tagFetishWrestling Couple - Dani and Jay Ch. 01

Wrestling Couple - Dani and Jay Ch. 01


Just a few words before reading the story, this is an extension of the already published "Sex Wrestling Couples" by Femfightfan. Love the idea so much I decided to write a chapter. The characters are new with one exception and that is Drake, decided to keep him as the person running the show for consistency. Hope you all enjoy reading as much as I enjoyed writing.


Drake leaned back in his high back black leather chair and started laughing. He smiled at the couple sitting across from him in total surprise at their request.

"You're serious? You want me to set up a match between you two and Ali and DeShawn, let me think about that for a minute." He leaned back taking a deep pull from his Cuban cigar. There was no doubt in either Dani or Jay's minds that he liked the idea but he had to get something more from them. After all it was a favor and in Drake's world no favor was done for free.

"There has to be steep consequences for the loser. This is not my normal way of conducting business and my clientele comes first so I need to be sure it would be something they would want to see. But I do have an idea if you are interested?"

Dani looked toward Jay when Drake finished speaking. All she wanted was the chance to prove to Ali she was better than her and to see her face when she lost. Jay was being silent as he promised he would and leave the decisions to Dani. "Yes we are." She looked back at Drake and waited anxiously while Jay stirred in his seat curious to know what Drake's proposal entailed. He didn't share the same opinion as Dani and thought she was making a huge mistake.

"I can hype this up as a grudge match, the clientele will love that. So there needs to be a catch, something that makes this match different from the others. It's going to be a lumberjack match. I'll surround the ring with other performers and if anyone gets tossed outside their job is to get you back inside as quick as possible. And lastly after the match when the winners get to do what they want with the losers we'll record it and give it to the winners for an additional prize."

"Dani think about it! You don't know what they would do with a tape like that." Jay finally broke his silence now that the stakes were getting even higher.

Drake raised his glass and acknowledged Jay for speaking up. It was an excellent point. Ali and DeShawn were already in the sex business running their own website, they performed for Drake simply for extra money. They were not in dire straits like Dani and Jay and on the verge of losing everything. To them wrestling was rock bottom and only a part time gig until they were both back on their feet. A tape like this being seen by the wrong person could easily ruin future opportunities.

"Listen to your man Dani this affects him too. I'm more than happy to make the match but once you agree and I set it up there is no backing out."

"I want to do it Jay. I want to show that bitch that I'm better than her after all the crap she's being saying about me at the club and to the other girls."

Jay looked at his girlfriend in disbelief not understanding why she lets Ali get to her so much. He threw up his hands and motioned for her to answer the boss. Dani didn't like seeing her boyfriend upset but she would make it up him later and in the end he would be less upset after fucking Ali. While she wasn't the prettiest girl that wrestled for Drake, she was full of attitude and would probably be a great lay. She also thought Jay would enjoy the chance to bang a black chick.

"Fine set it up." Dani finally answered Drake with an intense look in her blue eyes.

"Consider it done. I'll phone Ali and DeShawn and let them know about the match, I doubt they will pass up the opportunity."

The next night Dani found herself at the club, her heart racing expecting to run into Ali and there be a huge scene. She surveyed the room while the music blasted in the background. It was hard to see with the dim lighting but there was no sign of her anywhere, maybe she wasn't in she thought to herself. She felt some relief and picked up her tray. It was going to be a long enough night without an added confrontation with Ali. The bartender gave Dani a smile as he pushed a handful of drinks her way.

"You've got a bunch of suits in your area."

Dani laughed and let out a sigh as she loaded her tray. She saw the group he was talking about and knew it would be a good night for tips but that meant it was probably going to be a night of being pawed at. She walked over and smiled brightly at them, she flirted with them all as she put down their drinks. It was obvious they were all pretty well sauced and there for the long haul. She caught their eyes looking at her legs and breasts and encouraged them by smiling even more. After several trips back and forth to the bar Dani had already made nearly two hundred dollars. She had also developed quite a buzz thanks to the shooters the suits had bought for her.

"So you think you can kick my ass do you?" Ali had come into work after all and decided to confront Dani.

Holding back her surprise at hearing Ali's voice Dani finished serving the suits their latest round of drinks. She turned around and quickly assessed the situation. Ali was pissed, she stood in her skimpy bikini and four inch heels with her hands on her hips and a scowl on her heavily made up face. It made Dani feel good to see she was upset and couldn't help but stoke the fire a little more.

"Damn right I do and I'm going to." Dani set her tray down on an empty table and crossed her arms over her chest. Ali took a step toward the tall blonde server and laughed. She bumped her shoulder as she walked passed her making Dani stumble back into the table of suits. Her heart raced as she watched her soon to be opponent get on the stage. She wasn't the prettiest dancer at the club but she was very athletic and had a nasty attitude. Her attention was still on Ali swinging around the pole when she felt a hand slowly moving up the back of her leg. She knew it was one of the suits having a cheap thrill and normally she would playfully swat the hand away but she was enjoying the sensation of this stranger touching her legs. She let him caress her for a few more moments before she her attention to the table.

"Hey Sweetie, can I get you something to eat or drink?" Dani asked as she pressed her body next to his shoulder and smiled at him. His hand moved up her leg higher and under the bottom of her short skirt.

"Depends if this is on the menu or not." Dani felt his hand close on her ass sending a shockwave throughout her body. Dani noticed out of the corner of her eye the bouncer start to move but she shook him off. She leaned over and whispered in his ear that it was not but he was free to look. She moved his hand gently and smiled at him earning her another five dollar tip.

The remainder of the night passed by quickly, her taxi took her home and dropped her off. During the ride up the elevator all she could think about was the feeling of the suit's hand moving up her leg and finally squeezing her ass. She walked into their apartment and dropped her purse on the counter. Jay was sitting on the couch in the living room on the computer. He looked very sexy to her in his boxers and plain white shirt.

"What are you looking at?" she asked as she came closer to him. "Just looking at this job website I heard about, nothing interesting though unless I want to volunteer for drug testing." He smiled at Dani as she sat down next to him. She felt bad for him, he was laid off from the job he loved, the job he went to school for when his company followed the trend and cut heads during the economic downturn. She could sense his anxiety but knew of a sure fire way to relax him. She subtly reached for his crotch and massaged it slowly. Jay knew what she was doing and appreciated it he also knew she was probably turned on from work as it has happened before. He's learned to accept that part of her job as a positive rather than a negative. Jay set the computer down on the coffee table and leaned back into the couch enjoying Dani's touch. His bulge had grown significantly in just a few moments as Dani went from massaging him to stroking him through his shorts. She adjusted her position on the couch, moving onto her elbows and knees. Jay reached for her little skirt and pulled it up above her ass. He loved his girlfriend's ass and caressed it softly through her tiny silk panties. Dani pushed his shorts down far enough for his hard penis to spring out at her face. She took him in her hand wrapping her slender fingers around his shaft and stroked. She gently kissed the tip of his cock which was already coated with precum. Her tongue dragged around the head of Jay's seven inch cock as his hand squeezed her ass. She opened her mouth and eagerly took him inside. Jay groaned his approval as Dani started to bob up and down, she was more turned on than usual he thought. She was sucking his cock far more aggressively than he was used to. She slurped loudly and gripped his shaft tightly. "Damn baby. That feels so fucking good."

Jay let out a deep groan as he moved his hand from Dani's ass to underneath her body and right between her legs. She moaned loudly with his cock in her mouth as his fingers pressed against her pussy hard through her wet panties. He smiled as she pushed back against his fingers. Dani took as much of him into her throat as possible making Jay fight the urge to cum. She had never tried to deep throat him before. He closed his eyes tightly and concentrated on massaging her pussy. Her head lifted off his cock and she struggled to catch her breath, she pumped her fist up and down Jay's shaft as her breathing returned to normal. Her body was beginning to tremble and Jay knew she was in the process of having a very strong orgasm. He smiled again at the feeling of her panties going from wet to completely soaked. Her thighs closed tightly on his hand as she laid her head flat in his lap. Her cheek was pressed to his thigh as she held him in her hand while she experienced her orgasm. Slowly, she grinded herself against her boyfriend's fingers. She did this as she tried to regain control of her body. She let out a soft satisfied sigh before taking Jay back into her mouth. She sucked on his cock with purpose, she wanted him to cum in her mouth and Jay was no longer trying to hold back. He wanted to shoot his load down his girlfriend's throat.

"Oh yeah, oh yeah. I'm going to cum." He groaned at her as she again took most of him into her throat.

Within seconds of his warning Dani felt her boyfriend's body jerk hard. Then she tasted the bitterness of Jay's cum as it splashed into the back of her throat and inside her mouth. She swallowed it hungrily surprising Jay even more. Generally Dani wasn't big on taking it in her mouth but tonight she was ravenous. She had drained Jay as she sat up next to him. She smiled shyly at him as she wiped her mouth with the back of her hand. He laughed and kissed her forehead softly feeling amazingly relieved. Dani was also relieved and curled up on the couch beside him soon falling asleep. Jay watched his girlfriend sleep but couldn't stop his thoughts from drifting to the next day. They would have to perform at Drake's and wrestle Dani and DeShawn.

Saturday arrived and it was fight night for the couple. Dani and Jay sat in the change room of the secluded arena waiting for their turn to perform for Drake's VIP clientele. Jay stood up and paced as his nerves got the better of him while Dani sat quietly with her face in her hands. She was thinking about the rules for a lumberjack match and more importantly who was going to be on the outside of the ring. Jay was busy reading the general rules that had been posted on the wall as a reminder to the performers.

A woman only had to pin a man for three seconds as opposed to a man having to pin a woman for seven seconds. A same sex pin was three seconds. Women could punch men, but men were not allowed to punch the women. No punching to the face was allowed, but women could slap another female opponent. When a tag was made, a one minute double team was given to the team making the tag. Once a sexual move was initiated on an opponent, a saving move by a partner would result in immediate disqualification and removal of the partner interfering. The remaining partner of the disqualified team would then be subjected to thirty minutes alone with the other team. There was a one minute rest period between falls where you could tag out and let your partner start the next fall. The final rule allowed the winning team to sexually use the losing team for an additional thirty minutes. Drake as he does for all the newbies, stressed to Dani and Jay that meant if you are disqualified one member would be subject to one hour of sexual humiliation and abuse and the other partner would only be with them for the final thirty minutes.

"Ladies and gentlemen tonight we have a first, it's a lumberjack match! The ring will be surrounded by other wrestlers in order to keep the action on the inside. There will be no escaping in this grudge match. First please welcome the people who will be on the outside." Four couples came out from the back and surrounded the ring; there was Christine and Dave, Vince and Heather, Laurie and Don, and lastly Toni and Mike. "And here are our competitors; first is the team of the Black Panthers, Ali and DeShawn. She is 5'7" and weighs 130lbs and he is an even 6'0" and 185lbs. The couple strutted to the ring to the cheers of the audience. They were very experienced and had put on some memorable shows for the audience in previous matches. They high fived Christine, Dave, Vince and Heather as they entered the ring. Apparently they were good friends outside of the wrestling which was not good news for Dani and Jay. "And their opponents, Fire and Ice, Dani and Jay. She is 5'9" and weighs 133lbs and he is 5'11" and weighs 180lbs." The couple nervously made their way to the ring. The cheers and cat calls sparked some excitement within Dani similar to what she would feel serving drinks to the suits at the club. But as soon as they stepped inside the ropes and looked across at Ali and DeShawn the butterflies returned.

The referee gave the couples their instructions and told them to choose who would start the match. Dani looked over and saw Ali standing there with DeShawn on the outside and took a deep breath. Jay stepped between the ropes leaving her inside.

"Oh that's right bring that tight ass over here so I can smack it."

Dani shook her head at Ali, she had no class at all. They slowly circled each other in the middle of the ring. Ali was the first to make a move as she charged Dani pushing her back into a corner by her shoulders. The referee tried to separate them and started his count. Ali stepped back breaking cleanly or so it seemed. As soon as the referee backed away she smacked Dani hard across her face. Dani's knees buckled slightly more from the shock of the sudden strike than anything else. Ali stepped further back laughing as Dani straightened up and moved her hand away from her face which was a bright red. Dani moved out of the corner and they circled each other again. She charged Ali and ran into a hip toss, she flipped Dani over onto the mat temporarily knocking the wind out of her body. Ali was quick to attack by stomping on her stomach. She gasped and clutched her tummy rolling over to her side. Ali pushed her over onto her front and straddled her back grabbing her under the chin in a chin lock. She pulled back hard forcing a loud painful groan from Dani.

"Come on baby you can get out of it!" Jay yelled trying to encourage his girlfriend as her hated rival put her through a world of pain.

Ali smiled as she held Dani's chin with one hand and reached underneath her to caress her breasts. Dani was furious at herself for being in this position so early in the match.

"Oh I feel some nice hard nipples. You like it when I touch your tits don't you?"

Dani grimaced as she fought to twist free of Ali. She crawled over to a neutral corner as Ali stood in the center of the ring laughing. Dani got to her feet and regrouped. Her and Ali met in the center of the ring and locked up. Both of tried to get the advantage. Dani struggled with Ali's strength but at the same time Ali was surprised how strong Dani had become. Ali went for another slap to the face but Dani ducked. She kicked Ali in the stomach doubling her over and then shocked everyone with a DDT. Jay jumped up and down screaming encouragement and telling her to go for the cover while DeShawn simply covered his eyes. The audience was cheering loudly routing for the underdog. Dani quickly rolled Ali over and covered her for the pin. The referee started to count. One, two and..... Ali barely kicked out. Dani stood up and gave Jay a quick look. She ran into the ropes and bounced off jumping high into the air and came down splashing Ali driving the air out of her body.

"Fuck yeah! You got her babe, pin the bitch!" Jay was going crazy in the corner at the thought of stealing a pin fall this early. The referee began to count again. One, two..... Dani didn't see DeShawn come into the ring as he pulled her to her feet by her hair and delivered a hard clothesline. Jay came into the ring quickly but the referee grabbed him and struggled to get him back to his corner. DeShawn seeing Jay's mistake picked Dani up again and body slammed her. Ali was getting to her feet when the referee finally got Jay outside. Dani was in serious trouble now. Ali gripped Dan by her blonde hair pulling her to her feet, her eyes were glazed and she was breathing hard.

"I'm going to make you pay you fucking bitch."

Ali was furious and embarrassed at how close she came to losing the first pin fall. She kissed Dani hard pushing her tongue into her mouth before stepping back and then slapping her chest. Dani cried out and dropped to her knees as her chest turned bright red. Ali ran into the ropes and bounced off. Dani couldn't see her coming but felt it when Ali bulldogged her face first into the mat. Jay's jaw dropped seeing his girlfriend laying flat on her face. Ali looked over at him and blew him a kiss. She kept looking at him as she slowly ran her hands over Dani's prone body. They moved down her back to her ass, she squeezed Dani hard with both of her hands.

"Grab that ass!" DeShawn was yelling from his corner to Ali enjoying what he was seeing.

The crowd erupted at the first real sexual attack of the match. Ali squeezed her ass again and spread her cheeks for all to see. She looked at Jay as she raised her hand and brought it down spanking Dani. Jay started to come into the ring but the referee warned him that he would be disqualified for stopping a sexual attack. She smacked Dani's ass again this time forcing a yelp from the blonde on the mat. She tried to crawl away from Ali but got pushed hard forcing her under the bottom rope and falling to the floor. Jay couldn't see his girlfriend on the floor but he did see Christine and Heather converging on her quickly. They pulled Dani up to her feet and shoved her back into the ring just as they were supposed to. Ali attacked immediately by giving her a hard knee to the shoulder. She pushed Dani to the floor again with her foot this time. While Christine and Heather went to her, Ali ran over to Jay and slapped him across the face and spit at him. Not thinking Jay stormed into the ring after Ali but was cut off by the referee. Seeing the referee distracted Heather trapped Dani's arms behind her back as Christine reached between her legs and pushed two fingers into her pussy. DeShawn laughed loudly in his corner as did Dave and Vince. She fingered Dani hard and fast forcing some loud moans from her. She couldn't believe what was happening.

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