tagNonConsent/ReluctanceWorst Case Ch. 02

Worst Case Ch. 02


Dallas, Texas

She was sandwiched in the backseat with her arms shackled behind her, between the two men she had defeated just minutes ago. The two men looked remarkably similar. Her guess was that they were twins.

The sun was shining directly into the car. All the men wore sunglasses, except Kat, looking down to avoid the glare, and to avoid the eyes of the twins. One twin had buried his hand in her hair, twisting and holding her head back. He was the silent one.

The other twin talked incessantly. "Bitch! Looks like you're not so tough now, huh?" He seemed to crave for her response. When she ignored him, he pinched and repeatedly twisted her right nipple, stopping only when it turned purple and she cried out.

"Shut the fuck up. I'm calling the client." The leader in the front seat turned around to glare at the talking twin. Kat could see his Glock was tucked into his waistband, with the silencer removed. His nose was still bleeding, the side of his face bruised from its contact with a frying pan.

She was left alone and there was silence, a precious interlude that allowed her to think. Her mind drifted to wonder where Cody was. He would probably be in another car, taken to a separate location, to be tortured until he talked. Eventually, he would break, and would tell them everything he knew.

"Sir, it was tougher than we thought. But we have the slut now." The voice was deep and Midwestern, sounding like a CNN newsreader. It was the type of voice that would have excited her under different circumstances.

She could not hear the other side. But a long time passed before the leader spoke again. "She has been secured as instructed, wrists and elbows handcuffed." They were aware of how dangerous she could be. No chances would be taken. She absorbed that fact and recalculated her odds, saving her energy until her guards inevitably relaxed, perhaps when they took her out of the car.

"Thank you, sir. ETA in twenty minutes." These men were efficient and professional. There would not be an opportunity to escape until they arrived. Twenty minutes meant a location inside the Dallas metropolitan area.

She decided to take a nap to save her energy. No doubt she would need it to face whatever they had planned for her. Her head hung down at an odd angle and her breathing slowed.

She awoke abruptly when the talking twin slapped her right breast, turning himself sideways to gain better leverage. "Is this so boring you're falling asleep?" The silent twin yanked at her hair at the precise moment she was slapped again, this time on the other breast. The twins broke out in laughter as both her breasts swayed from side to side.

"Shut the fuck up," the deep voice of the leader spoke above the laughter. "I'm making another call." This time he did not turn around. But the twins ceased the bantering instantly.

"Is he in location now? Good. Make him talk fast."

The rest of the ride was eerily silent. The powerful engine of the Mercedes purred quietly and efficiently. Soon, the buildings of downtown Dallas were visible. Strangely, there was no attempt to blindfold Kat. These professional kidnappers did not care she knew exactly what they looked like and where she was taken to, not a good sign.

Kat imagined the scene of Cody's interrogation. Maybe he would be tied to a heavy chair. Or maybe he would be standing with his hands tied to the ceiling. Unlike her, he had not been trained in resisting violent interrogations. He would not last long, perhaps singing before sunset.

He would not have much to tell them. He would confess that twice in the last two years, she worked for free to kill particularly immoral men. He would tell them they were occasional lovers. But they were not soul mates. The union was purely physical, intense but short, lasting only a couple of nights before they went separate ways.

Other than that, he knew almost nothing else about her. He did not know of her Australian origin. He did not know where and how she got her lethal skills. And he did not know the details of her regular line of work and how lucrative they were. And he definitely did not know of the millions she had hidden away in the Bahamas. Fortunately for him, the punishments would be short because he knew so little.

Not so for her. She knew there would be no mercy. Getting caught alive was the worst occupational hazard for an assassin. It would have been better to be instantly shot dead.

The Club

The Mercedes stopped behind the narrow alley next to the club, away from the traffic, surrounded by abandoned warehouse buildings. She was marched to the back door, one twin yanking at the chains connecting her elbows, the other holding a knife to her neck, the knife cold and icy even though the air was hot and humid.

Inside, the club owner stood waiting for her, his eyebrows raised, arms folded in front of his chest. The steel door was bolted shut, the clanging ominous sound echoing through the empty club. Three men stood around Kat, forming a closed triangle with her trapped inside.

"Kneel down!" The owner wagged his index finger at Kat and ordered.

Kat stared back without moving. It was important not to concede anything. He must not think he could simply order her around. The silent twin raised his hand to slap her, but the owner signaled with his hand to stop.

"Do you know what my problem with you is?" The owner walked around her, the twins stepping back. "My problem is I have too many options." He took a knife from one twin, jabbing the tip to her chin, twisting her hair around his free hand, holding her still. He pressed the tip in, barely breaking the skin and drawing a thin line of blood. The single stream of blood flowed down her neck, passed her chest, parallel to the tan lines formed by her bikini straps.

"I have men who love to rape, torture, and slowly kill. You could star in a snuff film, which will gross thousands of dollars when I distribute the DVD on the international black market. Or I could broadcast it online live, pay per view, generating millions." He dragged the knife down her neck, his hand steady, careful not to break the skin. He moved pass the collar bones, down, until the knife was between her breasts, pivoting it until it moved to her bruised right nipple.

"Or I could sell your ass to the middle east," he moved the tip of the knife in small circles, around the right nipple and around the bruises on either side, formed by the thumb and index finger of the talking twin. He was no longer holding her hair. The knife was sufficient to freeze her movement. "You're a little older than the girls I shipped there, but I drive a hard bargain and can still get a good price."

"Or I could turn you over to the Giordano's gang. Killing their boss had sent them out to the streets like hornets on crack. I bet they would bid the highest price for the chance to crucify you." His even tone made the statements sound like promises, not merely threats.

"But first, let's have some fun before we decide." The twins applauded when he said that. The silent twin held another knife to her throat, the other knife still at her nipple.

"Listen carefully, I am only going to say this one time." The business-like monotone continued. "When I give you instructions, you are going to obey them. Each time you refuse, I cut off body parts. I'll start with your tits." Both knives were now positioned next to her nipples.

"Get on your knees now!" He raised his voice for the first time.

Kat obeyed, her knees lowered together, the coldness of the cement floor penetrated her jeans.

"You take the lead today," the owner waved at the silent twin, his mouth in a twisted smile, revealing a missing tooth. "Make sure he cums, or you lose your tits." She could feel only one knife, brushing against her erect right nipple. Her body was quivering, she had to move her knees slightly apart to balance herself.

The silent twin stood with his legs apart, adjusting his height until his cock was at her mouth level. "Open up." She heard the silent twin's high-pitched voice for the first time. The other twin flicked her nipple with the point of the blade.

She obeyed. He plunged it into her, both hands yanking at her ears, pushing it so far she could only breathe through her nose. Her gag instinct kicked in and she choked, coughing and pushing it out. He was not pleased.

"You keep it in there, no matter what, understand?" The high pitched voice was raised another decibel. His twin pushed the tip into her flesh, drawing a second thin line of blood.

"Next time," the owner joined in, "the whole nipple will be sliced off. This is your last and only warning." The owner sat down to watch. This was going to be a long night.

The silent twin started pumping his organ into her mouth again, holding both ears and establishing a rhythm. She adapted to him, moving her lips and tongue according to whether he was moving in or out. He released one ear, then another when he was satisfied she got the rhythm. He climaxed quickly, depositing a small load.

"Swallow all of it." The frequency this time was not nearly as high, but it was louder. Her throat muscles worked several times, then she stuck her tongue out to show she had completely finished her job.

"Good whore," the owner spoke from behind her. "You get to keep your tits, for now."

The other twin clapped his hands to signal his approval of the show. Remaining behind her, he ordered, "Get up, cunt." With her hands behind, she was slow in standing up.

"Looks like you need help." The silent twin yanked at her hair vertically. She was trying to find her footing when, without warning, the other twin kicked behind her legs and dropped her to her knees.

"Up again." Her hair again twisted and yanked until she stood up, only to be brought down to her knees again. The twins loved this game and repeated it five times before the owner stopped them.

"That's enough. Go get your fix so I can start collecting bids." It was one of the coldest lines she had ever heard.

Forcing her to stand one more time, the twins removed her jeans. More vulnerable than before, she was now naked except for the tube top around her waist.

"I want it slow, and I want my cum to be all over your face." The twin talked as if he was ordering fast food.

She complied. It took twice as long and he screamed like a little girl towards the end, when he pulled out and spread the hot stickiness all over her lips, eyes, forehead, and hair.

The owner stood up. "Alright, clean her up and take some pictures. Let's see how much she is worth."

The owner entered his sound-proof office and closed the door. The gang placed an opening bid so high everyone else walked away. But they had an unusual condition. They would pay only when she was delivered to a safe house in Las Vegas.

To be continued . . .

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