Wrong Seat


With Thanksgiving, crowded airports and delayed flights always come hand in hand. Melanie knew this from too much experience, as she'd been flying to one place or another for the holidays more years than not. And like clockwork, tonight, just a couple days before the big turkey holiday, Melanie was stranded in an airport waiting for her flight to finally get the go ahead. Heavy snow and winds had come pouring in hours ago, and though it was not as nearly as bad as it was earlier, the planes were going nowhere. The estimation was at least another three hours before boarding.

It was late, dark, and relatively quiet, despite all the other stranded travelers that had taken to sleeping in the terminal to wait for their own delays or standbys. She sat in a row of plastic seats facing a large window looking out over the tarmac, but the darkness and the falling snow made it impossible to see anything but her own reflection in the glass. Beside her, her husband Ryan sat looking through a magazine.

She watched the two of them in the reflection. He looked calm and engrossed in his reading, apparently completely unfazed by the fact that they'd been here for more than half a day now. He wasn't slouched in the chair, his clothes still looked newly pressed, and his face didn't show the slightest hint of exhaustion or frustration, two things which had overtaken Melanie hours ago. He was the classic example of tall, dark, and handsome, and she loved him for being hers.

While Melanie could handle bad situations better than most, this delay was especially trying on her. Her dad and sister were waiting for her at her sister's home in Vegas. She had seen them just a few weeks ago, but Thanksgiving was important to her, and she was missing it. Anxious and tired, Melanie decided the best thing she could do was try to sleep away the hours until the plane was finally ready. She'd already had two naps, but as her eyelids grew heavy, she knew sneaking in one last snooze was more than possible. She leaned over, rested her head on her husband's shoulder, and was out in seconds.


Melanie wasn't sure how long she'd been sleeping, but it felt like hours had passed by the time her sparkling gray eyes saw the dimmed lights in the terminal again. She was going to look at her watch for the time, but stopped when she saw the reflection of the line at a restaurant behind her. Before she'd closed her eyes, the restaurant was full, and even had a line of people waiting at the door, led by a guy with a loud, obnoxious laugh and a 10 gallon cowboy hat. She saw that now the restaurant was just as full, still with a line, and the man in the hat was still at the front, still laughing too loud, waiting to be seated. Deep as it had been, she couldn't have been sleeping for more than a few minutes.

She also found that, in her short nap, she had moved off her husband's shoulder and was turned and twisted, using the back of the chair as a headrest. This was odd, since it wasn't as nearly as comfortable of a position, so she slid back to the side, resting again on his shoulder gently and laid her small hand on his knee, hoping for more sleep, but knowing it was useless. She was wide awake, and her eyelids were no longer heavy.

She stared downward at nothing, lost in space for several moments before something caught her attention. A movement, slight but definite. Her eyes shifted into focus and she saw the source—something in her husband's pant leg was moving, no—growing, and it was growing outwardly from his crotch. A small smile crept across Melanie's strikingly beautiful face.

I had been in the airport for about six hours too long, and I finally kinda snapped when this family with too many kids sitting nearby began playing some portable video game machine. They were all screaming and fighting over it, and the machine itself was at max volume. Asshole parents were letting it happen, even though everyone around them was irritable and trying to sleep.

I almost said something that probably would have gotten me kicked out of the terminal, but instead I just stood up, grabbed my bag, and walked to another section, far away from the brats. With an airport filled with delayed passengers, a seat was hard to come by, and I almost regretted giving up my place before I spotted an empty seat near the windows. I rushed to it, finding on old guy doing a crossword puzzle on one side, and a young blonde woman sleeping on the other. Not wanting to bother the woman, I asked the old guy if the seat was taken. He didn't respond, so I asked again, louder. Still nothing. I could have gone louder, but then I would've woken up the blonde and probably a few other people in the generally quiet section. Rather than make enemies, I decided just to sit, and if someone came to throw me out in a couple minutes, then so be it. Any time away from those punk kids was worth it.

I sat down and pulled out a magazine, flipping through absentmindedly, more concerned with being busy than being entertained. I had only been there a couple seconds when the blonde woman to my left suddenly shifted, laying her head against my shoulder. I thought, simple mistake. She probably didn't even know she'd moved. I'd just have to wake her and push her over. She wasn't bothering me, and it was really pretty nice to feel an attractive woman lying against me, if even for a moment, but if I let it go on, she would be really embarrassed if she woke up and found sleep lines on her face from my jacket. I was about to nudge her when something stopped me.

She laid a hand on my knee, and gave my leg a short, gentle stroke. I froze, immediately turned on, but still feeling the responsibility to wake her and let her compose herself. I might have waited a little, savoring the feel of a good woman so close, relishing in her touch. It had been a long time for me.

I looked forward to the window and caught our reflection in the glass. We looked like a nice couple. I'm tall, with light brown hair and I don't mind saying a nice build and handsome face. But this woman was a show-stopper, a familiar type of beauty, someone who looked neither cute nor hot, but was in that heavily desirable mix of erotic glamour in between. She had the understanding face of a young mom, the kind who would put junior to bed an hour early so she'd have extra time to please daddy.

My terrible thoughts continued as I looked over her body, which was very tight and very small. She probably had trouble getting on roller coasters, if she'd ever been on one at all, I thought. She was about 5 feet tall, with a tiny frame. Heavy winter clothes hid details of her chest, but it appeared just as small, though I imagined she had a tight little ass that more than made up for it. I felt my dick grow just at the thought of laying a hand on that ass.

My fantasies took a wild turn when, as I looked back to her face in the reflection, I noticed her eyes were not closed. She was awake! This meant she wasn't leaning against me by mistake. She'd done this on purpose. I looked around, and decided she wasn't with the people sitting next to her. Maybe she was here alone. Maybe, stranded from her family because of this snowstorm, she was lonely and desperate for a friend, even if it was some stranger sitting next to her in the airport.

I didn't have experience with the kind of thing I was hoping she was suggesting, but I was more than willing to give it a try. If all she wanted was someone to lean on, I wouldn't deny her. But hopefully she wanted more. I opened my mouth to say something, to let her know that I knew she was awake and that I was okay with her position, but I didn't know how to say it. Meanwhile, my dick continued to grow.

Then something amazing happened. As my hard-on grew further down my pant leg, her small, delicate hand slid up that same leg and across my thigh. She met the bulge in my pants and covered it with her fingers, lightly stroking me and making my heart beat at dangerously fast speeds. I was in good shape, and only just thirty, but I worried this might be too much for my body to take. Was this really happening? Was a strange, beautiful young woman in a crowded airport stroking my cock? What next?

Before I could even breathe, the woman was moving again. This time she backed up, pulled back the armrest that divided our seats, and then laid down on me, this time resting her head in my lap! She never said a thing, and never even let me see her face, but maybe that's how she could go through with this. Perhaps, as long as there was no eye contact, she would be okay. I set the magazine aside and just let her do her thing.

With her head in my lap, resting on the base of my hard-on, and her hand still stroking my head through my pants, the woman was still being subtle enough that she wasn't drawing attention. The old man to my right had fallen asleep with his crossword puzzle in his hands, and most of the others nearby were either reading or sleeping as well. The only real danger was if someone saw our reflection in the glass. At this point, I didn't care if we got caught or not, but I guess she did, because she suddenly took her purse from near her feet and placed it on my knees, hiding her face behind it and blocking her face from being reflected. Then, before I could let out a sigh of relief, the woman's fingers went up and grasped my zipper.

There was surprisingly little fumbling as the woman unzipped me and pulled my big, hard dick out through the hole. I've always been proud of my size, but as the woman took me in her tiny hand I looked porn star huge! She squeezed me and gave me a single stroke before sinking her head over me and sucking the tip of my cock between her lips. Her wet tongue flicked rapidly over my little hole, and I clenched my teeth to keep from screaming.

Melanie knew it wasn't her husband the second she wrapped her lips around him. She felt horrified and stupid and terribly embarrassed, but the absolute worse thing to do would be to stand up and show that. She should have known when she pulled the cock out in the open. This guy was a good size, if not as big as Ryan, but she had spent enough time with her husband's dick to know that this was not him. The flesh wasn't the same color, the pubic hair at the base was thicker, and even the veins in his hard shaft just didn't look right. Hell, she should have known just from the guy's clothes—Melanie had picked out the clothes Ryan was wearing, and she had never seen what this guy had on in her life. Her grogginess from sleeping had affected her awareness.

She continued to flick his tip with her tongue as she tried to figure out what had happened, and what she was going to do. Melanie peered over her purse at the reflection, first to confirm again that this was a stranger, and then to seek out her husband. She saw someone who she was sure was him in a line at a coffee stand, next to the restaurant where cowboy hat guy was finally getting seated. If it was her husband, the line to the coffee stand was still six orders deep before it got to him. So at least she had a little time.

Now to deal with the stranger. She couldn't blame him. She had instigated this, and who was he to tell her no? If she was in his place, she'd be doing the same thing he was just enjoying himself. But what would happen if she stopped? Would he get angry? Would he cause a scene? Certainly he would be embarrassed if people found out what was going on, but in the end, she came onto him. There was always that chance that she could just stop and he would be happy with what he got, and then be on his way, but that chance didn't seem likely. At the very least he'd want her number, or to say thanks, or to ask why she'd stopped. And by then Ryan might notice, and...

The stranger thrust his hips, pushing his cock past her lips and deeper into her mouth. Apparently he'd tired of the teasing. She wanted to stop, and for a moment she did. She didn't suck him or lick him or even bob her head on him. But she didn't release him, either, and soon he was thrusting again, and again, and Melanie let him, frozen in fear as he subtly fucked her face.

The woman was either bad at giving head or she'd gotten cold feet, because she'd stopped almost as soon as she started. But she didn't pull away, which told me she was still into this. Maybe she was the kind who liked to be dominated, which wasn't likely considering how bold she'd been to start this. Or maybe she just wanted to know how much I needed her. If that was the case, I was intent on showing her.

I thrust upward, pushing deeper into her mouth, feeling her soft, wet lips stroke by against my hot, tight skin. Her wet tongue, though it didn't seek me out, was there to cushion my cock head as I pushed inside of her. After a few strokes, when she still didn't move, I put my hand on the back of her head, slid my fingers into her soft, blonde hair, and pushed her head down on me. She didn't resist, but didn't go on her own either. I stopped pushing after a couple inches, then moved my hand up, and her head followed. I pushed her down again, repeating the process over and over, guiding my cock deeper and deeper into her mouth. She still didn't suck, but her lips were pressed tight around my cock, and I could feel her mouth watering.

Melanie let him guide her on his cock as she continued to think of how to handle this. It was new territory for her to be caught off-guard sexually, and as the seconds passed, she became more and more aroused. She savored the taste of this new dick, and was actually becoming very wet as the guy took charge in fucking himself with her face. On each progressive stroke, she grew hornier and more confident. She had meant this to be a surprise gift for her husband, who hated to fly but was doing it for her, only now Melanie felt she was the one being rewarded. Surrounded by people, sucking a big, tasty stranger made her feel things she hadn't felt since she first experimented with sex when she was teenager.

Suddenly she found herself going down on the stranger all on her own, bobbing faster and deeper, coiling her tongue around him and sucking so hard her cheeks caved-in on him.

I must have jump started something, because all of the sudden the woman was sucking me like a pro. She was so into it I thought for sure we were caught, but it felt too fucking good for me to care. I just let her go at it, sucking me hard and taking me deep, twirling her tongue around my cock head and sliding it up and down the sensitive underside of my shaft. Eventually she worked her fingers into my pants and pulled my balls out through my zipper hole, then massaged them as saliva from her fabulous cock-sucking trickled down and soaked them. It was all I could do to keep my composure.

She must have realized how obvious we were being, because suddenly she stopped bobbing on me and just took me deep, holding me inside her, my tip well into her throat and my body throbbing from the hot, tight sensation. She worked her throat muscles and massaged me, milking my cock without moving her head as her face grew red from lack of oxygen. Just when I thought I was going to cum and she was going to pass out, she yanked herself off of me, brought her face to mine and kissed me full on with her saliva-soaked lips, which had more than a trace of my cum's taste and consistency on them.

I felt the orgasm unleashed deep inside me at that very moment, and as I looked into her mysterious and sexy eyes, I knew she knew it was happening. She was still gasping for breath, made all the harder I'm sure since she was trying to be quiet about it, but the woman went back down anyway, not taking me as deep as before, but deep nonetheless. She moved not her head but only her tongue as I released a thick, massive load of sperm into her mouth. I could feel her lapping at it with her tongue as my steamy juice flooded into her.

It was almost frustrating since she wasn't pumping me, as I knew my orgasm couldn't really finish unless she did. But then she pushed me deeper, into her throat, and jerked me off that way, contracting her muscles around me and squeezing out the last few thick spurts of cum.

When he came, Melanie was surprised not by how much there was or how hot it was, but by how thick the sperm was that filled her mouth. It was so thick she was afraid to swallow it, but it tasted so sweet and masculine, she knew she had to swallow some. She stuffed him further inside her, into her throat, and almost reached orgasm as she felt the thick final spurts ooze down her esophagus.

When it was over, Melanie knew she couldn't physically swallow the huge load of what basically amounted to white gel that filled her mouth without coughing and creating a mess. There was a restroom just around the corner. She'd have to get rid of it there. She knew there was little time, so she just left the stranger and her things at her seat and made a dash for the restroom. She was halfway there when Ryan stepped right into her path, holding two cups of coffee. He offered her one.

With no time to think, she grabbed him in a tight hug, burying her face in his chest and pushing her throbbing pussy against his leg. She forced herself to swallow, wincing as the huge, thick, sticky mouthful sank down her throat. Somehow she didn't cough or gag, but the forbidden and erotic sensation, paired with the pressure she put between her legs with Ryan's thigh, was enough to bring her to orgasm. Holding him tight, her body quivered as she held back as best she could, certain she was on the verge of fainting or at least collapsing. But Melanie held strong through the pulsing, enveloping fire that burned her pussy and electrified everything else, and though the two and half minute hug confused the hell out of her husband, he simply hugged her back, never batting a suspecting eye.

When she felt confident she could manage herself on her own two feet, Melanie took her coffee, sipped more than she needed to wash down the cum still coating her mouth and throat, and walked back hand in hand with Ryan back to their seats.

She tried her best to keep a straight, unconcerned face when Ryan politely told the stranger he was sitting in his seat.

For his part, the stranger kept a straight face when he got up and walked toward the other side of the terminal.

"My mistake," he had said. "My mistake."

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