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Working By The Pool


This happened about the time that I was nineteen or twenty and the year was about 1985 or 86. I was working for myself cutting lawns to get through college and I had picked up some extra lawns from a friend who had left to go to college in another state. One of the lawns was owned by someone who could best be described as slimy and greedy. He obviously had money and a nice house, but he was overweight and had the personality of a bad used car salesman. I always kept one hand on my wallet around him because he kept trying to talk me into doing free jobs for him. The kicker was, he had this beautiful wife and daughter.

The mother was in her late thirties about 5 1/2 feet tall with platinum blonde hair. She had a very curvy Barbie Doll figure with a large pair of perfectly rounded tits leading to a tight waist. This was followed by a medium sized, but nicely rounded ass and a set of slightly muscled thighs along with shapely athletic calves. I knew she stayed in shape by using an exercise bike or doing lots of walking. The daughter, who was about my age, was very similar except she had light brown hair, a smaller pair of 38 sized breasts and a slightly less curvy figure. She was just as beautiful in a slightly different way. I wondered what the wife saw in the husband unless it was his money. The fact is; he had this beautiful wife and he treated her like she was beneath him.

Looking back; I have to admit, I was jealous and I wondered why he took his situation for granted. Anyway I did my job every week cutting the grass and trimming up the yard. Several times during the summer I would be working on the yard and the mother and daughter would be sunbathing or relaxing in the pool. It was the hardest thing not to stare at the pair of them. The mother would wear a small bikini top that looked like it was going to rip apart. Though the top would cover the sides of her breasts, it was tight enough to create plenty of luscious cleavage and the stretched material allowed me to see ample skin except where it was held together by a single string. She also wore thigh high bottoms that revealed the tops of her legs leaving very little material to cover her bush area.

The daughter wore skin-tight bottoms with a matching bikini top that concealed little more of her breasts than her mother did. The daughter always picked swimsuits with bright colors or bold patterns to contrast against her deep bronze summer tan.

While I worked they would lay on their floats talking or listening to the radio. Occasionally they would drop into the water splashing each other until they cooled off from the sun. This usually drove me wild because when they were done they climbed back onto the floats and I would get to see the water droplets glistening off their sexy tanned bodies and their bikinis. Even watching their curvaceous behinds, as either one walked across the deck into the house, was sight enough to get me going.

It was probably comical, if someone had seen me trying to look at them and not get caught. If they were out, I would race through the front yard and then push the lawnmower slowly across the backyard. I stared as much as possible trying not to be obvious and I always took a long time to do the trimming around the pool trying to make it look like I wanted the yard perfect. On top of it all I ended up doing the backyard with a hard-on pressing against my faded high school gym shorts.

I can remember the drive home, occasionally rubbing myself through my shorts. After I got home, I went directly to the bathroom and striped out of my sweaty clothing. Usually I noticed droplets of precum on my cock and familiar stains in my underwear. Stepping into the shower I let the tepid water wash over my body as I recalled the days events. Maybe it was the smell of their suntan lotion or a full cleavage shot when the mother leaned over the side of the pool to talk to me. If I was lucky I might have sneaked a peek at their naked breasts if they untied their tops while they stretched out on their stomachs. Quickly I would point the showerhead against the wall and sit down. Pouring lotion into my left hand I would grab my swollen member. By now the shaft was almost extended to its full length, curving away from my body, the head having turned a deep shade of purple.

I would allow my mind to fantasize about what I wanted to do to both of them. Pictures of their naked bodies would flash across my mind. With a firm grip I stroked my cock from the base to the tip, allowing my fingers to wrap themselves around the head. I enjoyed the coolness of the lotion against my skin, as it squeezed between my fingers and covered my cock with a smooth oily coat. My eyes would close and my mind raced as I increased the speed of my strokes moving ever closer to orgasm.

Maybe I would see myself eating out the daughter's pussy while the mother rode my stiff cock or I would fuck the beautiful daughter from behind as I fingered mom's juicy slit. Either way my body would tense up and my hips rocked back and forth as the orgasm overtook me. Arcs of white creamy semen exploded from my cock landing on my chest or arms in erratic lines. Slowly the images of my fantasy would fade as aftershocks rocked my body and I felt my muscles clench and release. Afterwards I returned back into my teenage reality, by the sound of the running water.

OH the fun we could have had together!

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