tagMatureWorking Girls Ch. 01

Working Girls Ch. 01



Robin imagined her life as a desert of despair. First she turned forty, then her high pay career left for China, next her husband died, runover by a drunk with a dozen DUI convictions, and her daughter accepted a college scholarship nine-hundred miles away.

A cosmetic makeover helped her self-esteem, but the new job paid barely enough to cover bills, and economizing was now her way of life; Warren's life insurance reduced her debts a lot, but she got nothing from the old drunk, who was now back on the street as if the killing never happened, and with a fat disability check from Uncle Sam for his trouble.

Robin wanted her life back.

The men at her job were sexless drones, the men she knew at church were busy cramming for finals, and the rest seemed to roost on bar stools, the hardcore drunks buy you drinks to shut you up. Online she took all the compatibility tests and ran in circles speed-dating more losers. Maybe they weren't losers, but they weren't a good fit, and that was kinda the same thing, she thought.

All in all she sat home alone, feeling about as appetizing as a can of Ol Roy Dog Food, watching CSI repeats, when the doorbell rang. "Crap! Can't people read!" The sign on her door to shew away Bible Thumpers and steak sellers was generally ignored. She cracked the door open until the chain lock held it. On the other side of the door she saw a prince, a young prince, but the real deal.

The prince was the guy her daughter dated through high school and dumped after graduation. "Oh my God! Frankie!" she yelped, "Where did you come from, come in!" Robin unchained the lock and opened the door.

"Hello Mrs. Rizzo! I was in the neighborhood and wanted to stop by," he smiled, pleased to see her.

"I'm so glad you did!" She replied. "Can I get you anything?"

"Whatever you're having," he deferred to her.

"I'm nursing a pitcher of sangria, is that okay?" Robin asked.

"Excellent," he confirmed her choice.

"The last I knew you enlisted in the army and disappeared," Robin recollected.

"The Marines. I spent some time in Afghanistan and Iraq, and now I'm trying to decide whether to re-enlist or get out," he explained.

"I can't get over how healthy and fit you are, why you were skin and bones through high school!" She remarked.

"The Marines take you apart and put you back together better than you were, that's for sure," he smiled.

"You have a gorgeous smile, I always liked your smile," she gushed. "So how long are you home for?" She reconnoitered.

"Four weeks or so," he replied.

"Got a girl here?" She pressed ahead.

"No, not really, one of my sister's friends kept in touch but it's not serious. If nothing's going on we write or call or whatever," he explained.

"So how are you keeping busy?" She asked.

"I'm not. It's not like when I was in school. My old friends have lives. I wanted to say to you that I'm sorry about Mr. Rizzo," he said.

"Thank you, Frank. I can't believe three years have come and gone," she said.

"I sent Jamie a card, I don't know if she got it," he wondered.

"My daughter is totally self-absorbed without manners," Robin complained.

"There's not lots to do in Dade City in the best of times, and the economy hurts the little there is," she returned to the subject. "If I had known you were home I woulda invited you over for dinner," she added.

"So how about I take you out for dinner, instead? I don't know what else is going on around Dead City but a good meal's gotta improve the day? You game?" He asked.

"I look awful!" She fished for re-assurance in a compliment.

"No way! It's not possible for you to look bad!" He flirted. "You know what my dad usta say to me?"

"No, what?" She encouraged the flirting.

"Dump the girl and run off with her mom!" He laughed.

"Oh my! I had no idea you men were talking about me like that!" She lied.

"So how about a date? Save me from slow death by boredom!" He smiled.

"What time is it, hon?" She asked.

"Three-thirty is what I have," he replied after glancing at his watch.

"Is seven good?" She asked.

"Seven is good!" He confirmed.

"Where do you have in mind?" She thought of how to dress.

"I'm thinking Don Yo," he said.

"The Spanish restaurant?" She asked.

"Uh, huh, but not the top floor, I'm thinking casual, like down in the wine cellar. The foods the same, just more relaxed and casual, okay?" He asked. "I go to eat good food, not impress the Snootys."

Don Yo was a Spanish restaurant based on the better restaurants in Spain; casual attire down in the cellar dining room, formal attire upstairs. The food was identical unless you preferred the Spanish idea of home-cooking, which wasn't available upstairs. Robin opted for the lobster and steak, Frank wanted the Paella, fried chicken wings, baked bread, tomato salad, and San Miguel beer. Robin drained a pitcher of Sangria as she ate and spoke about her life, during the last several years, to Frank.

She knew him, for one; they lived in the same town; they knew the same people, for the most part; and she was fond of him from when he dated her daughter

And at the end of dinner, in the parking lot, Robin said, "God! I can't remember the last time I was this stuffed!"

Frank proposed extending the date to do something fun. "What you got in mind, sweetie? She asked.

"Like a movie?" He suggested.

"Have you been to a movie lately! Crimonie! It'll ruin you to buy popcorn! It wasn't that long ago you could go to a drive-in for a couple of bucks, wallow in cheap snacks, and neck!" She giggled.

"I saw a drive-in the other day, they're still around," he said.

"Where did you see a drive-in?" She wanted to know.

"It's on the other side of Simpleton," he replied. "Wanna try it?"

"What's playing?" She asked.

"Uh, it's the new Bruce Willis movie, LIFE'S A BITCH AND THEN YOU DIE HARD," he said.

"Okay!" She agreed.

The movie was playing when they got to the drive-in but they found a decent spot to park near the concession stand, and Frank gave Robin some cash to buy popcorn and Cokes after she peed.

When she was back in car, and settled in, he pulled a pint bottle of rum out of the glove box and offered to flavor her Coke. "Thanks!" She said. He poured a generous portion into her cup then flavored his drink.

After a while he suggested they sit in the back seat, "Okay, let's do it!" She agreed. By the time Robin finished her Coke they were necking.

Robin smelled and tasted and felt like what Frank had imagined, and she joined him in his enthusiasm, like an equal partner. She was okay with the groping and pawing until Frank slipped his hand under her top, but her opposition was a weak and muted 'no," and she let him steal 2nd base. Her titties felt warm and soft between his fingers. He pushed the cups over her breasts so he could lick and suck them. Her nipples swelled, and she put his hand on her leg, moaning 'no' as he felt his way up her leg in the darkness. Still moaning 'no' softly she opened her legs, a little at a time, in regular intervals. Frank felt her warmth before he touched it. "You won't tell Jamie, will you?" She pleaded.

"No chance of it, so relax," he assured her. The rum gave her a nice buzz, and she did relax and let him sample her charms with his mouth and fingers after he pulled her panties off. She self-lubed quickly and squirted Franks face when his tongue was exploring her gash.

"Not here, let's go home, okay?" She suggested.

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