tagFetishWorker Incentive Plan Ch. 02

Worker Incentive Plan Ch. 02


2 – The Girls Give a Product Demonstration.

Special note to readers: This is not even remotely like The Deal. I am writing the W.I.P. series as an outlet for me to "raunch out" in a way I can't in The Deal as well as to challenge myself as a writer to be able to write "quality" (I guess you'll be the judge of that) extreme sex action. With that in mind I hope you enjoy the series.

Hamilton Printing was business as usual on Monday. Presses were printing; writers were writing; artists were drawing; layout artists were moving print around; and management was talking about sex.

"My mother always said to keep it simple," Heather told Steve and Isabelle.

"Did she also tell you how to have sex with ten guys at once?" Isabelle asked her.

"No, I missed that memo, but I bet you can give me insights Belle."

"Ya know, I was almost feeling guilty for shoving my whole hand up you Friday, Miss Attitude," Isabelle gave the redhead a withering look.

Steve smirked at both of them, "Alright; sleeping on it over the weekend, I think that if you two sex-crazed women are really serious we could actually pull this off. But I agree with Heather. Keeping it simple usually does work best."

Isabelle counted out two fingers "What can be simpler than two words? Anything – Goes."

"So what if Ted is really, really close to his dog Mac and wants to give him a thrill? Or one of the guys wants you to indoctrinate his fourteen-year old cousin into the wonderful world of sex?" Steve looked at the girls, eyebrow raised.

"Ewwww. Okay anything goes but kids and animals."

"It loses some of the punch to the tagline, but yeah I agree, no kids or animals," Heather shook her red haired head in agreement.

"What if one of the guys wants to pee all over you?" Steve's eyebrow was still raised.

"We have a hose in the back to wash off with; I'm cool with that one," Isabelle countered the eyebrow with a look of determination.

"Downsides – probably tastes less than great; it'll stink; might sting if it gets in the eye. Actually, normal hazards of sex – okay I'm in" Heather again shook her head gulping this time.

"Way to go Smut Girl. I'm proud of you!" Isabelle shook her fist in victory. Heather got up from her chair and took a bow.

"So do we figure out a production chart for each worker or group totals?" Steve tried to stay all business in order to get the image of the girls on their knees mouths open waiting out of his head.

"Keep it simple says group totals. Besides how can Alex print more if the rest don't produce more first? If they achieve as a group they get laid as a group. Unless we can peg one of them for letting the rest do his job for him." Isabelle waved an accusatory finger.

"This particular group of guys seems to be even keeled, so I don't think we will have a problem. We can always reconvene later to analyze the success of this plan." Steve added.

"Wow; I'm impressed how you can make kinky sex sound so mundanely business-ish,"

Isabelle smiled.

"So we give the guys an overall goal. Give them some time. If they meet the goal and deadline they all get the prize. Keep it simple," Heather chimed in.

Isabelle continued "We are quite a prize and we are in desperate trouble so I say double production in a month."

"We need some money fast or some needed supplies like paper and ink will stop coming this month. How about our average month's gross in two weeks' time with the month end doubling our biggest month last year." Steve calculated in his head. "If they could maintain that we would be in the clear fairly quickly."

"If it saves our asses my ass is in," Isabelle said.

"So do we give that willing ass to one at a time or the ten at once?" Heather looked at Isabelle expectantly.

"How about we let them decide? You and I will be "available" after work each day for the first week of the new month. We take appointments. The guys can one-on-one or any size team up with either one or both of us. Each guy gets one appointment per month. Keep it simple."

Heather imagined herself in a pile of five or six naked guys. She shivered in scared excitement.

Steve stood up "Well the month starts Thursday. Do you want me to go out there and lay out the plan to them? Once we start we can't go back. Not without pissing off our needed work crew."

"Will you stop being such a wet blanket? I can't tell you how excited I am. I am sooo in and I think, though scared, Smut Girl here has never been more excited either."

"Pretty much Belle."

"Alright I'll tell the boys."

"Steve. No wonder we are in trouble – you can really suck at business."

"Sorry, I never moonlighted as a pimp before; I haven't had time to read the S.O.P. manual yet."

"You get more when you sell a product. You don't tell someone about a new product you demonstrate it!" Isabelle's eyes were beginning to glow.

"I never knew you were so sex-crazed," Steve shook his head.

"Your loss, Boss Man. Leave everything to us. You just tell the guys that we are going to have an after hours mandatory meeting. That will scare them into thinking all day that you are going to announce that we are closing, and then Heather and I will hit them with the plan. Give us the day off to get ready. I think that you are capable of running the place for a day without us. Besides, this way the guys will think you already told us we're closing and we left. We need some time to plan our demonstration."

The girls grabbed their coats and walked out while Steve entered the workroom and called the boys together.

He had to admit he had never seen such a tense day at the shop. He was almost afraid some of the guys wouldn't return from lunch. Many eyes kept glancing at the unusually empty desks in the front.

Finally the most agonizing day at Hamilton Printing ground to a halt as all work sounds silenced to be replaced by the scuffling of nervous feet.

Steve walked over to the group scrambling to think of something to say when the door slammed open and Isabelle walked in wearing a long stylish raincoat.

"Thank you Steve I'll take it from here." She looked back at the open door as an equally attired Heather came in tugging a hot pink kiddy pool which had several posters and a box in it. Heather dragged the pool stopping between Isabelle and the confused men.

"Thanks for the help Belle."

It was quickly evident to Steve that both girls had been drinking but not enough that the nervous crew knew.

Isabelle slapped her hands together "So boys think the bomb is about to drop don't you? Men can be such wussies. We are here to give you a different story. We see the best, most successful printing shop in the entire damn city. You just need to get off your asses."

The men looked around at each other getting more and more confused.

Heather walked over to the long blank side wall and taped up a placard.

Isabelle pointed at it. "See that number. That is the sales gross of the most successful printing shop after two weeks."

Damn the girls are good, Steve thought. The number was real close to what he had figured using the books that afternoon.

She paused while Heather put another sign next to the first.

"That my dear boys is the gross sales of the most successful printing shop after an entire month."

Again Steve smiled, two for two; he thanked his lucky stars that he had hired them.

Isabelle remained silent while Heather put up five signs beneath the first two saying Monday 3rd, Tuesday 4th through Friday 7th.

Heather muttered "Still appreciating the help here Belle."

Next Heather set up a small table with a wooden box with a slot in the top on the floor below the signs.

Isabelle smiled at the confused men. "The staff of the best printing shop is a very special staff. They deserve dividends. Please meet dividend one" Isabelle pointed at Heather who took a bow.

"Introducing dividend two," Heather announced as Isabelle bowed.

"In the box you tell us which dividend and what from the dividend and mark the calendar above with the day you what your dividend or dividends delivered."

The men looked at the Steve more and more confused. Steve just grinned and shrugged.

Heather reached up and put two more placards above all the signs which said "Anything Goes*."

"It's not rocket science boys. The numbers are your goal; we are the dividends; what is anything goes with the minor restriction of animals and minors; and when is the dates up there. You want to fuck me on Tuesday put it in the box. You want to triple team Heather on Monday – in the box. You think you can handle both of us by yourself on Thursday – in the box. You each get one appointment per goal meeting month. Allow us to demonstrate and show you what we mean by anything goes."

Heather walked back over to Isabelle who put her arm around Heather's shoulders.

"Heather and I just did our job completely, timely and to full potential. We are each other's dividend. The payment is now. What will it be Heather?"

Heather brought her finger to her lip and swayed her foot across the ground in mock thought.

"Well, let me see Belle. I am not used to drinking so much at afternoon meetings; I've got a full bladder and I bet you do too. Let's get in this convenient pool and pee all over ourselves and then eat each other out as a special job well done treat." Heather said this all in a little girl wonder voice.

Steve could hear the gasp through the group.

Isabelle fake whined "But I don't want to ruin my new coat."

Heather grinned at the boys as she grabbed the belt on the coat whipping it open throwing the coat off to reveal the naked office manager beneath. She shrugged off her own coat presenting her own nude body next. Isabelle stepped into the pool looking at the men.

"Too bad you haven't been working up to your full potential yet or may be you could have joined us. Now you have to just watch and wait until next month."

Isabelle kneeled and waited as Heather walked over spreading her legs open around Isabelle. Isabelle opened her mouth just as the first spray gushed from between Heather's legs. She really did have to go badly. The men rushed forward as the flood of fluid cascaded down Isabelle's face, chest and legs before creating a yellow puddle around her body in the pool. As her mouth filled up Isabelle spit it out to hit Heather back on her pussy as well as send a gush down her own heaving hard-nipple breasts. After a minute the spray trickled to a drip. Isabelle leaned forward and ran her tongue through the open pussy before her. The men hooted and howled.

Heather reached down and pushed Isabelle back by her shoulders. She lay down on her back mindless of the puddle. Isabelle scooted up to straddle Heather's chest. She leaned back and aimed her open pussy at the grinning red head. A harder, more direct stream than Heather's came out to forcefully spray into Heather's mouth and nose. She gulped at the surprise force before opening and swallowing rapidly. Isabelle reached back with her hand and dragged her fingers through Heather's frizzy red pubic hair before plunging her index and middle finger into the drenched pussy below. The men watched as Isabelle's spray slowed to a trickle. She took her fingers from Heather eliciting a frustrated groan from the drenched red head.

"Oh shut up" said Isabelle as she pushed her pussy onto the mouth of the red head smothering her. Looking carefully the men could see the tip of Heather's tongue occasionally pop up through the smooth shaven clit on top of her. Isabelle brought her hands up to caress her breasts as she ground her pelvis into her office mate.

After a minute Isabelle rose up and twisted around to give the boys a live sixty-nine performance. Quickly the room filled with slurps, groans and hoots.

Finally both girls shook and screamed "Fuck" and "Shit" before Isabelle rolled off to lay beside her equally panting partner her arm draped across her midriff.

Steve jumped off the desk he had been sitting on. "Alright, gentlemen; I believe this meeting is at an end. I expect all of you here bright and early tomorrow ready to work your asses off." He pushed and prodded the stumbling slack jawed troop out the door locking it behind them. He walked back to the slimy girls still lying in the pool.

Heather looked up "We'll take the price of the pool out of petty cash after we're back in the black. So Boss want to join us for round two?"

Isabelle looked up, her wet raven hair plastered to her face, "I'll wash your back for you later and make sure I get between all the cracks."

Steve walked forward taking off his tie, again thanking the stars for the day these two girls walked into his office.

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