tagLesbian SexWrestling Attorneys - Final

Wrestling Attorneys - Final


Mary the referee went to center ring and waved her arms to get everyone's attention.

"A request has been made by the audience to add some more excitement to the match. Rather than just a straight pin, some of the ladies and gentlemen would like to see a face sit pin for five seconds, shoulder blades flat, one girls crotch on the others' face for a full five seconds. Ladies, do you agree to such a change in the format?"

Both ladies looked at one another and then to their respective corners. Sue shrugged her shoulders and walked back to her corner to sidebar with Trudy. Lyn had her face in Julie's face and were going over the change.

A lady fan in the crowd yelled at the two wrestling attorneys', "Let her taste defeat!"

"You got more work to do than her," Trudy clarified to Sue. "She's got her bottoms and your naked. Oh, and by the way, just to let you know, you are one smoking babe!"

Trudy was one to never admit any emotional feelings. She was iron-willed and never had any tendencies for women. Her past was private but colorful. Sue knew Trudy was wild as they were both undergrad's at the same college. Sue also knew of Trudy's penchant for group sex and gangbangs. The remark that she was smoking kind of caught her off guard.

Sue blushed and thanked Trudy for her compliment. "Thanks. This is going to be a real job to get that bitch on her back."

On the other side of the ring, Lyn was continuing to stretch and talk it out with Julie.

"She's naked and you're not. You need to work those nipples over, get her unfocused," Julie instructed Lyn. "If you want to get her for the weekend, now is the chance."

Lyn was bi. Julie knew it but not many others. Most of Lyn's colleagues knew her as one tough litigator and knew she was devoted to her work. What didn't know that Lyn enjoyed men and women but not in town. She usually traveled to other nearby cities to hook up with her friends.

Still unable to sit, Lyn stretched her legs and muscles, a determined look on her face. Julie rubbed ointment into her ass cheeks and the back of her thighs. One hand roamed a bit too far north and touched Lyn's clit. Lyn shivered and spread her legs a bit more.

Julie slid two fingers in Lyn's pussy, the juices running down her hand. Lyn bucked against the fingers and Lyn was fucking Julie's hand in her corner.

Sue returned to the corner and was sitting on her stool while Trudy put some smelling salts under her nose. Sue looked over into Lyn's corner and saw the finger fucking that was going on. Trudy also noticed it and whispered in Sue's ear, "Now we know the weak spot. Working over her muscles is one thing but the bitch gets off on being fingered in public."

Sue began to gather her thoughts. Trudy and Sue began to plot some strategy given Sue's shaky disposition.

Pride proceeds the fall. Lyn's arrogance and preoccupation in her corner was not preparing her for the third fall.

The one-minute to match bell rang startling Lyn and Julie out of their fingering masturbation session.

Julie licked the juices from Lyn and gave her a kiss.

Trudy looked at her colleagues nakedness and said to Sue, "Remember, if you lose this fall, she owns you for the weekend. She's sadistic and wants to hurt you for what you did to her three weeks ago."

Mary called the two ladies to the center of the ring. "Alright, this is for all the marbles. In order to win the match, winner must strip the loser and face sit pin her for five seconds. If you are both ready, we will begin the final fall."

With a nod from each, Mary shouted, "Wrestle!"

The two legal combatants stared at each other in the center of the ring, ten feet apart, one naked, the other nearly naked.

"I always knew you weren't a true blond," cracked Lyn.

Sue, with her game face on, focused on the points she wanted to attack.

Lyn continued her verbal assault on Sue as the two circled and danced in the center of the ring.

"You're gonna make a mighty fine trophy this weekend," cackled Lyn.

Lyn made the first move just as she finished her sentence grabbing at Sue's right breast. Sue's right breast was still smarting from the mauling it took earlier and Sue cried out in pain.

Lyn grabbed, turned and twisted Sue's right breast. Sue was able to get her left hand into Lyn's long brown hair. During the intermission, Lyn and Julie did all the prepatory work for the third fall except pin Lyn's hair back. Now it was hanging loose and over her shoulders. Sue grabbed Lyn's hair and yanked for all she was worth.

Lyn's hand snapped back and a look of shock crossed her face as she let go of Sue's right breast leaving her hand imprint on the reddened flesh.

Sue grabbed Lyn's right arm and wrenched it behind Lyn's back, higher and higher forcing Lyn to run forward. Sue slowed Lyn down by pulling hard on her hair.

Lyn reached out and grabbed the ropes missing the first time and connecting the second. "Break! Let go of her arm!" barked Mary at Sue.

Letting go, Sue turned and walked to a neutral corner and Lyn walked over to the other, massaging her right shoulder.

Lyn thought to herself that she has to wear Sue down and get her on her back. Her bi tendencies invaded her clear thinking. She knew Sue was straight and wrestled purely for the ability to dominate.

Both ladies moved toward one another. Sue moved first catching Lyn off guard by bitch slapping her breasts. Lyn moved to cover herself. Sue dropped to her knees and grabbed Lyn's bottoms sweeping them down Lyn's legs. Sue tugged at Lyn's blue bikini bottoms flipping Lyn onto her back.

Lyn landed hard but popped back up. Sue was still sitting on her legs holding Lyn's bottoms in her hand when Lyn was standing.

Lyn took two long strides and lunged at Sue knocking her backwards. Sue flipped onto her stomach and Lyn jumped onto Sue's legs and covering her body over Sue's back. Lyn wasted no time intertwining her arms through Sue's and locking her fingers together in her opponents blond hair.

Lyn worked Sue's neck and arms, riding her. Lyn drove her knees into Sue's sides and ribs, making Sue groan with every thrust.

Lyn stood with her right hand full of Sue's short blond hair. Lyn began to run the semi-groggy adversary around the ring, finally throwing her onto the ring floor.

Sue was rolling on the mat and Lyn sat on Sue's stomach, facing her legs. Lyn began to bounce on Sue's stomach.

"I've got big plans for you, humiliating and embarrassing plans blondie," Lyn said to Sue.

Lyn got into a doggy-style position and backed her ass up to Sue's face. Sue, somewhat out of it, felt a warm feeling on her chest.

Lyn began to pee on Sue. The crowd was stunned and silent. No one expected such an act in the ring.

Lyn's pee puddle on Sue's chest, running down her breasts and ribs to the mat.

Sue mesmerized by the stream from Lyn's pussy was shocked as Lyn moved forward and grabbed Sue's pussy, two fingers deep and vigorously rubbing her mound and opening.

Sue beat on Lyn's back. Pleasure was one thing but Lyn knew how to change the tempo from lust to pain.

Lyn turned herself around quickly before Sue could get her bearings back. Lyn had Sue on her back and her Sue's legs wrapped around Lyn's arms. Sue was immobilized and squirming under Lyn's knees as they pressed into her shoulders. Lyn enjoyed the predicament her blond adversary was in. Sue's crotch was open and spread for everyone to see. On her back, Sue could only see the sadistic look in Lyn's eyes and envision what awaits her this weekend.

Lyn looked at Mary and yelled, "What the hell are you waiting for, she's pinned! Count the bitch out!"

"No, you must face sit and pin her to the mat for five seconds. Your only sitting on her chest," replied Mary.

Lyn let go of Sue's legs and moved forward, her dark bush settling on Lyn's face. Sue smelled her opponents musky scent and kissed Lyn's clit and licked her pussy. Lyn's body shuddered to the oral stimulation.

Mary looked at the Sue's shoulder blades and made sure that Lyn was indeed face sitting Sue.

"One!" Mary's hand smacked the mat. Sue continued to work her tongue on Lyn's pussy. "That's it, lick my pussy. You'll be doing a lot of that this weekend," groaned Lyn.

Lyn's clit began to grow and was hanging out like a small quarter inch penis. Sue had sucked many cocks in her life and began to take Lyn's clit in her mouth. In law school, Sue could never get enough cocks. She sucked off most of the faculty and a few of her classmates, so this little clit wasn't a problem.

"Two!" a second hand slap to the mat. Sue found Lyn's clit. She had never been with another man; preferring sausage to taco's any day of the week.

Mary could not believe her eyes. She stared more at the action between Lyn's crotch and Sue's mouth. Mary nearly forgot to count Sue out while she stared at the two women locked in such an intimate position. Hearing the crowd screaming for more, Mary came back to the job at hand and began officiating again.


Trudy screamed at Sue to do something.

Julie yelled for Lyn to go for the pin.

"Four!" Mary hit the ring mat again.

Sue curled up into a ball, moving her legs up and around Lyn's head. Lyn, eyes closed, lost in the oral stimulation and did not notice Sue's legs swing up. Sue's ankles hit Lyn's chin and Lyn's eyes opened wide.

As Lyn recognized that Sue was making her move the pleasure in her crotch changed to pain as Sue bit down on Lyn's clit. As Lyn jumped upward off Sue's face, her hands shot to her crotch.

Sue positioned her legs around Lyn's neck and locked her ankles around Lyn's neck and head, pulling her down onto the mat with a loud SMACK!

The positions had now changed. Lyn was on her back, hands in crotch, rubbing her clit, rocking from side-to-side, with Sue's legs at Lyn's sides and ankles on her neck.

Sue was sitting in front of Lyn's crotch and jumped on to Lyn's face, her knees digging into Lyn's shoulders.

"One, two, three, four, FIVE!" Mary counted Lyn out. But Sue wasn't done.

Sue remained on her face sitting position over Lyn, dominating the attorney from across town.

"You bitch!" Sue hissed. "You've pissed me off, now I'm returning the favor!" And with that, Sue let a stream of her urine hit Lyn in the face.

Lyn, locked to the mat could only let the golden stream spray her face.

Secretly, Lyn enjoyed water sports and enjoyed being on the receiving end on many of her weekend get-aways. Always one for discretion and privacy, Lyn did not like the public humiliation let alone the golden shower she had taken in front of so many people.

Mary separated the women and led them to the middle of the ring. Mary raised Sue's right hand as the winner. Lyn, tears streaming down her face mixed with Sue's pee, could only imagine the humiliation that faced her in the next forty-eight hours.

The weekend humiliation will be a separate story.


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