tagLesbian SexWound in Time: At First

Wound in Time: At First


Author's Note: This is chapter one in my Wound in Time series. The story contains mainly F/F action as well as a plot. It's a lengthy piece that will not exactly satisfy your search for instant gratification. That said, read on and hopefully, enjoy the story. Please don't forget to vote.


Mavin began her career as an amateur bodybuilder when she turned seventeen. Despite her mother's resentment of her career choice, Mavin trudged on until she earned her a pro-card at twenty-one. She won several IFBB competitions and even served as a judge in other shows during her off-seasons. Her career was a very successful one, with merchandising and the whole kit-kaboom. She was highly famous among her peers but managed to keep her private life secure outside the business.

A time came when Mavin hit a snag in her career and began to suffer from unpredictable bouts of intense depression, for which she sought no help. Instead, she drowned herself in the work of her body and spent equal amounts of time indulging in various excesses. Alcohol and other drugs served as vices to rid herself of emotions. Even though, she wasn't addicted to anything (except women and work), Mavin in an uninhibited state of mind caused herself a lot of trouble.

She also had a high propensity for infidelity, plain and simple. It wasn't in her way of mind to be monogamous. After each night of off-season partying, there was always a faceless girl or two, willing to spend the night in her bed. Rumors of bathroom romps were numerous, some false but most of them, very true.

At twenty-eight, she met Cecelia DuPont. Mavin was one of the judges at a fitness modeling competition which Cecelia won. Mavin had gone backstage as soon as the show was over in an attempt to woo the twenty-two year-old. Cecelia played hard-to-get and Mavin just thrilled in the chase. After almost three months of teasing, flirting and numerous bouquets of flowers, Cecelia finally gave in to the tall woman's charm and agreed to a date. The date had led to hot, window-fogging sex in Mavin's Jeep.


The relationship started amidst a rise in Mavin's success, so things were good. And the sex was great. So much so, that Mavin had asked the blonde bombshell to move in with her within three months. The fitness model had pretty much rescued her from her path of self-destruction, and allowed Mavin to refocus on her career after a year of poor competition placements due to minor injuries and bad relationships. Cecelia's quirky attitude held on to Mavin's love and her loins as the relationship soared into it's fourth month. But Cecelia was unaware of Mavin's terrible temper.

Although it worked well in her line of work, it never did her relationships any good. Mavin's hot-head kicked in at the most inconvenient times. She'd be perfectly sober, then eerily quiet and her partner would say or do something and Mavin would fly into a rage. She never hit any of her lovers, but earned a good slap or two on occasion. Her voice would get low and loud, her expression would be blank; her massive body in angry motion sent many of her lovers packing in tears.

Cecelia for the first few months hadn't witnessed that rage, but she'd heard about it from ex-acquaintances. A few times, some woman called their apartment, while Mavin was away competing. The anonymous caller with a friendly tone, casually told Cecelia to leave the tall woman if she valued her life. Cece couldn't believe her ears and hung up just as the words echoed through the receiver.

"Damn Ex." She sighed and went back to her cardio workout.


A week later, after an intense bout of welcome-home-fucking that lasted well into the early morning hours; Cecelia woke up next to the sleeping woman and began to caress her naked body. She felt Mavin tense up and groan in her sleep. Cecelia, continuing her ministrations, whispered into her lover's ear,

"Shh, baby it's me. Cece." She didn't know why she'd said that but it just felt right.

Slowly, Mavin relaxed and slept on as Cecelia continued to massage her well-muscled body; drooling over the soft skin and textured fibers underneath. Since Mavin was fresh from competing, her body was hairless. Cecelia kissed hot trails up and down the rippled torso. Mavin's nipples were hardening of their own accord and Cecelia sucked them hungrily.

It had been a while since they'd had sex, not only because Mavin had been away competing, but also because Mavin swore off sex for at least two weeks before her shows. Pre -contest days were especially grueling because Mavin would be on edge, dehydrated from extra-restrictive diet and despite being in top physical shape for the stage, she was too mentally stressed for enjoyable sex.

The tall woman didn't move, save her steady breathing. Cece let her hands explore Mavin's taut body; her fingers trailing over Mavin's hairless mound as the blonde found herself between a pair of strong thighs. Mavin's pussy lips were swollen with arousal. Her large clit strained viciously against its hairless hood. Cece licked her lips as she watched Mavin's countenance for any sign of awareness. Mavin slept like a log.

The heated aroma wafted through Cecelia's nose, sending electric chills up her spine. She couldn't hold out any longer; she dove in. Mavin's juices were exquisite. A slightly musky flavor, but sweet nonetheless. Cece was in heaven. She dwelled on her meal with slow licks and long strokes. The skin of Mavin's lips was smooth, not a single hair in sight. Cece sucked and laved Mavin's entrance like a junkie wanting a fix.

She knew Mavin loved getting head and Cecelia loved giving it to her. But their previous fuck had been about Cece's pleasure. Now Cecelia had Mavin all to herself. She continued her lazy caress as Mavin's juices flowed endlessly. Suddenly, she was knocked out of her dreamy haze by a twitch in Mavin's enormous thigh. Expecting to get her head crushed, she thought to move away. A death-grip in her beach-blonde hair stopped her in her tracks.

It took a few seconds of pulling before she realized, in a panicked state, that the hand belonged to Mavin, who still appeared to be sleeping. Not wanting to struggle against the harsh grip, Cecelia followed the upward pull of Mavin's large hand and crawled up the tall woman's body. Upon reaching Mavin's eerily calm face, Cece heard her growl sleepily,

"Don't you fucking touch me..."

And just as suddenly as the attack had begun, it ended with Mavin letting her go and continuing her slumber. She hadn't even opened her eyes, or missed a beat in her breathing. Cecelia didn't know what to think. 'Had Mavin been dreaming? or had she been awake, pretending to sleep?' Thoughts raced through her mind as fast as her heart did in her chest. 'She was so relaxed, what did I do wrong?'

Her fear-wracked heart sent nauseous messages to her brain that made her feel dizzy. She ran to the bathroom and after washing her face with cold water, returned to lay beside Mavin. And as though nothing happened, Mavin draped a shielding arm around Cecelia's torso and slipped a thick thigh between her creamy ones.


The next day, Cecelia brought up the incident and questioned the ebony goddess of her intentions. Mavin denied trying to kill Cecelia,- she'd never dream of such thing.

From there, things slowly worsened. Mavin and Cecelia drifted apart without being aware of it. After all, Mavin was still her loving self to Cecelia, but the short blonde harbored a growing fear of the dark woman. She had nightmares of waking up to Mavin's hands around her neck screaming, "Don't you fucking touch me!" over and over, until things faded to black. Of course, Cece wouldn't tell Mavin of her dreams when her screams woke both of them up. "I don't remember what I saw." She'd lie. Mavin would hold her and comfort her until she went back to sleep. That too didn't last. Cecelia became rigid and almost unresponsive during sex and Mavin couldn't understand why.


Two months later, their relationship turned sour for sure. Cecelia's changing attitude pushed Mavin through a predisposed mental crack and as one would expect, her own personality changed as well. She began to spend more time away on competitions and show trips. Late nights during her off-season never ended and sometimes Mavin didn't come home for days.

When she did, she came with a transparent bag of lies. She'd begun fucking around, Cecelia decided and jumped at her throat every chance she got; uselessly badgering Mavin, who basically ignored her. Even though the touching incident hadn't repeated itself, Cecelia's fear of Mavin got out of control. As a result, her nightmares got worse in their intensity. She stopped sleeping in Mavin's room and took refuge on the living-room sofa.

Mavin soared into more spiteful rages at the tiniest things. They hadn't had sex in two months and although Mavin got hers elsewhere, Cecelia kept to herself suffering her own libido. She knew she enjoyed Mavin's touch; having the tall woman's 270-lb body on top of hers would've been greatly satisfying in the past. Now, it was meant to crush the life out of her.


Their seven-month relationship ended on a stormy night. Cecelia had gone grocery shopping, - just to get out of the house, and came back without the dozen cans of tuna that Mavin had added to the list.

Upon not seeing the tuna, Mavin just lost it. She bellowed accusations at Cecelia of trying to sabotage her diet and in turn, her career. Cecelia tried to explain that she'd forgotten but her own frustrations came pouring out as she cursed Mavin; calling her an inconsiderate dog, a hot-headed control freak and a selfish perfectionist. Cecelia wondered fearfully if Mavin would actually swing the fists that were clenching and unclenching.

After almost forty-five minutes of straight yelling and cursing and smashing kitchen chairs, Mavin suddenly stopped; grabbed her keys and stormed out, leaving Cecelia sobbing in her wake.


Mavin went to a local gay bar that she hadn't seen in a few weeks. She went in and asked Jasmine, the bartender, to line up three martinis and a stout beer. That would mellow her out. About two hours later, it was almost midnight. Mavin was buzzing nicely, so she took her cellphone and dialed the apartment with intent to apologize to Cecelia. No one was home. She called the blonde's cell and got her voicemail.

A myriad of possible reasons why the fitness model wasn't answering fluttered through her mind, each one infuriating her. 'Maybe she doesn't want to talk to me.' That made her angrier. 'Not my fault she can't follow a simple grocery list.' She thought as she downed her third Guinness.

"My, my, do you look tense." A sultry voice whispered into her ear, making her forget about Cecelia for the moment.

Mavin didn't turn to look at the petit brunette assaulting her senses. She knew who the voice belonged to. Small, determined hands crept up her wide back, massaging the knots that had formed there.

"I wonder what I can do to ease your stress." The voice hissed seductively as the hands rounded Mavin's firm torso and slipped onto her jean-clad thighs, still rubbing and squeezing.

'Good thing I came prepared', Mavin thought idly. "You're doing just fine, Janet." Mavin said, a soft rumbling sound escaped her as Janet pressed her large breasts into Mavin's back while her hands moved between Mavin's thighs and found the bulge there.

"Mmm. . .You know, it would be nice to see how much you're enjoying this." Janet took one of Mavin's earlobes and sucked on it.

Small tingles up her spine told Mavin she would be getting laid tonight. Spinning around on the bar stool, Mavin grabbed the olive- skinned woman with the light Indian accent, and pulled her in for a kiss. Mavin met no resistance as her agile tongue slipped between the dark, exotic lips, sharing her drink. Mavin's hands went haywire, squeezing the plump ass cheeks they found on their journey all over Janet's soft, delicate body.

'Just what the doctor ordered.' Mavin thought to herself as she blazed a path of burning need on Janet's skin. Mavin's mouth traveled from the dark, sensual lips down the lavender-scented jaw line, and stopped at the pulsing neck. Mavin salivated like the dog Cecelia often accused her of being. Too bad, she'd be a happy dog soon enough.

Janet's hand rubbed the obscene bulge in Mavin's jeans, pressing it into the tall woman's twitching mound, while her other hand cradled Mavin's head that was busy at her neck.

"Ahh. . .Mavin, when did you get back?"

"Hmm. . .A couple of weeks ago. Did you miss me?" Mavin said as she broke the kiss and absentmindedly took notice of the people staring at them. She always got special attention at this bar, and tonight was no different. Mavin smiled as her hazel eyes traveled up slowly from Janet's partly exposed cleavage to her pretty face.

"You horndog!" Janet scolded playfully. "You know how much I enjoy our time together. Of course I missed you," her arms circling Mavin's neck.

"Ah, well I know just how you can remind me of it." Mavin said, wiggling her dark eyebrows.

Janet moistened her lips and pressed her body harder into Mavin, "Why don't we go back to your place and I'll put those thighs of yours to good use."

"Ohh yeah, let me get the tab." Mavin said without actually thinking. All that was in her mind was Janet's ass rippling as she hammered the Indian chick from behind.

Mavin's brain was on autopilot now. She paid and tipped Jasmine, then followed Janet out the door watching her ass sway in the tight, tight black jeans and the halter top her gorgeous body was clad in.

Jasmine whistled to herself in amazement as she watched the two walk out of the bar, "Even hammered, she's attractive."

********* Meanwhile *********

Cecelia, after pretty much crying her eyes out, got off her residential couch and decided to take a shower. She had been pondering the course of her relationship with Mavin over the past few months and she concluded; it was all her own fault.

She had grown to love the tall, handsome woman but her stupid fear over some oral sex gone wrong, tore her away from Mavin. She cried some more when she thought about how Mavin had comforted her after bad dreams and how had she repaid Mavin? By being a nagging, rigid and lying girlfriend.

Sure, Mavin had a bad temper, but it only came on when she was aggravated and she never hurt anyone out of it. Cecelia's libido was out of control and even though Mavin would have been more than happy to pleasure her, Cece had refused to acknowledge her own needs as a way of spiting Mavin.

'Phbt! So much for that.' Cece thought as she lathered her legs up for a shave. Mavin got her fill of willing pussy elsewhere, while she suffered the bad side of a stupid grudge.

'Don't you fucking touch me.' Cecelia wondered if she had imagined the whole thing. After all, she had passed out from Mavin's hungry loving and had woken up in a haze.

"Damn! I fucked up so bad." Cece sighed as she finished shaving and continued to bathe. She would go to the 24-hour deli and hunt down some tuna. Perhaps a healthy meal would win Mavin's heart back.

Twenty minutes later, she hurried out of the house, making sure she had her pepper-spray with her. She would take her car and maybe go for a long drive too.


If Janet hadn't been sucking on the strap-on that Mavin wore, perhaps they would have noticed the small, tricked-out Corolla zooming past the Benz as Mavin parked it. Shakily. Not only was she a tad tipsy, she had just gotten a visually enticing, blow job of the century.

'Fuck, she's good. I almost forgot.' Mavin thought to herself as she hobbled out of the car, zipping her jeans.

Janet waited in the car for the tall woman to show some manners.

'One more reason I'm gonna tear that ass up,' Mavin chuckled to herself as she let Janet out.

"What's so funny?"

"Nothing, except how you're gonna be walking tomorrow."

"Oooh, in that case, better hurry up and cripple me tonight, I wanna make it back to my place before the soreness kicks in."

"Oh okay, so you got jokes huh?" Mavin smiled as she bent and swept Janet up off the ground and over her shoulder.

Janet squealed and struggled half-heartedly as Mavin made her way into the apartment building and into the elevator. Once the elevator reached the sixteenth floor where Mavin (and Cecelia) lived, Mavin swung Janet around so that she was riding on her wide back.

Mavin fished in her pocket for her keys while Janet bit and sucked the skin on her strong neck. Mavin knees wobbled a little, but not enough for her to lose her balance. She found her keys and carried her prey inside the apartment. She didn't even bother to turn on the lights, she kicked the door shut and headed straight for the bedroom.

Reaching the room, Mavin tossed Janet on the bed she'd once shared with Cecelia until a few weeks ago. But of course, Cecelia wasn't on Mavin's priority list at the moment. Mavin went to the bathroom for her bag of good things. She pulled out a ten-inch dildo, similar to the one she was wearing, but larger.

She changed her harness to a softer leather kind that was the least hassle to use and then got out of her clothes. She yanked her men's silk rob off the door and slung it around her neck. She went back into the bedroom to find Janet doing a slow belly-dancing routine to a song now playing on the stereo.

'Nail-bitingly good, what else do you expect from a dance instructor? A two-step?' Mavin licked her lips as she crept up behind Janet and slipped her strong arms around the brunette.

"I know of a position where that little dance would be very useful." Mavin whispered, licking Janet's earlobe.

"Oh really?" Janet replied, enjoying the feel of the tall woman's embrace.

"Mmm. . . Yes. In fact, the dance..." Mavin slipped her hands into Janet's tight pants, probing for her juicy fruit. She felt the warmth on her fingers, quite suddenly (to her buzzed senses), and groaned into Janet's ear as she massaged the woman's trimmed mound, "starts right here." She finished as she let her fingers play at the dancer's steamy entrance.

"Ohh. . .god, I've missed you so much Mavin." Janet moaned as she ground her hips back into Mavin.

Mavin ceased her actions and spun Janet around. She slid her fingers into Janet's mouth and watched as the brunette sucked the juices off each of them.

"Strip." Mavin breathed sharply.

Janet slowly peeled off her clothes, making sure to wiggle her ass for Mavin's pleasure. Once her soaked thong came off, Mavin pointed to the closest post of the king-sized canopy bed, then tied Janet's wrists to the post with the belt of her robe and smiled at the mock struggle the brunette put up.

She pulled a Nigerian ox-tail whip from its leather sheath on the wall. The whip was used in Nigeria by kings and other royals as a casual replacement for the ceremonial scepter. It was used to knight people for good deeds or sentence people for punishment and basically, a king or chief didn't look the part without one. The whip was a simple one with a rod-like piece of hard wood covered with several layers of white, long, ox-tail fur.

Mavin smiled again to herself. This particular one among several others, had been passed on to her, from her grandfather. Mavin still wondered what the old man was thinking when he left it to her. 'Well it's getting some real good use now.'

Mavin waved the whip across Janet's upturned ass. She raised her hand and let the whip come down, - one thing she loved about this whip was that it left no marks, just the momentary pain-pleasure. Janet moaned as she felt the sting on her delicate ass.

Mavin swished the whip and let only the mildly coarse hairs to graze Janet's cheeks. Janet saw stars as the whip tickled her sensitive behind. Mavin swatted Janet's dripping pussy with the hairs, and alternated with a hard thwack of the whip as well.

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