tagAnalWorking With Mr. Traynor

Working With Mr. Traynor


I bent over my desk and shoved my ass high into the air. My black skirt fell forward, exposing the flimsy silk of my matching thong. Mr. Traynor, my boss, came up to me from behind and shoved the thong aside. His unusually large cockhead eased itself slowly between my butt cheeks, and my experienced asshole shuddered under the pressure, then gaped wide open. In a flash, Mr. Traynor was up my ass. I found myself pounding the desk with my fists in time to his powerful strokes.

Ever since I became a woman, I had always been fascinated with the concept of anal intercourse. My butt would burn with desire whenever I was with a man, but I never had the courage to ask anyone to nail me up the rear. In fact, if a man asked for it, I always pretended to be freaked out and told him I would never consider such a thing. Boyfriends who tried to pressure me about it got dropped -- I'm attractive enough that there's always another one waiting in the wings.

But then the economy took a downturn, and I was out of work and needed a job -- badly. I'm not saying that Mr. Traynor wouldn't have made me his executive assistant if I didn't put out. I was more than qualified for the position. It's just that he worked very hard, very long hours keeping his freight company going despite all kinds of difficulties, and needed me to do the same, and I became increasingly aware that for an older man he was incredibly sexy. I also knew, of course, that he wasn't the kind of man to do anything to hurt me in any way. In fact, he never even touched me or said or did anything inappropriate at all. I kind of resented it just a little.

Eventually my lack of time for a proper relationship, and the burning desire for kink that had built up in me over all these years, got to be too much for me. One evening we were in the office working late, and I just yanked off my pants and panties and stood there half naked, begging him to stuff me up the ass. He hesitated for just a bit -- I know he was thinking of his wife and children, but I had met his wife, and she wasn't the type to give him anything like this -- but pretty quickly he overcome his scruples and gave me what I asked for.

We were pretty unprepared that night, and had no lube, and I can't deny that it was painful for both of us. But with a little ingenuity he got me open, he slid his truck into my rear parking space, and he delivered his load of cargo. By then it was late, and he had to give me the following day off to recover, but it was well worth it to both of us. We've been butt-fucking like maniacs ever since.

Bending over my desk is my favorite position with Mr. Traynor. (I know his first name, of course, but I never call him by it, not even in the heat of the moment. It's much sexier that way, somehow.) You hear people talking about how awful their jobs are, and how working is like being fucked in the ass, and I just have to swallow a smile. I love my job, actually, even without the additional benefits.

Anyhow, on the night I was talking about before, I was thoroughly lubed up already, and the two of us were really going to town. I pushed back with my ass to make sure that Mr. Traynor's cock was snuggled in me nice and deep. Then at last his thrusts had me screaming. "I'm coming," I shouted. I knew everyone else had gone home and there was no one to hear. "I'm coming in my ass, Mr. Traynor!" And I was, with a little discreet help from my hand stuffed down my crotch in front.

My tight little sphincters squeezed down in convulsive waves. I was literally wringing the stuffing out of his wonderful erection as it split me wide open. He jerked spastically, and then he was howling too as I felt the hot spray of his jism flooding into my back tunnel. The membranes of my bowels began to sting pleasantly, and tiny shivers ran up and down my spine. I went right on coming more intensely than ever, and yelling things like "Yes, fill my ass, you slimy fucker, you oversexed pig!"

It's only when I'm coming that bad names pop out of my mouth. The rest of the time, even when he's rocking my world with his mammoth tool, I'm always polite and respectful like a proper employee. At my peak, I throw back my head and yowl at the ceiling like an animal in heat, losing my words and forgetting everything but the bucket of his come in my guts and the spike in my ass.

That doesn't happen every time, and when it does, it always leaves both of us a little shaky. Finally Mr. Traynor slipped out of my twitching asshole, and I felt a huge glob of lube mixed with his cream come rushing out of my hole to run down the backs of my thighs. All my muscles were warm and relaxed, like I'd just spent time with a top-notch professional masseuse. (I know, because I spent time with one at the spa Mr. Traynor sent me to while we were out of town on a business trip. The money saved on an extra hotel room was more than enough to pay for it, and Mr. Traynor doesn't have to answer to any auditors for how he spends corporate funds.)

My thong shifted back into position, only to be soaked with goop, and I had to yank it off before it became glued, sticky and cold, to my ass. I stuffed it in a desk drawer and forgot about it. I stood up and turned around, smoothing down my skirt so I looked somewhat presentable again.

"You're an amazing butt-fuck, Mr. Traynor," I said.

"You are too, Susie." He was supposedly still dressed, but his relaxed and gooey prick was still dangling out of his fly, and there was a huge and spreading damp spot on the front of his slacks. I try to get him to take them off first, but either he just can't remember when he knows my asshole is eagerly awaiting his arrival, or else he prefers it that way. I don't know which. Then he blurted, "I don't want this to be over."

I lifted an eyebrow and waited to see what he would do next. Suddenly, Mr. Traynor was on his knees in front of me and lifting my skirt again. It's a good thing his office has a real carpet instead of that indoor-outdoor stuff, or linoleum, used in the rest of the building, or both of us would have all sorts of abrasions on various parts of our bodies.

His tongue, which is exceptionally long, was out of his mouth and licking my cunt before I knew what was what. Of course I have no problem with his licking me from clit to asshole and back again, but this time I found myself being whirled around, and he was licking the juices around and out of my sensitive, trembling asshole. I squirmed and shifted my footing as his tongue went right around the rim of my gaping opening.

He doesn't do this very often, but when he does, it's just as amazing to me as when he did it the first time. My mind just can't get over the delicious, freaky knowledge that this proud and distinguished older man is willing to eat his own jism out of my ass. As he feasted on the back tunnel, the front one began to drip female cream, which tickled the front of my thighs. I went up and down on the tips of my toes, because he had me too excited to hold still.

I was going to come again, I just knew it. He was alternating between licking my asshole and running his finger rapidly around the inner surface of it, not going deep, just stimulating every nerve ending I possess. I had to brace myself against the desk to keep from falling over, and the angle of the hard wood top of the desk was just right to stimulate my clit. The big muscle in my right thigh cramped for just a moment, and then I exploded, my ass jiggling against Mr. Traynor's face as I felt the orgasm surging in my ass and cunt and clit.

He let his tongue ride around my sphincter until I stopped shaking and screaming. Then he tugged at my hips, pulling me down to the carpet with him. I could see and feel that he had a tremendous second erection, another thing that doesn't always happen.

"Time to get out of our clothes, don't you think?" he said.

I laughed and wriggled out of the skirt and stripped off my blouse -- I don't wear a bra, no need for it -- leaving just the tasteful gold chain around my neck that I never take off. Mr. Traynor stripped almost as quickly, leaving his clothes balled up next to us, and by that time I was on my hands and knees waiting for the instant reply of our anal games.

Mr. Traynor may well be the only man I'll ever trust enough to let him cram his cock up my ass, so I'm going to be greedy and get all the anal action from him that I possibly can.

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