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Working from Home


I cursed at one of the three monitors in front of me. It was as if the bits that made up the words displaying on the group instant messaging conversation were physically angering me. We'd been at the problem for 4 hours now, patiently twiddling our thumbs for another team to do their jobs. I was tired and annoyed, but was going to beat this problem, dammit. IT might not be a lot of fun sometimes, but fixing problems was always good for the professional sole.

Unlike previous jobs, I was working from home this Thursday, afforded the luxury of not sitting in traffic and then in a cubicle for the 8-10 hours of work, just to repeat the commute home. The benefits were many: the coffee was better, noone knew that i was still in my boxers, and my wife Barbara was around. She's a tall brunette, beautiful, and with the figure to match. I prefer to say I'm a Barbara-Man, rather than an ass or tit man, and that's certainly true. But today there was an impish quality to her.

I didn't notice it much at first, but she was finding excuses to come into my home office to rummage in the closet in there, which was sort of a hold all for things in our house. I smiled at her the first time, noting that her pony-tailed hair and sporty clothing looked great on her. As she reached on tippy-toes to get something from the top shelf, I admired the sight before me.

As the hours clicked over and I got more and more engrossed in the outage, I must have not paid much attention at all, because her attire changed every so slightly as she made repeated trips in. The sport clothes had been replaced by yoga pants and then a short skirt and blouse, the sneakers by high heels, and ulimately by some hooker heels that she knew I liked her to wear. But what finally grabbed my attention was her bending over at the waist to pick something off of a bottom shelf, and me realizing that she had no panties on.

Oh boy. If there's one thing that drives me crazy, it's seeing that cunt of hers peeping out at me from below that heart shaped ass, and just that little hint of asshole, begging to be licked. She wiggled, just a little, and I knew I was being waved in.

I stood silently and walked around the desk, and allowed my hips to bump into hers. "Well hello, Mrs Rhodes, I see you're looking for something."

"Why yes I am, sir, yes I am, but I can't seem to find it", she replied, innocently, wiggled her ass back and forth against the bulge in my pants. I put my hands on her hips firmly, and started to pull her back against me. This made her wiggle a little more.

"Do you happen to remember what it looked like?" I toyed with her a little, and started to push her skirt up.

"Ummm, it was looooong... and hard.... and it might have had a tongue..." she responded, coyly, and with a faint blush.

Lights went flashing off for me: oh Barbara, you naughty girl. You wanted me to do something that you rarely let me, but enjoy oh so much. I kneeled behind her, and ran my hands forward and started to part her ass cheeks, searching for it..

There is was. A tight, puckered little portal of pleasure. I gently lapped at it, and her knees buckled a little and she moaned. I lapped at it a little more, and soon the insistent bonging of the IM window was drowned out by her moans. I rimmed her, licked all around her hole, pressed my tongue deeper into her, and slowly fucked her. All the time, she was moaning and trembling, he knees buckling as the waves of pleasure and arousal swept over her. I was moaning into her flesh too, vocal vibrations adding to the pressure my tongue and fingers were exerting. Finally, with a strangled yipping sound and a lonnnng 'fuuuuuuuuuuck', she came; trembling, shaking and gorgeous.

"Well Mrs Rhodes, I hope you found what you were looking for,' I slyly asked her, once she had caught her breath.

"Oh no sir, that was something I didn't realize I was looking for today, but it still wasn't quite what I was looking to find", she replied vixen-like, and then grabbed for my crotch.

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