tagInterracial LoveWorking Wives: Peggy's Office Party

Working Wives: Peggy's Office Party


"Honey, I got promoted at work!" Peggy announced, as I arrived home from work. My blonde-headed wife of 18 years ran across the kitchen and hugged my neck in joyous celebration.

My wife Peggy had worked for an advertising agency for about 6 months. After raising our 2 grown teenage twins, Peggy had decided to enter the workforce, since her time required around the house had declined significantly with our children off at school.

"Mr. Jones said I was doing a great job, and he wants me to start working directly with our clients." She proudly said. Bob Jones was the president of The Jones Agency, which was the largest ad firm in the south. His firm routinely outsmarted and outperformed the national agencies his firm competed against.

"He has even invited us to an office party at his home tomorrow night!! And, he said several clients will be there to socialize and get to know our people." Peggy informed me, bursting with pride.

"Wow, that's great dear!" I said. "I knew you would be great with people. And, I figured it wouldn't be long before your new boss noticed also!"

Heck, who wouldn't be impressed with my wife!! She was a beautiful woman. Peggy had a trim figure with and neat appearance maintained 24 hours a day. She was friendly with everyone and never met a stranger. Her bubbly personality and pleasant, and her giggly laugh was intoxicating.

She was a Sunday school teacher, a volunteer, a great mother, and the perfect wife. She acted with the up most in social grace, always attractively dressed, and beautifully manicured. Her short blond hair was styled just below her ears and fixed to accent the features of her pretty face and blue eyes, which capped a 5' 4" body.

Although, she dressed conservatively, my wife was a sexy and vivacious woman. She was 40 years old but looked like a 30 year old. Her voluptuous body was always well hidden by her conservative wardrobe. Her dresses always concealed her C-cup breasts, flat stomach, and well-rounded bottom.

After work the next day, I hurried home to get ready for my wife's party. As I entered our bedroom, I could hear the sound of Peggy's blow dryer in the bathroom. I quickly changed and waited for my wife in the den.

After a few minutes, my wife entered the room, and my eyes were greeted with the sight of my stunning, classy wife. Peggy was dressed in a knee length. strap-less cocktail dress. My dick leaped in my pants as I looked at my beautiful wife. She looked great! I stood and hugged her, allowing my hand to slip down to graze her plump bottom.

"Watch it Big Boy!" My wife smiled. My straight-laced wife would never let me touch her there. We only had sex every 2 months, and only using the missionary position in the pitch dark of our bedroom. My wife's father was a minister and she was brought up to believe sex was dirty.

We made our way to our car and drove over to Mr. Jones' huge mansion. He was a single in life, and it puzzled me why he had such a large house. I guess it was for entertaining, or a way to spend his millions. Peggy and I were welcomed by her boss, Mr. Jones, as he opened the door to his spacious home. He was a handsome rugged man about 6' 3" tall. Mr. Jones leaned to kiss my wife, and as she began to present her cheek to him, he took her chin in his hand and turned it back to him. He planted a kiss right on her mouth. Peggy's face flushed with modesty. He was such a powerful, confident man, I thought.

"Hello there good looking!" He smiled and greeted our arrival. "You two hit the bar and enjoy yourself! We are lucky to have your beautiful wife working with us!!!"

My wife never drank, but ordered a glass of wine when we reached the bar and killed it. I thought she was in need of something to calm her nerves, considering she was fairly new to the firm, and that important clients were also in attendance. Mr. Jones quickly returned and took Peggy off to meet the crowd of fellow employees and clients.

I noticed one of the clients was a big black man named Nate Turner, a football celebrity that the agency used in commercials. He was 6' 6" tall and he towered over my petite wife. As he greeted my wife, he leaned forward and kissed her on the mouth!! She had presented her lips and mouth, and not her cheek.

As my wife met and mingled, she consumed 4 or 5 more glasses of wine. She was laughing and giggling constantly. Mr. Jones paid a tremendous amount of time to her, and took her around to meet everyone. I stood and watched from the other side of the room as my wife talked vivaciously with everyone there, as she clung to Mr. Jones' arm.

They would whisper and laugh as the hours passed. They even danced to the band located on the patio. Mr. Jones was fondling my wife as they danced. As 11PM came, I interrupted my wife and her boss and said that we needed to go. She seemed hesitant to leave with party at full speed.

Mr. Jones commandingly said, "Jim, I will have someone bring her home. Your beautiful wife has all our clients eating out of the palm of her hand!!!"

My wife agreed to stay, and I turned and left the party and headed for home. Although my wife was drinking and dancing, the thought never crossed my mind that she would act anything other than prim and proper, as always.

As I reached our home, I realized that I had forgotten my keys to the house. My wife had a spare set in her purse, I remembered. She never left anything to chance. She was always organized and prepared. As I returned to the Mr. Jones’ mansion, I saw that all the cars had left, as it had taken me about 1 hour to make the round trip.

I knocked on the front door, but there was no answer. I opened door and wandered around the large house looking around for signs of life. I saw none. Had I passed my wife on the way back, I thought?

As I was about to leave, I heard the sound of the band still playing music on the patio. When I reached the glass doors and looked out I was shocked!! My wife was slow dancing with Mr. Jones, and they were kissing!! I stood out of the line of anyone's sight and watched. Mr. Jones was making out with my straight-laced wife, and she was not resisting him at all. In fact, she was grinding her soft body into him!!

I glanced at the 3 remaining band members playing slow Barry White tunes. They were a black band I had heard many time around town. Mr. Jones was looking over my wife’s shoulder smiling from time to time. As my eyes drifted to the side of the patio, I saw big Nate Turner sitting there watching my wife and Mr. Jones dance. I guess they were big buddies, since he was the only guest that was left from the party.

When I glanced back to my wife and Mr. Jones my dick began to get hard. They were kissing and his hands were moving all over my wife's back. I was frozen in place. Should stop them, I thought? I could not bring myself to move.

As I watched, I saw Mr. Jones' hands travel lower on my wife's back to her well-rounded bottom. He began to caress my wife's butt through her dress. His hands were palming and massaging both her buns through her cocktail dress. Peggy was grinding her hips into Mr. Jones' loins as they slow danced and made out. Unbelievable!!

“Oh Mr. Jones!! I am married woman, and a minister’s daughter.” My wife gasped. “What do you think you are doing??”

Mr. Jones countered, “Peggy you are a beautiful married woman, my dear. But you are a woman first. You are the best looking woman at the agency!! All my clients were taken by your grace.”

“Thank you!!” My wife said in response. “Do you really think so? Do you really think that I am beautiful???”

“Hell yes!! How old are you Peggy, 30??” Mr. Jones asked.

“Lord no.” My wife giggled. “You missed by 10 years!! I am an old lady!!!”

“You have to be lying. You are much too beautiful to be that age.” Mr. Jones said seductively. “You have the body of a 25 year old. Your body is so trim and firm.”

Here was my prim and proper wife in the clutched embrace of another man!! With Peggy's back to Nate Turner, Mr. Jones slowly began lifting the back of my wife's dress. If my sweet innocent wife noticed anything, she sure did not give any indication, whatsoever. I gasped for air as her panties began to come into view, and Mr. Jones lifted the material over my wife's well-rounded bottom.

Peggy was too caught up with the wine, or the compliments of her beauty to notice what was occurring. Her soft round bottom filled out her conservative white panties completely. The material was stretched tight around her flaring hips and buns. Her deep butt crack made a crease under her elegant underwear. My wife’s tan legs contrasted with the pure white material of her underwear, as the panties hid her charms.

My wife has a trim waist and flaring butt. Although she takes her baths and changes her clothes behind closed doors, her voluptuous butt always fills out her clothes. The conservative white panties she always wore were cut high on her hips with the waistband trimmed in lace.

All women have different butts, and my wife’s ass was no exception. Her wide hips gave her buns a round pliable look. The crevice separating her soft buns was long and deep, with two soft dimples hovering above at the small of her back. Her angelic face and hair contrasted with a chassis that was built for sex!!!

Why was she allowing this, I wondered???

“Mr. Jones? What are you doing back there??” My wife rasped. “I do not think you should be doing that. You have pulled my dress over my bottom!!! ”

“Now. Now. Peggy we are the only ones left here. Relax and enjoy!” Mr. Jones said in a confident, soothing voice. “Your bottom is so soft and plump. Your figure is so beautiful!!”

“Well your hands sure do feel nice.” My prim and proper wife sighed and seemed to relax. “You have big hands. They are so strong.”

Mr. Jones trapped the bottom of her dress under his forearms and slid his hands down to my wife's panty butt. He gently palmed and massaged her buns through her exposed panties for all to see. I saw that Mr. Jones had broken their kiss and was looking over my wife's shoulder as they hugged and danced. He was smiling and winking!!!

“Mr. Jones you are touching my bottom!!” My wife said giggling. “You should not do that!! Please!! I do not even let my husband touch my butt!!”

“You are right!! I am touching your bottom.” Mr. Jones said confidently. “You are so soft down there!! Your buns are so round and plump!! You sure have some nice soft cushions!!!”

“Your hands are so busy back there!!” My wife gasped. “They feel so good on my panties. But, I should not be letting you do this.”

“Relax, Peggy. Just enjoy yourself. You need to let your hair down a little.” Mr. Jones said in a soothing voice as he continued to peer over my wife’s shoulder. “Just relax and enjoy the music.”

“Well ok, but that is all I am going to let you get away with.” My straight-laced wife scolded. “I do not want you to think bad of me!!! I haven’t work for you for very long.”

As I looked to see where he was staring, I was shocked. There sat Nate Turner looking at my wife's white panties and butt. My straight-laced wife was having panties and butt displayed to a black man!! As my eyes darted back and forth, I noticed something else. Nate Turner was holding a video camera!!! He was filming my wife being groped by her boss!!!

“Mr. Jones, I told you that I am married. What do you think you are doing??” My wife asked, giggling like a schoolgirl, as he began to squeeze her backside. “It feels like you are squeezing my butt. It feels like you are testing melons in the produce department.”

As my eyes returned to my wife, I could see her buns undulating under her panties, as Mr. Jones grabbed handfuls of her ass!!! The material of underwear would stretch tight across her jutting backside pressing her crack open and closed inside. I could see her shadowy crack through the nylon material as it was pulled open by Mr. Jones’ hands.

“You are too beautiful to resist young lady!!” Mr. Jones announced. “A body like yours demands to be touched and petted. I just have to touch your plump buns!! They are so firm and soft!!!”

“Why, thank you.” My prim and proper wife giggled, as she began to give in to the sensations of his touch. “But you are making me act bad! My husband would kill me, if he saw what you are doing back there!!”

Suddenly, Nate Turner stood up. He had a huge bulge in his pants as he slowly walked over, and broke in on their dance--passing the video camera to Mr. Jones.

“May I have the pleasure of a dance, Peggy?” Nate Turner asked. “I cannot help but ask a beautiful lady like you to dance with me!!”

“Wow!! I have two men to dance with!!” My wife said, as the wine she had consumed had taken control of her inhibitions. “I have two handsome men flirting with me. Wow, aren’t I a lucky lady???”

As they began to dance, I saw my wife's hips hump toward the huge bulge in the front of his pants. My wife’s expression showed surprise, as her pelvis touch this black man’s bulge jutting against her. Her face then creased with an excited smile, when her hips touched this man’s cock bulge for the second time.

“You sure are comfortable.” The huge black man said, as his huge bulge nudged into my wife’s stomach. “You have a great body.”

“Oh. Nate you are such a big man!” My whispered, as she pressed her body to him. “Your shoulders are so strong.”

Nate took his huge black hands ran them down to my wife's butt, lifting her cocktail dress over her bottom once again. Only this time Nate bunched the bottom of the dress and tucked the hem into the belt around my wife's waist holding it in place. Her white, panties covering her butt was exposed completely. His huge black hands began to squeeze and massaged my wife's buns through her panties.

“Peggy you have such a nice plump bottom!” Nate whispered. “Your skin is so warm, and your panties are like silk.”

“Oh you are making me warm with you hands. I should not be allowing this, you know.” My wife giggled. “That bottom you are touching is married, and this is not right.”

She was hunching her hips into the huge lump in the front of his pants. I was going crazy!! Mr. Jones was filming the scene, and Nate was squeezing my wife's butt!! Apparently my wife had found Nate’s bulge to her liking, and she was pressing her torso tightly into him to rub more of it against her.

Then, he turned their bodies and displayed her backside to the band!! He turned her around and around slowly, as he slowly danced with my wife. As I watched in disbelief, I noticed, that as his huge black hands palmed my wife's buns, her panties were ever so slightly moving up to her butt crack. As he firmly squeezed my wife's backside, her white buns began to creep out of the legs of her panties. Her butter soft buns were bouncing and working there way out into the fresh night air and on display to everyone.

My wife’s white buns were pale and highlighted by her tan lines, above her shaved tan legs. Her round buttock jiggled and swayed as this black man’s dark hands squeezed her flesh. Her bouncing buns were dancing out of her conservative white panty legs. The roll and undulation of her fleshy buns, as the black hands fondled her butt, was so decadent!!!!

“Oh my God, Nate! You are making me tingle all over.” My wife gasped. “Your big strong hands feel so good back there.”

My modest wife was allowing a black man to touch her butt!! She never let me near her rear end, I thought. As she kissed and allowed her butt to be pawed, her arms clung tightly around this big black man’s neck. She moaned as she thrust her pelvis back and forth across the huge bulge of his dick.

Her white buns were covered with goose bumps as Nate's black hands and fingers played with her. This was agonizingly slow and erotic. When the panties were almost all the way in her butt crack, I could begin to make out the hint of her luxuriant, brown sex hair creeping from the rear juncture of her crotch and butt crack at the top of her thighs. The sight was un-describable!! Her creamy pale buns were surrounding her white modest panties giving way to the hint of my wife's dark, forbidden sex hair!!!

The crack of my wife’s deep butt was gobbling up her white nylon panties into her earthy dank crevice. Her brown luxuriant sex hair was popping out from each side of her panties, as the material was sucked in her crack. Her buns were popping open with each squeeze of her buttocks by Nate’s black hands.

Here was my prim and proper wife allowing a black man to touch her soft white bottom!! She was kissing him and moaning, deliberately hunching her hips against him. And, Mr. Jones, her boss, was recording all of this lewd display on tape! What was she doing? Peggy taught Sunday school, for goodness sakes!!

“My, My, Peggy, you have such a hot butt.” Nate whispered lewdly. “I bet your backside would burn a hole in the back of your dress. Man, you have nice plump buns!!! ”

“Oh! You are making me behave so bad!” My wife moaned. “But, your are making me feel good, also. Please stop, I do not think this a good idea!!”

“If it feels good, Peggy, then there is nothing wrong with a man’s touch.” Nate countered smoothly. “Your panties can’t hold all of your lush tushy!! Your soft buns are tumbling out of those white panties.”

Nate took his huge hands and ran them down inside the top of my wife's panties and began working his hands down and over her skin inside her underwear. Was her fingering my wife, I wondered?

I gradually found the answer, as he slowly worked my wife's conservative panties over and down her soft white butt cheeks.

“Oh my goodness!! What are you doing to me?” My innocent wife gasped. “You are pulling down my panties!! My God!!!!”

“Relax, Peggy, we are just having a good time.” Nate reassured and challenged my wife. “Quit being such a party pooper!! You don’t want me to think that you are no fun. Your sexy butt needs some air!!”

“Well, ok, I guess a little feel won’t hurt.” My wife said in a defensively surrendering tone. “I cannot believe I am letting you do this!!! And, I can be fun. I do not want you to think I am a party pooper!!”

Her backside was pointing toward the band, and Mr. Jones had moved to stand alongside the black band members. There would be no reason to turn my wife around any longer. They had inserted a compact disk into the stereo and were no longer playing music. They wanted to have their attention completely un-divided from the lewd spectacle before them. These men all had a front row seat to watch a huge black man play with my wife's butt.

Peggy's white panties slowly descended over her buns, and the deep crack of her butt began to creep above her panty's waistband, as the hands worked them down. Her entire well-rounded butt came into view as Nate squeezed and massaged her white bun flesh.

“I am a married woman!!” My wife whispered in excitement. “I shouldn’t be letting touch my naked flesh. God, I can’t believe this is happening!! My husband would kill me if he saw this!!!”

All of the men were smiling from ear to ear as the unveiling was completed. There she blew!!! Peggy’s soft white butt was on display, jutting out above her rolled-down panties. Two twin globes of white flesh divided by a deep long butt crack. Her shadowy, dark crevice ran vertically between two white, pale buns. My wife’s butt was glowing white from the lack of sun, and her soft skin contrasted erotically with the black hands. Her sexual charms were so pure looking!!!!

Nate's huge black hands began to palm and pull on my wife white buns. He would slowly pull his hands up and down palming her cheeks. The motion of his hands would gently tug and spread my wife's buns open and closed. The men stared as my prim and proper wife's buns would spring open to reveal her dank butt crack and the forbidden, starfish of her anus.

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