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Work Mates And Maybe More?


I'd been hitting the gym pretty hard recently. Something to do with the 20kgs I'd let myself gain during a serious bout of depression. I was getting over it and was to the point that I was ready to start reclaiming my body again, along with my life. I'd been doing circuit stuff; treadmill and weights mostly. For some reason I hadn't been to any of classes in the 3 years I'd been a member, but a new refurb of the gym meant that we now had some spin bikes and classes running at lunch time 4 days a week. What the heck, it couldn't be worse than feeling self-conscious in the circuit room, and who knows, maybe having an instructor up front will make me push myself harder.

The first class was ok, but I hurt like hell afterwards. Still, I kept going along to classes, and soon for more than one reason. The gym is in my office building and is run by four colleagues who are also fitness instructors, so it's not as if I hadn't noticed Jess before. In fact, I'd started checking her out some months earlier. Now, she was an added incentive to come to class and work hard. I don't know when it changed, but I soon found myself deliberately going to her classes and was disappointed when she didn't teach.

I'd be riding my bike, working as hard as I could, but often found myself being distracted. The way her hair looked tied back, the cheeky grin on her face as she drove us to work harder and push ourselves further. Not to mention her body. Oh, her body! Jess is only a small thing, but well toned. Her upper body strength obvious from the lines of definition in her upper arms and shoulders, yet still very feminine. She has the small legs of a runner, firm but slender. Despite her petite size, the curves of her body are obvious and more than enough to capture my wanting gaze. Better yet, the podium she takes the class from on her own bike has full length mirrors behind her, so I even get to look at her arse. Not that I'm really an arse girl, but I wouldn't mind looking at hers any time.

It wasn't long before things, at least in my mind, took a step up. Outside of class there were little smiles exchanged between us, light conversation getting to know each other better and just generally an increase in the time we spent together. Through various social activities at work, Jess already knew that I'm a lesbian. And I already knew that she's married with two kids. That didn't stop me stealing glances, enjoying her innuendoes in class or fantasizing about her.

It's my morning tea break and I'm in the building cafe, watching her as she socialises with her workmates, waiting for the morning coffee she's just ordered. From a distance I look ... and look. I can see the dancing sparkle in Jess's grey eyes. The cheeky mischief in those eyes is undeniable. It's one of the things I find so attractive about her. Her shoulder length hair is down, the light sandy brown strands forming a carefree wavy frame around her face, almost surfer-chick style. Her lips stretch in a grin across her face, fine but not too thin. The pale pink I long to kiss so much. I'm usually pretty careful about not looking at her too much during gym classes, which makes opportunities like this one even better. The chance to just watch and admire, knowing that she's not readily going to catch the desirous gazes.

My 15 minute break is nearly over, so I get up from my seat and wander past more people who have gathered for their caffeine. She turns and says hello as I walk past. Maybe she had been aware of my attentions, or maybe I'd just been more indiscrete than I'd intended. As the last of her work mates picks up their coffee, the small group turns to leave, only a few steps behind me. Adam throws some friendly banter my way, giving me the chance to continue my interaction with Jess, even if it is indirectly. As our slow amble brings me close to the door of my work area, I turn to finish the conversation and say goodbye to the group. I'm slightly bemused to see her checking out my arse as I walk in front of her. Her look flicks back up and she grins as she makes eye contact with me. We exchange the usual "catch ya later" and I make my way to my desk. It's just as well I can do this part of my job with my eyes closed, because some 30 minutes later my thoughts are still occupied with the image of her eyes firmly planted on my arse before making eye contact with me, almost acknowledging her ogle. A hundred 'what if?'s and 'maybe's race through my head. I become aroused by some of the maybes – maybe I can kiss her, maybe I can touch her, maybe I can hold her ... maybe I can fuck her.

The friendly conversation, the cheeky grins continued, and the flirting began. The innuendos in class increased; as she's pushing us hard at the pinnacle of a track, she urges us to keep pace with her, a quick glance in my direction as she says "come with me" ... That's exactly what I want to do. I wonder if Jess knows just how hot she's making me. Her simple, yet clearly knowing grin in response to my blush, visible even through my exercise-redden face, says she does. It was enough to let me know that she knew where my head had been and that she was enjoying it.

It was only a couple of weeks later that I was taken surprise when it took her an overly long time to get changed after class. We were each in our usual corner of the very small change room. Jess was chatting away with me while she was getting changed. Being uncomfortable with my own body, I usually tried to make sure I'd changed underwear and covered up as much as possible before anyone else was back in the change room, so I was already putting on my shoes and needed only to tie the laces and pack the sweaty clothes I'd just removed in my bag. She seemed to be making sure that our conversation continued as she got undressed. My eyes were on my shoes as I tied my shoes. There was a slight pause in the conversation before Jess said, "Hey Anne?" The inflection in her voice naturally caused me to look up at her as I said "yeah? ... "

She stood facing me; my eyes were immediately drawn to her naked breasts. Her rounded, soft, naked breasts. Her hardened pink nipples standing overtly from the soft whiteness surrounding them.

I answered whatever question it was that she asked, paying little attention to either her question or my response. I gathered my belongings, walking out of the room with the sight of her breasts burned into my mind, and knowing she'd well and truly caught me looking, probably just as she had intended. All afternoon I could feel the heat in my between my legs, my clit obviously hardened as I felt the seam of my jeans rub against it during several wanders around the floor.

I had smashed out the day's class and was once again in the change room when Jess walked in. I was the only female participant in today's class, so we were the only ones in the room, and would be the only ones in there. We remain silent while we get changed, until Jess says to me in a jovial manner,

"Did I see you blushing at some of my comments today?"

"Yeah." I reply, "Just me having a dirty mind though. Happens when you've got sex on the brain."

"Sex with anyone in particular?" Jess asks cheekily.

I find myself unable to answer, because I don't want to lie, but I don't dare speak the truth, as I'm not sure what her reaction might be. I slowly look over my bare shoulder, conscious that I'm still standing there in my jeans and bra, not having continued to get dressed since the conversation started. She is standing there, still in the process of getting changed. She's back in her work shirt, picking up her skirt, ready to remove her tight black gym pants that hug her arse so well. She turns and looks at me. She looks me right in the eye and the twinkle which I see in her eyes tells me that she already knows the answer to her question.

I remain frozen to the spot, not sure of what I should do, despite knowing what I want to do. She takes a step towards me, so we are now no more than a couple of feet from each other, still looking each other in the eyes. I turn to face her front on and deliberately let her see me slowly look her up and down, taking in all her slight curves, until my eyes return to her gaze. I can feel butterflies in my stomach, my mind running at a hundred miles an hour and my breathing quickening at the thought of what might happen. I step towards her, placing my right hand on her hip and my left hand on the slightly flushed soft skin of her cheek, pulling her closer towards me. Our lips meet, in a soft, yet confident kiss. We hold that first kiss for what would only be a few seconds, but what felt like a blissful lifetime, with an electrifying passion passing between us in that moment.

The next kiss is more intense. Our lips press harder against each other, with more intent and desire. I feel Jess's hands on each side of my waist, pulling my body closer to hers. I can feel her quickened breathing as my hands explore her upper body through her shirt, feeling the flatness of her stomach and strength within her shoulders.

I pull back a little from the kiss and looked at her, my hands still warm on her body and hers still on mine. Her eyes are wide, and her lips and cheeks reddened.

I bring my hands to the front of Jess's white shirt, unbuttoning it. Even through her sexy white lace bra I can see her nipples are as hard my own. I slip the shirt from her shoulders, letting it silently fall to the floor, revealing her incredibly sexy upper body. I take a moment to admire the newly exposed skin - her narrow waist, the taut tummy, the definite muscles of her shoulders and upper arms.

A lustful, but quiet "Hmmmmmmmmm" escapes my throat.

I press my lips to hers again. The kissing intensifies, this time our mouths opened wider, our tongues seek each other out. I run the fingers of one hand along the line of her collar bone towards her shoulder, and trace down the outside of her arm. Our kissing quickens I press my body up against Jess's moving my hand to her back. My practiced fingers release the clasp on her bra. She steps back, releasing her breasts from their confine. Her breasts are just as the image burned into my mind – soft, round and perfect. Each a perfect small handful. As I looked at Jess the intense longing between my legs grows.

I gently move her backwards, so her back is against the wall before I continue to kiss her, with my hands exploring her breasts. I toy with her nipples between my fingers and thumbs, feeling them get even harder under my touch. I break our kiss, moving my lips to her neck, kissing her soft skin as I work my way to her shoulder, my hands still enjoying her breasts. I feel her breathing quicken as my lips move from her shoulder to the top of her breast. As my lips meet her nipple for the first time she lets out a small gasp, which changes to a moan as my tongue flickers over her nipple and I suck it into my mouth. Moving my mouth to her other breast, I let my hands move further down her body. I slip my hands inside her gym pants at her hips, moving my hands behind her, holding one firm cheek in each hand.

I lower myself to my knees as my kisses moved down Jess's body, my lips lightly touching her as I explore her stomach. As my kisses reach the top of her pants I raise my eyes to meet Jess's gaze. Holding her look, I lower her pants and g-string. I can smell her wetness and wanted to taste her immediately, but remain patient, simply enjoying taking in the sight. My hands trace down the outside of her legs, helping her step out of the last of her clothing when I reach her feet. My fingers lightly stroke her soft skin as they moved back up the inside of both her legs. I run my finger along her outer lips back to front several times, with the lightest touch. Hearing a moan escape from her mouth, I continue to tease her, parting her lips gently to reveal her wetness and swollen clit, blowing gently across them. Her clit hardens further under the coolness of my breath. She pushes her hips forward, moving her pussy closer to my waiting mouth. I delicately touch the tip of my tongue on her clit quickly several times, pausing to tease, before plunging it into her wet pussy, enjoying her taste for the first time. My tongue penetrates her and spreads her wetness before I concentrate on her clit.

Her small moans offer encouragement as her hips begin a regular movement towards my face, her breathing quickening. As I continue to work my tongue over her clit, I run two fingers through her slickness, before I slide them inside her, feeling her heat from inside. Her pussy takes my fingers easily, and I start slowly fucking her with them, matching my movements to the thrust of her hips. As her breathing continues to quicken and the moans from her lips become louder, I increase the speed my tongue is circling over her clit and my fingers are fucking her pussy. Her pussy begins to tighten around my fingers and the thrusts of her crotch into my face intensify. I curl the tip of the two fingers inside her, making sure I was hitting the spot with each drive into her. Her pussy tightens further, a deep sigh coming from her mouth. I can feel it building within her and I know she's not far from cumming. I put a 3rd finger inside her and suck her clit hard between my lips into my mouth, pushing her over the edge. Her pussy contracts around my fingers and I continue to suck her clit through her orgasm. Her juices run down my hand as the thrust of her hips subside. Her knees weakened by her orgasm she meets on her knees on the floor, kissing the taste of her pussy away from my lips.

Now sitting on the floor, Jess held me in her arms for a few minutes before we both realised we were still at work and would soon be missed. We both rose and hurriedly got dressed. Before Jess opened the door to leave the change room she kissed my lips and with a twinkle in her eye and a grin on her cheek said "I'll catch you tomorrow."

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