tagGay MaleWrangler Butts Ch. 08

Wrangler Butts Ch. 08


It was more difficult than usual to get back into the college grind after their amazing spring break trip. Darrin had seen Kevin a few times, but that was to be expected as they did work in the same building. But there had been no repeat of the gay bashing incidences so they hoped that was behind them. The work was piling up for them both, but Darrin was feeling the pressure more than Mitch since his dissertation defense was coming up shortly. While Darrin didn't at all resent the time spent on their trip, it had used up some of what he would have spent getting ready. But he'd done a few late nights, finished his writing and given copies of the dissertation to his committee, which unfortunately included Richard Hand. Darrin was expecting a repeat performance of the bashing Hand did during Mitch's defense. But this time he could make life much more difficult since he was actually on Darrin's committee.

Darrin was tapping his pencil against the desk as he contemplated the scenarios of his defense. After a few minutes Mitch stopped what he was doing and glanced over at Darrin. He rolled over in his office chair until he could lean in close.

"Wanna blowjob?" whispered Mitch.

"What?" said Darrin, startled from his daze.

"Let me be more specific," said Mitch with a smile in his voice. "Do you want me to take my hot tongue, slather it all over your hard cock and balls until you shoot your load down my throat?"

Darrin moved uncomfortably. His cock was rapidly inflating at the idea of Mitch servicing him, but here in the office? Darrin looked out the doorway, and then looked back at Mitch.

"What if someone catches us?"

Mitch scooted closer and ran his hand up the inside of Darrin's thigh. "Who would catch us? It's after midnight. We're probably the only ones left in the building." Mitch reached over and pushed the door shut. He knelt in front of Darrin, running his hands up and down the inside of his muscular legs. Mitch moved closer and closer to Darrin's package, clearly seeing the growing bulge that was Darrin's cock. Reaching up he gripped it through the tight denim and squeezed, causing Darrin to let out a low moan.

"Shhh, we won't get caught. But you still have to be quiet!" whispered Mitch urgently. He opened one of Darrin's desk drawers and pulled out the spare t-shirt he knew was kept there in case Darrin needed to change. "Here, you can bite down on this if you need to," said Mitch. Darrin nodded his acquiescence.

Mitch moved again, this time taking Darrin's zipper and slowly pulling it down. Darrin's cock arched obscenely as it strained to escape from the fabric confines. Another small whimper leaked from Darrin's lips as Mitch ran a finger over the cloth-encased penis. Mitch chuckled and leaned forward, pushing the shirt against Darrin's mouth. This time Darrin opened his mouth and slid the shirt between his teeth, clamping down to silence his moans of pleasure.

Mitch sat back and began massaging Darrin through his jock. This one was a grey color that Mitch liked, particularly as the wet spot marking the end of Darrin's cock grew in size. After a few minutes of kneading, Darrin was thrusting against Mitch's callused hands. Mitch reached inside and fished out Darrin's nuts and cock. Wrapping his fist around the bottom of Darrin's scrotum, Mitch flipped his balls up like an ice cream cone, and proceeded to lick them with long wet strokes.

Darrin bit down as Mitch slathered his nuts with his hot tongue. Soon the saliva was dripping off his testicles and Darrin was panting into the t-shirt. Mitch released Darrin's nuts and watched with a smile as they snapped up against his hard shaft. Mitch pulled Darrin's cock to his lips and kissed it softly. Running his tongue around the head, he teased Darrin with the sensations. He slowly started jacking the shaft while drilling the tip of his tongue into Darrin's piss slit.

Darrin moaned into the cloth, his hips thrusting as Mitch brought him closer to exploding. Mitch grabbed Darrin's nuts, pulled them down tight and tugged on them. At the same time he sank Darrin's throbbing cock into his throat. Driving himself onto his lover's cock again and again he felt the familiar tremor of Darrin's orgasm begin. Mashing his face against Darrin's pelvis, he felt fingers grip his head as Darrin flooded his throat with hot cum. Darrin growled through the shirt as his orgasm rolled over him. Mitch relaxed and let Darrin control the action until his muscles started to release. When Darrin let go of his head, Mitch let the cock slip out until he could nurse the last drops from the deflating cock. Mitch sat back on his heels as he licked the last drops of cum from his lips. As he leaned forward for a last lick, they both heard a key slide into the lock.

Mitch launched himself toward his chair, wiping his face as he did to erase any evidence of what they had been doing. Darrin didn't have time to tuck himself back in his pants, so he rammed himself under his desk and hoped for the best. Both men were trying to not look guilty as the door swung open.

"Hey guys, how's it hangin'?" said the custodian in greeting.

Mitch relaxed slightly, glad that at least it wasn't one of the faculty.

"Hey Tim, just workin'. You know how it is with grad students, we're always burnin' the midnight oil," said Mitch as he tried remain calm.

"Yup, yup. I hear ya. It's a lot of work." Tim grabbed their trashcan and dumped it into his container. Moving a little further into the room to put it back, Mitch heard him sniff. Tim looked at first Mitch, and then Darrin, and a broad smile crossed his face. Nodding he said, "Might wanna grab an air freshener for in here. Smells a little funky. Don't want my two favorite grad students to have a funky smellin' office. No, no, no." Tim waved as he walked down the hall, whistling softly and Mitch could have sworn he heard a soft laugh drifting down the hall too.

Once the steps had receded, Darrin reached under the desk and quickly tucked himself back in his jock and zipped up. He glanced over at Mitch, who still looked pretty pale himself.

"Too close, and it could have been someone much worse who walked in on us," said Darrin.

"Yeah. Shit, that was close. I think he knew too."

Darrin finally had to laugh, "You think!" He pulled out from under his desk, to reveal a three inch wide wet spot on his jeans. "I can't image why he would be smelling fresh jizz in this room."

Mitch laughed too, stretching, his muscles rippling under the fitted t-shirt. His pit hair starting to escape as the sleeves slid down, his stomach just appearing with the great whorl of dark hair around his navel. Darrin smiled to remember when he was trying to catch fugitive glimpses of what he could stare at openly now.

Mitch dropped his arms and saw the smile on Darrin's face. "What're you grinnin' about?"

"Just how incredibly sexy you are, and how lucky I am to have snagged you."

Mitch snorted and smacked Darrin softly on the shoulder, "Come on. Let's go home. It's obviously too late for you to be out."

Darrin chuckled and gathered up his stuff and followed Mitch out the door. As he closed the door he smiled at the fun they had just had, even if he never wanted to be that close to being caught in the middle of having sex ever again. He watched Mitch's tight ass as they went down the hall. Knowing that Mitch still had a load he hadn't deposited, he smiled at the fun they would have before they finally would collapse into bed.


Darrin couldn't believe the day of his defense was already here. Mitch had headed off a lot of the paranoid behavior by telling Darrin he would take care of all the extras and getting the conference room ready. This time Darrin knew he could depend on Mitch and let him take over. With all that had happened since last summer Darrin was also much better at deciding what was important enough to stress over, and what was minor details. Almost having the love of your life walk out the door would do that to most people.

He looked at the clock, 15 minutes to go. He decided he could spend it making sure that everything was working like it should. Gathering up all his materials and his presentation, he walked to the conference room. When he came in, Mitch was finishing up the snack cart. Mitch glanced up and smiled, which Darrin returned. Darrin pushed in his USB drive and turned on the computer projection. As the station booted, Darrin saw the wallpaper for the computer, and froze. Tiled across the entire screen was "faggot", over and over again. Darrin tried to change the background, but discovered it was password restricted. He was beginning to panic when he felt a presence at his side. Glancing up he saw that Sam, Gordy's partner, was standing beside him.

"Move, I can fix it," said Sam.

Darrin scrambled out of the way and watched Sam's fingers fly over the keys. In only a few seconds he had wiped the offensive wallpaper and brought back one of the innocuous defaults. He patted Darrin on the shoulder and moved back to his seat beside Gordy.

Slightly shaken, Darrin spent a few minutes running through everything and was thankful to find no more rude surprises. His presentation began smoothly and Darrin soon settled in to explaining the work. His pacing was perfect and he thoroughly covered all facets of the research. Once he finished, he was able to answer all the questions that were asked. As the audience filed out of the room, Darrin got several congratulatory pats on the back, including one from Mitch. As the last person left and the door closed he turned to face his committee, which included Dr. Richard Hand.

The initial questions, while technically intricate, were not anything unexpected. They threaded through his research for quite some time, looking at the nuances of his work but the responses he gave answered their questions. He saw Hand leaning forward and knew the torrent was about to begin. After what he had done to Mitch, Darrin had expected an unreasonable analysis of his work and even had prepared to address the question of the validity of his work. But the track Hand took surprised everyone in the room.

"Mr. Anderson, why do you want this degree? Where do you think someone with your proclivities will find employment? Surely you realize that you will not find a job in agricultural academia. If you are going to end up as do most of your ilk, working in a bookstore or as a hair stylist, why would you force us to endure this spectacle?"

Darrin stared in disbelief, of all the scenarios of attack that Hand might choose; this was one he had never envisioned. His eyes bored into the weasel before him as he struggled to craft a reply.

"Surely, Dr. Hand, you are not saying that my sexual orientation will stop me from getting a job in academia," said Darrin in disbelief.

"Oh no, not all of academia. I'm sure in Art or Theatre the gay find jobs. But what would you do in agriculture. I mean, no one will trust you in Extension. You might be dealing with children. Your research will be tainted because of your worldviews. So why are you wasting our time?" said Hand.

Darrin was flabbergasted. He really couldn't believe the poisonous drivel coming out of Hand's mouth. How can you answer someone whose views are so severely skewed? Darrin knew from the beginning this wasn't going to be a reasonable conversation. What he wanted to do was jump the table and beat the shit out of this monster, or at the very least tell him exactly what he thought. But he knew this probably wouldn't be the last time he would have to defend himself, and he needed to handle it professionally. Either way, he'd be damned if he was going to let Hand's allegation go unchallenged.

Darrin began, "Dr. Hand, I'm appalled. You have hit almost every stereotype and insinuated that gay men are all pedophiles. I find it insulting beyond my ability to articulate.

You question my worldviews, but you are endorsing dangerous prejudices that diminish people. There is no shame in people working as hair stylists or in a bookstore, but to say that I can't do my job because of my sexual orientation, that's an affront. I have top scores in all my coursework in both my masters and PhD. I've presented my research at numerous national meetings, to very favorable reviews by the leading experts in my field.

My partner and I have helped with numerous Extension events, some with children. Of all your comments, I find this the most horrendously disgusting. You would insinuate that we'd hurt children. But it's people like you who drive the suicide rate in gay youth to four times that of their heterosexual peers. So, Dr. Hand, it's your rhetoric that's killing people with its ignorance and helping to cause what some would call an epidemic in gay teen suicide. You're endorsing the bullies who drive those kids to kill themselves because you make it impossible to deal with the guilt of being different. My sister was recently involved in a tragic case that left a 13 year old child dead and a family and community reeling. That you would have the audacity to slander myself and my partner in such a way. . ." Darrin lifted his hands to indicate in inability to articulate his feelings adequately.

Dr. Hand gave a viperous smile to the room, "Oh come now, Mr. Richards. It's common knowledge that homosexuals are largely sexual predators. If you stay in academia you will become one of the insipid hormone driven men who lurk in certain men's restrooms trying to lure in innocent college students. Your kind simply cannot be allowed to infest academia any further than you already have. If we limit you people's influence to those areas already infested with you, then perhaps we can save society."

Darrin was furious. This man was a psychotic gay basher. The carefully maintained veneer of civility he had been trying so hard to maintain evaporated in the heat of his fury. He walked down the conference table until he was direct across the table from Hand, and released his fury.

"Your soul must be a shriveled pile of rotting shit. You're the kind of person who would throw the torch at a cross burning. Your kind has sought to repress anyone different through history, and killed millions in the process. You are supposed to be a scientist, but you wallow in ignorance. You manipulate people's fears and try to capitalize on them. You are an appalling waste of a human being. What a horrible mistake this university has made to allow you contact with those precious students who you say you are trying to protect.

You are simply morally derelict, Dr. Hand. And if you weren't so dangerous, I'd pity you. But like a rabid dog, you are a danger to everyone you come in contact with.

I would happily explain all of my research in minute detail. But I will no longer debate my sexuality with you." Darrin folded his arms across his chest and glared down at the young faculty member. Hand leaned forward, readying a renewed attack, when a voice cracked across the room.

"Enough!" said Dr. Koch in a voice that popped like a 15-foot bullwhip. He looked at Hand and Darrin, his lips a hard line. Darrin was wondering if he had stepped over the line. Koch had been kind to he and Mitch over the past year, but Darrin was still not sure of its source. He was obviously furious, his flared nostrils and red face certain indicators. Finally, to Darrin's relief, he turned to Hand.

"You are too stupid to exist."

Hand rocked back, "What? What do you mean?"

"I mean just what I said you incredibly stupid little fuck! You aren't that good and you have just broken every anti-discrimination regulation this university has. You have directly attacked Mr. Richards solely in his sexual orientation. People as stupid as you shouldn't breed, they really shouldn't. And Richards' is right. How asinine of you to tell him that he could never make it in academia. You know as well as I do that some of our best researchers are gay," Koch paused and ran his hand over his face. Looking at the rest of the committee, who all looked at strained as Darrin. "We're done here. Hand, you are not tenured, even if you were I'm not sure you could survive a cluster fuck of this magnitude, but if I were you I'd start looking for other work." A small smirk leaked onto his face, "Maybe as a hair stylist . . . or in a bookstore."

Koch turned to Darrin. "You passed Richards. You passed the academic test, and unfortunately you got a huge dose of university politics. But you dealt with that well too. Go celebrate."

With that Koch closed his notebook and walked from the room, followed closely behind by the rest of the committee. Darrin grabbed his materials and left quickly too, leaving Hand staring at the conference table.


Mitch had been watching the clock. Darrin's defense was taking a lot longer than it should have. The nerves finally got to him and he started walking the hall, trying to catch Darrin as quickly as possible. A couple of people stopped to chat with him for a few minutes, and then moved on with a sympathetic pat on the shoulder. Just as he was turning for another trip down the hall, Mitch felt a huge hand grip his shoulder.

"Calm down, Mitch. Darrin will do fine. He has this stuff down cold," said Gordy.

Mitch turned with a smile to the large man behind him. "Yeah. I know Gordy. It's just been a lot longer than it should have."

"But you never know, they might have just be BS'ing and there is no problem."

"I know. I know. I'm being Darrin," said Mitch with a smile. Glancing down the hall he saw Darrin step out of the stairwell. "And there he is. Thanks Gordy!" Mitch slapped their friend on the shoulder and sprinted down the hallway to his lover. Once he was close enough, he couldn't tell how things had gone from Darrin's face. But it obviously wasn't a cakewalk.

"Hey, College . . ."

Darrin looked up and smiled, "Hey, Mitch."

"So spill it! How did it go?"

"Fine. I passed," said Darrin.


"Hand came unhinged. Asked why I was bothering them to get a degree that I'd never be able to get a job in because I couldn't be trusted in Extension, because I might need to work with kids. And of course all gay men are pedophiles. And my research will be biased because of my 'worldview'. He dropped just about every damn stereotype there is. Basically tried to torpedo me based on the fact that I'm gay."

Mitch's face had morphed during Darrin's explanation. By the time he finished, Mitch was clenching his fists and looked ready to kill someone. "Where is the mother fucker! I'll beat the holy shit out of him and I don't fuckin' care! What a cock sucking bigot! Goddamn. Goddamn it!"

Mitch started for the door, intent on taking physical retribution. This was the most fucked up thing he'd ever heard of, and Hand was going to pay. As he moved to get past Darrin, he felt his arm being grabbed.

"No. It's handled. And without you going to jail," said Darrin, who smiled slightly. "Although I would love to see him spitting out his teeth once you finished with him."

"How has it been handled?" asked Mitch around clenched teeth.

"Well, I reamed him out pretty good. Pointed out what a poisonous snake he was," said Darrin.

"Ok, that's good," said Mitch with a nod, knowing now that Darrin did have a steel backbone now when needed.

"Oh, that's not the best part. Koch ripped him."

"Koch? Really? What did he do?"

"Well as I recall he started out by saying he was a waste of a human and had broken every anti-discrimination policy the university has, and finished by telling Hand that he should look for a new job."

"Really?" asked Mitch with a smile.

"Oh yeah. It was impressive. I see why Koch has the rep he does," said Darrin.

Mitch realized that the drama had sidetracked him from Darrin's important news. He grabbed Darrin and hugged him. "Congratulations, babe! You passed! You have your PhD."

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