tagGroup SexWrapping Her Dreams

Wrapping Her Dreams


It's difficult to be what I am, you never know with whom you will end up in bed. Feeling all those strange bodies, but with her it was different, completely different. The soft touch of her hands, the silky sensation of her skin and the smooth caress of her lips made me forget about my duty and swept me out like in a dream.

The first time she touched me... I can't forget. I fell in love with her eyes, and she did so with my touch. It was like a magic connection between both of us without caring for his presence. I walked in with him at that fancy suite, inside the hotel located in the south part of the city. She wasn't expecting me at all, in fact she didn't have a clue I was going to show up at any minute.

First he gave her some presents, some kisses and some lusty sights. It was not until he thought she was ready for the big, big moment that he opened the closet to take me out and introduce me to her. I still can see her surprised face, the way she looked at me, the way she was even afraid to get close to us. But he melted her with a tender, sweet and confident smile saying: "Isn't it what you asked for, in one of your fantasies?" And she just gave her assent with a nod.

He opened a bottle of champagne, and made a toast to that special and unique night we were all about to share. She only smiled, took a drink and her eyes were again over my body still wrapped with a fancy cloth. He was waiting for her to break the ice, to take a seat, to do something so all of us could be more comfortable, and then he realized he needed to leave us alone, maybe without his presence she would start talking or maybe try to get close to me, and not stay standing at the other side of the suite. "Ok, I'm going to take a shower", and she again just nodded.

He walked into the bath room, and finally she approached to me, still frightened and in silence, trying to touch me for the very first time. I could see she was also curious, her hands were warm, soft, delicate, and with the first caress over my smoothness she finally smiled at me as a sign of approval. That first touch, that first contact made us feel as one; she could not believe what my gifts could do to her.

When she was making me lay on the king sized bed, he appeared behind her, and stared at us, smiling, happy, satisfied with the view: Finally she had succumbed to my sensuality. "I can see you like the present", he said when she was spreading me all over the bed as if she wanted me to cover the whole mattress. She stopped her duty and stepped back to the floor. She was ashamed, he caught her doing something she wanted to do in private, so later she could return the surprise. He walked to the mattress and grasped her waist with his hands "Don't be silly... It's your present, and I really want you to enjoy it, I want you both to enjoy this special moment".

Finally I got to hear her voice, her lovely, melodious and sexy voice "But I didn't want you to see me like that... I want to get use to it, so then we can both lay in bed with..." and he didn't let her finish, he kissed her deeply and long, a kiss I was hoping to feel pretty soon. They embraced in a passionate and frantic kiss, their hands were running all over their backs, his were running down to her ass, and hers were running down front to his belt. Then I knew we were about to start with our assignment. Just to see the way they were kissing each other, the way their bodies were reacting to their caresses, to their desire, to their love, made me wish to be one of them, to be part of their bodies, to be part of their clothes which were falling down piece by piece. First her panties, then his shirt, later his belt, after it her shoes, and with half bodies still covered they finally joined me in bed.

His hands were fast and tender at the same time, as he was hungry for her skin, thirsty for her lust, greedy for her lips, anxious for her sex...And she was just smiling, looking at him and trying to touch me with one of her hands; her feet and legs were already in deep contact with me, rubbing over my skin, letting me cover them with my caresses while he was still playing with her breasts. Her hands landed over me, both, and her fingers started to play with me, igniting my passion, turning on my desire to feel her complete (?) over me, desiring to sense her bare skin from head to toes over my velvet body.

He took off her blouse, and I saw and felt her back, her chest and part of her breasts, but I had to wait for him to have his pleasure first. Meanwhile, I was already caressing her round and firm ass, trying to slip a part of my anatomy between her thighs which were already dripping from the center, making me wet, as wet as she was, as hungry as she was, as horny as she was. Her movements turned me on more and more, I didn't know for a moment if it was my caresses and touches that made her move that way, or if it was him, because she started to rub her ass with me, she started to snuggle her body against mine, she started to pinch me and rub me faster and harder with her hands, like if she was asking me for more kisses, more rubbing and more lustfulness.

We were all naked, moving over the mattress, his caresses, her rubbing and my touches were mixed together, I could feel his strong manhood and her wet womanhood against my body, she could feel my soft skin and his hairy body over hers, he could feel my smooth touch and her sweaty skin next to his, just as they wanted we were just one, we were one whole desire, one whole dream, one whole fantasy. And mine was completed too, I always wanted to belong just to one person, and that night I discovered she was that person.

I belonged to her, I was her slave, I was her own. She possessed me, she owned me, she was my mistress and I didn't care if I had to share her with others, as long as she always took me to bed with her, and let me be a part of her dreams, of her adventures, of her life.

He took her from the back, approaching her hips to his pubis and I got the chance to caress her breasts, to feel her hard nipples over me, she went crazy, moaning, screaming and yelling, bending down her chest to rub her breasts over my skin, to feel how I was able to caress them, to rub them, to touch them while he was inside her, while his knees were over me too, while I was under both of them. Then she bit me, her lips finally touched me, her tongue was at last over me, I could feel her warm, sweet and caring lips over my skin. She was completely wild, her hands were pressing me, grasped my body, and her lips sucked me into her mouth.

The night was stunning, they ended up embraced to each other, I was over them, covering their naked and trembling bodies, trying to give them some warmth, and their hands were still caressing me, they never forgot me, as some others had done before. I could find out they really desired me that night, they really enjoyed my presence and my company, just as I enjoyed them.

Now, he is gone. He went back with his family, and she went back home with her loneliness. I know this because a couple of nights I got the chance to dry her tears, to swallow them and taste them. I'm still with her, but I don't get to see her very often, just in special moments, in those special nights she wants to share me with her companion. It's not easy to be what I am... just a simple pair of red satin sheets which will keep her deep secrets and wrap her in dreams.

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