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Work Out Buddies


*Author's Note: Any persons engaging in any sexual activity are at least eighteen years of age.


Chapter 1

"Yes, I'd like an Egg biscuit and a large coffee and a large orange juice," the familiar voice yelled into the speaker.

"Seven forty two, second window, drive around," Lillian said and quickly poured the coffee, adding the four packets of sugar and four creams that Iris took in her coffee.

She scooped out one scoop of the scrambled egg mixture, slapped it onto the bottom half of the biscuit, and then put a slice of cheddar cheese and a slice of bacon. An unhealthy amount of the melted butter was brushed onto the top half of the biscuit, then that was quickly wrapped up and stuffed into the bag, next to the large coffee and the large orange juice. She dropped four napkins into the bag, then approached the drive-through window.

"Getting slow there," Iris joked, beautiful smile on full wattage. "I've been sitting here for oh, at least twenty seconds now."

"I'm so sorry, ma'am," Lillian smiled back. "It won't happen again. Would you like to speak to my manager?"

"No, no, we'll let it slide this time," Iris said and gave Lillian eight dollars.

Once again, Lillian was struck at how small Iris' hands were, even though the woman was severely overweight. She also continued to marvel at how meticulous Iris's make-up and clothing were; the young woman's business suit was a soft rose color; her blouse a stark white and her make-up matched perfectly. But she knew, being a very overweight girl herself, very few would ever notice the care Iris took with her appearance.

"Thank you, Iris," Lillian smiled and held out the change.

"Keep the change," Iris said and zipped off in her small hybrid compact.

Lillian looked over her shoulder at the clock; twelve after eight; Iris was running a little late.

Normally they would chat for a couple of minutes. Iris would ask how Lillian and Tony were getting along. Lillian would shrug her shoulders and tell Iris that Tony was a bum, a pain in the ass, looking, always looking, but never finding any work.

Lillian would ask Iris about her job, how sales were going. Iris was a real estate agent, studying to become a real estate broker. Lillian didn't see any major difference between one and the other, but Iris was quite excited about the upcoming tests.

She would also blush prettily when Lillian asked about Mr. McMillan; she and Mr. McMillan were having an affair.

"He really doesn't love his wife," Iris said.


"Um, let's see, can I have a pancake wrap, um, with the bacon and a large coffee and a large orange juice?" Iris yelled into the speaker.

"Okay, eight ninety-one, second window," Lillian said and busied herself.

"Hi," Iris' pretty face beamed up.

"What?" Lillian said. "You're almost three hours late! I was worried about you!"

"Had a doctor's appointment," Iris said. "Harvey said just take the day off."

"Gee, you're lucky," Lillian smiled. "My boss would make me come in and work overtime."

Then she grew concerned.

"Nothing wrong, huh?" she asked.

"No, just a yearly checkup. You know, where they make you get undressed and put on a paper gown then sit there and wait forever and want to tell you that you need to lose weight, but they weigh ten times more than you do," Iris smiled.

"Yeah, they always want to make it about the weight, don't they?" Lillian asked.

"Yeah, I mean, I'm twenty-five; I've been fat my whole life," Iris said. "But that's all they want to talk about."

"I'm twenty five too!" Lillian said.

"You are?" Iris said. "Gee, you don't look a day over twenty four!"

"Shut up!" Lillian laughed, then frowned as the bell dinged, alerting her that someone was waiting to place an order. "Well, got to go."

"Don't you want my money?" Iris asked, holding out a ten-dollar bill.

"Oh yeah!" Lillian laughed aloud.

Even in casual clothing, Iris was painstaking in her appearance. Her blouse as a vivid red and her jeans were pressed.

Lillian had begun to wear her blonde hair like Iris' blonde hair, brushed over from right to left, framing her round face. She started taking a little more care with her make up, not just dabbing a little on in the morning. She also paid attention to what Iris wore and whenever she bought herself any new clothing, she asked herself what Iris would buy.

"Look nice," Tony had mumbled.


"What's wrong?" Iris asked as Lillian brought her the bag.

"Nothing," Lillian mumbled, on the verge of tears.

Tony had left. Said he was tired of her nagging him all the time, packed up his stuff and left. Then from a girl that was supposedly a friend, she found out that Tony had been cheating on her for months. All those days he was supposed to be looking for work, he was shacking up with another girl.

The second shock had been when the utilities were cut off. Tony hadn't bothered paying the bill with the one hundred and sixty seven dollars she'd given him last month.

Her car had died, for the last time. Tony was the one that always managed to get it running again, but he wasn't anywhere around.

This morning, her boss, never a friendly man to begin with, had announced that due to a steady decline in business, he was going to have to let one of them go. Lillian had not even bothered to wonder who that would be.

"Come on, tell me," Iris begged.

"You wouldn't believe me if I told you," Lillian said and fought back the tears.

"What time do you get off?" Iris asked.

"Eleven," Lillian said.

Eleven o'clock. It would be the last time she'd punch the clock there. And wit the economy in the dump, it might be the last time she'd punch a clock anywhere for a long time.

"I'll pick you up," Iris promised. "We'll go to lunch, have a bitch session, okay?"

"Iris, I can't afford..." Lillian started to say.

"I didn't ask that," Iris said and zipped away, cutting off any argument.

Chapter 2

Iris was true to her word, sitting out in the parking lot, waiting on Lillian. She honked her horn and smiled as Lillian waddled over to the small car.

"Hi, my favorite place for lunch is this little hole in the wall Mexican restaurant, you like Mexican?" Iris asked.

"Yeah, and I love Mexican men too," Lillian smiled wryly. "They seem to love my fat ass."

"Boy if that ain't the truth!" Iris laughed merrily and drove at a breakneck speed. "Maybe that's why I love this place; a little worship does a girl good, you know?"

Over the enchiladas, Lillian poured out her tale of woe. Every now and then, Iris would pat her hand in sympathy, but did not interrupt. Iris waved the waiter over and quietly asked for more napkins; Lillian had used up both of the napkins on her tears.

"So what are you going to do now?" Iris finally asked when Lillian had run out of complaints and tears.

"What you mean?" Lillian asked.

"Well, can't sit around feeling sorry for yourself forever," Iris said and again waved the waiter over. "Sooner or later, you're going to have to get out there and look for a job, right?"

"You want maybe dessert?" the waiter asked.

"Bring us two of the chocolate cakes," Iris said, and two coffees.

She smiled at Lillian.

"Hope you don't mind," she laughed. "But this place has got the absolute best chocolate cake in the world!"


She looked at her watch and smiled at Lillian.

"Kind of late to run back to the office; I told Harvey I was trying to show a new client around town anyway," Iris laughed. "Hey, I just got in 'Airplane!' you know? The movie? It's like thirty years old, ut it is the funniest movie ever! You ever see it?"

"Surely you can't be serious," Lillian said in a deep voice.

"I am, and don't call me Shirley," Iris replied in a deep voice and they burst out laughing.

"You want to come over and watch it?" Iris begged.

"Sure, I got nothing else to do; but I do want to change out of my work clothes," Lillian said, smiling.

: This?" Iris asked as she looked around the decrepit apartment building. This is where you live?"

"Um, yeah," Lillian said, a little embarrassed at the run-down surroundings.

"Oh no no no no," Iris said, locking her car doors with the keyless remote. "Come on, pack an overnight bag; I don't feel safe out here in broad daylight. I can only imagine what this place is like at night!"

Lillian grimaced as she opened the door to the apartment; the place was a mess. She just knew that the prim and proper and well-groomed Iris would be disgusted at the squalor.

If she was disgusted by the interior, Iris did not elude to it.

"Grab something to sleep in, oh, and something to wear tomorrow," Iris said as she looked out the front door at her car.

"Okay," Lillian said and made sure to grab her toothbrush as well.

"Ready?" Iris smiled and quickly walked to her car.


"Your, um, your boss won't get all pissed off you didn't go back to the office?" Lillian asked as Iris pulled up in front of a clean looking condominium.

"Him," Iris spat contemptuously.

She unlocked the front door and ushered Lillian in.

"No, no, he won't dare say anything," Iris said angrily as she put her purse down on the sofa table. "Son of a bitch knows all I have to do is call his wife and let her know the mother fucker's been fucking me and three other stupid bitches at the office."

Lillian looked at Iris, shocked at the vulgarities that spilled so easily from the professional woman's lips.

"Why am I so stupid?" Iris asked and burst into sobs. "I should have known! 'Fuck the fat girl, they're easy!' And boy was I! I fell for his line of shit like you wouldn't believe!"

It was Lillian's turn to comfort; she took the other woman into her arms and the two hugged tightly for a few minutes, rocking each other lightly.

"Sorry," Iris said and dabbed at her eyes. "I don't know where that came from."

"Hey, it's all right," Lillian smiled. "I was a big crybaby at lunch; I guess you get to be a big crybaby at dinner time."

"Uh huh," Iris laughed. "Make yourself at home, I'm going to get comfortable. If you can get out of your work clothes, so can I."

"I always love your taste in clothing," Lillian admitted.

"Really?" Iris asked. "Gee, I never thought any one ever noticed."

"Are you kidding?" Lillian asked. "Your clothes are beautiful! And always the right colors and everything!"

"Well, I bet we're about the same size," Iris smiled happily. "You see anything you want to borrow, you just let me know."

"Okay, everything," Lillian smiled back. "I've never seen anything on you I wouldn't love to have."

"Oh shut up, you!" Iris laughed happily.

"You think we're about the same size?" Lillian asked.

"Yeah, well, I'm just a shade under five five, and, according to the doctor, weigh two sixty-two," Iris confessed as she climbed the stairs. "I think they add about ten pounds just to be ass holes."

"You're kidding, I'm five four, and according to the broken piece of shit scale Tony had, I'm two fifty eight," Lillian admitted.

"Come on," Iris invited. "Come see; I bet I got some old things I don't wear anymore."

Lillian climbed the stairs and saw Iris standing in front of a closet. She entered the bedroom and looked at the large bed and the rest of the furniture. She could tell the furniture was expensive, and just like everything else about Iris, was in excellent taste.

"I feel like really slumming it up tonight," Iris confessed and pulled out a tracksuit.

In front of Lillian, Iris stepped out of her skirt, and shrugged off her suit jacket. She put both on a hanger and hung that on the back of the bedroom door. The blouse was divested as well and Lillian made an audible 'ooh' at the sight of Iris' frilly, feminine lingerie.

Iris looked at Lillian and smiled self-consciously.

"It's a luxury I've never been able to resist," she admitted. I just love the way silk feels. Fat or not, a girl's got the right to feel sexy, am I right?"

"Absolutely," Lillian agreed.

Iris unhooked the bra and Lillian stared at the melons that tumbled out. They were large orbs capped with large light brown nipples that began to stiffen up in the light chill of the room.

"Silk or not, it still feels sooo good to get out of them, huh?" Iris said.

Iris shrugged on a plain white tee shirt, then pulled on the tracksuit slacks, then slipped the jacket on as well. The bra was picked up off the floor and Iris sauntered out of the room.

"Oh, if you need to, there's a half bath downstairs," Iris called out and Lillian followed the sound of her voice.

She found Iris in a small alcove, putting her bra on top of the dryer.

"And there's two full baths up here," Iris went on. "One off my bedroom and one right there in the hallway. While we're up here, let me show you the guest bedroom."

Iris walked into another room and Lillian followed. There was a queen-sized bed, with frilly lace coverlet and several pillows. A chest of drawers stood in one corner, with a small television sitting atop of it.

"Got a dvd player built in, in case you get bored," Iris smiled.

"Uh huh," Lillian looked at the large home gym exercise machine in the opposite corner.

"Ah yes, my home gym," Iris giggled self-consciously. "Bought it like two years ago, I think I used it twice."

"How come?" Lillian asked, looking at the contraption.

"I don't know," Iris admitted. "It's just so hard to get motivated when there's nobody telling you to get cracking, you know?"

"Need a work out buddy?" Lillian asked.

"Yes!" Iris enthused. "Yes I do!"

"You got one now," Lillian said and held out her hand.

The two women shook on it then giggled at each other.


They watched Airplane! And the dismal sequel and were on their third movie when Lillian felt Iris lightly shake her.

"Come on, sleepy head, bed time," Iris smiled and helped Lillian to her feet.

Lillian staggered up the stairs, mad at herself. It was ten thirty and she would have to get up at four o'clock in order to get to the diner in time.

She paused outside of the bathroom. She wouldn't have to get up; she didn't have a job any more.

"Oh, no, no," Iris crooned as she hugged the sobbing Lillian. "Come on, it'll be all right."

"I don't have a job any more!" Lillian sobbed.

"Go on, take your shower; you're sleeping in my room tonight," Iris said in a firm voice.

"Okay," Lillian agreed and entered the guest bathroom.

Just like everything else about Iris, the bathroom was perfect. There were big fluffy towels that matched the decor, a fresh bar of soap, and full bottles of shampoo, conditioner, and liquid bath soap. There was even a disposable razor and can of shave gel sitting on the rim of the tub. The tub looked like it had never been used before, as did the toilet. There was a full roll of toilet paper on the spindle.

She fiddled with the knobs and adjusted the temperature of the shower and got in. She availed herself of all the amenities; it had been a long time since she'd been able to use conditioner on her hair. Usually, she used soap when shaving, but she availed her of the feminine smelling gel and luxuriated in the silky smooth feeling a fresh razor and shave gel produced.

Finally, she got out and dried herself off. She dried her hair as best she could, and then resigned herself to having to use a second towel to dry her hair.

"Better? All clean?" Iris smiled.

"Damn it Iris, it's not fair!" Lillian smiled. "Even your pajamas are perfect!"

"Shut up," Iris laughed. "Sit down; you're not going to sleep with wet hair."

Lillian sat at the vanity while Iris stood behind her and fussed with Lillian's hair. In the mirror, Lillian could see through Iris' translucent camisole top, could see the hard nipples. The tap pants were also translucent, but Lillian could not see Iris' pubic hair, could not see if Iris was a natural blonde or not.

"Why are you looking?" she asked herself, and tore her eyes away from Iris' crotch.

"Oh, we could brush it back like this," Iris giggly said.

"No, I comb it over, like yours," Lillian protested.

"But this way, it shows off your pretty face; you've got such a pretty face," Iris said.

"Not near as pretty as yours," Lillian said.

"Oh, that's not true," Iris, laughed. "You're ten times prettier than I'll ever be."

Chapter 3

A beam of light from the outside security light shone into Iris' bedroom.

Lillian woke up when the sound of light snoring switched to quite heavy snoring. It amused her that Iris did have at least one flaw. In the light, she looked at her host, her friend and saw another flaw. Iris slept with a teddy bear.

Smiling, Lillian reached out her hand and gently touched Iris' arm. The snoring dropped several decibels. As soon as Lillian removed her hand, though, the snoring rose again. Lillian rested her hand on Iris' hand and the snoring again dropped in intensity. She squirmed and got comfortable n her new position and fell back asleep.


Lillian woke when she heard music. She smiled again as Iris quickly put the teddy bear on the side of the bed, out of sight, then turned off the alarm.

It was still dark outside, so Iris turned on her bedside lamp and turned to face Lillian.

"Good morning, work out buddy, ready to get started?" Iris asked Lillian.

"Yeah," Lillian agreed and they got out of the bed.

Iris dropped her tap pants and camisole top to the floor and pulled on a sweatshirt and sweat pants. Lillian simply wore her long tee shirt and men's boxer shorts that she slept in.

They walked down the hall to the guest bedroom.

"What time is it, anyway?" Lillian asked.

"Five thirty," Iris said. "I figure we'd work out for thirty minutes, then shower and go get something to eat, what you think?"

"Yeah, but could it be any place but the diner?" Lillian asked.

"Well, yeah," Iris said. "I mean, hello, the only reason I was going there was to see you."

"What?" Lillian asked, a little surprised.

"Lillian, you're my only friend, the only one that never looked down at me, looked at me like I'm some fat pig," Iris said and began a few reps on the pull up bar.

"No, I wouldn't do that," Lillian agreed and lay down on the bench. "How you do this thing?"

"That's supposed to be like a bench press thing," Iris said. "You just push up on it, then let it come back down and push up on it again.

Iris may have intended for them to work out for thirty minutes, but fifteen minutes into it, both girls were sweating profusely and groaning.

"You know what?" Iris gasped out. "I don't think we should overdo it our first time out, what you think?"

"I agree," Lillian gasped and stopped trying to do the squat bar.

"Hey, but fir our first time, not bad, huh?" Iris smiled.

"High five, sister," Lillian said and the two women slapped hands then giggled.

"Damn, I need another shower," Lillian wheezed as they left the exercise room.

"Go ahead," Iris said. "I got to iron my clothes for the day."

Lillian did not dawdle as long in the shower, but still luxuriated in using the good, name brand shampoo and conditioner.

When she came out of the bathroom, it became clear to her why she had been unable to see if Iris was a natural blonde or not. Iris stood, nude, at her ironing board and when she turned to smile at Lillian, Lillian could see that Iris' pubic mound was hairless.

Her inner pussy lips were a purple and protruded from the slit at least an inch, dangling down. Iris nonchalantly finished ironing the blouse and hung it on the doorknob. Then she indicated the ironing board.

"Need to use it?" she asked.

"No," Lillian said, a little perturbed at Iris' ease in baring herself to her, almost a stranger. "Wait, yeah, I guess I could iron my blouse."

"There you go," Iris smiled and walked toward her bathroom.

Lillian looked at Iris' large hips, ample backside, and flabby thighs. She shook her head, reminding herself, from behind, she didn't look any different. Large hips, ample backside. Flabby thighs. 'Thunder Thighs,' Tony used to call them.

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