Working Late


Connie sighed as she felt her stomach grumble and she yawned. It was the programmer's curse. Programmers can never work when they want. The director of investment reviews asked her to make a change in the financial database and naturally, it needed to be done by first thing in the morning, and naturally, he did not tell her about it until almost five PM. She thought she could do it in a few hours, but it was more complicated and it was now after seven and she had not eaten.

Connie was 26, a crack computer programmer for Eden Primary Solutions, which designed and maintained a variety of databases and financial packages for investment companies. She had been maintaining the database at Pittman, Trill, and Baker for three years. She knew the people at PTB on a first name basis. And she was well paid. But sometimes, she felt her job robbed her of any chance at a normal social life. She had no boyfriend and was feeling sorry for herself about it lately.

She was attractive. Short, at 5'1", but pretty and cute, with a great figure. She was Chinese American, with a beautiful classic Chinese face, long shiny black hair, small breasts but well proportioned for her petite build. She kept in shape, ran in 10k races, and exercised. She looked good in a thin sweater and tight slacks that made the most of her figure. She sighed and strolled out of the office and down the hall to the vending machine area. She got a candy bar and walked back to continue her programming work. She entered Andrew Parker's office, the director who requested her to make the changes, where she had been programming.

As soon as she passed through the door, someone grabbed her from behind, clamping one hand over her mouth and another securely around her chest. He was tall and strong and she could not wiggle free. He took his hand off her mouth and she was just inhaling to scream when another person slapped a strip of duct tape over her mouth. The guy who grabbed her pulled her hands behind her back. Another strip of tape went over her eyes and then someone punched her hard in the solar plexus, doubling her over.

They sat her in the office chair and while she was trying to regain her breath, they held her hands behind the chair back and tied them together and to the center beam of the chair's back support. Her feet were tied to the base of the chair. She could hear guys talking.

"We got a cute one this time. She's hot."

"Better than that last one. She was almost too ugly to fuck."

Connie cringed. There had been a woman raped in this building a few weeks ago. They had not caught anyone, but the woman said it was two guys.

"Before we get started, get on the internet and let's get a little mood music."

Connie felt sick now. The reports said the guys who raped the other woman used internet music while they raped her. She heard tapping at the computer. The chair she was in was pushed back away from the desk that had the computer she was using to program. One of them knelt in front of her and rested his arms on her thighs.

"What was that web-site that had the heavy metal?"

"www dot ground glass dot com," said the guy leaning on her lap. More tapping on the keyboard. The guy on her lap shifted and started to run his hands up and down her thighs. She tried to close her legs but her feet were tied such that she could not.

"Shit, man, look what I found," said the guy at the computer, whom Connie started to think of as guy #1. Guy #2, who as feeling her up, rose and went over to see.

They talked for maybe ten minutes, tapping at the keyboard, laughing about some porn pictures. Guy# 2 came back to Connie. "He's gonna be busy with a porno video game, so you and me are gonna get better acquainted." He picked up where he had left off, rubbing her thighs, working his hands up to her crotch, tickling her pubic mound, then rubbing back down. Then he slid his hands up the outside of her thighs, squeezing her buns and continuing up her sides. The slid over to her breasts and began to work them over.

Then, without warning, they grabbed the neck of her sweater and pulled violently down, ripping it down the front. He continued pulling on the sweater until he had ripped it off of her, except for the sleeves. She was wearing only her Victoria Secrets bra, a chartreuse color with fancy lace patterns. He reached around behind her back and unclasped the bra. He ripped the straps off and threw the bra aside.

There was a pause while he apparently admired her breasts, which were heaving from fear. "What's the matter, China girl?" he said, stroking her hair back over her shoulders. "You think I'm not gonna like your little titties? Well, I like 'em just fine." He stroked her breasts, pushing up on them from below, his thumbs massaging her nipples, which were now hard and erect. "Let's see what else you got."

Guy #2 untied the part of the rope tying her right foot to the chair and extended her right leg straight out. He retied her foot to another chair. He repeated this with her other foot. Now her legs were straight out, like she was relaxing with her feet up on another chair. This allowed the guy to loosen her belt, unfasten and unzip her pants and pull them slowly down from her hips, past her knees and around her ankles. He stroked her naked thighs as he moved his hands back up to clasp the waistline of her lace panties. He pulled them down slowly, enjoying the view of her dark bush as it emerged from behind the chartreuse material.

Once she was exposed from head to ankle, he again untied one foot. She wanted to use the opportunity to kick him or something, but he was too smart. He kept her tied leg between him and her free leg. He shoved her pants and panties off her untied leg. Then he gripped it and lifted it until her shin pressed against her shoulder. He held it there and tied the rope that was still tied to her ankle to the center back of the chair. He did the same with her other leg and she found herself with her legs spread and her most private parts exposed to this fucking stranger. She fumed and was terrified at the same time. Guy #1 was still going at it on the computer.

"Hey, shit-head," guy #2 said to him. "When you going to quit dickin' around with that shit and come get the real thing?"

"Soon, soon. You take her first. I'll be right there."

"Whatever. Okay, baby doll, it's just you and me. What you want first?"

He knelt at the edge of the chair and ran his fingers through the soft hair around her pussy. "Mmmm, that's a nice pussy you got, China doll." He pulled the lips apart and ran his tongue up the middle of it, pausing to circle her clit. It hardened quickly with the stimulation. "You're a fuckin' slut, you know that?" he said. "I bet I'll have you comin' in no time." He continued to eat at her pussy, licking, poking his fingers up into her, massaging her g-spot.

Connie gritted her teeth. No man had ever been this intimate with her in this way. They had gotten her in the sack and their dicks had poked into her pussy, but they had never spent time making sure she was satisfied. She had fantasized about having a man lick her to ecstasy, but not like this. But his tongue seemed to know what it was doing, and her cunt was responding the only way it knew how. She felt herself getting wet. Suddenly, the guy stuck his index finger up her ass hole, which was exposed as well by her legs over her shoulders posture. His tongue continued to work her clit and pussy lips, and then his free hand stroked her breasts. They were thrust between her thighs. He did not rub them but let his fingers barely touch her skin, grazing her nipples and then stroking the insides of her thighs.

Connie could not stop the growing sensations resulting from this situation. The spasms began to twitch her stomach muscles. Her hips tried to buck, but they could not, so they wiggled side to side, trying to express the growing climax. Finally, she could not hold it back and the waves of pleasure rippled up and down her taut muscles like music from a harp. Her voice emitted muffled moans and Guy #2 started to chuckle.

"Now that was nice. And you're all slick for the real thing."

The licking and stroking stopped and Guy # 2 stood. Connie was still shaking from her orgasm. Then she felt the tip of his cock at the entrance to her cunt. Next second it thrust hard and fast into her exposed pussy. His chest pressed against her tits between her legs and his cock pushed deep into her. It was long and thick, hurting her when he got it all the way in. But the pressure was only a little painful while the sensations it created as it slid back out and then pushed hard back in were pleasant and were making her hot again. His hands reached around and gripped her wrists as he pulled on them to give him more thrusting power. The gag and the tape over her eyes deprived her of any sensations except the warm, thick rod pulsating deep into her pleasure channel and the sound of the slurping suction as her tight pussy was stretched to the limit around the thrusting rod. Her erect nipples were being pushed forward and back by his hairy chest and her clit was getting the same treatment from his stomach. His grunts and the smell of his sweat was the only other sensation.

She felt her orgasm rising as the guy rose to climax with her. They came together, guy #2 holding his cock in her as far as it would go, his hips shaking as he splashed cum deep in her cunt and he groaned with pleasure. She was murmuring through the gag and her legs and arms were flexing, trying to move with the churning in her guts.

"Hhhhowwwoa, that was fucking tight," guy #2 said as he slid his cock out of her slippery cunt. "You gotta get over her and get you some."

Guy #1 did not respond. Connie felt a tug at the tape on her mouth. "I'm going to take this off so you can clean me off proper. You scream and I'll cut your throat, okay, China?"

Connie nodded. He ripped the tape off and it stung her lips and cheeks. He placed his knees on the chair next to her hips and she felt his hot, wet cock against her face. "Open wide and clean me off, slut," he said. She knew she could not refuse, so she opened her mouth and he put his flaccid cock tip in her mouth. She had to suck on it to get it in her mouth and she licked it clean. He pulled it out and moved off her chair, pulling up his pants, and groaning with satisfaction.

The tapping on the computer stopped and guy #1 came over. "She's all yours," guy #2 said. "You win?"

Guy #1 said, "I got through the first two levels. I paused it so you could finish it."

"Okay, I'll give it a go. Have fun with Miss China slut."

Guy #1 gave Connie's taut body a once over with his hands. He mauled her breasts, pushing them all directions and squeezing them painfully. He tickled the soles of her feet. She could not help but giggle at the tickling. He kept it up until she was feeling exhausted. Finally, he tired of that and dropped his pants. Without a word, he mounted the chair and next thing Connie knew, she had another cock in her mouth. This one tasted vile, full of salty sweat and b.o. And it was really big.

She opened as wide as she could and he was trying to force it down her throat. It was not yet completely hard yet, so he just pumped it in and out and she tried to lick it as she supposed he would want it. Soon he was rock hard and he put his weight on it and forced the end into her throat. She could hardly breath, but he pumped it up and down fast. Before long, he pulled out and slipped off the chair. Next she felt pressure on her ass hole and cried, "No, please, don't."

Her face stung as he slapped her hard on the cheek. "You want to beg, beg for it. Beg me to fuck your ass raw."

Connie resisted this, but it only won her another two hard slaps. Her jaw ached and she did not want to be hit again, so she said, "Please. ... Fuck me ... in the ass."

"How do you want that, bitch? Tell me you want it hard."

"Fuck me hard," she whimpered.

"Okay," he said and pushed on his cock, holding it by the shaft and slowly forcing it into her narrow ass. She wanted to cry out but knew he would get mad, so she moaned but kept it down.

"Oh, that's tight. Here comes the hard-on express." He began to pull his cock halfway out and then he slammed it in to the hilt. Connie moaned and it hurt so badly, she almost passed out.

He gripped her ankles and pumped her ass again and again. He did not last long and came, spurting cum into her ass. Connie gasped and dared to hope that the ordeal was over, they were both spent and would leave soon, she prayed.

"Game over, man," Guy #2 said as he returned to Connie and Guy #1, who sounded like he was pulling up he pants.

"You want any seconds," Guy #1 said.

"Not just yet," Guy #2 said. "I want ta show ya another site, but first let's make sure our little slut doesn't feel neglected.

No, please, no, Connie was thinking.

A piece of tape was pulled out and torn off and put over her mouth. Then they untied her feet from the chair back and retied them together at the ankles and knees. Thus secured, they untied her hands from the chair, while keeping them bound together.

"Her tits are so lovely, they need to be recorded for, like posterior," #2 said as they dragged her toward the copy machine.

"That's posterity, dofus," #1 corrected.

"Whatever. Open the copy machine." They raised the lid and then pulled Connie so her breasts pressed against the cool glass. They pressed the copy button, but the machine had to warm up. While they waited, they pulled pencils from a supply cabinet and one by one, they pushed them into Connie's ass. The first three were just uncomfortable, but with the fourth, it started to hurt. Her anus was already tender from the reaming it got a few minutes earlier. They got three more in before the copy machine was ready. Connie was gritting her teeth against the pain in her ass. Then she heard the machine whir beneath her and through the tape she could see the light flash by. The machine rocked slightly to one side as the mechanism shifted back to ready position.

They laughed at the picture of Connie's tits mashed on the glass like two fried eggs. Then # 1 had an inspiration. He pulled Connie from the machine and hit the copy button again. The copy machine was top heavy and it was on a narrow base, so as it copied, it rocked back and forth almost an inch. Guy #2 did not seem to find that too interesting, but #1 said he'd show him. They laid Connie face up on a desk that was next to the copy machine, shoving some files and papers to the floor as they did. The pencils were still in her ass and they stuck down along the edge of the desk, with her legs bending down to the floor. Connie was very uncomfortable, with her wrists pushing up into her ribs and her ass hurting like blazes.

Guy #1 told #2 to go find a mop or broom handle. While he rummaged through the closets, #1 took some string he found somewhere and tied the ends around Connie's nipples, pulling them good and tight, making Connie wince. He extended the strings and tied them to the edge of the copy machine. He tied some more string to the pencils and tied them to the copier. Then he made a slip knot and put it around her neck and pulled it tight and tied it to a pole at the other end of the desk. It was so tight she was afraid if she moved at all toward the copier, she would start to suffocate. As it was, it cut into her neck and smarted.

Then the other guy came back with a broom. Guy #1 put a condom on the end of the pole and lubricated it with some hand cream that was on someone's desk. Then he pressed it to Connie's cunt and slowly twisted and pushed it in. Connie groaned with frustration at this new violation. It did not hurt much but it was not comfortable.

The broom extended to the copy machine and they taped it to the side of the machine. Then they made sure it had lots of paper in the bins and set it to copy a thousand times, with the picture of her tits on the glass. They pulled off the bin that was supposed to catch the paper, so it just dropped to the floor. As the machine spewed out copies of her tits, it rocked back and forth. Each time it did, the string tugged on her tits and the pencils wiggled in her ass, and the broom handles shifted back and forth in her cunt. Tears flowed out of Connie's eyes, she was so frustrated and uncomfortable and embarrassed and angry.

They just laughed and slapped each other high fives and went back to play their computer games. Or that's what Connie assumed. She had not gotten a good look at them before they put the tape over her eyes. She thought at first that their voices sounded familiar, but she couldn't think of anyone who would do anything this crude. Plus they did not seem very educated, probably janitors or guys who worked some data entry job in the building.

She was right about two things. She had heard the voice before and the guys did work in the building, however, they earned six digit salaries and had degrees from Harvard. One was the guy who asked her to come in and do the programming. He did not really need her to change the program but he did need her password. Once she was in and programming, he and his partner could make important changes to the end of the quarter transactions. This they had been doing while they were pretending to be playing computer games on the internet. They had set the program to transfer large amounts of cash to their private bank accounts in Switzerland. They had plane tickets to Brazil and their bags packed and stored in their car. All they needed now was to let midnight arrive and check to make sure the transactions had gone through. Then they would head for the airport and a few hours later would be set up for life.

In the meantime, they had a few other things they wanted to change. So they left Connie to rock with the copy machine. She tried to hold still and ignore the sensations of pain and the stimulation in her ass and cunt. It was certainly not pleasant nor anything she would fantasize about, but she could not prevent the situation from starting her toward another orgasm. Since they did not seem to be watching her (although she did not know that they had set up a video camera that had been recording her entire rape, which they intended to enjoy in Rio) she decided she would have to just relax and not try to fight the feelings.

They built steadily over several minutes, beginning as small tremblings in her stomach and growing in fits and stabs outward, through her hips, down her thighs and up her back. Her natural inclination to move to enhance the feeling only brought her more pain, since if she moved her head, she tightened the string on her neck or if she tried to move away from the copy machine, to relieve the pain in her neck, it tightened the nooses on her nipples. Her hips moving only wiggled the broom and pencils more inside her.

But it was a runaway train and soon she was falling over the edge. It felt like she was tied to a log and going over a waterfall. The waterworks began in her pussy, lubing the broom. Her hips shimmied and that just intensified the stimulation inside her and she jerked at the strings and groaned and moaned.

As the first wave subsided, she relaxed, but then the painful aspects of the bondage began to make her uncomfortable again, and she felt the roller coaster ride begin again. She built to another orgasm, praying the damn machine would run out of paper, but it kept cranking it out. She tried to scream through her gag, but it was more of a whine, as tears squeezed out of her scrunched up face. Her body shuddered up and down on the desk. She prayed for relief.

The paper lasted long enough for one more orgasm, after which she was exhausted. The machine stopped moving, but the strings were still tugging at her neck and nipples and her ass and cunt were still stuffed full of wood. She lay there another fifteen minutes before they guys (guy #1 was named Randy and guy #2 was Paul) finished their handiwork. They had set things up to put some money into Connie's account to look like it was Connie attempting to embezzle money. They had been on the internet and used some of the money to buy a plane ticket to Singapore. They wanted it to distract attention from the more subtle shifts of money into their accounts, giving them more time to launder it. The plan was to make it look like Connie was using the excuse of programming to embezzle money but was caught and raped before she could finish it.

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