Words on Skin


"Ready for another ocean fix, Lizzie?"

"You go ahead. I'll join you in a few minutes," she looked up at him sort of sheepishly.

"Let me guess, something you need to take care of first?" he snickered.

"Don't be a jerk."

"Just say it and I'll go. Admit it. You're horny."

"Fine. I'm horny. Happy? And I need to do something about it or I'm going to get bitchy. So run along, buddy, if you know what's good for you."

"One last thing..." he stretched out a long pause, "show me."

"Show you what, exactly?"

"This thing you've had me groping for the past two days. Just tug your suit down a little and let me see. Trust me, you've got nothing to be ashamed of and I've always been curious. Do it and I'll leave you alone for some quality time."

She studied him, actually considering it. "Okay, fine," she muttered then reached down and hooked her thumbs into her suit at its hips.

Richard's heart pounded in his ears as she drew it down slowly. He drank in every gorgeous, unveiled inch. She'd shown him her breasts but not this. Never this. He could barely believe it was even happening now.

The suit slid down inch by inch, the skin becoming paler as she went, just as smooth and blemish-free as the rest of her. And finally, when her suit bottom was gathered at the tops of her thighs, there it was - the object of his fantasies for years, two tiny firm hills that pressed together into a tight cleavage. Utterly and completely perfect. He stared at her ass, hypnotized.

"Well?" she finally asked softly, looking back at him over her shoulder. She swished her rump back and forth with her question and the toned buns flexed smoothly.

Richard felt light headed as he openly gawked at his little sister's superb ass, "Well... well what?"

"Do I have a nice one?"

"Lizzie, you've always been..." he shook his head to clear it. "If you weren't my ..." he shook it again harder, "...yeah, you have a nice one. Just come down and join me when you're done."

He patted her head and left her as he promised. He walked down the beach, keeping his hips facing away from his sister to conceal the giant erection that had stretched out inside his bathing suit.

He laughed when she joined him in the water barely five minutes later, red-cheeked and grinning.

She didn't ask him to launch her like he'd done in the morning. Instead they surfed together, competing to see who could ride furthest in towards shore. Later, when they staggered out of the ocean, exhausted and starving he let her have the first shower.

He showered after her and nearly fainted on the spot when he found her in the kitchen again, pulling a bottle of water from the refrigerator. She was wearing nothing but her underwear - a pink bra and matching tiny boyshorts with a bit of lace at the bottom.

"Sis?" he choked out.

"Hmmm?" she answered, still looking in the refrigerator.

"Uh, clothes?!"

"Aww come on, these cover more than my bikinis do."

"Yeah, but they're definitely underwear." He blinked as she turned towards him. "And they're practically see through!"

"Really?" She looked down in mock amazement. "What do you see?"

"Stuff. Your stuff."

"What? Like nipples?"

"Yeah," he swallowed.

A saucy smile he'd never seen before twisted across her face.

"Say the word, Scooter. Say 'nipples'," she teased softly.

"Nipples," he whispered, staring at her chest.

"What else do you see?" she tucked her gold hair, still damp from her shower, behind her ear and smiled, "Oh, go ahead and look down. I don't mind. Can you see through my panties too?"

"Yeah," he croaked.

"See anything?"

"Uh uh,"

"No fur?"


"Exactly. No fur at all," she giggled as she breezed past him, "now if you'll excuse me, I'm going to pick out at a nice dress to wear for when you take me out for dinner."

"We're going out?"

"Yup," she confirmed over her shoulder.

She came back in a light orange strapless beach wrap that made him dizzy just looking at her. Her hair was still damp and loose, falling a few inches past her shoulders. Worst of all, the puckered nipples visible through its fabric made it clear she'd removed her bra. He refused to give her the satisfaction of commenting.

They went out to a local seafood dive on the waterfront. They drank beer and stuffed themselves on shellfish. The entire night, Richard was conscious of the looks his sister was drawing in the restaurant. Men old and young eyed her with interest.

She was well-behaved the whole time though. She didn't flirt or tease him. Whatever had possessed her in the kitchen had gone away. For all intents and purposes, she was his sweet kid sister again. Right up until they got home and parted for their separate rooms.

"Good night Scooter," she smiled up at him as she went on tiptoes to kiss his nose goodnight. Then she fixed him with a smoky look while she pecked him on the lips twice. Between those pecks, she repeated what she'd said that morning, "Don't."

"Don't what?" he smirked.

"Just don't, okay smart guy?" she nibbled her lower lip and left him standing there in the hallway.

*~*~* Part VI *~*~*

He woke to "Imu." "Oatmeal."

They ate. They went out in the surf again. He endured her body hanging on him and rubbing against him mercilessly underwater, even the feeling of her stomach and ass in his hands as they played in the waves. She was wearing a white bikini cut even more daringly. The top barely covered her nipples and the bottom left nearly half of her ass was exposed. If this kept up he'd go insane.

By midday they were back on the patio, he made mint juleps and the bourbon hit Lizzie hard. She'd barely finished her second one when, without a word, she tugged her white bikini bottom down all the way to her knees.

She looked over at her brother and arched her eyebrow. She didn't need to move his hand for him. He reached over on his own, his hand circling her bare little ass gently.

It was only a few minutes later that she was shifting in her chair.

"Okay Scooter, I'm horny."

"That's good."

"Now go play in the ocean for a few minutes, will you?"

"No way, it's too early. Still way too hot out there. Why?" He kept stroking her ass in slow circles.

"You know why, jerk."

"So go ahead and do what you want, Lizzie. I'm not leaving and I'm certainly not stopping you."

"Seriously?" she asked timidly.

"Seriously," he said as casually as he could.

"Don't mess with me. I'm drunk enough and horny enough to actually do it," she warned.

"Nobody's messing with you. I'll just read my book over here and you do whatever you need to do."


He watched her right hand slip under her hip. She moaned softly and he watched her elbow begin to move in circles as she touched herself. She was soon panting into the cushion of her chair and arching her ass up into his hand eagerly for his stroking.

"Scooter? Could you... just kinda... maybe just a little..." she reached back with her free hand and steered his fingers into her crease.

He slid them up and down her crack carefully and she let out a long slow breath. He caressed the delicate skin in the middle. He began to toy at the roughened little pucker hidden inside as she continued touching herself.

But it was too dry. He knew there would be plenty of wetness drooling from her opening but he was afraid to dip down, to cross that line, to break the spell.

"Hold on a sec, sis."

He dabbed some suntan lotion on his fingertips and went back to touching her, now gently circling her ring and feeling the muscle there slowly begin to relax and soften.

Lizzie was panting by now and eager for more. She wriggled until his finger was centered on her rear entrance, "Scooter? Little more?"

He pressed gently, fingertip sliding just barely inside, and she shuddered, muscles twitching up and down her back. She was clearly ready to cum. She was rushing, excited by the new sensations, her arm was moving frantically.

"Touch yourself slower, sis," he whispered.

"Can't" she hissed.

"Slower," he repeated gently.

She looked back at him with a cute little snarl, almost feral. She'd cum when she pleased. And she pleased now. Feisty words died on her lips when her orgasm hit. Humping down into her own hand, she grunted and rolled through a fabulous peak. He continued slipping his fingertip in and out of her ass gently as she rode it out.

She went limp on the lounge chair. "Holy crap that was hot," she murmured when she'd finally caught her breath.

"See? Not so bad right?"

"No. No, I guess not," she clumsily pulled her suit bottom back up, suddenly self-conscious. "Wow, that seriously wiped me out. I think I need a nap."

Without a word, he stood and knelt. He picked his drowsy sister up and carried her towards her bedroom.

She wrapped her arms around his neck, her little nose nuzzling at this throat. A thrill went through him when she pressed her lips there. Her kisses worked up his neck to his chin. She paused, hesitating as she pushed herself through this little taboo, he could feel her breath on this face.

Then she kissed him on the lips. It was the first time they'd kissed like this since he'd given her that first one, years ago.

Her lips melted perfectly into his just as he laid her gently on her bed then tried to step away. To leave her to sleep. To get away from her so that he didn't do something stupid.

But her arms held tight around his neck.

"Stay," she whispered, never opening her eyes, "snuggle."

So he did. She made room and he slid onto her bed on his back. She rested her head on his chest.

"Scooter, can we do some more ummm... 'practice' later?"


"Thanks, bro. Imu," she said drowsily.

"Okay, seriously, what the fuck does that mean?"

She smiled and fell asleep. The mint juleps and the swimming and the sun and the warmth of his sister's barely-clothed body snuggled into him eventually won out over Richard's ridiculous arousal too. They had an excellent nap. So good that they slept through their usual afternoon session in the ocean.

*~*~* Part VII *~*~*

Richard woke first. It was late afternoon and they were covered by a light blanket she'd pulled up from the foot of the bed. In their sleep, they'd rotated into their sides and spooned. His erection, harder now than he could ever remember, was nestled in his sister's tiny and warm ass. He shifted, getting ready to roll away when she turned onto her stomach. His hand, on her hip a moment ago, was on her butt again.

He stroked it automatically and she wriggled it in response, even in her sleep. The chance to touch Lizzie's fabulous rump was still too tempting. He stroked, squeezed, and massaged it softly.

Her eyes finally opened when he tugged her suit bottom down off her ass and left it down at her knees beneath the blanket.

He watched her smile and close her eyes again. She licked her lips when his fingers slid inwards across her upturned ass cheek. He dipped into the tiny crack and brushed up and down across her sphincter.

Her right arm slid down and under her hip to touch herself again like when they were on the patio.

He teased and toyed at her round little hole and tapped at its center gently. This close to her face and with her eyes closed, he could see how long his sister's eyelashes were. Some of her blonde hair had fallen across her face too. Her simple beauty and the sheer raunchiness of what their hands were doing beneath the blanket was driving him mad with lust. He was pouring pre-cum into his bathing suit.

He watched her face carefully as he pressed inwards against her delicate rosebud. Her nose twitched in a very cute way.

"Wait a sec," she rolled onto her back and lifted the leg closer to him. She pulled his hand under that leg and he went back to toying at her tiny hole from this new and strange angle.

"Easier for me to touch myself like this," she said softly. Together, they tinkered between her legs until her face was flushed and her breath was ragged. Then her hand stopped.

She slid it downwards to meet his. She detoured along the way to wet her fingers at her opening, then carefully slickened his first finger with her juices. She dipped up and into her own wetness again. She returned to nudge his hand out of the way and moistened her own backdoor.

"Better," she sighed, her hand disappearing up again to touch herself. Her eyes were thin, hungry slits when her head rolled on the pillow to face him.

He pressed his slickened finger to her wet ring and felt it begin to give way. He watched as her lips puckered and she exhaled while his finger slowly slid into her ass to the first knuckle. She hunched up so eagerly that he corkscrewed it gently to his second knuckle.

They paused for a few moments. The only sounds were the distant ocean, their breathing, and the soft rustle of the blanket as Lizzie continued masturbating.

"More," she said quietly. He sank his finger deeper into his sister's tiny rectum, struggling against its absurd tightness.

Her mouth fell open and she panted a few soft, "huh huh huh's" as her brother worked all the way into her velvety tight hole. Her hand was flying back and forth across her clit.

When he drew his finger halfway out and sank it back in, Lizzie gasped and shook. "Again," she pleaded softly. He did.

"Again," she repeated her plea. He was giddy as he began to gently fingerfuck his kid sister's miniature hole.

After just a couple of minutes, she stopped him by reaching down to catch his wrist. He assumed she'd had enough play at her inexperienced entrance. He was wrong.

Incredibly, she circled his second finger and pressed it to her tiny backdoor too. Her tongue flicked out to lick her upper lip as they started to ease into her together. Her big brown eyes locked on his her sphincter slowly yielded.

"So good, Scooter. So fucking wrong and nasty and good. I can see why people get into this," she moaned.

She bit her lower lip as he gently sank his two fingers deep into her tiny hole and began to gently saw them in and out of her ass.

By this point, his own bathing suit was a soaking wet mess.

"Talk... talk dirty to me?" she asked quietly between gasping and twitching.

"Sure, let's see... Mildew. Pond scum. Mouse droppings."

"Ewww. C'mon, you know what I mean. Sexy dirty."

"You mean how my fingers, your own brother's fingers are sliding in and out of your ass? You're very small back here sis. Very small. I can tell nobody has had you this way. It's a good thing you're excited. I can feel you dripping down onto my fingers and it's helping a lot."

He was stretching her tender back hole with both fingers. He could feel her reluctant opening relaxing little by little.

"Jesus Scooter, I'm on fire right now. Keep talking."

"I could tell you what it's going to be like when you let someone fuck you back there. I think you're going to like it, sis. Maybe not the first time. It's going to be a struggle and a stretch. Like the first time you had regular sex. Remember?"

"Yeah, that did kinda hurt," she nodded.

"You'll need to be patient, Lizzie. It's going to feel like hell at first. For you anyway. For Chip, it's going..."

"For who?"

"Chip. Your fiancée?"

"Oh yeah, him," she giggled. "Sorry." Lizzie's eyes finally opened. They were dark and glassy and unfocused. "Guess I can't think so good when you're doing this. Going to cum soon... big... huge... keep going just like this. Fuck, this feels good."

He smiled and continued working his fingers in and out of the strangling heat of her ass. Beneath the blanket, his kid sister's entire body began to shake haphazardly. Her breathing was shallow and uneven and her tanned cheeks were glowing a brilliant cherry red.

"Scooter? Kiss me?" She was dizzy now, almost looking past him as she asked.

He didn't argue. He pressed his lips to her mouth. Her lips opened immediately and she pulled his tongue inside.

It was the last thing she needed.

Lizzie moaned into his mouth as her hips shot up off the bed and she came with a dirty mishmash of syllables that amazed him, "goddamn motherfucking so fucking ugh ugh in my ass ugh jesus christ... " the string of expletives was impressively complete.

He kissed her forehead and continued pumping his fingers in and out of her clutching ass as her orgasm stretched out.

When she'd finished, he rolled onto his back and reached into his suit. He was so excited he didn't care that she was laying next to him. He'd be able to make himself cum in less than a minute.

"Scooter?" Lizzie looked at him and nibbled her lip sexily. "Don't. Please?" She gave him the big puppydog eyes again.

He groaned and stopped, mad with frustration. Why did she get to cum and he didn't? And why did she care?

"You're evil, sis."

"Ahhh, now you notice." She grinned wickedly. "Maybe we could get some dinner?" she asked as she reached down and pulled her suit bottom back up beneath the blanket. "For some reason, I'm starving all of a sudden. Come on, I'll take you someplace nice. My treat tonight."

They showered and dressed. He found her waiting on the patio with an empty drink in her hand. He stopped at the door to look at her. She was leaning on the patio's railing and looking out at the ocean.

She was wearing a thin yellow sundress with spaghetti shoulder straps that clung to her slender body enough that he could make out the tell-tale 'T' of a thong through it. It was cut low enough across the back to make it clear that she was braless again too. The orange light of the setting sun was glinting off her gold hair, twisted up off her neck casually. She looked comfortable and sexy and elegant all at the same time.

She'd heard him behind her. "I love the air here," she sighed.

"The view's pretty good too," he murmured.

"Perv. Come here. Hold me."

He wrapped his arms around her. "Feeling cheap after what we just did?"

"Uh uh, feeling frisky."


"Mmhmm, that was really hot. In fact, I got myself off in the shower again just thinking about what my brother did to me."

"Ah ha, now who's the perv?"

"You're rubbing off on me. Kiss my neck a little?"

When he did, she pressed herself back against him and felt the full length of his erection, "Mmm, that because of me?"

"Yep," he took her backwards push as an invitation and pushed himself into her firmly. His breath caught when she did one better by arching her ass and spreading her cheeks slightly. It trapped him snugly between her buns and she squeezed him teasingly.

"I thought you said you wanted dinner," he said cautiously

"Fuck it. Let's order in." She laughed a little. "You know, I'm ashamed to admit it, but I've always gotten a kick out of messing with you. Showing you a bit of skin. Wearing something skimpy or tight and feeling your eyes linger on me. There were times that you made me feel pretty when I wasn't sure about my body. You made me feel good about myself when I needed it most, Scooter. I'm sorry if that was cruel to you back then."

"Don't feel bad sis. Your flirting made some great memories for me too."

"Scooter? Do you think that maybe next time we practice we could try with your uh... thingie?"


"Yeah, why not? How else am I supposed to learn?"

"I don't know. I guess I figured you would wander off and use ... you know... a toy of some kind."

"Why would I ever want something cold and fake and plastic when I have a very warm and real and wonderful man to try it with?"

"Jeez sis, the stuff we did before was bad. What you're saying is a whole different level of wrong...."

"What, don't you want me Scooter? You honestly don't want to sink yourself in my last little virgin hole?" She looked back at him over her shoulder slyly.

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