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I remember attending the local gym a year or so ago and there were two girls who were using the bench press. It was early in the morning and there was only one or two other people in the gym. One girl was lying down and was pushing the weight up and the other was spotting her. The spotting girl had a loose grip on the bar as the lifting girl was pushing it up and down...the motion must have caused her thin tank top to brush against her because as I was watching, her nipples just got harder and longer.

Her friend noticed and pointed it out, giggling, and as the bar went down she would flick her friend's hard nipples with her finger...they both started giggling and I just stared openly, not really caring if I was caught or not.

The switched places and the girl who was spotting originally now lay on the bench, her bigger breasts looking fantastic in her gym top. Her friend who was now spotting her pointed out her already erect nipples and told her that now it was her turn. I couldn't get off my weight machine as I was too interested in what they would do next and I was so turned on and hard.

The busty girl started her set and her friend spotted her but immediately started stroking her friend's tits when the bar went down, not like what had been done to her but just very openly caressing her friend's big tits. The busty girl started to moan and her friend asked if the weight was getting too heavy but she replied that it felt so good and was turning her on. The spotting girl said that's how she felt when her nipples were getting flicked and she was still horny now.

The spotting girl, in her little running shorts and small tank looked around, like she only just realised that they were in a public place.

Her gaze fell on me, as I was the only other person at that end of the gym with them. She asked me if I found what they were doing sexy. I said that they were going to have to show me as I wasn't sure what she was on about. She looked at me with a smirk on her face started caressing her busty friend's tits again, tracing lightly over her nipples and my erection seemed to grow even more. She reached further down her friend's body, her hands stroking her flat firm stomach and making their way to the wasitband of her tight shorts. I saw that as she did this her own breasts lined up with her friend's face and as her tank top fell away from her body the busty girl craned her neck and searched out her friend's tit. The petite girl gasped as her nipples was either licked or sucked (I couldn't quite see). They both moaned with the sensation and after a short time stood up and asked me if that turned me on.

In response I looked down at my hard cock tenting my gym shorts and they just giggled. I asked if they were girlfriends and they said they weren't and they had never done anything like this but they had been to a party the night before and they think they were still slightly tipsy.

They asked if I wanted to use the bench and if I did they would spot me considering I was alone. I said sure, not quote knowing what would happen but excited about these two gorgeous girls acting so flirtatious.

I put a couple of discs on the bar and lay down on the bench. The petite girl stood up near my head and I looked up and I could see up her tank top at her hard nipples and told he it was a nice view.

I got a surprise when I felt her friend straddle my body, her muscular thighs on either side of my body and the heat from her body on my stomach. I looked up and was about to try and lift the bar when the busty girl grabbed her friends top and lifted it, telling her that it was only fair that I see everything. Her friend giggled and said that it's only fair then for her to do the same and unzipped her gym top, releasing her big tits.

She fell back a bit and I felt her firm ass press against my hard dick and she said she almost forgot about me. She said that a hard man is good to find as she placed her hands on my chest and ground her ass and pelvis on my erection.

Her friend leaned forward and while pinching her own nipples, told her friend how hot she made her when she acted like this and that she was so sexy and she didn't know why they hadn't done this before and they started kissing, their mouths open, their tongues dancing.

The petite girl leaned forward and started licking her friend's hard nipples and my view was blocked as her pelvis came over my face, my cock still being ground on by the busty girl.

I started licking up the petite girl's thighs and she spread them wide and tried to pull them aside so I could lick her smooth pussy, but then I heard the busty girl say that her boyfriend had arrived and they jumped off me, straightened up their clothes and left, with the petite girl giving me a peck on the cheek and saying that she hoped we could meet again soon. They hurried off, and I was left to finish my work out with a hard dick.

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