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Workplace Tryst


We'd been exchanging little glances for weeks. Whenever I walked past her cube, I would peek out of the corner of my eye in an effort to catch a glimpse of the tight sweater tugging at her breasts, or the formal pinstripe pants wrapped snugly around her firm ass. During meetings, I'd catch her shooting me the most naughty little smiles. I couldn't help but to stop paying attention to the meeting, and start daydreaming about feeling her from the inside.

I was your typical upwardly mobile, fairly good looking young executive -- tall and handsome. She was an entry-level cube rat, but I often wondered why such a bright, beautiful and well-spoken girl didn't seek more from life. She was a black girl (a new experience for me), very very pretty, with generous yet perky breasts that just blossomed from her chest. Her ass was by far the nicest in the office (with some pretty good competition!), not tiny... but pert, round, and proportionate to the rest of her body.

One evening sometime around Thanksgiving, nearly everyone had gone home early to prep for the holiday and temporarily suspend the misery of the daily grind. Towards the end of the day, I passed by her cube and she asked me for help with some software.

"David, mail merge in Word.... I've forgotten how to do this AGAIN. Please show me?", she beckoned.

I blinked and pondered her question briefly, ".......Tanya, I'm really busy, and I want to get out of here...."

"But David.. please...", she beckoned -- throwing me one of those beautiful little smiles that had been driving me crazy for weeks.

Unable to resist, I took her chair and carefully showed her how to operate the software. She seemed to only be half-paying attention -- to the extent that it sort of annoyed me. Halfway through my explanation, she leaned over me and grabbed some chocolates off her desk. "Some candy?", she asked -- and without my responding, she placed a piece of chocolate onto my lips. I took it onto my mouth, and at the same time she smiled and ran her fingertip slowly down my face, my neck, and into the collar of my rather smart button-down shirt. As I swallowed the candy, she pulled my face towards her own and kissed me. It wasn't a tame kiss... no. It was the explosive kiss of a new passion - her hands were in motion up and down my chest. I returned the favor and ran my hands up the side of her legs and squeezed her ass. After the kiss, she stood up straight and cutely got herself back in order. Smiling wildly, slyly at me, she whispered, "Mmmm... delicious chocolate!"

At that point I could stand it no more - I grabbed her arm and pulled her (rather willingly, if the look in her eyes was any indication) through the dark of the empty offices to a small abandoned meeting room. I laid her down on the conference table and landed between her legs, dry humping her slowly on the table while we kissed MADLY. Her tongue intertwining with mine felt like total electricity. My heart was exploding with the arousal, the excitement, the danger of this girl - in this place.

As I was beginning to second-guess the wisdom of hooking up with a co-worker on company time, Tanya lifted her sweater, reached around and unhooked her bra - letting her glorious tits pop free. I was beyond the point of no-return. I turned my attention from our kiss to the amazing breasts before me. I put my face between the soft mounds and squeezed them against my face. She giggled and, underneath my shirt, ran her hand softly up my back (sending shivers abound). Between my lips, I took one of her swollen, puffy, oversized nipples. She responded with the cutest cooing sound ever and started rocking her hips back up against mine with noticeably more conviction.

After some time of my thoroughly enjoying Tanya's breasts, she rolled us over and sat up on top of me, then began awkwardly wiggling out of her pants. I helped her a bit then slipped out of my own pants, dropping them to the floor beside the table. Tanya looked down at me naughtily and grabbed my cock (now proudly pointing towards the ceiling). She rubbed it up and down very delicately between her hands in an almost teasing fashion, only feeding me enough pleasure enough to make me want her even more. I moaned - partly out of pleasure, partly out of primal frustration... I wanted to be inside of her NOW.

Sensing my urgency, Tanya slid up and squatted above me - positioning her moist, bare pussy just inches above my pulsating cock. I realized that we were both sweating profusely... the room felt like it was a thousand degrees. With a clear view, I now saw that this girl had a smaller-than-expected, cute, and neatly shaved little quim.

She knew exactly what she was doing as she expertly used the head of my cock to massage her protruding little clit. We both sighed softly as she covered the head of my cock with her slick, sweet- girl juices. While she pleasured herself, I helped myself to the swollen nipples that hung like beautiful fruit before me. Meanwhile, Tanya nearly brought herself to orgasm as her breathing grew more ragged and her moans louder and more intense.

"Oo..oo..oo... David baby... Yesssssss....."

As she shut her eyes and quivered with pleasure, I anxiously flipped her around onto her back, threw her legs into the air and slid my cock BALLS DEEP into her wet, eager little sex hole. She squealed loudly, and as she looked up at me wide-eyed I could feel her body become tense and her pussy spasm and grip my cock as she was rocked by wave after wave of orgasmic pleasure.

Satisfied that I could bring Tanya such intense euphoria, I smiled slightly to myself and began fucking her with deep, firm, measured strokes. A few moments passed, and as she properly recovered from her orgasm she began working her hips in rhythm with my strokes. Being inside of her felt more amazing than I could have ever imagined. I loved the look on her face as I slowfucked her... the way she would sometimes tilt her head back and bite her lip.

She begged, "David... fuck me faster.... pound my little pussy... pleaaassssseeee....". I pulled out and she flipped around, arching her back and pointing her smooth, firm, round ass into the air in doggy-style position. Her pink opening was now gaping open in the most beautiful, inviting way. I couldn't resist, and within seconds I grabbed her by the waist and worked my shaft deep inside of her.

My pace increased. I directed my thrusts at a slight upward angle so that her g-spot was in the direct path of my invading member. This drove her WILD, as her panting turned into a shower of screams, moans, yeses, fuck mes, and assorted other girly sex noises. She bucked her ass back up against me as I fucked her faster and faster. The contrast of her dark skin against my white cock was beyond sexy. The way her ass quivered as she it smacked up against me put me past the point of no return.

"Tanya...Tanya...baby...I'm close..."

Now I was gripping her ass and pounding her like an animal. I was making noises that I didn't know I was capable of - these deep, bassy, gutteral grunts. Sensing that she too was close to cumming, I held off for as long as humanly possible before I felt the swelling begin. It felt like a fucking tsunami, coming up from the ground through my legs and up and down my body - this warm, sublime feeling like I was dying and being born at the same time. It felt like the top of my cock was about to shoot off as I sprayed a torrential load of my seed up inside dear Tanya.

Luckily I held on long enough because Tanya came almost simultaneously, her body quaking. She made the most staccato shrieks, likely reaching the same heights I was.

As we collapsed onto the table together, sweaty and spent, it was not nearly as awkward as I had imagined it would be. This felt natural and real, almost as if there was nothing wrong with romancing my co-worker on a conference table. Maybe it was because we got along so damned well. Did this actually mean something? Would it happen again? Hmmm...

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