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Writer's Block


I write for a living. I don't have any great pretensions to be famous, I know my place in literature and it's not near the top of the tree. I write spanking stories for magazines like Paddles, Blush, Cane and Red Cheeks. Not exactly mind bending stuff but I enjoy spanking and I enjoy writing about spanking. I'm happy doing what I'm doing.

I live by the sea in an old house that I have renovated myself, and quite well too if I do say so myself. It's a two story home with all the living area upstairs, along the front is a verandah with lovely views over the treetops to the water. Downstairs is plenty of room for undercover car parking, a workshop for my tools, a shower/toilet for cleaning up after returning from the beach and a padlocked, well ventilated, windowless room which when anyone enters looks like a wine cellar. What looks like a storage cupboard door next to the rows of wine bottles actually leads to a small room, which I have set up as a dungeon.

Upstairs, the study where I do all my writing is just perfect, if I look out over my desk I can see the sea, if I look out the window to my left I look down into my neighbors yard where the teenage daughters (18 & 19) like to sunbake topless protected by surrounding hedges during the summer. They can't see in my window because I have had anti glare film put on the glass to reduce the heat of the late afternoon sun, anyone looking from outside at my window can only see reflection. My neighbors are very well off and only use the house for weekends and holidays

It was a hot day near the end of summer and I was on a deadline for a story for one of the magazines. But I had run out of ideas, a major dose of writer's block. I had sat at my computer for hours without getting anywhere and I was getting very frustrated.

Suddenly, movement from next door's garden caught the corner of my eye. This was unusual for it was a weekday and as far as I knew the family were uptown. Then as I focused on the figure I realized that it was the lady of the house, Elizabeth, who I had chatted to a few times but really didn't know at all. Elizabeth had been a child bride and was in her late thirties but she could have passed as thirty, this was a very attractive lady. As I watched Elizabeth my interest was raised, and so was my cock, because she walked into the sheltered garden, looked around to make sure she was unseen and then removed the toweling robe she was wearing.

I whistled silently to myself as Elizabeth stood there in a brief bikini, what a figure! A very nice pair of boobs atop a slim waist, trim hips and shapely legs. Elizabeth laid a towel on the lawn, checked again to make sure she was alone and then off came the bikini top. Two lovely breasts fell free; Elizabeth stretched her shoulders and turned her back to me. I watched in awe as she then slid the bikini bottom down those long legs and lay face down on the towel. What a lovely arse she had, how I would love to have that bum over my knees and give it a good spanking! How I would love to smooth on some sun tan lotion to make sure she didn't burn.

I rushed to my cupboard and grabbed my camera with the telephoto lens. I took a couple of shots of Elizabeth and kept an eye on her as she sunbathed. Obviously not wanting to get burnt, Elizabeth only stayed there for about half an hour and to my disappointment did not get any sun on the front of her body. Elizabeth wrapped herself in the robe without turning towards me, picked up her bikini and towel and returned to the house.

Frustrated I once again went about my writing but without success, my mind kept wandering to my beautiful neighbor. Was she alone? Would I see her again? Should I go and visit her when I saw a light on that night on the pretext of keeping an eye on the house? I debated whether to have a wank or not but decided not to and once again tried to concentrate on my writing without success.

It was still hot that evening with no sea breeze. I had just finished eating when the front door bell rang. I went downstairs to find a radiant Elizabeth standing there, dressed in a tee shirt and shorts, holding a half-empty bottle of champagne.

"Hi Michael," she said with a grin, slightly slurring her words, "I thought you may like some company and a drink tonight."

"I certainly do Elizabeth, come on in, let me take the bottle," I replied ushering her upstairs. I followed close behind, my eyes watching her lovely arse wiggle as she climbed the steps.

"Oh this is lovely," Elizabeth exclaimed as she looked around my lounge room. "I hope I'm not intruding or anything."

"Not at all Elizabeth, I'm glad to have some company for a change." I poured a couple of glasses of the champagne and said, "Let's go out on the verandah, it's cooler out there."

Elizabeth and I settled down in our chairs and toasted each other's health. We looked out over the bay at the setting sun and made small talk for a while about the weather, holidays, her girls at university and her favorite sport – golf.

Quite innocently I asked Elizabeth how her husband's business was doing and was taken aback by her reply.

"That bastard, he's interstate right now fucking his secretary!" Elizabeth said vehemently. "He wants a divorce a soon as possible the rotten prick. He's offered me the house next door, everything that's in it and my car, plus a cash settlement. He is willing to buy an apartment for our girls near the University and he wants our city house for him and his bimbo secretary. There, now you know Michael, I'm sorry, I didn't want to load it onto to you but I had to tell someone."

"That's OK Elizabeth," I replied, "You probably will feel better now that you've told someone. It seems to me that you are better off without him, rather than him screwing around behind your back. I'm no lawyer but I think you have been offered a pretty good deal. You just have to be positive and make the future work for you, it sounds like you will be pretty well off so make the most of it."

Elizabeth was suddenly quiet as she mulled over my words. I emptied the bottle of champagne and raised my glass, "Here's to your future Elizabeth, may it be a long and happy!"

Elizabeth grinned and raised her glass. "You know you are right Michael, I've been feeling really bitter and sorry for myself but I must be positive. Thanks, here's to your future too!"

We sat and talked some more about the situation and her future. I got a bottle of cold Australian wine from the refrigerator and we drank some more. Amazing how alcohol can loosen the tongue and as the sunset turned to night we chatted and became good friends.

Elizabeth suddenly changed the subject and innocently asked THAT question, "What do you do for a living Michael? Where does the money come from to pay your bills?"

"I'm a writer Elizabeth, I write short stories for magazines for a living," I replied knowing that if Elizabeth disapproved of the subject that our new friendship could come to a sudden end. From past experience I knew what the next question would be.

"That sounds interesting, what sort of stories Michael?"

I chose my words carefully, "My stories are aimed at a fairly small market, Elizabeth, they are meant for adults only…….."

Elizabeth sat forward in her chair. "Ohhhhhh, dirty stories are they? Tell me more Michael, tell me more."

I'm not ashamed of my writing or my spanking interest so I answered truthfully as I always do when pushed, "Actually Elizabeth, the stories are about adults spanking each other and the spankings are usually followed by intercourse."

Elizabeth sat back in her chair with a look of amazement on her face. "Spanking, you write about adults spanking?"

I nodded in reply wondering what was going to come next.

"I find it hard to believe that adults spank each other, can I see some of the magazines? Have you got any here?" she asked.

"Sure have, come inside to my study and I'll show you," I said as I picked up the empty glasses.

I led Elizabeth into my study and took a handful of magazines from a cupboard.

Elizabeth's eyes widened as she settled into an armchair and looked at the photos on the covers. "How will I know which stories you wrote?" she asked, "Do you use your own name?"

I laughed, "No, I use a non-de-plume, the stories I wrote have "Willow" as the writer, it was my nickname at school."

Elizabeth flicked open a copy of "Paddles" – one of the better known and well distributed spanking/contact magazines. She flicked through the pages, stopping to look at the photos and advertisements until she found the story I wrote, 'Birchville', and fell silent as she read.

I just sat and drank in the beauty of my neighbor. A couple of times she raised her head and gave me a funny look, but said nothing. Time passed as Elizabeth read 'Birchville' and 'First Time' in separate editions. A couple of times she wriggled her bum around in the chair, which made me wonder what sort of effect the stories were having on her.

When she had finished them and looked at all the photos she exclaimed, "Well Michael, I have certainly learned something new tonight, I've wondered a few times what your job is and now I know, this spanking stuff just amazes me and I must admit…….." her voice trailed off.

"Go one Elizabeth, finish what you were going to say," I said gently.

"Shit, this is hard to admit, and I feel a bit silly saying this but I wonder what it feels like to be spanked and as I've read it's been going through my mind to ask you………." Again Elizabeth's voice trailed off.

I took a deep breath and inquired "Ask me if I would spank you, Elizabeth?"

"Yes", Elizabeth rose from the armchair and came and stood beside where I was sitting at my desk.

Just then fate intervened and as Elizabeth faced the dark window the security lights around her house came alight.

"Jeepers, what's made the lights come on? I hope nobody's trying to break in," There was worry in Elizabeth's voice.

"The security lights come quite regularly Elizabeth, it's probably that stray cat again looking for food scraps, yes, there it is, see near the corner of the house."

"Oh that's OK then," Elizabeth sighed, then she almost shouted, "OH FUCK! You can see right down into our yard from here, did you see me this afternoon?"

"See you sun baking Elizabeth? Yes I sure did, and I can honestly tell you it was one of the most lovely sights I've ever seen." I said with a smile. Gently I took Elizabeth by the arm and sat her down on my lap, she made no effort to move away.

"How much of me did you see?" she asked.

"I saw you take off your bikini top but you turned your back to me before you took off the bottom bit, so I have seen you nude from the back but not the front."

"You certainly give honest answers don't you Michael, you dirty old man." Elizabeth now was grinning at me.

"I'm not that old and I'm not dirty. I just can't help admiring beautiful looking ladies Elizabeth, and you are one of the prettiest I have ever seen." I thought it was time for a slight change of subject. "Are you still interested in receiving a spanking?"

"Well I guess there's no reason for modesty is there Michael, you won't see much more of me than you already have today. God, I really don't know, will it hurt much?" she asked.

"No more than you want it to Elizabeth. Did you notice that in all of my stories I use a safe word? Well that applies to you too. If it gets too much for you all you have to say is 'Mercy' and I'll stop immediately. You can go home anytime you like, but you never know, you may enjoy it."

"Shit Michael, you should have been a salesman, not a writer. Where's your bathroom? I'll have a think while I'm in there. I wouldn't mind a cup of coffee if you have some"

I directed Elizabeth to the bathroom and busied myself making the coffee. On her return we discussed spanking some more and I told her of some of my experiences with other ladies.

Finally it was decision time. "Well Elizabeth, have you made up your mind? Do you want to be spanked?"

Elizabeth silently rose from her chair and stood in front of me. She had a determined look on her face as she looked into my eyes and nodded.

I reached out and took hold of her tee shirt, which I released, from the elastic of her shorts. Elizabeth raised her arms above her head and slowly I pulled the tee shirt upwards, over her bikini covered breasts, over her arms and head. Her lovely brown hair fell back down into place as I put my arms around her and untied the thin straps of her bikini top. Her lovely boobs and nipples fell free and I took one in each hand, squeezing them tightly. I took a soft teat into my mouth and sucked hard, hearing Elizabeth's sudden intake of breath as I bit on the nipple which hardened as if it had been rubbed with ice.

"Oh Michael, that is so good," she cried, "That hasn't been done to me for years."

I repeated the sucking and biting on the other nipple and Elizabeth cried out again. I pulled her mouth down to mine and we kissed deeply, both of us loving the way the night was turning.

I stood Elizabeth in front of me and took the elastic of the shorts in my hands, slowly lowering them to the floor. All that she now had on was the bikini bottom, that wisp of material that my hands now grasped and suddenly pulled upwards over her hips, jamming it into her crack and making Elizabeth 'yelp' again. Her eyes were shining brightly with excitement as I firmly guided this lovely lady over my knees.

"Be gentle with me Michael, remember this is my first spanking, be gentle with me," Elizabeth said with a laugh. "Oh, I sound like a fifteen year old about to have her first sex."

"Quiet woman and behave yourself." I laughed too, this was going to be fun.

My right hand fell onto Elizabeth's stroked gentle circles on the smooth skin. As I raised my hand her whole body tensed as she waited for the first smack.

It landed softly and there was no reaction from Elizabeth as I 'love spanked' her bottom, making sure that all the area was slowly warmed.

"It doesn't really hurt at all," Elizabeth said with wonder in her voice, "I expected it to sting more."

My answer was to increase the force of the smacks.

"Oh, oh shit, it does sting after all, are you going to do it much more?"

"I'm only warming you up Elizabeth, there's a lot more to come yet, but don't forget the code word."

Once again after I had covered all her bottom I increased the force. 'Smack, smack, smack'.

Slowly but surely Elizabeth's bum changed from the light pink of her sun tan to the deeper pink that my hand was bringing to the skin. Elizabeth was now wriggling around on my lap and verbalizing her discomfort.

"Oh, ouch, ooooh," she yelped, "Oh it's really stinging now Michael."

I paused for a short time to admire my handiwork and took hold of her panties. Elizabeth made no objection and helpfully raised her hips to make it easier for me to slide the bikini bottom down over her legs. I placed my hand between her slim thighs and eased her legs apart. Again no effort from Elizabeth to stop me as my hand moved up and caressed her pussy lips. She was quite wet and obviously very turned on. Elizabeth moaned as I slipped a finger into her cunt and gently frigged her, I was looking forward to slipping something else in that wet hole later that night.

I resumed the spanking on Elizabeth's now bare arse, whacking it quite hard and watching the skin turn from pink to a soft red.

'Whack, fwap, swappp' resulted in Elizabeth yelping, "Oooaagh, oooh-nooooo!"

Of course her breathless protestations had no effect on me, I continued to spank harder and harder, waiting for Elizabeth to use the safe word.

"Oh God, when are you going to stop? I can't take this much longer!" Elizabeth wailed, and then as I paused for a few seconds she contradicted herself, "No, don't stop, this is such a turn on Michael, please keep going!"

I laughed out loud and returned to the job at hand. Elizabeth was now wriggling strongly on my lap, her legs kicking in mid air. My left hand held her strongly while my right continued to turn her bottom bright red.

Finally Elizabeth cried, "Mercy, mercy, Michael, I've had all I can take, pleeease stop!"

Of course the spanking stopped immediately, it had gone longer than I expected, Elizabeth had taken her first spanking very well.

I held Elizabeth across my lap as her panting gradually slowed and her breathing returned to something like normal.

"When you feel up to it Elizabeth you can stand up, but before you do, feel the heat in your bum."

Elizabeth gingerly reached back with her right hand and felt her cheek. "Wow, it's really warm isn't it Michael, jeepers what an experience, I'm so fucking horny, I need your cock soooo bad. Spanking is a turn on for you too isn't it, I could feel you getting harder the more you spanked."

I didn't need to answer that question as Elizabeth grabbed me between the legs as she struggled to her feet. I stood too and took her in my arms. Elizabeth was still shaking as we hugged each other and kissed deeply. I guided her to the kitchen where we both had a well earned glass of ice water.

"Come on, where's your bedroom!" Elizabeth demanded.

I wrapped an arm around her and guided to my bedroom and we stood beside the bed.

"Take my clothes off Elizabeth," I asked.

"Certainly sir, I haven't done this for a long time." Elizabeth said with a grin. My shirt was soon unbuttoned and removed and then Elizabeth knelt in front of me and slid my shorts and underpants off in the same motion. My cock sprang free and was soon engulfed in Elizabeth's mouth.

I let her suck for a short time before pushing her head away and instructed her to kneel up on the bed.

"Kneel on the bed?" Elizabeth queried, "Don't you want me on my back?"

"No, not on your back, on your hands and knees, hurry up I can't wait any longer," I panted.

Elizabeth was soon up on the bed with her lovely arse pointing in my direction. I too got on the bed and knelt behind her and moved her legs a little more apart with my hands. I took my erection in hand and rubbed the tip of it up against her anus, then moved it down over the perineum and rubbed it against the opening of her wet cunt. Back and forth I rubbed, from her pussy lips to her anus, teasing her, tormenting her. Elizabeth moaned, not knowing exactly what I was up to. She soon found out as I moved my cock down and paused against the entrance to her pussy. One of her hands came back and directed my cock into her cunt as I pushed forward. She gasped as I held her hips, my dick now fully into her tight hole. I stayed motionless for a short time, both of us enjoying the different feelings we were experiencing. I slowly withdrew and then pushed back again, once again entering her to the hilt. Gradually the rhythm increased, Elizabeth set the pace, moving back and forward as I stayed as still as I could.

"Oh this is soon good," Elizabeth squealed, "I haven't had a screw for months, it's fantastic. You can come inside me Michael, I'm on the pill!"

It wasn't long before we both reached a shattering climax, my cum rushing into her cunt and we collapsed panting onto the sheets. We were both perspiring in the warm night and held each other tight as our breathing returned to normal.

"Oh my, oh my Michael, that was a first for me," Elizabeth said with a grin.

"What? That was the first time you've done it doggy fashion?" I asked. "You've never done it like that before?"

"All my husband, or should I say my ex-husband ever does is the missionary position. Missionary position, missionary position, missionary position, and no foreplay, just a quick fuck with never any thought for me. I've been missionary for so long I should go and preach religion to the tribes in Africa! That stupid secretary will soon discover he's no good in bed and it serves them both right. This has been a great night Michael, I'm so glad I came over to see you. Have you any more surprise positions for me?" Elizabeth said giggling at her missionary joke.

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