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Woops, I Thought You'd Be Dressed


It all started with a big promotion. From the customer service pool, to sales associate. I was thrilled to say the least. For that matter, so was my husband. He was so proud of me, he knew what the accomplishment meant to me, and let's be honest, the big pay increase wasn't bad either. The one down side; traveling anywhere from 5 to 10 days a month. But as they say, absence makes the heart grow fonder. My sex life with my husband was never better than after a 10 day separation. We were always both super horny and would attack each other like teenagers when we finally reconnected.

However, isn't there always a however, something happened on the last trip that I just don't know what to do about. It began with a simple accident. My boss William, who I usually travel with, had just closed a huge deal. It was going to mean quite a bonus for he and I. Since our flight was the next morning, we decided to work out, then go out and celebrate. In the hotel gym, I was on the stairclimber and Will was on the treadmill. Will is about 45 years old and divorced. He apparently was quite the athlete in his younger days and keeps himself in great shape. I was a gymnast all the way thru college and have never been out of condition in my life. I guess it's just a way of life for me. At 41, I'll admit I still appreciate the looks my body draws from men.

Anyway, after about 45 mins of cardio, we were walking back to our rooms, which by the way were connected. This happens from time to time for some reason. When I make reservations, I certainly don't request it, but upon check in, every once in a while, it just happens. The first time, Will went back and got a different room. By the third time we just laughed and said whatever, we were too tired from the flight to do anything about it. It was two nights later that I could hear the porn coming from Will's room. For whatever reason, knowing that Will was in there masturbating, got me totally hot. As I look back on it now, I guess I never really saw him the same way after that. I just had this image in my head of him lying on his bed, jerking off like a fifteen year old boy. Except I also have to admit that anytime I ever heard porn coming from his room, I'd remove my panties and rub one out as they say, right along with him. When I told my husband about Will's porn, he was fascinated and seemed to enjoy the fact that I masturbated along. He asked me if there was a peep hole, if I'd watch Will masturbate. I slugged him in the arm as I was embarrassed just admit what I did. But it did get me thinking, would I?

As Will and I entered our rooms, he asked me to come over when I was done getting ready and we'd try the bottle of wine the client gave us as it was supposed to be really special. Thirty minutes later, I opened the connecting door, and as Will's door was all ready opened I assumed he was ready also. I peaked my head around the corner and said hello but got no response. I heard water running and looked to my right. The door to Will's bathroom was only open about 6 inches, but I was looking directly into the mirror. In the mirror was the reflection of Will, shaving, completely nude. I was shocked, but even more shocked by the sight of Will's enormous penis! I mean enormous! It looked like it had to be at least 8 inches long, and incredibly thick just dangling there. Oh my God! I was totally looking at it when he looked up and our eyes met.

Oh my God, I shut the door but was mortified. I just got caught peeping on my naked boss. How did this happen? I burst in to tears. Two minutes later Will came running into my room, (with sweat pants and a tee shirt on), apologizing profusely. It turns out he got stuck on the phone for 15 minutes with his boss filling him in on the deal. He thought he could still get ready before me and forgot he'd opened the connecting door. He kept saying how sorry he was and how embarrassed he was which was definitely making me feel better. He was somehow putting it all on him which only served to endear him to me more. He settled me down, we skipped the wine in his room and went out for dinner, me still blushing. After a few drinks we started laughing about what happened. He kept saying two things, how embarrassed he was and how sorry he was. Finally I told him he certainly had nothing to be embarrassed about. When he said what do you mean, I kind of alluded to the fact, (I was obviously tipsy by this point), that the one thing I did see was that he was extremely well endowed. He laughed and said how would I know? I told him I'd seen a few and none were even close to the size of his. He thanked me and said it had out of action for quite some time since his divorce. Now clearly flirting with him I told him I sometimes can hear the porn coming from his room. He laughed and said, yeah that is what it's come to.

When we got back to the hotel, there was a lot of uncomfortable silences. We said goodnight and went into our respective rooms. I guess I subconsciously left my connecting door open although Will's was closed. About twenty mins after I was in my bed, wearing panties and a silk top, there was a knock on the connecting door. Will asked if he could come in and I said, ok. I couldn't see well in the dark until he was standing next to my bed and I noticed his big beautiful dick in all it's glory. I instinctively reached out and wrapped my hand around it and pulled it to my mouth. Although I could only fit the head of it in my mouth I sucked and slobbered on this mans penis like a woman possessed. After probably only a minute or two, he erupted in my mouth to the point where I couldn't take anymore cum and pulled my head back but still stroking his penis. He then came all over my face. A first for me. I couldn't believe how much cum came out of his thing. When he finally stopped ejaculating, I just kept rubbing it all over my face. When he started to shrink, I couldn't help sucking on him again. Partly because I was eager to get more of it into my mouth but partly because was too embarrassed to look at him. As I continued to swirl my tongue all over him, he got hard again. I must say I was really

impressed. He then threw the covers back and in one motion as well as before I had time to think about what was next, he removed my panties and started rubbing the huge head of his penis against my vagina. It felt so wonderful I can't begin to describe it. I don't think I ever wanted to be fucked so bad in my entire life. And I told him so. I started talking dirty to him telling how badly I wanted him to fuck my tight little pussy with his big beautiful cock. Finally he thrust about half of it into me and i climaxed harder than I ever have in my life. He hadn't really even started fucking me yet, and I was having one continuous multiple orgasm. But fuck me he did. He fucked me in every conceivable way. I have no idea how many times I came. Countless. I even let him fuck me in my ass which I'd never done before. (yes it hurt a lot, especially at first, but I eventually came from being fucked this way also. In fact Will ejaculated into my butt! God, so naughty.) We ended up fucking all night long and one final time in the shower before racing to the airport. I was soooo sore but I have to admit feeling more sexually satisfied than ever before in my life.

When I got home, I immediately gave my husband a blow job because there was no way I could have intercourse. I let him go down on me, even though I felt bad because I had so much of Will's cum in me. He didn't seem to notice though and I gave him a second blow job telling him how much I'd been thinking about his cock in my mouth. Thank God that kept him from trying to fuck me. Phew!

I haven't told my husband even though I suspect he would love it and be totally turned on by it. He has said as much in the past. But, I'm scared to. I also have another trip with Will coming in two weeks. What am I gonna do?

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