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Working Brenda


I am a 45 year old manager for a successful but small engineering firm. One of my roles is to contact new potential customers, to sell our products and services and to develop and maintain an ongoing relationship.

One such client Brian, my wife and I see on a fairly regular basis, going to shows, barbecues, weekends away, days out on the boat and visits to a few clubs thrown in for good measure. Brian is in his late 30's about 6ft 2 ins in height, receding hairline, a fairly thin guy and not what you would call by any stretch of the word a glamour buy. The sort of guy I tend to call a ferret.

His wife Brenda on the other hand would be in her early 30's, about 5ft 6ins, long blond hair a beautiful golden tan, the most intense blue eyes I have ever seen and a figure most blokes would kill for. Brenda is a stunner, the fact that she has had a child has done nothing to destroy her figure which she must spend hours toning while at home, between looking after her son and the midday movies.

My wife and I have often commented on the relationship between Brian and Brenda, the fact that they are like chalk and cheese. We still can't work out why Brenda was attracted to Brian in the first place. Our joke is that it couldn't have been sexual, as he probably has a dick as thick as a pencil and about 3 inches long.

About two months ago I received a phone call at work from Brian. He sounded upset as he told me that he had just been retrenched from work and that as he had a mortgage a wife and child to look after he was desperate to find work. He asked about contacts that I may have who could help him on the job front.

I told him to leave it with me, I would make a few calls and get back to him. After trying to call in a few favors I had to call Brian back with the news that "I had received a stack of promises, but nothing concrete." I continued by saying that, I had a few ideas and not to loose heart, I generally enquired as to whether Brenda would be interested in some temporary work to help tide things over. Brian mentioned that he had already discussed it with Brenda and that she would be happy to work as long as he took on the role of house husband.

My next step was to discuss an arrangement with my co-manager whereby he would take my secretary off my hands on some pretext of a special job enabling me to offer Brenda a position. With that out of the way I called Brian back with the good news that a secretarial position had come up and that Brenda could start at 9.00 the following Monday.

Monday morning arrived and Brenda arrived just before 9.00, talk about stunning. She must have been shopping over the weekend and managed to pick up an outfit that complemented the beautiful body that it concealed. After an initial chit chat, explaining her role I showed her to her desk and told her if she needed any assistance not to be afraid to ask and that if I couldn't help her my usual secretary would be more than happy to. Over the next few days Brenda proved to be a very efficient secretary taking the role in her stride.

Phase 1.

On the Wednesday I decided it was time to put a plan of mine into operation. At about 4.30pm I told Brenda that I had an important letter that needed to be typed and sent to the client that night, I asked if she minded working back. She told me she didn't mind and would just call Brian to let him know she would be late and then come in for dictation. My aim at this stage was to take up her time, so I started talking to her about Brian and his job search then moved on to her son. Half an our later I started dictating the letter, making sure that I changed my mind a few times, causing her to backtrack. Brenda then went off to type the draft, I made a number of changes which were re-typed before I was finally handed the completed letter. I thanked Brenda for the extra effort and suggested that as it was just after 7.00pm she should go before Brian got worried, and I would take care of the letter from here. As soon as she left I took care of it, by tearing it into small pieces and throwing it in the bin.

Over the next few weeks I continued this practice keeping her back just a little longer each time. On each occasion she would call Brian and each time he would be a little more argumentative.

On one particular day Brenda arrived for work in a light blue one piece dress the colour really complemented her. I knew at that moment it was time to put phase two of my plan into operation.

Phase 2.

Again at about 4.30pm I asked Brenda if she would mind staying back to type an important document. As usual she agreed, called Brian, who judging by Brenda's facial expressions was really going off his brain. About 15 minutes later she was in my office, as usual I started with the small talk and moved on to the dictation, when completed she stood up and started to leave. Just as she reached the door I told her that "I was feeling guilty about our deception and to make amends I was going to explain everything to Brian."

Brenda stopped dead in her tracks, turned and asked what I was talking about. I simply said "the affair we have been having." At this Brenda, taking this as a joke started to laugh. I told her that I wasn't joking, and asked her what Brian would do when I told him we had been screwing every night she worked back.. I told her that I thought he would throw her out of the house and stop her seeing her son again. She would be forced to leave her job, and with the reference I would give her she would find it almost impossible to find employment.

With no money coming in the mortgage would be foreclosed and the house sold. I told her that in all probability she would loose everything she ever worked for. Brenda now realised that I wasn't joking. I told her that I thought she was a very attractive young woman and that if she was prepared to get into some light sex tonight my discretion could be maintained. With that she stormed out off the office, I started to believe that I had blown my chances, and wonder what my approach should have been. Would I have been better with a strait seduction, or would I have found it easier getting a few drinks into her. I guessed that thinking about it was pointless.

Then out of the blue Brenda returned, tears streaming down her face. She looked at me and said "You win, when do you want it." I could not believe my luck, my approach had paid off .........


I told Brenda to lock the door and come over. The look in her eyes were full of fire, she knew she had been set up and hated me for it. Replying to her question I told her "I wanted it now" with that she defiantly reached under her dress pulled her pants off and told me to "get on with it." I looked her straight in the eye and told her to take it all off which she did without question. I quickly cleared my desk, walked her backwards towards it and sat her on the edge. Laying the rules down, I told her that she was to do what she was told, when she was told and keep her mouth shut. I asked if she understood, to which she replied "Yes."

"Lie down," I told her in a stern voice, which she did without question. Not wanting to frighten her away I moved slowly towards her, placed one hand on each knee and gently moved her legs apart. I could feel her muscles instinctively tighten but there was no resistance. I quickly moved my hands between and around each leg and grasped her firmly by the waist. The action lifted her legs and parted her thighs leaving her gold covered pussy vulnerable and fully exposed to me.

I lowered myself down and started by running my tongue through her pubic hair, slowly I moved lower, reaching my goal I drove my tongue deep into her, my action caused Brenda to cry out for me to stop, she started to squirm and struggle in an attempt to get free but I knew as long as I kept a firm hold on her waist she would not be able to throw me. Time was on my side, as long as I kept up the pace I hoped that her natural body desires would take over.

Continuing to focus on her pussy I probed with my tongue, gently moving in and out of her, working around the edges before driving deep inside again. Continuing the onslaught, as I expected her protests and struggles started to diminish until she became completely submissive she opened her legs wider her body wanting more.

I gave her pussy one last flick of my tongue and stood up. "Ready to fuck now, Brenda," I asked with a smile on my face. In a quiet subdued voice she said "yes." I lowered her legs, released my throbbing cock and rested the head against her wet little pussy. With one sharp thrust and quite a bit of struggling on her part I managed to force the head into her. Realising how tight she was, I knew that the joke my wife and I had about Brian and his pencil dick, was closer to the truth than we realised. I also thought it a fair bet that this was the first time since she was married that anyone else had been inside her.

Getting into Brenda would require some heavy thrusting, and to stop her sliding further onto my desk I grasped her by each shoulder. Slowly but forcefully I working the rest of my shaft into her, pulling her towards me as I pushed. With each drive I was stretching her further than she had been for a while my reward was the occasional whimper, as, slowly I was able to force Brenda to take all of me.

Once I had my cock buried to the hilt I had to stop, the pressure had taken me to the point where I was about to blow my load and that was something I did not want to do just yet. Brenda had still not fully come around to the idea of me fucking her, she had excepted the idea, but I wanted more. Slowly I started to move inside her pulling my cock out so that only the head was in her then slowly pushing back in. Her vagina was still tight and her muscles were trying to force me out but I continued undeterred working on her. As she became more accommodating I slowly increased my pace moving to a more regular tempo.

Brenda's body was starting to respond. At first it was just her legs rising in time with my thrusts then they came up to fully envelope me she started to thrust her hips down on me. I continued to increase the pace until I was at the stage where I was ramming it into her as hard as I could. Brenda was now mumbling with each trust, I continued as hard and deep as I could. "Yes," she said, "Fuck me harder." I could not believe what I was hearing. "Please, don't stop. Fuck my tight little cunt, I know you like it." Continuing to pound into her we both came in a torrent. After taking stock of the situation I pulled out of her, told her to get dressed and go on home. As a final comment I told her that there would probably be more late nights and suggested that she discuss it with Brian and that they should both get used to the idea.

The late nights have and are still continuing, Brenda has now got used to us screwing in the office. She has mentioned that she and Brian are trying to have another child. I have told her to discontinue having sex with Brian for the time being as I want her to have my child. The thought of having my child without Brian knowing has really turned her on, to the extent that we are now screwing each other two or three time a day.

My co-manager has taken my ex-secretary on full time, from what I can understand he is getting his fair share of pussy. Good luck to him, I have been there and can provide references if needed.

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