tagNonConsent/ReluctanceWorking With Christina

Working With Christina


Christina stared longingly at her car through the large windows of her work. In ten minutes, she would be able to pack up and leave her secretary job for the weekend. Silently she went over her elaborate plans; shopping Saturday, girl's night Saturday night, and cleaning her house on Sunday. Tonight she planned to spend in front of the TV with a tub of ice cream and her cuddly cat.

"Baby, I'm lonely. Come over my house tonight to keep me company, hmm?" pleaded Julio as he poked his head out of the back room. Christina worked for a small business, totaling 6 people, including her two bosses. Other than one of the bosses, she was the only girl. Julio was one of the technicians that worked in back. He constantly had girls, talked about girls, and flirted with girls. Christina sometimes flirted back, but she always made it clear that she was not open for business. She tried her best to always be professional at work.

"Not tonight Julio, I have plans. Maybe some other time." She lied. She was on her best behavior at work. Too many times she had been labeled cold and bitchy. This time around at her new job she wanted to be liked, not just appreciated for her adept skills. And that meant always being nice, flirty, and girly.

"You always say that!" he sighed. Then he packed up his workplace and headed to his car to enjoy his Friday night with another conquest. Christina figured it was about that time too, so she cleaned up her desk and collected the store keys and her coat. She walked to the back room to make sure all the lights were off and tools were put away. Peter, the other technician, was still cleaning up.

"Hey Christina," he panted. Peter always seemed to be a little off. He was in his mid forties, but around her he tried to be as young as possible. It was common knowledge he liked her. She was always polite, but tried her best to keep her distance. She didn't want to be the one that threw him into insanity if she had to rebuff him. Yeah, he was that creepy. While she waited for Peter to finish packing up, she moved about the store.

Christina started at the end of August. She had been working in retail before, but wanted a position where she would be valued more, and work her way up the business ladder. She was 20, a part time student at the local college, and a full time secretary for her job. She was 5'8", not tall, but taller than most other woman. She had a slim build, and long legs. She also had very large breasts. Though they appeared normal on her because of her build, she was insecure about them and never wore clothes that would enhance her chest. Christina looked into a mirror on the wall with her gold eyes and tried to fix the wisps of honey-brown hair that had fallen around her naturally pale face, pouting her rosy lips and scrunching her forehead when she couldn't get the right style. She was truly a pretty woman, but cynically she disliked the lines that were always under her eyes that made her seem tired or her creamy pale skin that never tanned like the rest of the girls her age.

Liam walked into the store to drop off his day chart and bills. He was the sales guy, and spent most of his time outside the office, but came in periodically throughout the day. Though Julio was exotically handsome, Liam was masculine and charming. He was 6'2" with dark blond hair and blue eyes. He constantly cracked jokes and played tricks on the technicians. He never approached her or implied that he liked her, which was nice for once. Though once she did catch him staring intensely at her, but when he noticed that she saw, he winked and smiled.

Peter followed her to the front receiving room. She mechanically shut down all the lights to the store, and then asked, "Is everyone ready?" At their nod, she set the alarm and started to lock the door. She had one door locked, when she was suddenly grabbed from behind and a hand was placed over her mouth to muffle her yell of surprise.

The streetlight glow lit her wide eyes as she looked at Liam as he picked up her keys and locked the other door. "Take her in back," he said to Peter, "Before someone sees us."

For a moment Christina was still trying to comprehend what was happening, but as peter lifted her a few inches from the floor and her feet dragged on the carpet, it dawned on her what they were doing and she started to struggle madly. Her arms were pinned by Peter's strong arm around her, and try as she might she couldn't seem to shake the hand on her mouth. He dragged her into the break room as Liam followed, turning on the lights as soon as the door was closed.

"Well, what do we have here Peter?" he drawled as he approached the pair. Peter let her go and pushed her onto the old sofa.

"I swear to God you fuckers better let me go before I slice of your balls and shove them down your throat!" she hissed.

"I told you the kitty had claws," panted Peter. Already she could see the outline of his huge erection through his jeans. Peter was unattractive with his balding head, sagging gray skin, and graying hair, but he seemed to have a large package to make up for it, along with his brute strength.

"Well she won't be aloud to use them tonight." Liam smiled, and then slapped her across the face. While she was stunned from the blow he grabbed her hands and duck taped them together at the wrists. She got her wits back and struggled valiantly, but Peter joined them and held her shoulders while the job was done. Then he grabbed a pair of scissors and proceeded to cut off her shirt. She screamed and struggled more, but that just seemed to further arouse them.

"Let me explain the rules of the game to you sweet Christina," Liam purred. "You are going to let us do whatever we want to you. You've been a cock tease for far too long and we believe you need a lesson from your elders." He leaned down and stoked her hard nipple through the lace of her bra, staring into her raging eyes.

"You are not going to get away with this asshole! You both are going to be fired for this! You're such idiots, go find some whore to fuck." She screamed. Beneath her angry exterior, she was deathly frightened. She'd never had this problem before. Most men she scared off with her tongue lashing, but these men weren't listening. They were instead slowly undressing her and touching her as she was held down on the large old sofa. She tried to push them away with her taped wrists, but it was to no use. They continued their exploration. Peter held her shoulders down with one hand while he reached the other down to grab her breast beneath the lace of her bra. Her nipple tightened as he squeezed the mound, and pinched and rubbed the rose colored tip. Liam was slowly undoing the belt and buttons from her pants, and sliding them down her firm thighs and calves. She tried to kick him as her legs came free of the pants, but he grabbed her ankles and fell between her legs, making it impossible for her to kick him with any force.

Peter moved his other hand down to her other breast to work both, certain that Liam had Christina under control. He fully pulled her large breasts from the cup of the bra. She was embarrassed for Liam to see how hard they were, because against her will, it was no longer from fear. She was becoming aroused! Liam noticed and smiled, and leaned over her to lick and suck one into his mouth while Peter undid his belt and pants. He leaned up and murmured, "You like this you little slut. You can't wait to feel our hard cocks in you can you? I wasn't planning on it, but I think we should make you cream all over our hard cocks, you'd like that wouldn't you slut?" She moaned and struggled under him, trying to throw him off, but it only worked to make him harder. She gasped as he bit down upon her nipple and ground his groin against her mound.

Just then Peters cock sprang into view, and he grabbed Christina's hair and put his hard, huge cock to her lips. "Suck it!" he demanded. She opened her mouth and tentatively put her lips around it, but he plunged deep, rubbing his pubes into her nose as he grinded on her face. Then he began pumping his long rod in and out of her mouth. She was so concentrated on getting air; she was surprised when she felt large fingers probing under her panties.

When they hit her clit she moaned and arched into it, sending great vibrations around Peter's cock. Liam ripped her panties off so that he could have a full view of her shaved pink mound. He leaned down to smell her musky sweet sent, and as he slipped a finger in her tight sheath, he leaned down and licked long and deep between her folds, pressing hard on her clit. He felt her dewy juices flow around his fingers, and pumped them in and out of her as he licked her clit.

Peter continued to push into her mouth, and while holding her hair in one hand he grabbed her nipple in the other pinched and twisted, making her moans longer and louder around his cock. Christina was becoming insane in her lust, licking and sucking on Peter's huge rod while grinding herself onto Liam's hand and mouth. She was not surprised when she felt the knot inside her beginning to build, but she was when Liam pulled away.

"You little whore I said around our cocks, not my fingers." Peter pulled his cock from her mouth as she gasped. She had too much pride to beg, but she was so close to coming, she needed it!

Liam and Peter looked down on Christina clenching her legs together to try to sate herself while she pushed sweaty hair back from her face. Then Liam grabbed her hair and dragged her to the floor. "We need more room for what's coming next. I think you are going to like it."

Liam and Peter both moved to the floor with her. Liam sat upon it with his back up on the couch and said, "Come here." For a moment Christina hesitated, but then she crawled clumsily towards him while peter enjoyed the view of her cute little ass. When she arrived to Liam, he pointed to his upright cock. "Suck it." She bent with no hesitation and started to lick and suck his cock while he guided her speed with her hair. Peter came up behind her and fingered her pussy, pushing two then three fingers into her tight hole. Again she started moaning, the gravity pulling her saliva down along Liam's thick dick. Peter took his fingers out of her soaking pussy and rubbed her clit making her gyrate on his fingers, then went lower to her pussy again to collect more of her dew and moved his hand back to her smallest hole and liberally applied the juice there.

She hesitated on Liam's dick. She had never experienced anything with her anus and it caught her off guard. But Liam pulled her head up and looked at her face. Her lips were swollen and her eyes were glazed with desire. "Do you want to come slut?" he asked her?

She trembled. Her pride said to say no, but she couldn't. These men were dominating her, they were making her their slave, and she loved it. "Yes I want to come." She replied.

"Then sit on it," Liam said while pointing to his thick cock. She moved over him and positioned herself over the head of his penis. She started to lower herself, but her sheath was tight and he had the fattest cock she had ever seen. Slowly, with her juice dripping along his shaft, she impaled herself upon him. She was so stretched there was no room to squeeze her muscles around him, for they were stretched to the limit. When she made it all the way down his cock, his groin brushed up against her clit and he hit something deep inside her. She was close to coming and she started to move up and down on his length to create friction on her clit, but Liam gabbed her nipples cruelly and twisted. "Slut, you may not come yet!" he said. She held very still, trying to hold down on her orgasm as he played with her heavy large breasts. He moved his mouth to one of them and licked just the tip of her nipple for a while before taking all of it into his mouth and sucking.

She moaned and leaned into him, allowing her cheeks to spread more and Peter to have full access to her anus. He rubbed over the hole, making sure it was still wet with her juices, before he slowly pushed one of his fingers into the tight hole. She moaned at the strange feeling as he moved his finger in and out. He replaced one digit with two, and spit on her to make it moister. "Damn this girl is so tight!" he said as he plundered her hole, stretching it so it would soon accommodate him.

He moved up behind her and spread her cheeks more so he could rub his dick, still moist from her mouth, on her anus. She moaned at the blunt, large object being placed there, but Liam continued to distract her with his mouth and his hands. Peter held her hips with his hands and slowly he forced himself into her hole, letting the tight ring slide over his head, and then forcing his way fully inside her. He moaned at the tightness of her anus, swearing he had never had a tighter virgin ass then than hers.

When he was fully embedded in her ass they all froze and stopped what they were doing. Liam looked up into Christina's eyes as she realized the position she was in. He grabbed her hips and Peter reached around to hold her heavy breasts as they both started to slowly pump inside her. The cold panic she had felt at her position left and she was soon being swept up in the passion they were pushing her to. She moaned as the picked up their speed, grinding into her and gripping and pinching her. Liam moved his hand from her hip to grab her hair and pull her mouth to his. He shoved his tongue deep so every one of her holes was filled.

As she was about to come he moved his tongue out and bit her lip, forcing her over the edge. She exploded longer and harder than she ever had before, sending her into blissful darkness as the men sped towards their orgasms. They all exploded within the same minute, and Christina was still clenching and twitching from her orgasm as they panted in the aftermath. Their dicks throbbed inside her as they all silently realized the situation.

Christina's eyes closed to block out the scene and to hold her tears back. I really am a slut she thought. She could have protested more, and she was disgusted with herself that she had enjoyed it. In fact, she thought bitterly, it was the best orgasm I ever had!

Peter was the first to pull out of her. He petted her head, touching her hair. She was the hottest girl he had ever been with. He couldn't believe his luck when Liam had approached him with the plan. He knew there was more to Liam's, but he knew he could leave it to Liam to handle. He replaced his clothes to their proper order, and wiped his dick off with a wet paper towel so his wife wouldn't be suspicious, and then left the building.

Christina pushed herself off Liam and fell in a lump on the floor. Her legs were still affected from her orgasm and wouldn't hold her weight. She lied there as Liam stood and wiped himself off with another wet paper towel, and then dressed. When he was fully dressed, he squatted next to her naked trembling body. She was truly beautiful, and he was not done with her yet. He played with her hair as he said "Now, I can take the tape from your wrists and let you dress and leave if you promise to not speak of this to anyone. You will continue your job as well. If you don't show up on Monday, there will be dire consequences." He smiled at her. "I will take you from your home and tie you to my bed to serve my pleasure whenever I wish. If you go to the police, I'll kill your cat, not that they would believe you anyway. You smell like slut too, like you just had the best fuck of your life." She blushed at another one of his triumphant grins. "See, I think you would stick around just to have another fuck like that. Anyway, do you agree to the terms?"

Christina was too embarrassed to say anything, so she just nodded and kept her eyes down. As he cut the tape from her wrists, she assessed the night. Was it really rape? She wasn't too sure. She would stay, and just school her mind to pretend it never happened.

Liam stepped back from her, and she peeled the rest of the tape from her wrists and dressed, not bothering to wipe off the juices that ran down her thighs when she stood. When she came to her torn shirt, Liam laughed, but she glared at him, her normal self returning, and tied the ends together. It created a very seductive look, and Liam almost took her into his arms again, but he resisted. Then, when she was finished, she looked back at him one last time, squared her shoulders, and walked proudly out to her car as if nothing had happened.

Liam smiled secretly to himself. He had no idea that once he slated his lust on her that he would still feel a need for her. Next week would be a perfect time for another lesson for Christina.

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