Working Wives: Peggy's Office Party


“Peggy, I want you to show your boss and these strangers how you play with your pussy!!” Nate commanded my wife in a lewd tone. “I want you to play with your pussy in front of them.”

“Oh, I have never done that!! That is so dirty!!” My wife moaned. “Please do not make me do that!! Please, not in front of these men!!! I am married!!!”

“Peggy, run those pretty fingers down to your big bush and finger pussy.” Nate commanded in a strong masculine voice. “I want to watch a pretty little white wife play with her own cunt. I know these men do too!!!”

Unbelievably, my wife moved her hands down to her sex and began to finger herself and stroke her clit. I could see her wedding ring glisten from her wetness as she began to masturbate in front of these men. Her hips started to move back and forth as she manipulated her pussy. Her pussy hair was matted with her own sexual secretions.

Her manicured fingernails disappeared into her heavy pubic hair, as she inserted her finger into her sex. Her hand began thrust deeply in and out of her crotch. For not ever having masturbated, my wife seemed to know how to manipulate herself with an expert touch.

As she picked up speed with her hands, my wife would spread her hair-fringed lips of her pussy to display to these strange men her pink clit, which was swollen and hard. Her facial expression took on a lewd smile as she performed and made eye contact with her audience. My wife was openly displaying her cunt to these men!!! She was tapping her finger on the hood of her pink clit, as she stared at these strangers

Peggy’s modesty was all gone, as she pulled her sex open to their gaze. She thrust her hips forward to meet her fingers and jutted her sex toward these men. My wife of 18 years was putting on a live sex show for these men!!!! She brought one hand up to her big nipples to pinch and pull on them, as she stroked herself.

“I cannot believe that you are making me do this.” My wife moaned in an excited voice, as she began to get into her a consistent stroke with her hands. “I cannot believe that you are making my play with my own pussy!!!! You are going to make me come!!!! Oh God, these men can see my wet pussy!!!!”

“That’s a good girl Peggy!!” Nate smiled lewdly, as he presented my wife. “Hey, guys, this married lady is playing with her own hairy cunt!!!!! She is going to come all over herself!!!! Look at her finger that big bush!!!”

My once straight-laced wife was bucking her voluptuous hips as she fingered her own pussy. Her facial expression was an expression of hot sexual pleasure. Her eyes closed tight as she began to come over and over in front of her audience. Her hand moved in a fast motion, as she fiddled her clit. Her thighs and hips flexed tight as she came racking her body with pleasure.

“Oh, fuck!!!! I am coming!!!!” My wife moaned, as she opened her eyes, and made eye contact with these men. “Oh my God, that feels good!!! I am coming all over myself!!!!!!”

Everyone, including myself, was stunned at the raw display before our eyes!!!!! My straight-laced wife had just serviced her own sex while these men watched!!!

Nate bent his knees slightly and thrust his big black dick between my wife’s legs from behind. The huge black head of his cock appeared into view in front and below the bush of my wife’s hairy pussy. What a sight!!! The lemon-sized head of Nate’s black dick head popped out in to view, and was surrounded by soft white thighs and pubic hair!!!

“I want you to ride your pussy on my big black dick, Peggy.” He firmly commanded. “I want you to rub your married pussy on my big black dick!!”

My straight-laced wife began to thrust her hips back and forth, as though she was riding a fence post!! She was bearing down and thrusting her pelvis to create friction on this huge dick.

Her pussy began to lather his massive black shaft, as his dick traveled underneath and through her hairy pussy lips. The black head of his dick would appear and disappear from view at the front of her heavy bush, as my wife lewdly thrust her hips. She began coming over and over again and her pussy juice coated his shaft with white cream.

“Look at your little married pussy creaming all over my black dick!!!!!!” Nate taunted my straight-laced wife. “Rub that straight-laced pussy on my big black dick!! Look at her guys!!! Can you believe this???”

I was coming for a second time, as I watched the depravity.

“Oh Nate! You making me ride your big black dick!!” My wife confessed in total submission. “It is so good. God, your big black dick feels good between my legs!!! It feels like I am climbing a tree!!!”

After a few minutes, Nate lifted one of her legs up to display her entire sex to the men. Her wet pussy hair was matted with her juice, and her cunt was spread displaying her enlarged clit. He took his black dick in his hand and began to slap the huge black head against my wife’s exposed sex. I could hear the loud wet slaps as his dick struck her pussy. He was spanking my wife’s pussy!!!

“Do you want my big black dick in your little pussy, Peggy? Nate asked lewdly. “Do you want to fuck your first black dick???”

“OH YES! OH YES! Please let me have it!!” My wife moaned. “I want you to fuck me!!! Please fuck me with your big dick!!!”

He then began to insert the huge black head into my wife’s sex. He was going to fuck my wife standing up!! His huge black cock spread my wife’s hairy bush obscenely, as it opened her sex. The black, rock hard shaft forced its way into the soft pink tissue of my wife’s cunt. Peggy’s pink hard clit was rubbing along the shaft as this black man drove his hips upward. Above her wanton sex opening, her pristine flat navel seemed to enlarge as the huge cock gutted her cunt.

The leering men had a front row seat to my sweet wife’s total debasement.

As Nate fed his dick into my wife, her pussy lips were stretched to the maximum. He was opening her cunt and touching places that had never been touched. Peggy’s pussy cream coated his black shaft and ran down to his huge black ball, as she came continuously.

“OH, FUCK ME WITH YOUR BIG BLACK DICK!!!!!” my wife screamed. “God you are big. I can feel my pussy stretch!! God, this is so nasty!!! All these men are watching you fuck me!! They are watching me get fucked by a black dick!!! Feed it to me!!!”

My prim and proper wife was getting stretched and loving it!! Her large brown nipples stood on end covered in sweat, as this large black man fucked her. Their two bodies were locked and moving as one. It sounded as though my wife’s breath was getting knocked out of her, as the huge black dick drove into her cunt.

Peggy, my sweet innocent wife, was in complete surrender. She was opening her delicate womanhood and allowing it to be ravaged by Nate’s huge black dick. The scene was beyond description. A wife, a mother, a Sunday school teacher giving her white body to a black man!!!

“Oh God! Stretch me with your big black dick!!” My wife cried. “Feed me that big dick!! Give it to me!!! God, you are deep!!!! It is so damn good!!!”

Damn, she was out of control!! I never would have imagined my conservative wife begging to be fucked. Her sex was soaking his huge black dick. Her pussy juice ran down Nate’s huge black balls and began to drip on the patio floor. His trim powerful hips were smacking my wife soft white ass as he drove his cock deep in her pussy.

Over the next 15 minutes, this huge black man gutted my innocent wife’s hairy pussy with his thick black cock. All of this display was in front of a leering audience of bystanders. My modest wife did not care what they saw. She was lost in total pleasure. She was coming over and over.

“Look at this little wife fuck!!!” Nate said to his friends. “Look at her little hairy pussy take my big black cock!!! Peggy, my friends are watching me take your married pussy. You are giving a black man your white pussy!!!”

After these several minutes of total domination, Nate’s ass began to flex as he shot a huge load of come into my wife’s unprotected cunt. Sperm was leaking down his black shaft mixed with my wife’s own juices.

As he withdrew his dick, a flood of come washed down my wife’s shaved thighs and legs from her hairy pussy.

I was fainting as I watched the entire scene!!!

When my wife’s foot returned to the ground, Nate ordered my innocent white wife to walk over to the seated men, and show them what he had done to her!!

She stumbled over about five steps to the men, and stood on display with her legs standing apart staring straight ahead in a daze. A lewd smile crossed the lips of her mouth, as she presented her body for these men.

Her sex organs were on complete display to these strange men. My wife’s hairy bush jutted out from her pelvis matted with Nate’s come and her secretions. Peggy’s pure white navel hovered pristinely above a messy and ravaged cunt.

These strange men leered at her pure white body. They peered, knelt, and rotated positions as they inspected my ravaged wife. They were pointing and whispering to each other as they ran their eyes and hands around her skin. My wife had no modesty and made no attempt to cover herself.

Her large brown nipples were red from being pinched, as was the white buttery skin of her buns. Her matted pussy hair was glistening as they pulled open her white buns to inspect her hairy butt hole and stretched cunt. This black man’s sperm was bubbling from my wife’s sex!!

One man even put his nose into her buns inhaling her rank smelling butt and pussy odor!!! He pried my wife’s white buns wide open with his hands, as the other men took turns slowly inserting their fingers into her dank butt hole. Each of the men would smell her odor, and offer the forbidden scent to my wife’s dainty nose making her nostrils flare wide. Then they would make her clean their soiled fingers with her mouth.

“Damn, Nate, you stretched this little wife good man!!” One of the men said aloud. “Damn, what a nice hot ass!!! Speaking of ass!!! Nate, I think you forgot a hole!!!”

My eyes traveled over to this black man who had just taken my wife. Nate’s huge cock was still rock hard!!!!!!! When I say hard, I mean rock hard and pointing above his navel!!!!

These men eased my wife down on a chaise lounge, and placed her on her hands and knees. My wife’s voluptuous white butt was presented to this black Adonis. They pushed her shoulders forward and down, so that her ass was raised on complete display. As these men moved to watch the spectacle, Nate stepped forward, and began to rub his huge black dick across my wife’s soft white ass cheeks.

“Oh Nate, please do not make me do this in front of these men!!!” My wife moaned half-heartedly, as her hips began to seductively rotate. “You are embarrassing me!!!”

“Make you do what???” Nate asked as he began to tap and slap his black dick against my wife’s round buns. “I do not make women do anything. If you want me to fuck you in your pretty ass, you have to ask me!!!”

He began to graze his huge cock in between the deep crack of my wife’s ass. His hips would flex and make his black shaft travel up and down between my wife’s white buns. He was using his dick like a paintbrush to stroke her tender flesh!!!!

“Oh my God, your dick is still hard!!! My wife moaned in a lewd whisper, as her butt thrust back to maintain contact with his flesh. “Please stop doing that. You are turning me on!!!! No one has had me back there!!!!”

“Peggy, if you want me to fuck you in your pretty butt, you have ask me!!!!!” Nate lewdly commanded, as my wife’s flaring pale buttocks waved back and forth.

“Please do not make me do this here.” My wife pleaded in a submissive tone. “Your hard dick is turning me on again. Please stop this.”

I knew my wife was embarrassed in front of these men, but this huge cock’s hardness was making her melt as it contacted her soft skin. Peggy loved a hard dick, and Nate’s cock was as hard as steel!!! As if to ask for service, my wife reached back with both her hand and spread her white buns to Nate!!!! I could see her wedding ring sparkle in the patio light, as she spread her white buns.

“Damn, Nate, look she is spreading her ass for you!!!” One of the men said to him. “Look, she is holding her pretty white buns open for you!!!!”

Nate moved the giant head of his black cock to contact my wife’s pink anal ring. With incredible restraint, he stayed completely still, as the black head of his cock touched my wife’s delicate butt hole. My wife’s curly wet butt hairs were surrounding the giant head of his dick. His piss slit was in contact with Peggy’s pink nether ring, which was hiding between her cheeks.

I was going crazy!!!! She was going to allow this black man to have her most secret hole!!!!!

“Please don’t tease me!!!” My wife moaned, as she thrust her buttocks back to him. “You are making me wet. Please do it. Please don’t make me say it in front of these men.”

Nate retracted his hips slightly to stay in contact with her butt, but he would not moved forward to allow his cock to apply pressure for entry. His huge cock head sat frozen, and nestled in my wife’s sexy butt hair lining the inside of her butt crack!!!

“What do you want me to do???” Nate asked my wife in a lewd whisper, ignoring her pleas. “Tell my friends what you want me to do to you, Peggy!!!!! Tell me what you want these men to watch!!!”

My wife was urging her hips back, as Nate’s seductive voice turned her on. She was losing all control and giving into her lust.

“Please fuck my bottom!!!” My wife gasped. “Please give it to me!!! I want these men to see you fuck my butt hole with your big black dick!!!”

“Don’t tell me want you want!!!” Nate commanded my wife. “Tell these men what you want them to see!!!”

“Oh. My goodness. I can’t believe that I am saying this!! Guys, I want you to watch Nate put his big black dick in my butt hole!!!” My wife said excitedly, as she looked at them over her shoulder. “I want you to watch him butt fuck me!!!!!!”

Nate held his hips still and rigid, but made my wife push herself back to take his giant cock. This black man was determined to make my wife do the work of giving her virgin ass to a complete stranger!!!!! His huge dick head began to open my wife’s butt hole, as she thrust her white ass back to him. Her pink anus spread open, and stretched around the tip of his huge dick head. The mouth of her anus was as tight as a rubber band!!

“Damn. You are one tight-assed white lady. Shit. No dick has been in your ass, and that is for sure!!! Nate laughed, as he looked at the other men. “Push that pretty white ass back to me, Peggy. I am going to make you do the work!!! You feel like a heater in there!!!”

“Oh MY Lord!!!! I can’t believe you are making me do this in front of these men. This is so dirty!!!” My wife moaned, as she thrust her butt back to take more of this black dick. “Oh my God!!!! I feel so full!!! You are filling my whole butt with your black dick!!!!”

My wife had a look of intense concentration on her elegant face, as the huge dick spread her bowels. Her breathing became heavy, as she forced her white butt back to be fucked.

“Tell my friends what I am doing to you, Peggy!!!” Nate commanded my wife, as he slapped her ass with his huge hand. “Tell them!!!!”

My wife now had half of Nate’s thick cock in her ass. The spanking made her throw her ass back even more to gobble up more of the black dick. This black man was turning my wife into a sex maniac. My wife’s hips were sawing back to this black dick making her tremble with pleasure.

“Oh MY Lord!!! Nate is fucking my butt with his big black dick.” My wife said lewdly to the men, as she looked over her shoulder. “Look at his big dick fucking me!!! Do you see my butt getting fucked??? I have never been fucked in the ass, but I sure like it!!!”

“Peggy, Nate is fucking your married ass!!! Spread those white buns and take that black meat!!!” Mr. Jones chimed in, as all the men giggled at my wife’s debasement. “I am glad that I sent your husband home!!! He would have shit in his pants, if he had seen you taking on Nate’s big black donkey dick.”

“Oh Please, Mr. Jones, please don’t tell my husband!!!!” My wife moaned, as she looked at her boss. “I cannot help myself!!!! Nate’s big dick is so damn good!!!! He is fucking me so good!!!”

“Peggy, a married white lady should not let a black man fuck her ass!!!” Mr. Jones said mockingly, as he slapped my wife on the butt. “You are so dirty!!!! You are letting a black man fuck the shit out of you!!! What would your husband think, if he saw you right now?????”

“He would think that I am getting the shit fuck out of me!!!!” My wife rasped, as she bounced her spread white buns back to Nate. “He would see a black man busting his wife’s butt!!!! He would see me getting butt fucked by a black man and loving it!!!”

My wife was beginning to come for the sixth or seventh time as she jutted her pure white ass back to this black man. Her soft buns were gyrating wildly, as Mr. Jones spanked her with his large open hand. Peggy was literally doing a black pole dance!!!! My wife was coming and grunting like a stuffed pig!!!

“Everyone at work is going to know, that Peggy has been fucked by a black man’s cock!!! I am going to tell them!!!! I am going to show them the video!!!” My wife’s boss said to her lewdly. “I am going to make you show them your hairy pussy on Monday morning!!!! You are not to wear any panties at work from now on. I want your co-workers to be able to see your big wet bush through your dress!!!!!!”

My wife was coming over and over from this sexual decadence. She had come to this party as a prim and proper wife, but she was now acting like a total sex slut. She pulled her white buns wider to take more of Nate’s giant black dick!!!

“Oh, Mr. Jones, look at Nate’s black dick stretching me!!!! I have never been fucked in the ass!!!! It feels so goddamn good!!!!” My wife said looking over her shoulder and holding her soft white buns wide open, as the giant black dick stretched her. “Are you going to make me lift my dress at work, and spread my buns to show everyone where Nate stuck his big black dick in me?????”

Peggy’s pink round anus was stretched obscenely as it traveled back, and took in Nate’s thick black shaft. The wet juice from her pussy and ass coated the giant dick. My wife’s small white hand traveled back between her legs to stroke and fondle Nate’s orange-sized balls!!!!

“I am going to make you pull your white buns apart and, make you show the office both your hairy holes!!!!” Mr. Jones said hotly in my wife’s ear. “Peggy, you have such pretty blonde hair on your head, but you have such a huge brown bush on you!!! Your appearance is so neat, that the office staff would never guess you have a tremendously hairy cunt and ass!!!!! I cannot wait to see the expressions on their faces!!!!”

All this hot talk made my wife increase the speed of her jutting hips, as she moved her butt faster to another climax. Nate’s facial expression began to show he was near shooting his come in my wife’s ass, and she sensed this also.

“Nate, I want you to shoot your come up my butt!!!!” My wife moaned. “I want you to come, baby!!! Shoot it!!!! Fuck it!!!! Fuck my ass!!! Show these men how to fuck a woman!!!! Bake my butt with your come!!!”

My wife’s white buns were spread open and jutting into Nate’s hard stomach as he fed her his black cock. His thick black shaft was sawing in and out of my wife’s puckered butt hole. There was a lewd, sloppy, smacking noise as the black dick pumped in and out of my wife’s ass. Her luxuriant butt hairs were tangling with Nate’s pubic hairs, as their bodies slapped against each other.

Nate’s hips flexed, and his scalding hot come filled my wife’s ass. Peggy came over and over, as she felt her bowels flood with black come. As Nate withdrew his giant black cock, a loud popping noise came from my wife’s butt hole. His huge shaft was coated with creamy white with sperm and pussy juice!!! Peggy fell forward onto her stomach in total exhaustion, as sperm ran out of her torture butt hole. She was totally spent!!!!

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