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Written Mile High Club


As I waited for my flight in the airport I couldn't help but wonder about the lives of everyone else in the waiting area. There were not many people at my gate for this red-eye flight, and most seemed more interested in napping than anything else. Already strung out from too much coffee and jet-lagged from several layovers, there was no hope of sleep for me, so I brought out my laptop to kill time online.

Following a random link I got via email, it wasn't long before I was absorbed in reading erotic fiction. This was new to me, but right now porn for the brain was more politically correct than pictures and videos. It seemed like no time at all had passed and my flight was ready to board.

Knowing I would have no internet access on the flight, I quickly saved several stories to keep me busy for a while.

The red-eye flight was only about half full, and the next closest person was a row behind me, one seat to the side. I was bored, so I tried to check her out as quietly as possible She was a bit older than me, and while not super-model beautiful, was still quite nice to look at. While she put her carry-on bag in the overhead storage, I decided that her average clothes were hiding an above-average body. I could hear her sleeping before we took off, but it sounded like she was not sleeping well.

It turns out I hadn't downloaded nearly enough stories to keep me reading the whole flight. Three hours in, and one to go, I still wanted more. My mind racing with other people's sexcapades, it finally dawned on me that if I wanted more, I needed to make it happen myself. Opening my OpenOffice word processor, the blank page stared at me, my mind suddenly just as blank.

Thinking back to college, I started thinking about a girlfriend that had taught me many things. Without realizing it, I had started writing exactly what I was thinking. I did not have to embellish much, we were quite adventurous as it was. The more I wrote, the more things came back to me that I hadn't remembered in years.

Pausing for a minute to rest my hands, I realized the lady behind me had stopped the sleep noises and was breathing different. I looked back to see a shocking sight. Her eyes were closed, head tilted back, and mouth open, she was no longer sleeping. The thin airline blanket over her lap showed that one hand was busy moving between her legs, and the other was up her shirt.

Not quite believing what I was seeing, I just stared. After a minute, she leaned forward towards me then opened her eyes. She looked at me through the gaps in the seat, and was face-to-face with me. She barely suppressed a scream, but I could tell I shocked her. She stopped moving, we just stared at each other for a moment.

She said "I'm sorry, please don't say anything! I was snooping. I couldn't sleep, and I was bored, so I looked through the seats to see what you were doing. I started reading what you were writing, and got incredibly turned on. I just thought since everyone else was sleeping that it would be OK to relieve the pressure, if you know what I mean."

I was completely shocked, I had no idea anyone would ever read this, but here was someone who was loving it.

"Sure, no problem, really!" I replied. "I'm just glad you like it. Do you want me to continue?"

She just looked at me funny. "Dammit, you had better keep going. I want to know where this is going. You sure have me going. You need to get me to finish."

Smiling, I turned around and got back to my story. When I realized that she wasn't making the same noises, but being polite, I didn't turn around. Just a moment later, I see her come up to my row.

"Mind if I sit here? I can read better this way." She didn't wait for an answer as she sat down next to me. The blanket came with her, and covered up her lap as I saw her pull her pants down a bit. I noticed that a couple of buttons on her shirt that mysteriously come undone. Nothing R-rated, just showing enough cleavage to keep my attention.

She cleared her throat softly, making me realize I was staring. She smiled and said "Well, now we can keep each other's eyes busy."

She pushed her breasts together, making them seem to want to fall out of the top of her shirt. "Now quit staring for a minute and get back to writing." she ordered.

I read a little bit to get back on track, then picked up where I had left off. We were both keeping our fingers busy. I would randomly glance around, looking for anyone else awake, but we were still alone.

My mind going crazy, I could no longer remember real events and stopped writing before I started making stuff up. I opened one of the files I had saved before, and she started reading it with me. Her eyes closed more and more often, and I could tell it was affecting her. I had just recently read this story so it was fresh in my mind. Leaning towards her, I started to quietly read it to her, savoring the view.

Her back instantly arched up, and she bit her lip. She jerked like a shock had jolted through her. One hand was quickly moving under the blanket, the other was rubbing across her chest, frequently stopping to rub her breasts and pinching her nipples. She was so focused she did not seem to notice that the blanket had completely fallen off to one side, and had helped out my view.

My eyes stayed busy, catching a few words of the story, then switching back to watch the effect my reading was having. Almost no noise was made by either of us, but our bond was intense. The way she sounded, looked, and moved was turning me on like crazy. The stories I had read and started to write helped, but the visual was a huge bonus.

With the blanket out of the way, I was watching her play with her clit. She was completely shaved, and the color of her pussy stood out in sharp contrast to her clothes. Her red nails seemed to shine as they were soaked with moisture from her pussy. She was slightly pulling her lips apart, and teasing her clit with one finger, lightly rubbing it in all directions.

As I sat mesmerized, she caught me staring at her. She said "Get the laptop out of the way and pull out your cock. I want to see you too. Forget the story, just make something up. Just talk."

I didn't wait to be told twice. My cock was already straining against my pants, wanting as much attention as she was giving herself. I saw her watch me pull out my manhood; she was biting her lip and it almost seemed like she wanted it for herself. As I started stroking my cock, she rubbed her clit at the same pace.

One more button on her shirt was undone, and she unhooked her bra from the front letting both breasts come free, stroking across them for me. Holding tightly to one boob, she was rolling her nipple between her fingers. The fingers rubbing her clit rose to a fevered pace. With a sharp intake of her breath, her back arching out, she bit her lower lip to hold in a scream. I could see her legs shaking as the waves of pleasure washed over her.

She got her breath back and breathed at me "Holy Shit, I'm so damn wet. Look what you did to me. I'm soaked." She got the thin blanket and put it across my chest. "Now it's your turn. I want to see you cum."

Watching and listening to her had me so turned on even when my cock was still in my pants. When she ordering me to take it out for her, and watching her naked pussy, it almost sent me over the edge. With my hand on my cock, I knew I did not have long. I was ready to burst watching her cum, but held on just a bit longer, stroking myself as hard as I could without making noise. As she told me to cum for her, I could feel myself starting, I stopped my hand and just let it go.

With a jerk and spasm, I came on the blanket, feeling it shoot out and hit me on my stomach and chest. Releasing my death grip on my manhood a little bit, I rubbed my cock slower, covering more of my stomach and my hand.

Both of us just sat there for a few minutes, catching our breath. Holding different ends of the blanket, we cleaned ourselves up then put it away under the nearest seat. As we got our clothes fixed, she leaned towards me. She said "I can't believe we just did this. On the airplane in front of all these people! Damn, I have got to get those stories."

She got a USB drive from her luggage, and I quickly copied the stories for her. She just said thanks, and went back to her seat. Only seconds after I heard her seat belt click, the pilot get on the PA to say we were landing.

I saw her again at the baggage claim, but we said nothing to each other. We had not touched once, nor shared anything but a secret shared passion. I now knew right away I had to write this down before I forgot it, or her.

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