tagFetishWorshipping My Wife's Feet

Worshipping My Wife's Feet


I greeted my wife at the door, as she came home from work. I led her to the sofa, and sat her down pulling a small cushion over for me to sit on. Silently I slide my hands across your face feeling the softness of your skin. You start to speak and I place a finger on your lips, stopping you. I look into your eyes and kiss you our tongues dancing together inside our mouths. I stand and walk to the kitchen.

I walk back naked except for a loincloth covering my crotch, carrying two glasses, a bottle of wine, and a can of frosting. I sit back down on the cushion setting the items on the floor next to me. I pour us each a glass of wine after handing you a glass I gently take your right foot into my hands. Holding your heel in my hand a slowly remove your shoe, I look at your, cute beautiful toes in their nylon confines. Placing your foot in my lap I go to the next one. After removing both of your shoes I slide my hands up your right leg, starting at the top of your foot. I reach the lacey edge of your stockings and unclip the garter straps and I slide the stocking down you leg kissing the exposed flesh as I work my way back down to your foot. When I reach your toes I throw the stocking to the floor next to me. Now that I exposed you whole foot I massage it and rub your sole and toes. You lean back and sigh sipping on your glass of wine. I suck on your toes taking each into my mouth licking between your toes as I move to the next toe in line. While I lick you foot you massage, your free foot slides under my loincloth; you start to massage my throbbing hard cock with your nylon-covered foot. I reach over and scoop up and finger full of frosting and smear it all over your foot, covering the toes and the top of your foot to the ankle. Once your foot is covered in frosting I start to suck and lick the frosting off as I rub my free and up your bare leg to your inner thigh lightly touching your silk panties then lightly caressing your leg on the way down to your ankle again. You wiggle as my light touch tickles you and my wet tongue snakes between your toes to get every bit of frosting. I finish with your foot and place it in my lap and pick up your other leg. You instantly move your bare foot to my cock; it is still wet and sticky from the tongue lashing and frosting, and feels so good against my hard cock. I unwrap your left leg the same way and give it the same treatment, you start to squirm on the sofa your hands start to move toward your waistband of your skirt I stop you by pushing you hands away. I notice your empty glass a refill it.

I take both of your feet into my hands when I finish with your frosting covered foot. I lift both feet to my face feeling the soft soles against my cheeks you wiggle your toes. I move your legs to my shoulders so I can look up at you, but you don’t notice your eyes are closed and your head is tilted back as you take in the pleasure of me worshipping your feet. I see your panties are dark with your juices. I rock up onto my knees and kiss your lips thrusting my tongue deep into your mouth, you gasp and kiss me back. You try to grab my head and I gently pull your hands away and slide my hands down the sides of your face. I reach your neck and start to unbutton your shirt. The flesh I uncover with each button I kiss tenderly then when I reach the bottom I open your shirt to expose your nice beautiful tits. You naughty girl you removed your bra before you came home from work, I look up at you and you smile knowing exactly what I am thinking. I then unbutton your skirt and you lift your hips just enough to let me slide the skirt down your legs and throw it to the floor. You hurry and remove your top before I can stop you and laugh at your naughtiness.

Your legs on my shoulders I start to massage your thighs and just slightly touch your moist panties. You try and wiggle to meet my fingers but I pull away each time you try, you moan and pout in displeasure, but there still is a smile on your lips no matter how displeased you try to look. I don’t keep you waiting too long I grab your panties and pull them down your legs to my face and lick your panties tasting your delicious juices. You move your legs so I can remove your panties. I move so I get closer to your nice warm, wet pussy. You teasingly suck on one of your fingers sliding it in and out of your mouth. I start to lick your inner thigh up to your hot pussy, passing it and continuing to your belly button flicking the piercing you just recently got. I grab your hips and slide you closer to the edge of the sofa and grab your legs and move your feet to my shoulders. I start to lick all over your crotch not quite touching the wet area but taking advantage of your clean-shaven pubic area. I move my tongue across your wet swollen lips you moan and slide your feet down off my shoulders and down my back. I push my tongue between your pussy lips as you pull me into you with your legs. I slide my hands up your stomach to your tits and start to massage them tweaking your nipples as you squirm and wiggle. I continue to lick and suck on your clit feeling the wet pussy juices flow across my chin.

My tongue slides deep into your wet, hot hole. You take the little bit of your left over wine and pour it so it flows over your clit and pussy. I lick up the wine and start to thrust my tongue in and out of your love hole faster and faster I can feel your muscle trying to grasp my tongue with each thrust. I move my hands under your ass I thrust my finger deep into your anus. You grunt and moan in pleasure as an orgasm rips through your body. Your legs wrap tight around my head as another orgasm hits you. I slide my finger out of your anus and stand up. You look up at me with your sexy eyes and smile. I bend over and kiss you deeply and passionately thrusting my tongue deep into your mouth so you can taste your juices. You break the kiss and start to lick your pussy juices off my face. I move you over onto your side on the sofa making room for me. I drop the loincloth to the ground so I am completely naked. I lay behind you and wrap my leg and arm around your body pulling you closer to me my cock finding a spot nestled in your pussy. I whisper in your ear you are the most beautiful woman in the world and I enjoyed giving her the pleasure she so deserved.

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