw" to push up my blindfold. I suddenly felt the urge to move around and find this Jakie and see if I liked him he way he (I hoped) liked me.

"Krissie," Master said with a firm warning in his voice. "Restrain yourself. You're a purebred, not a tramp."

I arfed softly in apology and forced myself to revert back to staying still with my knees and palms on the rug perfectly placed so that my back was flat, not arched and my head straight ahead with my chin just slightly elevated. It was the regal waiting pose Master had taught me some time ago.

I soon felt someone approach me and knew immediately it was this Jakie. He smelled good. Woodsy with a hint of lemon. And I didn't have to be able to see to know that while he may be a pet right now, he wasn't exactly a submissive pet.

No, I thought as Jakie nipped at my ass with gentle teeth, this was a man who knew how to take charge and would soon be taking charge with me.

I then felt a lick on the side of my face and heard a whispered "Screw whatever you were told in regards to putting up with what happens next. If I hurt you at all tell me immediately. I'm bigger than the average guy and I don't know how ready you are for this. I'll be as gentle as possible but—"

"Jakie," the woman admonished, "you know doggies aren't supposed to talk!"

Jakie growled for a few seconds then once again licked my cheek.

I felt Jakie move around me in a clockwise rotation, finally stopping just at my feet. Was this it? Was he about to fuck me? I knew by now this was what was going to happen and I strangely didn't mind. I didn't even mind that Master and that woman were still in the room.

Seconds went by and nothing happened and I began to wonder if perhaps Jakie had decided he didn't want me or didn't like me or something. Had I done something wrong? I hadn't said anything...was I supposed to have tried to lick him back? I was never all that good at socializing with other pets.

I woofed questioningly and decided to face my fears and risk punishment instead of remain blindfolded. Yanking my blindfold off in a move that was pure human, not dog, I looked behind me over my shoulder to find a gorgeous Grecian hunk of a guy clad only in olive colored slacks softly conversing with a beautiful woman dressed in a dark red pantsuit. Master was with them as well.

Master shot me a kind smile as he met my eyes and I smiled back slightly. He wasn't mad at me. Good. That meant I hadn't somehow screwed up.

"Krista," Master intoned with amusement, "Could you please assure Jake that you want this? That I have not forced you into having sex with a stranger for my amusement?"

All at once relaxing I went from on my hands and knees to sitting, peering at the three standing people who silently studied me. "Yes, Master, I want this." I looked directly at Jake as I spoke. "I have earned this right and I want it."

"Cocky little bitch," the woman murmured. "I'm Cleo, by the way," she added louder. "And this is my husband Jake." She shrugged and turned towards her husband

Husband? Lucky bitch! I wasn't usually the jealous type but looking at him...damn!

"I'm leaving it up to you, darling," Cleo said in a soft voice.

Jake pressed a kiss to Cleo's scarlet lips then focused on me.

I sat proudly naked, my knees covering my chest with my arms wrapped around them—for warmth, not out of embarrassment. I knew Jake couldn't see much of me seated the way I was but he could see my face and I used that to my advantage. I stared him down boldly, conveying with my eyes that I did indeed want this. And I did. I really, really did.

"Fine," Jake finally growled. "But no audience. I'm not fucking her with you two in the room."

I stiffened at Jake's rudeness. No way would Master agree to that. Master cared about me and hated to leave me alone with others I didn't know too well.

"Fine," Master declared. He walked over to the doorway, stepping aside and waiting for Cleo to join him. "Krissie doesn't like things too rough and I do not allow anal. You may use her cunt and her mouth but nothing else. Condoms are mandatory, as I already mentioned, and I will thank you not to do anything that would leave a mark on my pet's skin."

"Master?" I whispered in shock. He was going to leave me alone with a guy I didn't know?

Master shot me a hard look. "You will be fine, Krista. You asked for this, remember? I trust you and I know that you trust me." He smiled to placate me. "Have fun my pet."

I smiled at Master as he and Cleo left the room though my smile almost immediately disappeared as Jake locked the door then slowly approached me.

"On your hands and knees Krista," Jake demanded coldly.

I quickly did as he asked, getting a sinking feeling that things weren't going to go the way I had hoped. Gone was the "Jakie" of earlier. In place was someone that honestly sort of frightened me.

Suddenly, with no warning, Jake impaled me with his (condom covered) cock from behind. He slid into me with one rough thrust, pushing all the way inside of me until his balls rested against my ass.

I whimpered at the feeling of being so sublimely full and tried not to squirm as Jake's hands grabbed my hips to hold me in place. I was too full and felt like I could burst. He was right—he was bigger than the average guy! Way bigger!

Thankfully Jake soon pulled out some, settling quickly into an easy rhythm where he didn't hurt me too much. The tempo quickening, I felt Jake lean against me, his chest touching my back as his mouth found the side of my neck, suckling it.

I began to pant as intense pleasure welled up inside of me and began moving my lower body backwards against Jake's in an effort to increase my pleasure and find release. Never before had being fucked like this felt so good!

Jake bit the side of my neck then, groaning as he found his release. I howled as I found my release, my body convulsing in shudders as my arms suddenly gave out and I collapsed onto the rug. Jake fell with me, rolling me to the side so that he didn't crush me, his wilting cock still inside of me.

"That was—"

"Yeah," I agreed with a laugh.

"You wanna do it again?" Jake asked as he withdrew from me.

With a frown I watched as he strode over first to the door which he unlocked and opened then to his slacks which rested on a chair and pulled out a handful of condoms.

"You certainly came prepared," I joked as I got back on my knees, stretching backwards with my arms out in front of me. My body was still humming from our first round but the moist yearning between my legs told me I was more than ready for another go.

"Cleo is the queen of all day sex," Jake informed me as he covered his semi erect cock with a fresh condom. "It's only a matter of time before she and Ryan join us, in fact."

Ryan was Master's first name. "Th-they're going to join us?" I gasped as Jake sank into me.

"Mm-hmm," Cleo purred as she walked in through the door. "It's your lucky day my sweet Krista. You get to experience doggy sex without the bestiality and sex with a woman." Cleo shrugged off her jacket and blouse as she spoke, letting each garment fall to the floor as she ambled over to where Jake and I were busy fucking on the floor.

Never one to be left behind, Master was quickly shedding his clothes as well and I opened my mouth in preparation, knowing immediately where he would be headed.

Indeed, Master chuckled as my lips wrapped around his erect cock, then grew somber as Cleo joined us, fully naked and ready to play.

To be continued with the story "What Cleo Taught Krissie."

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