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Worker's Delight


Generally speaking, Cheri was a very quiet, conservative, reserved, polite, unobtrusive type... at work. She would go to work, do what was required of her, collect her pay check then leave that place to go do what she really loved -- live her real life. She enjoyed having sex -- the rougher the better, though from her polished exterior and Catholic school background she knew no one could tell she had a number of fetishes just by looking at her. In fact, she was probably obsessed with sex, frequently watching hardcore porn -- the raunchier the better, reading naughty stories on Literotica.com and masturbating several times nearly every day and having sex as often as possible.

Yet, she was usually overly appropriate with her co-workers and supervisors. After all, while she was only twenty seven years old, she more than realized from other people's mishaps at work that co-workers are not friends. "They are simply the people I work with," Cheri told herself constantly. That way, she didn't reveal too many intimate or personal details about herself at work. She'd been with this company for more than three years and so far that philosophy had worked well for her. It had kept her out of trouble, since she didn't get personally involved with the people at her job.

Today, Cheri was actually feeling quite restless. The summer heat was just beginning outside on a beautiful, clear June day and she'd worn two things today she'd known were definite no-nos in the workplace, even in such a casual work environment. She'd worn a pretty light blue with white flowers spaghetti strap sun dress and flip flops, wishing she were spending the day at the beach instead of trapped in a cubicle. She didn't even bother to wear a sweater, revealing her mostly nude shoulders, which garnered her quite a few looks at work. However, most of her co-workers seemed to like her dress and even commented that they did. Of course, working in a company that predominantly employed men, Cheri was not surprised.

Cheri worked in the Marketing department at this entertainment company. She now found herself at a meeting where they were all in a manager named Jerry's office discussing concepts for their latest TV ad showcasing a new product. Cheri often found these long meetings tedious and boring and right now she was in a drift off mode, starting to daydream. She was standing right next to her boss, the sexy and good looking young Senior Director of Marketing Sean. Cheri knew that he was only about ten years her senior and many times had to keep herself from staring at him. She even fantasized about him, thinking about what it would be like if he sat and watched her taking a hard, rough fuck. That thought alone always got her off. Right now, however, she found herself wondering what it would be like if he ran his hands over her breasts, then licked and sucked on her nipples.

Trying to stifle a nearly involuntary moan from escaping her, Cheri cleared her throat quietly and shifted her weight to her other foot. The low noise and slight movement roused her boss's attention and he looked over at her, whereupon she smiled at him and Sean returned her smile. They both went back to viewing the TV ad concepts on Jerry's computer screen, discussing each with their outsourced production agency who was now on speaker phone. Cheri again drifted off inside her mind, but this time was imagining Sean bending her over the desk in front of both of them, lifting up her dress to expose her luscious ass and sopping wet pussy then banging her right here.

Unconsciously, Cheri started biting on her bottom lip. When she shifted her weight again, Sean was simultaneously shifting to a more comfortable position himself and ever so briefly and slightly, her bare arm touched his blue polo clad arm. They both immediately said "sorry" moving apart just a tad to keep from touching again. Yet the effect of the temporary contact on Cheri was intense. She could feel her panties moistening even more with her pulse quickening and knew she was becoming more and more aroused. Just then, Jerry made a comment to the guys from the production agency about how one of the scenes from the TV commercial they were now discussing might be seen as having "an unintended sexual connotation." Cheri gulped hard and knew now she was going to need get out of Jerry's office for some air almost immediately. She was already thinking about sex, but the mention of it made her tingle even more between her legs. The meeting didn't seem likely to end any time soon though, certainly not in less than the next half an hour.

Thankfully as Cheri was starting to feel like she might explode and have an orgasm right then and there, her cell phone started ringing. Pretending she needed to take an important business call, she stepped out into the hallway, closing Jerry's door behind her. It was her sister Pam. "Pam, hey. What's up?" Her chatter box sister started telling her a story that Cheri wasn't even listening to. All she could think about was how nice it would be to have her bare breasts pressed against Sean's naked chest. The visual in her mind made her lick her lips and she began to make her way to the nearest restroom. Cheri let her older sister continue her soliloquy as she washed her hands. Finally she said "listen Pam, I have to go. I'll call you back after work, ok?" Reluctantly her sister got off the phone, obviously disappointed by not having been able to finish her epic story.

Cheri went into the stall, locked the door and set her phone down on the purse ledge next to her. She pulled down her panties and lifted up her dress, running her cool fingertips over her neatly trimmed mound. Slowly she parted her pussy lips, caressing her clit and running her other hand over her clothing covered breasts. She moved her hand underneath the top of her dress inside her strapless bra to massage both of her nipples and simultaneously began to pick up speed moving her index and middle fingers of her other hand rapidly over her clit. Her natural lubricant seeped out of her pussy, making her fingers slippery and better able to glide over her clit. She fantasized about fucking Sean rough and fast in his office the whole time. Already highly aroused, within about two minutes Cheri came and hard. She bit down lightly on her bottom lip to keep herself from crying out in her sheer ecstasy. Panting, as soon as she felt her legs were stable enough to move again, she reached for some toilet paper and wiped herself clean. She unlocked the stall and grabbed her phone before washing her hands again and exiting the restroom.

When she finally made her way back to Jerry's office, now completely composed, she walked in and Sean was discussing the TV animatics with their production agency. He was telling them which scenes to keep and which scenes to delete. Cheri stood closer to her co-worker Katie this time, trying to put some distance between her and her smoldering hot boss. However, this didn't keep her from wanting to lick Sean and run her hands all over his body as she periodically looked over at him.

Fortunately, about twenty minutes later the meeting concluded and Cheri was released from her sweet torture to go complete some other work. Once she was back at her desk, she immersed herself into reviewing some pending contracts that still needed to be signed and sending some e-mails to Purchasing related to some orders they needed to make.

At just about 6:00 pm, the phone on Cheri's desk rang. She saw immediately that it was Sean. She took a deep breath and answered "hello," trying to sound both pleasant and calm.

"Hey Cheri, can you come into my office for a few minutes? I have something I'd like to discuss with you."

"Sure," Cheri replied as she locked her computer, turned off her desk lamp and grabbed her purse. She walked down a long corridor and went to the left to get to Sean's office. The door was closed when she arrived, so she knocked. The butterflies in her stomach must have been doing back flips and cartwheels she was so nervous, wondering if she'd done something wrong. This wasn't unlike getting called to the principal's office when she was in grade school she thought wryly. Cheri had worked with Sean for a few years, but had only recently become his subordinate in the last few months so she was still learning what to expect from him in their new business relationship. They'd flirted with each other a little bit over the years until she started working for him. Then they were strictly professional with one another.

"Come in," he said from within and she turned the knob. Once inside with the door closed again behind her, she turned to see Sean smiling at her, which both immediately confused and relieved her. "So you doin' ok? The guys aren't giving you a hard time or dumping too much work on you or anything are they?"

She smiled. "Everything's fine. Everyone from our team's been really helpful during my transition from Finance to Marketing, which I'm eternally grateful for." She paused for a second before adding "oh right, speaking of Finance, I talked to AP earlier and those vendor payments you asked me to follow up on are being processed now. The checks should be going out to them probably early next week."

"Good, good," Sean said then he added "please sit down," gesturing towards a chair. "Thanks," Cheri replied as she acquiesced, sitting down in the chair he'd indicated. She was beginning to feel anxious again though, wondering why he'd called her in here for an unscheduled meeting since this wasn't his usual practice. Sean's eyes never left her frame as she seated herself.

"You know, that's a great dress. It looks absolutely incredible on you."

"Thank you," Cheri said quietly feeling really flushed all of the sudden and wondering where this conversation was going.

"I mean it's just that I've never seen you wear anything like this before. Are you going somewhere special tonight after work?"

"No, it's just hot and summer time so I thought I'd wear something to reflect that." She sounded a little nervous to herself, and she didn't want to say anything embarrassing or stupid.

"I see," he said pausing briefly, studying her face. "Well you're more than welcome to turn this offer down if you're not interested, but would you like to go grab a drink with me right now, if you're not doing anything?"

"Sure, I'd like that," Cheri said nodding, looking into his handsome smiling face. She knew the flame of her blushing was glowing quite obviously on her tan colored face.

"Great!" Sean beamed excitedly as he turned to type something on his computer. Cheri fidgeted with a handful of her braids wondering if having a drink with her boss could negatively impact her career. She looked over at Sean and the soft curly wave of his dark brown hair that went to about the tops of his ears. She loved his perfectly trimmed goatee. He had just a touch of sun kissed skin and his big brown eyes were amazing. She sighed quietly, digressing. The truth was that she really didn't care in this moment how getting a drink with her boss would affect her career. She desired him and couldn't help but think about just where this evening would wind up taking them both.

Sean drove them to a local bar and grill about ten minutes away from their job. It was a nice place that Cheri had never been to before. Sean ordered a sangria, one of the house specialty drinks and Cheri ordered a lemon drop martini and they both shared the appetizer sampler plate with a variety of appealing foods. They talked, laughed and Cheri listened intently to Sean's life story. He'd lived a very interesting, bohemian lifestyle. He was an only child and had European ancestry though he'd been born in Argentina before his parents immigrated to the United States when he was twelve. He'd studied abroad then worked in Greece for a while and was now working in the entertainment industry in the states as he'd done for about the last decade. He did volunteer work and loved to ski.

Cheri told Sean that she was the middle of three children, she'd gone to Catholic school for most of her life and had visited the Bahamas and Mexico, though she hoped to do more traveling soon. She'd graduated from a top Catholic university in the Mid-West and had returned to Los Angeles right after graduation about five years ago. She also loved working in the entertainment industry, though she eventually wanted to start her own business.

As the night wore on, every time Sean saw that her glass was empty or near empty, he ordered her another drink. Though since he was driving, he'd only had two sangrias himself. Cheri was on her third martini, or maybe it was her fourth, and was feeling a little tipsy and giddy. Seeing that she was slightly inebriated and being the gentleman he was, he offered to drive Cheri home. She accepted gratefully, apologizing profusely for her intoxication.

It turned out that Cheri only lived about fifteen minutes away from where they worked. However, she lived in a much more urban neighborhood than Sean did. While he was a bit nervous as he walked her down the street, wondering if his car would be ok if he left it parked on the street here, he saw that the building she lived in was actually very nice. It was clean and obviously well maintained. Cheri giggled as she struggled to get her keys out to unlock the front gate. She invited Sean in and hesitantly he accepted as he helped her get up the stairs to her second floor apartment. Cheri liked leaning on him and was more than happy to accept his help, taking in the scent of his cologne being so near to him.

Cheri unlocked her door and once inside, Sean saw that she lived in a really cute, nice sized studio apartment. Her place was neat and clean with very modern furnishings with crisp lines. Most of her décor was black and silver with tan accents and Asian themed accessories. Sean was surprised, but it wasn't overly girlie at all, except for a display of some of her doll collection on top of both of her black bookshelves. She asked him if he wanted anything to eat or drink. He asked for some water and as she went into the kitchen to grab it looking a little off kilter still, she told him he could turn on the TV if he wanted. Sean sat on her Asian themed covered futon and turned on her TV. As he flipped it on, a DVD came into view. It had obviously been left running from the last time Cheri was watching it. On screen images of a young black woman with a shapely round ass and nice full tits was getting fucked hard doggy style. The white guy doing it with her had a hand full of her hair and was pulling it towards him with each thrust. The sound was turned down very low so Cheri initially didn't hear it.

Fascinated by the scene, Sean didn't turn it off and Cheri stopped dead in her tracks, wide-eyed as she returned to her main living area carrying two bottles of cold water. She looked at the screen in a suspended state of horror, slow to move because she was still tipsy. Then she looked over at Sean, waiting for him to say something. When he didn't, but only looked at her with an expression she couldn't quite recognize, she said apologetically "sorry, I forgot that was in there," as she stumbled over to the TV to turn it off manually.

Completely unphased by her viewing selection since he had a massive porn collection of his own, Sean looked at her and finally asked boldly "so you're into white guys?"

Cheri looked back at Sean, unsure of what to say. This non politically correct conversation with her boss was not something she'd expected. Finally, she decided to answer honestly. "Well, I've been curious to try it out. I mean, I've never been with a white guy before," she said as she sat on the futon next to him, handing him a bottle of water.

"Really? Well, I've never been with a black woman before either and I definitely want to try you out." He smiled at her then, with a look Cheri could now clearly recognize since it was universal -- lust.

Cheri couldn't help but think even despite the topic at hand, Sean was always so cool, smooth, calm and relaxed. She wondered how he did it, whether he was at work or here in her apartment. It was one aspect of his personality that she really admired. She sipped her water stalling for time and trying to figure out how she would respond. However, as soon as she put her water bottle down on a coaster on her coffee table, Sean leaned over and kissed her. He pulled her in close to him and gave her a kiss on her lips. At first, her body tensed, but after a few seconds, Cheri relaxed and returned his kiss, parting her full lips so they could explore each others' mouths with their tongues.

Sean pulled back from her, one of his hands still on the back of her head on top of her braids, his other hand gently caressing one of her thighs. He was looking her in her eyes then said "I've been watching you for a while and I think you're so damn sexy. And I've seen the way you look at me too, like you did at that meeting in Jerry's office today. You looked at me like you want me. Do you?" Cheri couldn't manage to find the words, her mouth suddenly feeling very dry so she simply nodded yes. "Good," Sean said huskily, his voice thick with desire as he engulfed her mouth again.

As they kissed and embraced each other, he ran his hands over her back and unzipped her sun dress. He pushed the straps to each side and pulled back from her to pull her dress over her ample 38D sized breasts. She unhooked her front closure bra and he gasped as her glorious breasts came into full view. They were even better than he'd imagined. She smiled at him pleased that he liked what he saw as she began to grab one breast in each hand and rub her hardening nipples, twisting them lightly between her thumbs and index fingers.

Sean removed his blue polo shirt then proceeded to kiss Cheri on her neck before trailing kisses down to her breasts. He licked and sucked each nipple, inducing a profuse amount of natural lubricant to form inside Cheri's pussy. He pulled back from her and stood up to remove his jeans. Cheri stood too, letting her sun dress fall to the floor then throwing her bra on top of it. She was now standing clad only in a pair of black thong panties and he was in his navy blue boxer briefs. Cheri licked her lips as the outline of his cock came into view obscenely though his underwear. Noticing her reaction, he slowly and teasingly pulled down his boxer briefs to reveal a fully erect, thick dick of about six to seven inches.

Cheri smiled, rubbing her clit through her thong. He went to grab at her thong, but Cheri shook her head. "I want you to take them off using just your teeth," she said seductively. Sean smiled as she laid down on the futon before he skillfully used his teeth to pull at each side of her thong and slowly brought her panties down over her hips. He drank in her intoxicating feminine scent, breathing it in deeply as he removed her underwear. He then positioned his head between her legs and started to lap his tongue out over her wet clit, loving the way she tasted. Greedily he ate her out, licking his tongue over her clit and sucking on it before using his stiff tongue to fuck in and out of her searing tight hole. She moaned loudly before releasing an orgasm rippling all throughout her body. Sean noisily slurped up all her cum fluids, still pistoning his tongue in and out of her pussy as she continued to convulse on his face.

He rested for a few seconds with his face still buried in her crotch once she was still, then Sean went to get something out of his pants' pocket. Cheri sat up and when he returned to a standing upright position, she grabbed his cock and began sucking on the tip. She sucked his swollen mushroom head before licking all around the tip like it was a lollipop, paying special attention to the underside of his dick while she stroked the rest of his length. She was getting really into it and swallowed his entire cock into the back of her throat before greedily bobbing her head back and forth on his rock hard dick. Sean stopped her head motion gently grabbing her face between his hands. Cheri looked up at him as he pulled himself out of her mouth. "If you keep givin' me head like that, I'm not gonna last too much longer," he explained.

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