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Wrong Game to Bet On


You see a lot of crazy things when you deliver pizza to work your way through college. I also thought that all those stories that you hear of the pizza guys getting laid for a tip weren't true, this story shows how wrong I was or does it? I still think I came out pretty well minus my work uniform, of course.

I had a delivery to a new address at about 10:38 on a Monday evening, so I figured that it was for the football game that was on TV. I took the pie and walked up to the house and a very sexy black woman opened the door and invited me inside. I went in as I normally do and put the pizza on the table as she requested.

"That'll be $10.85," I told her.

"Well, you're direct and to the point aren't you?" she responded.

"Yeah, we're getting slammed at work and I need to get back," I said not adding that I was a little anxious about being a white man in a black woman's apartment at that time of night without her husband or boyfriend there to see that nothing happened. Last time that happened I couldn't move for three days!

"I was hoping that you might be a little company for me, Kyle," she said looking at my name tag.

"Well, Miss Johnson, I do have a job to do," I told her.

"Look, Kyle, just call me Vanessa, and listen to what I have in mind and I promise you that you'll stay," Vanessa offered.

"Well, okay, if you insist," I responded.

"I have to admit that I have always wanted a white man to have sex with me and you seem to fit the bill of what I want so I'm giving you the option of a game," she smiled at me.

"What kind of game?" I asked now smiling myself.

"Strip poker, with a bargin for the winner," Vanessa said holding up a deck of cards. "If I win and you lose you get to fuck me, but I keep your clothes and you walk out of here in the nude and forget about me forever. If you win and I lose then I'll walk down the corner market naked and get a pack of gum then give you blowjob and swallow your cum," she said with a grin.

Being a pretty good poker player, I agreed to her rules. Besides, I'm getting fucked or a blowjob. Didn't dawn on me that I was also betting my clothes on a fuck.

We sat down at her kitchen table and got started. I soon had her shirt and pants off and she was sitting there in just her bra and thong panties. I was starting to have trouble focusing on the game at hand because her titties looked like they were going to pop out of her bra at any time. Then my luck changed for the worse and the game went downhill fast. She won two hands in a row (shoes and socks didn't count and were already off) and I was sitting there in my bikini briefs with my hard cock peeking out the top. The next hand was a critical one either she was going topless or I was going to lose the game and every stitch of clothes I had on. Sweat popped out on my forehead as she called for cards. I laid down my three Jacks with a smug smile, until Vanessa said, "Lose the briefs, white boy," and laid down four Kings.

"Damn," I said standing up to drop my underwear. Vanessa smiled as my underwear fell to my ankles to reveal my hard 8 1/2" shaved cock and balls.

"Good, it's already hard and ready for me," Vanessa said as she walked over toward the couch. I turned and followed her. "Sit down," she commanded me. I followed her instructions then stroked on my hard cock as she went back to my clothes and picked up my underwear and fished out my wallet, car keys, and bank money from work and sat them on the coffee table next to where my shoes and socks lay on the floor. "Now, I want you to understand that all you get back when we finish is what's on the table, except for your underwear. Do you understand?" Vanessa asked me.

"Yes, I do," I told her.

"Good, now this is how this goes. I am going to blindfold you with this scarf and stuff your underwear in your mouth so you can't speak . You will rest your hands on the small of my back while I'm fucking you, do not move them. I will take off your blindfold when I'm done and dressed. Then you put on your shoes and socks pick up the items on the table and leave. You will not clean up you will just walk out through the front door and forget me as you go, do you understand these rules?" Vanessa asked as she picked up a scarf and stepped toward me.

"Yes," I said and she quickly wrapped the scarf around my eyes and then stuffed my underwear into my mouth.

Being blind and unable to see what was about to happen was a new feeling for me. The underwear in my mouth was soaking up my spit as fast as my body produced it. However, my hearing was more in tune with the things around me. I heard Vanessa as she dropped her bra to the floor and then slid her panties down her legs. Then she took my hands and placed them on the small of her back, before she reached down and took my hard cock and rubbed it against her slit several times before slipping it into her body. She groaned with pleasure as my cock slid all the way into her hot wet pussy, I was moaning also, but it was muffled by the underwear.

She started out slowly at first then sped up the tempo driving me closer and closer to the edge. She knew what she was doing because she then slowed down again, and I got the feeling that she was just teasing me.

"You like that hot black pussy on you white cock, boy?" she asked. I nodded in response as she continued to bounce up and down my cock. "Ain't a white boy in the world ever had this pussy before, you should feel like a king. I didn't know that white boys had such big dicks, some of my black boyfriends ain't as big as you are, boy!" Vanessa yelled at me as she drove my cock into her again. "Yeah, I bet you would love to ram that cock up my ass wouldn't you, boy?" she asked. I quickly began to nod my head.

"Get ready here comes a piece of ass unlike any you've had before," she said as she lifted off my cock and removed my hands then put them back on her back then reached for my cock again and worked it into her asshole. I was so tightly gripped by her asshole that I had to fight the urge to shoot my load right away. Vanessa then stated bouncing on my cock the way she had when it was in her pussy. "Don't you cum in my ass, boy," Vanessa said. "I want it in my pussy, I just thought that you might like to know what it's like to fuck a black woman's ass," she said as she slid her ass off of my cock. She quickly turned back around and slid back on to my cock with her pussy. I felt her tense up and knew that she was going to have an orgasm and I just held on to my load for two seconds until she started to maoan out loud before I started to shoot my hot load of cum deep in her pussy. When we were both finished Vanessa rolled off of me and lay there panting for a couple of minutes before I heard her get up. I heard her putting her clothes back on and knew that this wild time was almost over. She then walked over and said,"Open your mouth," then yanked the underwear out before she ripped the blindfold off. I had to squint because of the light being bright. "Put on your socks and shoes, please," she said. I pondered the sudden change in her attitude as I quickly tied up my shoes and glanced around as she put my undewear on the wall with a push pin.

"Time to leave," she said pointing to the front door.

"I had a great time," I told her before I noticed that my cock was covered in both my cum and her's.

"Forget about me," she said as she pointed at the door.

I quickly opened the door with my wallet, car keys, and bank in my hand and started to sprint toward my car when I heard a voice amplified by a megaphone yelling, "Naked white man in the parking lot!"

I saw where the sound was coming from and Vanessa lowered the megaphone and waved as people started out of their apartments to look at me. I lowered my hands to cover myself as I sprinted the rest of the way to my car. I jumped in and started back to work before I remembered that I needed to go get cleaned up and put on some clothes.

When I did get back to work I realized that Vanessa didn't pay for her pizza, at least not with money. My boss wasn't real happy that I'd been gone for an hour and a half, but I lied and told him I had to change a flat. That was a pretty cool night, except for losing that uniform. I'll have to pay for that, with money!

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by Anonymous07/27/17

I'd love to play "for keeps"

I'd love to play a "for keeps" game of strip poker where losers permanently lose all clothing (even shoes and socks). I won't even drive. If I lose, I'll barter for a ride home (or even part of the waymore...

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