tagLesbian SexWrestling Attorneys Ch. 02

Wrestling Attorneys Ch. 02


Lyn rubbed her raw, red cheeks flinching as her hands moved across her burning flesh.

The bench was being placed in the center of the mat while Lyn massaged her ass. Sue was rummaging around in the locker room where the two legal combatants prepared for their match.

The crowd was enjoying Lyn's predicament of being the only naked person in the building.

Sue came strutting out of the locker room in a black Adidas track suit that highlighted her blond hair smiling from ear to ear. In her hand was a worn, brown leather briefcase with the initial LJ in gold lettering on the outside of one side.

Lyn was to busy trying to regain her composure as the crowd pointed at her ass. Her co-workers, mainly the paralegals that she worked with, looked at her with some pity but not much.

"She kinda deserved it but the ass smacking must have been painful," Lyn's secretary, Julie said to her compatriots from the firm. Julie and the girls circled behind Lyn and saw the flaming red skin. The skin almost seemed to be pulsating.

Lyn tried to compose herself but the laughing and jeering resounded in her ears.

"Stay calm Lyn," she said to herself. "Stay calm, this will be over and then we'll get her back."

Lyn stayed calm until she saw her brown briefcase. In all of her humiliation and forced nudity, she forgot all about her briefcase and the goodies she had packed to humiliate Sue Hopkins with.

Lyn recognized the bag and raised her hand to her mouth as she gasped, "Oh my god, what are you doing with that?" Lyn questioned Sue. The gym full of women from the two firms quieted down and stared at the two attorneys, one dressed the other nude.

Sue placed the bag down on the mat, kneeling down and opened the briefcase. Sue unbuckled the clasp of the case and opened the top, pulling back the well-used leather case. Sue gave a fake gasp and brought her hands to her face, a look of surprise and shock on her face.

"Oh, would you look at that!" Sue exclaimed. "Looks as though you had quite a party planned for me."

Lyn grimaced and nearly broke into tears, her body beginning to shake.

Sue bent over and pulled out a twelve inch white rubber cock. The ladies in the crowd groaned, "OOOHHHHHH!!!!"

Sue, imitating one of those bad late night cutlery commercials exclaimed, "But wait, there's more!" The ladies in the crowd broke out in laughter; Lyn ground her teeth.

Sue pulled out a second rubber cock this one ten inches long and black. This one had a suction cup on the bottom.

Sue rummaged around and found a ball-gag, a dildo, and two vibrators in the bottom of the briefcase. Sue looked up at Lyn with a smile as she held the ten inch rubber cock in her right hand, gently tapping it into her left palm.

"Sue, honest, I was only going to use them as a joke, a prop to get you scared," Lyn stammered her hands up in front of her trying to fend off the imaginary attacker.

Sue walked up to Lyn and told her to stick her tongue out. "Sue, please, c'mon, I only brought it as a prop," Lyn begged. The photographer's camera clicked and whirred away.

Sue moved the base of the monster with the suction cup up to Lyn's mouth holding it before her. Lyn shrugged and opened her mouth, sticking out her tongue.

"Move your tongue all over it," Sue instructed Lyn. As Lyn licked the suction cup, the ladies began to giggle and a few called out to Lyn asking if she licked pussy like that. "Hey Lyn, bet you would make a great bitch for one of us!" someone in the back yelled as the gym erupted again into an uproar, all at Lyn's expense.

Sue laughed and Lyn nearly broke down in tears. The suction cup glistened with Lyn's saliva.

"Now I want you to skip around the mat for us," Sue instructed Lyn.

Lyn wiped her mouth and began to skip slowly at first. One of the attorneys from Sues' firm slapped her on her sore, right cheek, "That's' for fucking me over in court last month."

Lyn began to skip and her 38 inch mounds of fleshy breasts bounced and swayed much to the delight of the gym full of women.

Lyn used the yellow line on the mat and skipped along to hooting and howling of the women. Her teeth were clenched and she muttered to herself, "Laugh now, but I'll own your ass Sue Hopkins in the court and on the mat."

While Lyn was entertaining the crowd with her skipping, the photographer was having a grand time for the Cat Fight Journal. She captured Lyn's ass, her bouncing breasts, and her facial expression of humiliation.

Sue summoned Lyn to the bench. "Alright you legal bitch, lets see how these props work!"

Lyn stopped skipping and looked at Sue. A path had cleared from the edge of the mat where Lyn was standing on the yellow line to the center where Sue stood. A wall of women stood on each side of the path. Mary the ref stood behind Lyn and gave her a swat on her red ass to get her moving.

"Remember Lyn," Mary reminded her, "the loser must submit to the winner until midnight this evening."

Lyn was trapped. Behind her was Mary the ref, to her right and left were women waiting for Lyn to accept her humiliating punishment, and in front of her stood her nemesis and Mistress until midnight, Sue Hopkins.

Resigned to her fate, Mary moved forward as though on inmate walking her final steps to the gallows.

Lyn met Sue at the incline bench with the erection. Without saying a word or looking Sue in the eye, Lyn raised her right leg and straddled the bench, the white twelve inch rubber cock beneath her. The photographer continued to click away recording the event for Cat Fighting history.

"How about a little mood music?" Julie hit a button on the boom box and Shania Twain began playing.

Sue smacked Lyn on the ass and directed her to start impaling herself. "Now, you planned for me to fuck myself with that monster. Now it's your turn. Drop your sorry ass down and consume that bad boy. Understand?"

Lyn began to lower herself with the tip of the monster touching her shaved pussy lips. Shania Twain was singing her stuff, "…you're a fine piece of real estate and I'm gonna get me some land…" The ladies in the gym went wild.

"Your ass belongs to Sue, bitch! I own your sorry piece of red-ass real estate."

Lyn was moving up and down on the rubber cock with a little more disappearing with each downward thrust. Lyn was working, rubbing her tits, but she could only take six to seven inches at best.

"I believe I told you to take it all," Sue looked Lyn straight in the eye.

Lyn, stammering and somewhat blinded due to the flash of the camera strobe light, replied, "Geez, I'm trying to take the whole thing but I'm just not wet enough." The ladies nearest Lyn howled and poured a bucket of cold water over her head.

The effect of the cold water had an immediate good and bad effects on Lyn. Lyn's nipples got hard from the cold water but it also caused her pussy to loose some if its lubrication causing the next downward thrust to be a bit more painful.

"Open your mouth," Sue ordered Lyn.

Lyn obeyed with, "Yes Mistress."

Lyn opened her mouth and Sue shoved the black cock into her mouth. "Now suck it!" ordered Sue.

Lyn now was straddling the bench, a white rubber cock piercing her slit, and a black rubber cock in her mouth, Shania Twain in the background, and twenty horny women in a hot gym. Lyn began to lubricate again and the cock began to slide in but still not all the way in.

Sue grabbed Lyn by her shoulders and, doing her best Chris Berman voice, "I said, All- The-Way!" and shoved Lyn all the way down the rubber cock until her red ass cheeks met the cushion of the bench.

Lyn yelped as the full length and girth of the rubber cock filled her pussy. Her fiery red ass also burned as it hit the cushion of the bench. The women went wild and the photographer was having the time of her life. The rubber cock in her mouth fell out and landed on the floor.

"Since you enjoy impaling yourself on the fuck toy, you will have five minutes to get yourself off. If you fail to get yourself off, well, there will be consequences," Sue instructed Lyn.

Lyn looked up at the clock and saw it was only ten thirty. Ninety more minutes of humiliation and sexual stimulation at the hand of her arch-nemesis.

"You better get humping… the judges will determine your orgasmic state. Fail to achieve a satisfactory orgasm will result in only more humiliation."

Lyn began to pump up and down on the rubber cock, her right hand dropped to her clit and her left hand began to massage her right breast. The sound of her pussy lubricating could be heard as she worked her clit.

To be continued…

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