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Many years ago I worked for a major company in Watford and every year a reunion would be held so that people who had met on courses and worked together in other offices could get together to reminisce and, of course renew old "acquaintances." They were usually quite raucous and boozy affairs, and the coach trip back to Watford was often the occasion for a few fumblings in the gloom of the motorway lights.

As the annual trip to Beckenham came around this particular year, it had been assumed that on returning to Watford I would stay with my colleague Mark as usual but a few days before the event he dropped the bombshell that he was not going. I discovered this when a bunch of us were enjoying a meal in a pub in Watford and was surprised at the end of the evening when my wife Carol and Nicky came up to me, and explained that I would be staying at Nicky's that night. Nicky was my typist, a young single girl, very attractive and very friendly. She got on very well with Carol whenever we all met up, which was a bonus as far as I was concerned! The only problem might be that another girl, Alison had also been promised a bed for the night but Nicky felt sure she could squeeze us in.

Alison was another typist who had only been in the bank a few months but had become close friends with Nicky. She was reasonably attractive but I was not as close to her as I was to Nicky. I had helped the latter through a difficult breakup and she had remained fond of me ever since. The relationship thus far, however, had been platonic.

The reunion was the usual highly enjoyable evening, and I managed to get slow dances with Nicky and Alison, both of which were very enjoyable. There was much flirting and cuddling, and although I knew that Nicky fancied me like mad, she would not take things any further back at her house. In any event Alison would somewhat cramp our style.

The coach arrived back and the three of us walked the short distance to Nicky's house. We were all quite wide awake so Nicky made coffee and we sat and chatted for about an hour. Then we decided we really ought to get some sleep so Nicky went off to her own room, Alison followed her and I settled down in the guest room. I had not realized that Nicky and Alison would be sharing a bed, and I found the idea quite exciting.

I got undressed and slipped between the sheets, but as usual after a drinking session I found it difficult to get to sleep. Then to my surprise I heard the bedroom door open and a figure stood there. I could not immediately see who it was but then I heard the voice whispering "Are you awake?" and I realized it was Alison. I did not have my glasses on but as she walked towards me I suddenly realized she had nothing on! She bent down to peer at me and I whispered back that I was awake and what on earth was she doing?

"Nicky is making so much noise snoring I can't sleep!" I stifled a laugh. I explained she was more than welcome to join me but did she realise that I too was not wearing anything? It was a silly question really as Alison herself was naked and presumably my state of dress was of no concern. I pulled the sheets back and Alison slid into bed next to me.

As I say, Alison was an ordinary looking girl but she had a nice little body. It had never occurred to me to try and get off with her, and I think it was the fact that we were both slightly drunk that encouraged us to go further than just a flirt. She put her finger to her lips to indicate that we should keep quiet and then she snuggled down next to me. I thought for a moment that would be it until she started to shuffle towards me. She wrapped her left leg around my hips and this meant that my erection was now sliding between her legs. Because I was lower down the bed then she was, as she snuggled up to me I came face to face with her breasts. These were small but pert and I tentatively kissed one.

She hugged me closer and this encouraged me so I began to kiss both of her breasts, and then dared to flicked my tongue out and lick her nipples. Alison gasped and pulled my head closer to her.

"I want you to fuck me Martin..." she whispered. She eased herself on to her back and after some shuffling about of limbs I was able to climb on top of her. I could just make out her face in the darkness and she ran her hands through my hair and kissed me gently on the lips. Then she eased her legs apart and snaked her hand down between us, grasping my cock and guiding it to the entrance to her pussy. I shuffled upwards, and then slowly slid my cock into Alison's pussy.

She was quite wet and it went in easily. She whimpered as the full length slid in but we had to keep quiet so as not to wake Nicky, so I gently started to slide back and forth, making sure the bed did not squeak! My head was now nuzzled into Alison's shoulder and she wrapped her hand around me, thrusting her hips up at me to meet me.

"That's lovely..." she muttered in my ear. Despite myself I found I was starting to move faster and realized I was not far from coming. I was determined that Alison should come first so I quickly slid my cock out of her pussy but then ran it along the furrow of her lips and across her clitoris. Alison suddenly cried out and clamped her hand over her mouth as I did this and within seconds she pulled me tighter to her as she came. She moaned and whimpered as she did so, and I was convinced that Nicky would hear. Eventually she subsided and she lay back on the pillow. She kissed me lightly on the lips.

"That was gorgeous Martin – do you want to come inside by now?"

"Will that be alright? I've not got a condom." I replied.

"It's all right I'm on the pill." Alison whispered back. "So get your cock back into me now!" I was surprised as I had never heard Alison so assertive like this before but it had the effect of restoring my erection and I quickly slid back inside her. Alison squeezed her pussy muscles around my cock as I started to fuck her once again and she muttered encouragement in my ear.

"That's it... I want you to come inside me...come on..." then I could hold back no longer and grunted as my orgasm hit me. I'd jerked two or three times inside her, spurting juice into Alison's waiting pussy. Eventually I finished and carefully withdrew.

"I'd better go back now before I'm missed!" Alison whispered to me and kissed me lightly on the lips before tiptoeing across the bedroom and leaving to rejoin Nicky.

The Next Day....

I was woken up by sunshine streaming through the window, which puzzled me as the curtains had been closed the night before. I blinked in the light and saw a figure silhouetted against the window which I soon realized was Nicky. She was standing there with her hands on her hips, legs slightly parted.... oh yes, and stark naked! She looked down at me challengingly.

"You fucked Alison last night didn't you?" I nodded dumbly – so she knew! Nicky then grinned at me. "In that case, if you've got to the energy you can fuck me now!" With that Nicky pulled the sheets back and promptly straddled my hips. My cock was just beginning to stir and she took it in hand, slowly wanking me until I came to full erection. She spoke to me as she did this.

"You don't really think you could do all that last night without me knowing did you? I realized Alison had gone and so I hid behind the bedroom door and peeped in. By that time you were bouncing and down on top of her –I was really jealous!" She laughed.

"But I thought you didn't want to go to bed with me!" I muttered as Nicky continue to wank me.

"I didn't think I did but...hey what the hell?" Nicky looked down at my cock which was now fully erect. "Ready to get fucked now?" She looked back at me and I smiled.

"I had been ready ever since I met you!" Nicky laughed.

"I bet you have!" Nicky then shuffled forward, carefully positioned the head of my cock against her pussy and slid down so that my entire shaft plunged into her. Nicky cried out

"Jesus Martin that's lovely! You've got a ready nice one haven't you?" She continued to bounce up and down on my cock and I ran my hand up and down her thighs. Nicky then leant forward and placed her hands either side of my head so there I was able to reach her gorgeous pert breasts. "Go on then Mart, give my tits a feel!" I laughed and reached out for the pert boobs that were presented to me. I ran my hand over them and flicked my thumbs across the nipples which were already erect.

"Shit that's nice..."

Suddenly I heard a cry from the direction of the bedroom door. All this time it had not occurred to me that Alison might still be here and we both turned to see her stood at the door with an astonished expression on her face. She was wearing a bra and panties and looked an absolute picture. For one horrifying moment I thought she was going to turn funny but a broad grin spread over her face.

"Can I join in?" Nicky laughed and replied,

"Help yourself –why don't you sit on his face and he could lick your cunt?" Alice's mouth formed an O of surprise but she quickly slipped off her bra and knickers and came over to the bed. This was the first time I had seen her body properly and it was pale but beautifully formed. She positioned herself over my face and I got a wonderful view of her pussy. Although she was not shaved her bush was neatly trimmed and the outline of her lips was quite clear. I wrapped my hands around her thighs and pulled her closer to me so my tongue could reach her pussy. Alison cried out as I ran my tongue up and down the lips of her pussy and then darted it once or twice into the opening.

Alison reached down and grabbed my head, pulling her closer to me and the whole of my mouth then enveloped her pussy. My tongue continued to lap at her lips and dart in an out of her pussy as Alison rocked on top of me. Suddenly she jerked once or twice and I felt the juice of her orgasm on my face. I lapped at the juice which tasted surprisingly sweet and this seemed to intensify her orgasm as she cried out.

"Are you coming babes?" I heard Nicky ask. This was answered by a grunt from Alison who was still in the throes of orgasm. "I guess you are" muttered Nicky who of course was still bouncing up and down on my cock.

"Jesus so am I..." Nicky suddenly jerked and I felt her hands grabbing my hips and pulling me deeper into her. The muscles of her pussy clamped around my cock as she came, jerking four or five times and crying out.

Both girls then eased themselves off me. I wiped my face with the sheet and both girls gazed at me.

"What do you reckon Alison? Do you think he deserves to cum?"

"I should think so...how shall we do it?" Alison replied.

"Well he's already shagged both of us and sucked you so what say I give him a blow job?"

"Good idea!" exclaimed Alison and we both watched as Nicky knelt down and slid my cock into her mouth.

"Can you taste yourself?" asked Alison. Nicky nodded dumbly but continued to slide my cock in an out of her mouth. I closed my eyes and luxuriated in the glorious feeling. I reached out for Allison and draped my arm around her waist. She leaned down and kissed me on the lips and then moved up and rubbed her boobs in my face.

"I think he's about to cum Nicky..." Alison warned and she was absolutely right! Alice's boobs were still in my face and I felt Nicky pull away and start to vigorously wank my cock. I understood her not wanting me to come in her mouth and my orgasm was fast approaching. "He's almost there, Nic..."

"Let him see what I'm doing!" Alison moved to one side and I was greeted by the sight of Nicky kneeling between my legs and wanking my cock with a broad grin on her face. Her hand then slid between my legs and cupped my balls as she increased her speed and I knew I was about to come. Then I did so, sending an arc of sperm through the air and on to my tummy. Both girls shrieked and Alison cried,

"God there's loads of it!" I jerked two or three times sending more juice on to my tummy, much to the girls' amusement, until I was spent.

We chatted idly for a few minutes as we all recovered and Nicky then popped downstairs from where the comforting sounds of breakfast preparation soon emerged.

Soon after breakfast I had to catch the train for home and I wondered what, if anything, either of the girls' would say when I got back into work the following Monday. As it was, although we grinned at each other when we first met, I think there was a tacit agreement not to discuss what had happened. Unsurprisingly, Nicky invited me to drop in for coffee on the way to the station on the Monday night. Although I often dropped in for coffee before catching my train home, I wondered if I would get more than coffee this evening!

In fact neither of us seemed keen to raise the subject of the weekend as we chatted generally and drank our coffee, until suddenly Nicky turned to me and said,

"You know that Saturday night was a setup don't you?" I didn't understand what she meant and must have looked puzzled. "Ali and I had already decided as soon as we knew that you were staying the night but we were going to have you!" She grinned at me mischievously. I did not know what to think but was flattered that I was the subject of their desire!

"So it wasn't your snoring that kept Ali wake then?" Nicky looked aghast.

"Is that what she said? The cheeky tart!" I laughed. "After all I did for her as well!"

"What do you mean?" I asked, intrigued. Nicky blushed and then took a nervous sip of her coffee.

"Well let's just say that we had a bit of fun before Ali came to see you..." Now it was my turn to look shocked. Was Nicky telling me that she and Ali had "played around" in bed before she came to me? Nicky answered the question that was going round my head. She sighed.

"Well now I've told you I may as well give you the whole story!" We both sat back on the sofa and I listened with interest...

"You see we had originally planned to seduce you when we got in on the Saturday night but I think we lost our nerve and the thought perhaps we would surprise you in the morning." I smiled at this. "So anyway we both got undressed and into bed although we both kept our knickers on. I think Ali was going to keep her bra on until I took mine off and although she looked a little nervous she took hers off as well. Anyway we got talking about what we were going to do to you in the morning and I suddenly realized I was getting quite turned on. I reached down to pretend to scratch my leg but in fact checked my knickers and found they were damp!"

"I was hoping Ali wouldn't notice but then I suddenly realized there was movement in the bed next to me and I turned on to my side to face her. I saw her hand was under the covers and I then realized that she was playing with herself! She suddenly stopped and gave me a really guilty look. At least I wasn't the only one getting turned on! She said she was sorry but I told her to carry on as I was thinking of doing the same myself. Then she smiled at me and carried on doing what she was doing."

"Anyway I turned over on to my back and quickly slipped my hand under my knickers so I could start playing with myself as well. I was really wet by now and I started to play with my nipples with my other hand." Nicky turned to me "That's how I normally do it; one hand on my fanny and the other on my tits!" This made me laugh and I noticed with some concern that I was starting to get an erection!

"So there we were the both of us, frigging away under the bed sheets and suddenly Ali seemed to stop, and suddenly jerked two or three times. She had come! This set me off and I had a gorgeous orgasm, my fingers pressed into my pussy and my other hand squeezing my boob. We both turned to look at each other and suddenly we could not stop giggling. For both of us, it was the first time we had ever come with another girl watching, and we both said that we found at a real turn-on."

"Neither of us thought we were lezzies, but I was still really high so I said this to Ali and she nodded saying that she was still buzzing. Then she asked me to kiss her! Although I had kissed girls before, just mucking about, this was a bit different but I thought I'd give it a go. I closed my eyes and kissed her on the lips, and amazingly she opened her lips up and stuck her tongue out. I did the same and suddenly we were French kissing under the sheets! Of course by now our bodies were together and it was lovely feeling her small tits against mine. Then she slid her hand down to squeeze my bum and pulled me closer to her so that our pussies were almost rubbing together. It was absolutely gorgeous!"

By now Nicky was quite pink and I could tell she was getting turned on just by telling me the story. She had slid down the sofa slightly and her skirt had ridden up so I could almost see her panties. She was staring straight ahead, almost in a trance, and seemed to be reliving the experience. I tried not to stare as Nicky carried on the story.

"Then she slid her hand between my legs and lifted my leg up so it was wrapped over her hips. She sort of shuffled forward and turned me on to my back so she was actually lying on top of me, between my legs! Her hips were pressing into me and I could feel her pussy rubbing at my groin. It was fabulous! She carried on kissing me and then started to kiss my neck and I just knew she was going to kiss my tits. She worked her way down and started to suck my nipples, which I really love, and I thought she would leave it at that. Then she started to work further down and I thought Oh My God she's going to go down on me!"

"Suddenly her head was between my thighs and she spread my legs even further. I glanced down and she seemed to be gazing at my pussy and I could feel her breath on my wet lips. Then she kissed my pussy and it was like an electric shock going through me! I lay back on the pillow and then felt Ali's tongue lapping at my pussy. She was using her fingers to spread the lips and her tongue was sliding in an out of my cunt! Being a girl, she knew where my magic places were and suddenly flicked her tongue across my clit. That was it!"

"The feeling of her wet tongue on my clit sent me over the top and I grabbed her head, squeezing it between my legs as I came. I must have jerked four or five times and I was worried I might hurt Ali but she kept right on lapping at me as I came."

Nicky heaved a huge sigh as she came to the end of this narrative and slumped back on the sofa. She looked as if she had had an orgasm herself. She glanced across at me.

"You can guess what happened next can't you?"

"You returned the compliment?" Nicky grinned at me and gazed into mid air.

"I wasn't really ready to go down on another girl but as Ali climbed up the bed towards me I started to stroke the inside of her thighs and she knelt on all fours above me. From here I could reach her tits with my mouth and I did to her the same as she had done to me, kissing and nibbling at her nipples. She must have really like that as she was moaning and whimpering so I slipped my hand between her legs and found her pussy which was sopping wet. In fact it was so wet that my middle two fingers slipped straight into her. Then she whispered to me that she wanted me to her finger fuck her!"

"That was the actual phrase she used!" Nicky turned to look at me "Can you believe it? Our sweet, innocent little Ali?" I smiled and nodded. After Saturday night I would believe anything of this girl! Nicky looked away again.

"So that's what I did... I finger-fucked her! I just used the two middle fingers and slid them quickly in an out of her pussy. She was bouncing up and down and pushing her tits into my face as I carried on chewing her nipples. I hoped she was going to cum soon as my hand was starting to ache! Suddenly she cried out – I can't believe you didn't hear her! She was coming and I could feel the juice from her pussy running down my hand she pushed her head into the pillow next to me and I wrapped my arm around her cuddling her as she came. It was really nice!"

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